best cbd oil to use for cancer pain

7 Cannabis Products in India For Cancer Pain Management

A cannabis product for cancer pain—this lifestyle is gaining popularity in India. Patients with cancer often have to tolerate unbearable pain and discomfort because of chemotherapy.

In comparison to allopathic medicines that bring a risk of addiction, compounds in cannabis serve as an alternate, safer option for managing intense pain. However, the lack of knowledge and inhibitions about cannabis often leave patients, or their loved ones, in confusion.

This article lists the top 7 CBD products for cancer pain management in India. The intent behind this write-up is to help patients navigate their way through the sea of products towards the ones that offer the most genuine and lasting relief.

CBD Products for Cancer Pain Management

NEET SaShakt Broad-spectrum Vijaya Tailam CBD

Broad-spectrum extracts offer better relief than isolate without the risk of psychoactive effects. The broad-spectrum Vijaya Tailam CBD extract from NEET is one of the latest additions to cannabis products for cancer pain management in India.

This product is good for sublingual consumption.

How to use?
  • Place the recommended dosage under the tongue and let absorb for 45-90 seconds.

Strengths: 3500mg, 5000mg
Flavour: NA
Quantity: 30ml

Patients can choose a relevant strength depending on the severity of the condition. Since this is a broad-spectrum extract, an average recommendation is 3500mg, 30ml.

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