best cbd oil for joint pain reddit

Has CBD helped anybody with joint pain? Recommendations?

What the title says. I have struggled with joint pain(knees are the worst) for a while now and have heard CBD might help. Any recommendations for specific oils that helped? I do have a sensitive stomach too if that matters

I recently (2-3 weeks) started vaporizing high cbd hemp flower, and my hips and knees have definitely improved.

I'm a long time ent and high THC cannabis helped me deal with pain by making me just care less that I hurt, CBD actually seems to lessen my pain. I also think that whole plant is the way to go for effectiveness and price.

Damn, so are you able to get the flower in person or do you order it? And what vape do you use?

Agree. I’ve tried topicals and extracts with mixed results. High cbd hemp flower is the one thing that I can truly say works with the pain and almost immediately. I don’t do well with higher THC cannabis so low THC high CBD flower has been a godsend.

Yes, and I would recommend using a topical balm. In my experience CBD works better topically for muscle and joint pain. I've been using one for over a year on my neck and it's awesome. Using CBD in any form will likely be helpful since it's anti-inflammatory but I'd really recommend topical for your knees to get the best effect. Try to research a good brand, because some definitely work better than others.

You can make your own balm from CBD isolate for way cheaper.

Yes. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sjogren's Syndrome which cause pain and inflammation of joints among other symptoms. Epsom salt baths are great to begin with, furthermore, I was gifted Daughter of the Land CBD bath salt. It is fairly expensive but I use it sparingly. That said, it has been life changing, absolutely fantastic.

I have not seen any effects from sublingual CBD oil.

I am curious if anyone here has tried CBD lotion and what their experience has been.

CBD for knee pain?

I have some knee issues I’m not sure exactly what’s up on and off for years my knees will start hurting when I sit down for awhile. After a few months the pain will go away and then come back and sometimes I can’t even go 5 minutes in the car without my knees hurting. I went to the doctor and all they found was a bit of inflammation and they said when it hurts take ibuprofen with food occasionally. I’ve never used CBD before but could it help with pain relief for something like this?

I use it for exactly this. Tried 5-6 brands. Settled with Panacea Life. I alternate between their dissolvable tablet and for specific knee pain I use their rub on gel.