axon cbd oil for migraines

Could Axon CBD Oil Be The Solution For Your Migraines

Are you looking for a safe and natural migraine treatment option? Axon CBD Oil for Migraines may be the answer. I had the chance to try out a bottle this month and the kind folks from Axon are offering a free bottle to one of you. You can enter to win at the end of this post. But first, let me tell you a little about Axon CBD Oil for Migraines.

Even though I was given a free bottle of Axon CBD Oil for Migraines, all opinions are my own.

Axon CBD Oil For Migraines

Axon CBD is a clean, effective CBD oil that is specifically formulated to help alleviate the effects of migraine symptoms.

Axon CBD Oil contains a stronger than average dose of CBD oil (cannabidiol). Axon’s CBD Oil is considered a high concentrate with over 33 mg Cannabidiol per 1 ml. Other oils can contain as little as 3 mg. — making Axon CBD 11 times stronger than many other brands.

Several studies have linked CBD oil with pain-relieving properties. The research has also shown that CBD is safe, even in high doses. To date, cannabis oil for migraines specifically hasn’t been studied in its isolated state. However, cannabis in combination with THC has shown promise for migraine relief in clinical studies.

It is important to ensure that you are using a pure product. Common CBD additives such as preservatives or flavors can actually trigger a migraine. So, make sure your CBD oil is clean, without unnecessary ingredients that could cause a problem.

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Axon CBD oil includes only CBD extract suspended in hemp oil. Axon CBD is all-natural with no flavors or colors. There are only two ingredients, CBD isolate and hempseed oil. Nothing else.

My Experience With Axon CBD

I have been getting chronic daily headaches for months now. Every day I am teetering on the edge of a full-blown migraine. Always one small trigger away. I try to ride it out, but can’t stand the pain, so I give in and take my triptan, which in turn has triggered even more headaches.

When Axon offered to send me a bottle of their CBD oil to try, I couldn’t wait. I was hoping to stop the vicious cycle of rebound headaches.

I’ve been taking one dropper of Axon CBD Oil twice a day. I am not headache-free, but it has made a big difference in both the frequency and intensity of my headaches. I have also been able to cut back on my triptan medication. It’s a win-win!

You can’t beat the price either. Axon CBD is $49.99 per bottle. There is also a subscription option at a cost of $39.99.

Why Choose Axon CBD Oil?

Just like any other supplements, where you purchase your cannabis oil for migraines can make all the difference. A recent study by the Institute of Research on Cannabinoids analyzed more than 80 CBD products and found that 70% of them didn’t match what was on the label. They contained either more or less CBD than the label claimed. As if that weren’t enough, 1 in 5 of the samples contained some level of THC, even though the label claimed there was none.

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Giveaway: Axon CBD Oil for Migraine Relief (Ended)

Axon CBD can be used as a supplement to cut down on migraine symptoms and is formulated with a stronger than average dose of CBD oil (cannabidiol) and no THC. I am a fan of CBD products and have always found them helpful with relaxing and stress reduction, which can also help with migraines. I put this oil to the test as I was weaning off the migraine medication Topamax and am happy to report I did not experience bad withdrawals or a migraine during that time.

The Axon CBD oil is maintained in pure hemp seed oil so it has a bit of an earthy hemp taste, but it’s not bad. I’ve tried some CBD products that are overpowering and this was very light and easy to get used to. The dosage recommendation is 1 ml (one dropper) taken orally or placed under the tongue. There are 30 servings in the bottle.

Amount Per Serving: