best cbd oil for herniated disc reddit

Has anyone used CBD for back pain from bulging discs?

My back pain has been unbearable and I’m going to have to quit my job soon because I have to stand at my job and it’s becoming impossible to stay standing with my pain.

I tried cbd oil but it didn’t help my back pain. And I’ve run out. I might try again but a higher dose a different time but I’m curious if anyone has used a cream product and if it’s helped.

Hey since youre looking for a cream I recommend you make some! I buy “forest pharmaceuticals” cbd isolate(3 grams worth for like 60$ and then mix it with a coconut oil and shea butter, works fantastically for me and makes a ton worth of cream. I generally mix 1 gram cbd isolate (1000 mg worth of cbd) with half a cup coconut oil and half a cup Shea butter. I heat it all in a double boiler and mix mix mix mix mix. Works phenomenally for my back.

I use CBD living freeze for my back and it works pretty damn good for me

I suffer from a bulging disc in my cervical spine, C6-7 from an automobile accident in 2017. I was on CBD (Bluebird Botanicals 6x concentrate @ 1500mg / 30mL) already for focus and clarity at work, and during my diagnosis and treatment for pain. I didn’t notice much pain relief from the neuropathic symptoms caused by the disc irritating a nerve in my spine.

That is, until I got certified in PA for medical marijuana. I’ve found 1:1 or 2:1 THC : CBD to be very helpful along with physical therapy. I also have some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammation pills (because the injury to spine causes surrounding muscle spasms).

If you have neuropathic (nerve) symptoms as a result of your bulging disc and your pain is severe and chronic you may be certified for medical marijuana if you are in a state that supports it.

Something a Dr might also recommend depending on severity and your particular diagnosis is nerve root steroid injections and/or surgery. CBD and THC just like pills will only mask the pain temporarily but correcting the dysfunction or injury is more long term (but also consider downsides of invasive procedures)

Ideal cbd dose for chronic pain( herniated and degenerated discs in neck and back?

Dealing with chronic pain on neck and back pretty bad and also got costochondritis on top of that plus a few other issues. I currently started using cbd for the past 5 days at 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg at night I find that it definitely helps a bit with pain but definitely helps more for anxiety and depression, My question is that how do you guys space out your doses to keep the cbd strong in your system all throughout the day since I feel like sometimes the space between the doses is too much? Also for those ppl that use higher doses what was your sweet spot for you? Btw I’m a male 24 years old at 6’0 and 170ish pounds