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The Best CBD For Anxiety

Forget the meditation cushions and the mindfulness apps — if the coronavirus has got you feeling anxious these days, it may be time to consider adding some CBD to your self-care routine.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spike across the country, so have cases of anxiety. New data from the American Psychiatric Association last week found that nearly half of all Americans (48%) are anxious about the possibility of getting sick, with more than one-third saying that coronavirus is having a “serious impact on their mental health.“

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says “capsized travel plans, indefinite isolation, panic over scarce resources and information overload” have also contributed to feelings of anxiety and isolation.

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While doctors continue to work on a cure for COVID-19, people are looking to things like supplements and natural remedies to help soothe and self-medicate. One way they’re coping with the craziness: cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD.

CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoids system (ECS), which regulates a range of functions and processes in the body that include sleep, appetite, memory, and mood. Experts say proper dosages can go a long way toward relieving things like OCD and anxious behaviors by restoring balance in your ECS.

“This system has an important role in attempting to support and maintain a sense of homeostasis (balance) in the body,” explains Jason Mitchell, a naturopathic doctor and the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of wellness brand, HempFusion. “CBD interacts in such a way that can lead to a relaxing effect in the body, and it does this in a manner that is not drug-like or as a sedative.”

Put simply: CBD could help you calm down, without getting you high.

According to a study released last month by consumer insights firm Brightfield Group, 48% of cannabis users have stocked up or plan to stock up on CBD in the near future. The numbers correlate to a spike in e-commerce sales of CBD, confirms Brightfield Group’s Managing Director, Bethany Gomez. “More than 39% of consumers plan to use CBD more frequently during the crisis,” Gomez adds, “particularly to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress.”

It’s important to note that while CBD may help curb some of your anxiety, it’s not a catch-all cure (the FDA says it’s continuing to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of CBD products in the marketplace). “CBD supplements can help support a healthy response to specific conditions, including maintaining normal levels of stress and anxiousness,” says Dr. Jeremy Stewart, the Chief Scientist and VP of Scientific Affairs at Gaia Herbs, whose line of products include supplements using hemp extracts containing CBD. “However,” Stewart cautions, “[CBD] supplements should not be looked at as an alternative to a medication that someone’s doctor has prescribed for them.”

Another thing to keep in mind: not all products labelled as “hemp” or “CBD” on the market are the same. To get the full effects of cannabidiol, look for products using hemp-derived CBD (or cannabis-derived, in legal states) which extracts the CBD compound from the leaves, stems and stalks of the hemp plant, harnessing its full therapeutic benefits. If a product doesn’t have the CBD label (say, these “hemp oils” on Amazon), it’s because their ingredients are extracts of the hemp seed, and not the actual plant. They’ll still provide some benefits, but they won’t contain any cannabinoids, including CBD.

If you’re experiencing serious flare-ups of anxiety, it’s best to contact your doctor or medical provider. For everyone else, here are some of our favorite CBD products to try, to help you manage your mood, quell your anxiety and stay calm during this unprecedented time.

1. Caliper CBD

Caliper CBD’s perfectly precise packets contain 20mg of odorless, flavorless, dissolvable CBD powder that can be easily added to any food or beverage for temporary relief from stress, occasional aches, or restless nights. Caliper was founded by CBD skeptics who recognized a need for a quality, science-backed CBD in an industry rife with misinformation and unfounded claims.

CBD Products We Love for Better Sleep, Managing Travel Stress, and More

By now, most of us have a CBD product or two in our dopp kit (or have been curious to give them a try). After all, these cannabis plant-derived concoctions are touted as helping with sleep, anxiety, and aches and pains—issues that frequent travelers know a thing or two about.

But CBD can be hard to navigate. Many people don't totally understand what it is, legality varies by state, and, quite frankly, it's hard to figure out which products are actually worth your money. The shortest answers to the above? It's one of many active compounds found in the cannabis plant (but not the part that gets you high, that's THC); it's legal on a federal level, which means that the TSA will let you fly with it, though states can set their own rules and restrictions on the ground; and, well, we've rounded up our favorite CBD products right here.

Read on for our favorite bedtime teas, soothing creams, ingestible oils, and more—whether you need to fight jet lag, fight travel anxiety, or soothe aches and pains on the go.

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Lord Jones Releases an Extra-Strong CBD Tincture and Limited-Edition Summer Gumdrops

Sweet temptations: Lord Jones just released limited-edition CBD gumdrops—and an extra potent CBD . [+] tincture.

When I first started taking CBD to manage my lower back pain, I didn’t know much about the efficacy of tinctures and balms. This was long before I started microdosing THC. So to begin, I experimented with tasty CBD edibles. My favorite in those days—and among my top choices today—was one 20mg Lord Jones old-fashioned gumdrop before bedtime. On some days, I’d mix things up and indulge—with the luxury cannabis brand’s dark chocolate chews. Even now, I’m quite enjoying the just-released limited-edition summer flavors: red raspberry and white peach.

Eventually, after talking to some industry experts and a few doctors, I broadened my horizons and ventured into the world of tinctures. Apparently, they’re more bioavailable than something chewable—which can take up to two hours for the body to metabolize. And because edibles pass through your digestive system and liver, the body often ends up with only a fraction of the dosage of the edible.

Fruit forward: Lord Jones also released two limited-edition flavors for summer: red raspberry and . [+] white peach (above).

Tinctures, on the other hand, are best consumed sublingually—meaning you hold it under the tongue for a minute or so before swallowing. This method lets the CBD enter your bloodstream directly. The result? Faster absorption and increased efficacy.

So I started with Lord Jones’ CBD tincture in lemon, which contains 250mg per bottle—and dispenses around 10mg per full dropper. But several weeks ago, the brand released an even better (read: more potent) multi-use formula in its new Royal Oil tincture.

A bottle of the stuff contains 1,000mg of CBD—with each dropper delivering 40mg of liquid. But that’s not the best part. What makes it so great is the purity of the product, which only contains two ingredients—broad spectrum CBD oil suspended in grapeseed oil. And get this: It can be used in so many different ways.

California Dreamers: Robert Rosenheck and Cindy Capobianco, founders of Lord Jones.

“Our Lord Jones community is incredibly vocal about the ways in which they use our products to address everything from sleep issues to aches, pains, and anxiety. The Royal Oil came out of some of our customers looking for a higher dose product,” says Lord Jones cofounder and CEO Robert Rosenheck. “While we thought most of our users were taking our existing tinctures sublingually, we learned that some were applying it topically to address joint pain or skin conditions. Some users were infusing their beverages with our existing products—but wanted to find an unflavored option. Lord Jones Royal Oil provides our users with our most potent multi-purpose broad spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich product to date that can be used as a tincture, a topical, or a beverage booster.”

On the Dose: Lord Jones’ broad spectrum Royal Oil contains 1,000mg of CBD—with each dropper . [+] delivering 40mg.

Even the fact that it uses grapeseed oil as a delivery vehicle for CBD is fascinating, mainly because it’s quite uncommon. “We selected grape seed oil as our carrier knowing how many of our users apply our products topically,” Rosenheck says. “Grape seed oil is high in antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and contains a significant amount of Vitamin E—which helps promote skin health in conjunction with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. We crafted our Lord Jones Royal Oil to appeal to the CBD purist who is looking for the ultimate all-purpose supplement, free of colorings and additives.”

The incredible versatility of the oil as a topical is also quite impressive: Rosenheck notes that many customers apply it to the stomach to ease menstrual cramps. Some use it as a beauty booster of sorts, incorporating a few drops to facial creams and serums to get the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Others who experience pain and inflammation apply it to smaller target areas.

As for me, I’m thrilled with the results of keeping up with the Lord Joneses.