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99 problems cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, derived as a cross between Stardawg and White 99 strains. The THC content of this potent strain High THC cannabis seeds offer yield with THC content typically above 20%. Discover the High THC strains available at Seedsman. Get details and read the latest customer reviews about 99 Problems by Cloud Cover Cannabis on Leafly.

99 Problems

99 problems cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, derived as a cross between Stardawg and White 99 strains. The THC content of this potent strain is relatively high, ranging up to 28-30%, CBD levels are less than 1%.





99 Problems Strain Review

The buds of this strain are medium-sized, deep green colored, with plenty of dark amber pistils and white sticky trichomes.

The aroma and taste of 99 problems strain are acid, tart, but also have some sweet berry tones to it.

99 problems is a very potent Sativa strain, best enjoyed in the social setting, perfect for creativity, deep conversations, networking, and spending time with people in general. It immediately uplifts the mood, boosts focus, motivation, and creativity, relaxes tension, and provides an energy boost. Its a great daytime strain that keeps you going through the day and guarantees you will feel happy and uplifted for a long time.

Adverse effects might include dry eyes and mouth, and possible paranoia. This strain is not recommended for novice users.

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21 Replies to “99 Problems”

Duuuuude. That shit hits hard. I’m QwickleQwacked in just 2 rips. But he’ll yeah. I’m gona Rise up Be Selfless and Grateful for Today I was blessed with 99 Problems. Finally a slew of problems pays it all back. Time to enter the next stage. Till then.

99 Problems eases every other problem I might have at the moment..really starts a conversation as most great strains should..The buds beautiful, very dense..Flavor fruity,woodsy and skunky..puts hair on your teeth .

Hi Angie Yetter…. Hey what I noticed that your comment was your name My maiden name was Angie Yotter and I have left reviews on here before. I had to look twice thinking maybe I had smoked a bit too much and spelled it wrong. I had never met anybody with a name so close to mine! Happy trails ♊ ~~Angela Yotter Vogelman Walton,Ks

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99 Problems

Sometimes you have to challenge the best, which is exactly what we have done with Cloud Cover’s in-house creation of 99 Problems, a cross between White 99 and Stardawg. With an aroma of refreshing sweet berries, this potent sativa will ignite the mind and invigorate the soul. Experience strongly advised, 99 Problems should not be approached by the faint of heart or those susceptible to paranoia.

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