best cbd oil for ankylosing spondylitis

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We have had a really wonderful stay at Anantmaya, Manali. Beautiful property with not just a view but with some great views. It has that personal touch service that can not be beaten. Food – Superb. Comfort – It has lots of that. Highly recommended. Thanks so much for a very enjoyable holiday!

Anil Advani

It is an awesome place to stay, very good location away from the crowds. Great views, newly constructed resort. Staff is really very helpful and prompt. Food is one of the best I ever had. Give it a try, you will not regret it

Navdeep Singh

One of the best places we have stayed at so far. Amazing resort, amazing hospitality and amazing location

Devika Chatterjee Ahluwalia

One of the best stays in Manali….Was there for 4 nights

Nagra Honey

Awesome resort & Services. one of my best stays

Suman Malik

Anyone here try CBD oil?

My rheumatologist suggested I try it since my AS has gotten worse. I’ll be starting enbrel soon. She’s had a lot of good feedback from many of her patients. Please share your experiences.

I smoke cannabis strains with a high concentration of cbd (8%) and low thc (<0,2%). Basically it is power breeded hemp. It does wonders for my anxiety and my sleep. Not so much for tje pain. But i would say it makes the pain a little "softer". It also relaxes my muscles, which is really nice after a hard day of work.

But it is expensive if you have to buy it out of your own pocket. Depending on where you live you can make your insurance company pay for it. I live in Germany and i will get it almost for free. Otherwise i couldnt afford it.

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Cbd oil

A friend suggested I try cbd oil for pain relief. Having suffered from AS for 30 years and really struggling now im giving it a try. Doesnt seem to be making any difference. Anyone tried it.

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sylvester44 gillian17884

Posted 4 years ago

 Cannabinoids are worth a try. it's yet to be determined if it's any better than any other therapy, even the biologics work for some and not others – biologics will block TNF or IL-17 directly, cannabinoids would have a more indirect pathway. Although unlike some supplements it seems to be fairly safe and has decent bio availability. Your tolerance of the side effects (depending on the form) are another issue. 

Cannabinoids as novel anti-inflammatory drugs

don't have time for all the references, but here's my alternative plan if I don't get back on Cimzia soon.

NSAID: 200mg 1 pill/day Celebrex (half the max) – a  COX-2 inhibitor known to be one of the safer NSAIDS – all of them can cause problems

Fish oil -omega-3

Curcumin Longvida – other forms didn't do much for me (Meriva, w/ bioperine, C3 Complex), Curcumin isn't very bio-available and even the forms I mentioned here if they get in the blood spike quickly, like in the first hour, and trail off quickly over the second hour and minimal up to 4 hours in the bloodstream. Curcumin is a COX-1, COX-2, 5-LOX (maybe 15-LOX?) inhibitor. You wouldn't want to double up at the same time while your NSAID was working ie. Celebrex pills have a 11-hour half-life.

Skull Cap – works on NK-fb, but known to have potential hepatoxicity (liver). Can't find the study now but I recall that moderately increased doses didn't provide any additional benefit. I'd stay low on this maybe even have the recommended dose on most bottles 1 pill 425mg/day. Many herbal remedies have a risk of causing liver damage so I'd be conservative on the amount and wouldn't double up on too many.

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FYI, if you are using NSAIDS or anything that has the potential to block COX-2/arachidonic pathway 24-hrs/day you may want to consider a low arachidonic acid (omega-6) diet. For healthy people I think the goal is under 1 to 4 omega-3 to 6 ratio. The easiest way to achieve this would be to get half of your total fat from 1/1 ratio high fat foods, like white beans. Also realize that your total fat consumption shouldn't be too high either. Think of it as a modified Mediterranean diet where you limit your meat intake to healthy fish (omega-3) and back off the nuts – walnuts and macadamia are the only nuts that come close to with a 1/4 ratio. Garbanzo beans (hummus) would be off the table along with too much avocado. Much of the info on low arachidonic acid and healthy omega-3 ratios will come from the paleo community so they aren't necessarily concerned with the arachidonic cox-2 pathway. The idea hear is while arachidonic acid is necessary and is used throughout the body, but when inhibiting COX-2 it pushes arachidonic acid into the Lipoxigenase pathway producing Leukotrienes and a different kind of inflammation. Your body just can't handle as much arachidonic acid when taking NSAIDS.

If you have any constipation issues, you may consider drugs like Trulance or Linzess as they've shown to reduce pain via the ganglion nerve connection to the spine. I've personally switched from Amitiza to Kiwi fruit  - I had side effects from Linzess and couldn't get approved for Trulance (it's new). 

The kiwi fruit peptide kissper displays anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects in in-vitro and ex-vivo human intestinal models

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