best bang for your buck cbd oil reddit

Best bang for your buck?

What's the best (cost/dose) for CBD you've found?

Heading into grad school and trying to set up a good monthly budget which includes CBD. Previously, I've used CBDistillery's "disposable" vape pens. Curious about cost effectiveness though. Was looking at their 30mg gel capsules and it seems like its higher quality + measured dose, but I'm unsure.

So caps have to go through your digestive system. Then you lose some potency. You should take an oil under the tongue to get the best dose. You may not even need a whole lot. Everyone responds differently. Find a company that has a customer loyalty program, to help keep costs down. Oh, and a CBD ISO oil is 99.7-99.9& pure CBD. That would be a good one to have. Its what I use.

Best bang for the buck?

So I'm finishing my bottle of CW hemp Everyday Advanced hemp oil. I previously purchased a 100ml bottle. Im looking for the most full spectrum cbd oil for the money. The bottle I got from CW Hemp contained 100ml, with 50mg of "hemp extract" per .6ml serving, equaling 8,333mg per 100ml bottle costing $274.99. Is this the best deal in hemp oils? I know CW hemp doest directly advertise their cbd content. They tell you 50mg of "hemp extract" but they dont mention how many cbd cannabinoid's are in the extract.

cbdistillary 5000mg cbd for $240

Nuleaf 4850mg cbd for $439

Bluebird classic 6x – 6000mg for $349.95

Receptra 4000mg for $249.99

Lazarus Naturals – 6000mg for $200 – best deal ive found

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Genco Pura 500mg for $80

Ambary Gardens 500mg for $72.50 (better deals for Colorado residents)

CW Everyday advanced 8333mg "hemp extract" for $275

So what does reddit/cbd suggest? Should I try cbdistillary? They seem to offer the best deal on full spectrum oils, even have a black friday deal 6000mg for $240. Are Nuleaf and Bluebird worth the extra money? The only cbd products I have tried are: CW hemp everyday advanced, green roads edibles(not my fav), and some captain cbd gummies (20mg each).

What I'm thinking about going with.

Nuleaf 4850mb 3 pack- 14,550 mg for $737 (30% off black friday deal) (19.74mg per $) Lazarus Naturals 6,000mg high potency oil for $170 (black friday price + free 750mg bottle) (35.29mg per $) Bluebird classic 6x 8oz – 12,000mg for $450 (25% off black friday) (26.66mg per $)
CW Hemp Everyday advanced – 8333mg "hemp extract" for $275 (not sure of actual cbd content)

Has anyone tried multiple companies? Is there any real difference between the companies? Should I order from whoever offers the most mg per $, or is there a quality differance? I Nuleaf worth the extra money?