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Wholesale CBD Oil Suppliers to Fuel Your CBD Business

Cannabinoid oils have exploded in popularity in recent years as legal treatments for everything from anxiety and depression to epilepsy and disease. While published medical studies are trending in the positive direction in support of many of the claimed health benefits there is still much research to be done.

Fortunately studies are being conducted at a feverish pace for the same reason sale of CBD oils are also increasing: they are protected federally under the Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the Farm Act, which was written to protect industrial hemp farmers.

As long as the THC content, which is the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant that classifies it as a controlled substance, is below .3% then oils, extracts and tinctures can be legally sold without fear of legal repercussion. This same lack of fear makes funding and supporting medical studies more financially and legally feasible.

The effect over the next decade should be compounding. As more studies are released supporting the myriad of health benefits of CBDs consumer awareness will grow, in turn driving more demand, which will make funding of more ambitious studies and development of new refining technologies quicker and cheaper.

But of course you already realized this, that is why you are looking into wholesale CBD solutions. You are looking to take your CBD business to the next level, and this guide is here to help.

While the market is young there are a plethora of solid options out there that allow entrepreneurs to buy in bulk at reduced prices to rebrand and market on their own to get their piece of this growing cannabinoid pie. Mmm…cannabinoid pie.

Below are some of the most popular wholesale cannabinoid oil wholesale vendors. We have done all the research, finding only companies with quality reputations, established businesses (real addresses, no fly-by-night operations here), conduct stringent testing, have certified manufacturing processes and reasonable product pricing and variety.

An Overview of the Most Reputable Wholesale CBD Distributors and Suppliers

Depression, anxiety, aches and pains, and even cancer-related symptoms; CBD is touted as a cure-all. A naturally-occurring chemical compound of the cannabis plant, CBD (short for cannabidiol, the second-most dominate of the more than 120 currently known cannabinoids ) has been found to effectively treat a wide-range of ailments.

Unlike over-the-counter and prescription medications, there aren’t any adverse effects associated with CBD, and because it does effectively treat a wide range of physical and mental health issues, it’s no wonder why CBD-based products have soared in popularity in recent years.

Because CBD is so sought after, many are interested in purchasing it in industrial quantities. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a large amount directly from cultivators for your personal use or you’re thinking about starting your own CBD-based business and you need a large quantity of cannabidiol to create the products you’re going to sell, there’s no doubt that you want to find the highest quality CBD oil possible.

What is Wholesale CBD

Just like suppliers of any other bulk product, wholesale CBD distributors sell large quantities of hemp-derived CBD oil for low prices. The oil can be used in a variety of ways; for example, you can use it to create edibles, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and even vapes. For example, instead of purchasing a small-sized 30 ml bottle of CBD oil for $50, you can purchase a vat that’s 100 times the size (or more).

While initially, the price of wholesale CBD might seem a lot pricier than smaller quantities, when you consider the amount that you can purchase, buying wholesale actually works out to be much more cost-effective. You could purchase bulk CBD from a wholesale distributor and then use smaller quantities in a variety of products and sell those products for a premium.

In other words, if you were to buy wholesale CBD, you could stand to make a great deal of money; in fact, not only could you make back the amount you spent, but you could also turn a serious profit. Examples of some of the different types of products that manufacturers purchase bulk CBD for include:

  • Producers of supplements and vitamins for humans and animals
  • Makers of vaporizer products, such as vape juice
  • Topical product manufacturers, including lotions, salves, and sprays
  • Manufactures of edible products; gummies, oils, brownies, cookies, and even chewing gum, for instance

You can purchase wholesale CBD in a few different forms. Some of the most common types include:

  • Distillate
  • Oil
  • Oil distillate
  • Powder isolate

How to Choose a Reputable CBD Wholesale Supplier

As in any industry, there are so many different producers and suppliers of wholesale CBD. You want to be sure that you find the most reliable supplier who offers the highest quality products. How do you do that when there are so many different options to choose from? How can you cut through the fancy branding and influencer marketing to identify the legit, safe, effective vendors?

Here’s a look at some of the key metrics that you can use in order to measure the reliability of a CBD wholesale distributor so that you can be sure you’re choosing a supplier that you can rely on to provide premium products and that will turn your customers into repeat buyers!

Production Must Take Place GMP-Certified Facility

First and foremost, make sure that the supplier you choose produces their CBD products in a GMP-certified facility. Short for Good Manufacturing Practices, facilities that have a GMP certification meet the stringent metrics that are set forth by third-party certifiers for food, testing, hazard assessment, work environment safety, and other key qualifications. The guidelines are established by some of the most trusted regulatory agencies in the world, such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hemp Plants Must be GMO-Free

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism”. They’re living beings, such as plants, animals, and other types of organisms, whose genetic code altered via genetic engineering or transgenic technology. In other words, the organisms are created in a lab and they are not naturally-occurring. If you want the highest quality CBD possible, you’re definitely going to want to look for a supplier who offers non-GMO products.

Hemp Must Organically Grown

In the CBD industry, organic is extremely important, as it takes a great deal of hemp in order to make a small amount of CBD oil. As such, if any of the hemp that’s used to make CBD oil contains any inorganic compounds, such as pesticides, the compounds would become highly concentrated in the end product.

For that reason, good quality CBD wholesalers produce organic CBD oil. Check for a third-party certification status, such as USDA organic, as some manufacturers of CBD products just put an “organic” label on their products, and those products are hardly regulated.

THC Content Must Be 3rd Party Tested Below 0.3% for Legality

In the United States, in order for hemp to be legal, it needs to be below 0.3%. Some manufacturers make products that are intended for use in locations where recreational marijuana is legal, so the CBD products they make may be higher than the legal limit. In order to avoid issues regarding legality, make sure that the wholesale distributor you choose offers products that fall below the 0.3% limit.

Method of Extraction is Important

There are two main methods that manufacturers of CBD use in order to extract the oil from hemp: CO2 and ethanol. CO2 extraction is more modern, efficient, and cleaner, while ethanol takes longer and more labor-intensive, but generates a higher quality end product.

Another popular option is lipid extraction. This technique uses specialized technology that draws out CBD from hemp plants, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes. Lipids are naturally-occurring fatty acids, and they offer a non-toxic way to separate compounds with the least amount of processing possible.

With the rising popularity of extracts getting your extraction method dialed in, even if it is a bit more time consuming or expensive, is advisable if it produces more efficacious yields as the market is maturing and consumers are ever more discerning.

Reputation and Transparency

Lastly, when choosing a CBD wholesale supplier, make sure you consider the reputation of the company, as well as their transparency. Search the internet for reviews to see what others have had to say about their experience with the company.

Check to find out where they source their hemp from and what method of extraction they use. If you can’t find any information about a company’s products on their website and you can’t find any reviews, consider those red flags and cross them off your list.

Spending More for Independent Lab Testing Is Worth It

Unfortunately, the rise in questionable CBD oils and products made with said oils (fake, diluted, impure) are rampant and consumers are aware of the fakes. To instill more trust with your customers it’s worth it to spend the money on a state-licensed laboratory to verify the quality of your product.

Most states will have a directory of state-accredited testing facilities to choose from. For example, this is a list of labs in the great dank state of Oregon that offer testing. You can do a similar search in Google for your state + “state licensed CBD testing” and you’ll probably find something within driving distance.

Good CBD oil is expensive there’s no way around it. Why? Read our detailed explanation here.

At the end of the day, you will ALWAYS be able to find a cheaper product, but if you are building a real business with a real brand and want to be around 5, 10, 50 years from now, then you shouldn’t be racing towards the bottom and instead set your sights on the moon by aiming to provide the best quality product possible.

The Best CBD Wholesale Suppliers

To help you on your quest for finding the best CBD wholesale suppliers, we’ve taken the liberty of doing the time-consuming heavy research for you. Using the above-mentioned criteria for quality, we’ve narrowed down the options and have selected the very best manufacturers of bulk CBD.

Below, you’ll find a list of our top picks, including overviews that detail the qualifications of each company and why we chose them for our list of the best bulk CBD distributors. This is by no-means a complete list. There are thousands of top quality small independent CBD companies in America and Canada today that are also deserving of your attention.

We highly advise you to check locally, to see who is making CBD in your area, as we ALWAYS advocate supporting local businesses, whether they be head shops, dispensaries, or in this case, CBD refineries.

The CBDistillery – The One-Stop Shop

The CBDistillery is a Denver Colorado based maker of CBD oils and tinctures for both humans and pets. They are one of the fastest growing American CBD companies, having been featured on High Times, Weedmaps, USA Today and Yahoo. Products are 100% natural, don’t cause any psychoactive effects, and are 3rd party lab tested for purity and potency.

Products are diverse and include all the popular forms of CBD including isolate and full-spectrum oils, capsules, vape cartridges, waxes, gummies, suppositories, topical creams and lip balms as well as pet products for your four-legged friends.

They also offer wholesale and retail options including white label and private labeling for those looking to build their own CBD brand. They can also assist with sourcing bulk ingredients entrepreneurs can quickly add to their product lines. The CBDistillery has over 800 SKUs in their database for wholesalers to choose from. Minimum order thresholds are set at a very reasonable USD $500.00 for labeled products.

All CBDistillery products are 3rd party lab tested. They make verification easy by including photos of the lab test results on each product page within the other product images. Tests are run for both potency and purity. The CBDistillery is also National Hemp Association accredited and they are actively promoting the CBD industry as a whole via their #CBDMOVEMENT hashtag, which is a very commendable effort to grow the industry as a whole.

Discounts or Coupons?

If you sign up for their newsletter you can get a coupon for 5% off your first purchase, which since we’re talking wholesale here, could add up to a substantial savings. CBDistillery also offers 10% off discounts to EMTs, Veterans and Service Officials including active military members, fire fighters, and police officers.

Boulder Creek Infusions

Our top pick for the best CBD wholesale and bulk supplier of CBD oil is Boulder Creek Infusions. This Colorado-based company offers full-spectrum, craft-infused, CBD that’s grown in natural sunlight.

They use solvent-free, lipid infusion technology to extract the CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes from the highest quality hemp, which yields the purest CBD. They offer both retail and wholesale hemp concentrates in full-spectrum, natural flavors in several different sizes, including 1 gallon, 5 gallons, and 55 gallons.

In order to ensure that they offer the highest quality products, Boulder Creek Infusions has an independent third-party laboratory assess their wholesale products and the post all of the Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) right on their website so that you can easily view the purity and quality of their CBD.

Discounts or Coupons?

Boulder Creek Infusions regularly has sales on most of their product lines. The best way it seems to keep up to date on what is discounted is to follow their Instagram which seems to be the first place they often announce discounts and promotions.

Lazarus Naturals Wholesale

Another highly regarded wholesale suppliers of CBD is Lazarus Naturals. This manufacturer is dedicated to offering the highest quality CBD products possible. They use organic hemp that they farm themselves to produce both consistent and sustainable hemp products.

Lazarus Naturals covers all aspects of the production process, from growing to harvesting and testing the hemp to extracting CBD using cryogenic ethanol and other natural compounds and even to packaging the products they offer. Every batch of CBD oil they make undergoes third-party testing to check for residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial impurities, as well as potency.

Lazarus Naturals offers CBD isolates in 100 and 200 gram containers an. They also offer CBD isolate in both 5 and 20 gram bulk containers. The company is based in the Pacific Northwest of the US and offers shipping around the globe where CBD is legal. The company is highly reliable and very transparent; you can read the results of third-party testing right on their website.

Discounts or Coupons?

Lazarus Naturals must have big hearts because they have one of the most admirable CBD discount programs for veterans, low-income patients, and people with disabilities, offering a whopping 60% off for all groups.

They also have a great roundup list of other consumer-oriented CBD brands that offer special discounts for veterans, low-income patients, long-term disabled, police, and firefighters. Lazarus is really inspirational here, not only selling their own product at discount but actively promoting what could be perceived as competition as well, all in the name of expanding the good word of the humble hemp plant.

Folium Biosciences

One of the most trusted names in the CBD industry, Folium Biosciences was founded in 2014. This Colorado-based company operates in a 300,000 square foot, FDA-approved and registered facility. Using both ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction, all of the CBD products that this fully vertically integrated manufacturers makes are premium-quality.

The company is GMP- and GPP-certified and their CBD Is derived from organic, Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp that is grown in full-compliance with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (or the 2018 Federal Farm Bill) coming in at 0.0% THC. In fact, for those who undergo regular drug screenings Folium is considered one of the safest options due to their strict adherence to 0.0% THC quantities in their products. Their bulk products include broad spectrum THC-free CBD oil, water soluble liquid, water soluble powder, and HydroPCR.

Folium offers a wide variety of products, including bulk hemp oils, powders, and liquids. They will also white-label the production of soft gels, tinctures, balms, gummies, as well as topical applications like cosmeceuticals and even animal health, offering K9 chews for dogs, hemp pellets, and other animal PCR tinctures and balms for our furry friends.

Discounts or Coupons?

We could not find a dedicated discounts page on the Folium website but we did find a few discount codes on various other CBD aggregators review sites, although we couldn’t verify the validity as we didn’t complete the checkout process. If you are in need but can’t afford their products we’d advise reaching out directly to Folium Bioscience to inquire directly.

Oliver’s Harvest

Oliver’s Harvest is one of the providers of crude hemp extract CBD. This North Carolina-based company produces GMO-, pesticide-free, lab-tested bulk quantities of CBD. The company is an offspring of a healthcare company that the founder, Frank P Seuss, created. The maker completely controls the production of all of the oils they provide in order to ensure that their CBD is formulated with only the purest extracts.

Moreover, each of their formulas is tested by an ISO-certified third-party lab, which guarantees that their CBD products are in complete compliance with all regulations and that they meet the highest standards for purity, safety, and effectiveness. Prices for their wholesale crude hemp extract begins at $10 per gram, and at higher quantities, the price is steeply discounted, with prices for 1 kg costing around $2,800 and as low as $2,600 per kilo.

Discounts or Coupons?

Oliver’s Harvest offers a friendly 40% discount on all of their organic CBD products for first responders, medical professionals, and military veterans. Given the insane amounts of stress these professionals face it warms our hearts to see Oliver’s stepping up and offering almost half-off their lineup to these heroes.

Oliver’s has also partnered with Noble Paws to provide abandoned four-legged friends (Oliver’s loves cats and dogs equally!) with a better quality of life by donating their pet wellness products to animal shelters across America.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Another Colorado-based distributor of hemp and CBD products, Industrial Hemp Farms sells both retail and wholesale quantities. They’re one of the largest suppliers of hemp flower and CBD products in the world and their products range from indoor-grown hemp strains to bulk high-quality outdoor grown strains. They’re also one of the largest distributors of top-quality CBD isolate and CBD distillate, as well as other hemp concentrates in the US.

Additionally, they carry numerous popular CBD products, such as CBD hemp oil, CBD gummies, and finished hemp products at prices that are truly affordable. Industrial Hemp Farms uses vertically integrated operations and has developed great relationships with some of the most reliable hemp farms, extraction labs, and CBD manufacturers in the country, which is what allows them to offer the most affordable prices on some of the highest quality hemp and CBD products.

Their CBD products are lab-tested to ensure that they meet stringent regulations. Products include full-spectrum CBD and GBG distillates and isolate products, which they offer in packages that range in size from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. You can also purchase larger quantities through their wholesale program.

Discounts or Coupons?

We couldn’t find a dedicated discount page for any professional group but they do have a “Fire Sale” category built into their main menu where they list a wide variety of CBD-rich products including vape pen cartridges, oil tinctures, and even whole CBD flower if you’re into rolling your own medicine.

Eden’s Herbals

Last on our list of the best CBD wholesale distributors is Eden’s Herbals. Based in the United States, this distributor offers gummies, oils, tinctures, and even skin care and dog treats, as well as concentrated CBD isolate powder.

Additionally, they offer special wholesale products for retailers and their products; however, do note that their products only ship within the US. Examples of the wholesale products they offer include 1000 mg tinctures, 1000 mg CBD lotion, and 1000 mg CBD salves, all of which are sold in cases of 10.

Products are third-party tested to ensure that they meet stringent regulations and you can find their THC-free and full-spectrum lab reports right on their website.

Discounts or Coupons?

Eden’s Herbals offers a friendly 10% discount to all military members, veterans, police, firefighters and EMTs. They also run regular sales on their website during major holidays, so if there’s an opportunity to buy in bulk and save even for people not in the above-mentioned professions, which is fantastic for us!

Summing It Up

Whether you’re looking to make your own CBD products to sell for a profit or you consume large quantities of CBD, if you’re interested in finding the best CBD at wholesale prices, you can’t go wrong with the above-mentioned companies. Each company is highly reputable and offers the highest quality CBD at the most affordable prices possible.

If you came here more for investigative purposes or just out of sheer curiosity then we hope we provided some clarity, at least in terms of bulk CBD providers. Should you still be confused or needing inspiration, we advise you look into some brands that are already crushing it and seeing what they do right. FOCL CBD is one such brand that is crushing it, by providing a quality product direct to consumers. Endoca is another full-spectrum organic producers held in high regards among CBD consumers.

To really see the true diversity of the industry there are CBD-specific monthly subscription boxes that deliver new CBD products to your doorstep each month. This is a GREAT way to get competitive insights and market research essentially on auto-pilot, if you are still trying to find your place in this great healthy, lucrative cosmos that is the legal hemp oil market.

Wholesale CBD Vendor Directory

New verified CBD wholesalers, distributors, importers and manufacturers are added daily.


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Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils, LLC.
Orem, Utah United States
Nature’s Fusions is a Christian, family-owned wholesale business offering high-quality essential oils and CBD products. It is founded on three tenets: Quality, Integrity, and our Forever Guarantee. Anyone Can Return Any Natures Fusions Product At Any time, For Any Reason, FOREVER. 847-687-3697 | Top-Selling CBD Brands – Up to 15% Off |
We Ship Worldwide From, California United States
Buy confidently from the #1 online CBD wellness marketplace. We have more than 250 brands and thousands of products in stock ranging from CBD Gummies, CBD Vape, CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, CBD for Pets and more. If you would like to know more, visit us at, email us at [email protected], or call us at 1-888-CBD-7303

Wholesale CBD
Binghamton, New York United States is the #1 Rated CBD & Hemp Supplier in the USA! We carry all of the major CBD brands and manufacturers as well as the widest selection of artisan niche brands all under one roof and all at the guaranteed lowest prices. carries CBD Oil, Premium Grade Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls, Retail Ready Packaging, & Much more!

Elite Hemp Products
Sunrise, Florida United States
We specialize in providing the highest quality hemp products. Our products are from the industrial hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC. We sell the widest collection in the market over 250 products. Tinctures, vegan gummies (chocolate & honey), skin care, pets, vape, health & wellness, oils and much more! 844-856-8838.

Orange Park, Florida United States
BudzBurn offers 100% Organic CBD, Delta 10 Vapes, Flower, Edibles, Diamond Sauce, Gummies, Tinctures, CBD Oil as well as Custom Glass Pieces, Nicotine Vapes and Smoking Accessories! Grown in USA! Free Shipping on orders over $100.

1. Kannaco, LLC
San Diego, CA + Manhattan, KS, Kansas United States
Professional-Grade CBD Topicals are our specialty. We work with practitioners across the country. Get free shipping, affordable rates, flexible invoice terms, and excellent customer service. 2000mg-4000mg Full and Broad Spectrum Cream and Roll-ons. 10% off your entire first order. Let’s Talk: [email protected] Thank you!

2. Sun State Hemp |
Davie, Florida United States
Committed to bringing 100% Natural and 99%+ Pure Hemp derivatives to our customers – that’s why CBD, Delta8, Delta10, HHC, THC are the best in quality.

3. Honey Sweetie Acres
Owensville, Ohio United States
Premium quality goat milk skin care and nature-based products. Bringing natural, healthy and sustainable skin care products to those who need them! Expertise in Soap Making and Aromatherapy have created award winning products. Organic base oil and botanicals combined with real high butterfat goat milk create soaps of unparalled quality.

Newington, Connecticut United States
Trippo is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of over 6,000 smoking products & adding new ones on a daily basis. Our products range from glass pipes to the most sophisticated electronic gadgets. Browse our store and find out! 877-921-0001 / [email protected]

5. Evolved Naturals
Orange, California United States
Evolved Naturals is a manufacturer, white labeler, private labeler, and wholesaler of all natural CBD and beauty products. We pride ourselves in our customer service and helping our customers reach their goals. We have Gummy Bears, tinctures, lotions,& massage oils on the CBD side. For Health and Beauty we have Jojoba, Rosewater, Eye creams etc

6. ILW Sciences
West Babylon, New York United States
ILW Sciences is a fully certified, full-service contract nutraceutical manufacturer based in the USA. CBD, cosmetics, skin care & vitamin formulas plus packaging design. White label services to help you start your own business.

7. Tikva |
Simi Valley, California United States
Tikva is a natural alternative to traditional medicine – manufactured by Panaxia Pharmaceuticals, a world-renowned pharmaceutical leader with over a decade of proven scientific research and clinical trials in medical cannabis. We raise the standard for CBD compliance by bringing your customers science-backed, pharma-grade products.

8. Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils, LLC.
Orem, Utah United States
Nature’s Fusions is a Christian, family-owned wholesale business offering high-quality essential oils and CBD products. It is founded on three tenets: Quality, Integrity, and our Forever Guarantee. Anyone Can Return Any Natures Fusions Product At Any time, For Any Reason, FOREVER. 847-687-3697

9. Mtiva Farms
Hillsdale, New York United States
Mtiva Farms – are licensed hemp growers, CBD product formulators and trusted sellers of CBD Flower, CBD Oils, CBD Topicals and CBD Gummies unmatched in quality and purity. You can count on this hemp CBD brand to deliver pure, clean CBD for sale. Buy Farm-Direct and Save. Shop Our Wholesale Collection Now.

10. Pure Hemp Farms
Los Angeles, California United States
At Pure Hemp Farms, we take our CBD seriously. Starting with top shelf cannabis plants, we comb through for the finest selections that are fully matured and ready for our customers to enjoy. We carry premium CBD hemp flower, pre-rolled CBD joints, CBD vape cartridges, CBD kief, CBD isolate, CBG flower and more.

11. Elite Hemp Products
Sunrise, Florida United States
We specialize in providing the highest quality hemp products. Our products are from the industrial hemp plant and contains less than 0.3% THC. We sell the widest collection in the market over 250 products. Tinctures, vegan gummies (chocolate & honey), skin care, pets, vape, health & wellness, oils and much more! 844-856-8838.

12. Oley Hemp
Oley, Pennsylvania United States
Oley Hemp is a leading producer of hemp and hemp-derived products that deliver a pure and natural wellness experience from high quality, organically grown hemp in farms across the US. Our products are free from fillers, additives, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, GMOs, gluten, and dairy

13. Terra Vida
Denver, Colorado United States
TerraVida meaning “Earth Life”. TerraVida exists out of a passion for improving life with the earth’s natural medicine. We want to bring you potent little luxuries that uplift the spirit and soothe the body and mind! Our CBD products are sourced in Colorado and provide an experience based regimen to you.

14. Restorative Botanicals I USDA Certified Organic
Longmont, Colorado United States
Manufacturer of premium hemp supplements that provide calming relief and promote an overall sense of health, balance, and wellness.

15. Organic Plus Brands
North Ridgeville, Ohio United States
Organic Plus Brands specializes in white label and distribution opportunities for CBD and Δ8 products made in our US lab. Innovative formulas, competitive prices and no MOQs on wholesale orders have helped OPB get recognized as a top hemp product provider. Our brands are featured nationally as Whole Plant CBD, Plant Puff and Organic Plus.

16. Hemplitude
Tampa, Florida United States
High quality hemp and delta 8 products to meet strict demands. We offer full spectrum gummies, oils, dried fruit and more! Transparent results, scientific-backed testing and triple lab-tested.

17. Berkshire CBD
Brattleboro, Vermont United States
At Berkshire CBD, premium organic hemp flower is our passion. Starting from our organic growing practices, to the 60 day slow cure, to the hand manicuring and premium packaging, our entire process is designed to deliver you the highest quality, shelf-ready, indoor and outdoor terpene and cannabinoid rich CBD hemp flower available on today’s market

18. Kore Original |
Tampa, Florida United States
Organic CBD oil grown in Colorado & Kentucky. Handcrafted in the USA. Quadruple tested for purity and potency. Edibles, Skin Care, Oils & Tinctures, Pet Care, Gift Bundles and Limited Edition products.

19. D Squared Worldwide |
Houston, Texas United States
D Squared Worldwide is a world-leading manufacturer of nano emulsified water soluble CBD products, CBD beverages, CBD cosmetics, CBD flower, CBD edibles, CBD pet products. For wholesale purchases, please register at PORTFOLIO – All brands are powered by nanohemptechlabs.

NYC, New York United States
CBD Full Spectrum – Nothing added, nothing taken out. The Company’s 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Augusta Maine is home to one of Vitalis’s first CO2 massive extractors.

21. Nanoshell Company
West Valley City, Utah United States
Nanoshell offers wholesale GMP-manufactured organic hemp-extract herbal mix concentrates for personal care/spa products in the form of nanosprays, serums and creams. Mixes for pain, nausea, relaxation, sleep, acne and dermal replenishing. Contact us today to set up a wholesale account.

22. Drift CBD Honey Sticks |
Rome, New York United States
We carry CBD infused honey sticks with 20mg in each stick. We have a huge variety of flavors including green apple, pineapple, blue raspberry, and more. These honey sticks are ALWAYS one of the best selling items in the store!!

23. The Hidden Vault
New Orleans, Louisiana United States
Wholesaler of body oils, health, wellness, CBB, beard oils, shampoos & more. In stock, ready to ship, great margins!

Richmond, Virginia United States
HempHera Kosmetikos is a revolutionary, never-seen-before, PhytoBased NanoCosmetics company that is powered by Hemp (Cannabis) and infused with Nanotechnology. Inspired by Ancient Egyptian & Greek Goddesses, and our favorite Beauty Icons – You won’t find another brand in the industry or market like HempHera! All of our products are Lab Tested.

25. Owls Oils |
Grants Pass, Oregon United States
Owls Oil is one of the premier suppliers of Delta 8. Gummies, capsules and pre-rolls. We are fully transparent and our mission is to bring Delta 8 to the world to help as many people as possible. We have all our products tested regularly, and at multiple testing centers, to ensure that we have the highest grade and legal products possible.

26. Bark Appeal |
San Clemente, California United States
Your #1 Source For Wholesale Pet Harnesses, Collars, Leashes, Pet CBD and more! Since 2010 we have been suppling independent pet stores with quality products at unbeatable prices and we never require any minimums. We don’t sell on

27. Nass Valley Gardens Inc.
Manalapan, New Jersey United States
High-quality and innovative CBD products. We also carry Hemp extracts and treats for pets. We value our customer needs and are determined to provide an unparalleled customer service experience. Our conviction to innovate and perfect the personal care experience is only matched by our desire to enhance wellness.

28. Crown Distributing
Dallas, Texas United States
We are the sales arm of all Global Tobacco, Rush nicotine, and Wild Hemp products.

29. Nature’s Root
Longmont, Colorado United States
Nature’s Root is a high-end, multi-award-winning hemp and CBD company dedicated to producing responsible, organic products that are results driven. We have been serving communities and individuals for nearly a decade, with the unchanging objective of exploring and creating fresh, innovative lines that foster wellness and whole-body healing.

30. New Phase Blends CBD | Patent-pending CBD products |
West Palm Beach, Florida United States
There’s a reason New Phase Blends is one of the most frequently requested brands in CBD stores. We offer EXCLUSIVE and patent-pending CBD blends THAT WORK! Our wholesale CBD program offers high margins for retailers and quality support to ensure you are set for success. We place product quality above everything else.