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Best Vape Pens For THC and CBD Oil for 2021 — Buyers Guide

Having a powerful unit that performs is only half the equation of outstanding vapor, to experience the full abilities of your unit you need the best vape pens for THC or CBD oil to complement it. With such a plethora of plentiful reservoir options, users may be inclined to go straight for a starter kit.

To get the most from your continuous vaping, finding a modular tank and atomizer that works cooperatively with your specific oil vape pen is key. While there are countless atomizer systems available, we put together our favorite products that represent only the best!

Mig Vapor Sky Pod – A Vape Pen For The Thickest THC or CBD Oils

If you’re vaping the top-quality concentrates, we believe you should aim for the clouds. Accordingly, the Sky Pod from Mig Vapor is exactly the cbd vape pen to fly you there. With a simple compact design, this stealth thc vape pen for pumps out solid plumes of vapor from a low-key device. Let’s have a look at what Mig Vapor’s engineering team came up with combining a vape pen with an interchangeable tank system.

Essentially, the Sky Pod from Mig Vapor is a pocket-sized oil and eliquid pen that discreetly administers vapor in a palm-sized device. It’s designed with durability and frequent use in mind which makes it perfect for travel vaping or spending half its life in a pocket. The oil pod tanks are refillable, modular and replaceable.

Mig Vapor Sky Pod Coupon

As a result, users can keep multiple tanks filled at once for added discretion. If you have one tank that’s used for cannabis thc oil and another for VG/PG vape juice, you can easily switch back and forth at a moment’s notice. In this way, the Sky Pod oil vape pen is perfect for vaping in places where medicating yourself may be unpopular.

Ostensibly, the Sky Pod is a pod based vape pen with a vape tank that can process CBD and THC oils. Specifically, for users who enjoy vaping both ejuice and oil concentrates, the Mig Vapor Sky Pod is a winning choice for expansive vaping. Discover the best in stealthy, durable oil vaping without ever having to worry.

  • USB rechargeable, built in battery
  • Modular oil and ejuice tanks are replaceable
  • Durable, compact, discreet and lightweight
  • Pod mod system with a refillable liquid/oil tank

V2 Cigs Series 3X – A Great Vape Pen for THC Vape Oil

Perfect for any level of vaper interested in many different kinds of device usage, the V2 Cigs Series 3X vaporizer is a dazzling 3-in-1 thc oil vape pen that will process a variety of materials. With three specific, magnetically locking cartridges, this unit generates outstanding vapor from thc or cbd oil extracts, waxes, loose leaf herbs and e liquid with seamless, satisfying essence. In the middle of V2’s product line of advanced vaporizers, the Series 3x thc vape oil pen is an easy to use triple threat of immense functionality.

A built in 750 mAh is USB rechargeable with a proprietary charging cable that attaches magnetically to the base of the 3x vape pen. This is a size-able amount of power to feed the variable voltage settings optimized for different materials at 1.8v, 2.5v and 3.3 volts respectively. Each voltage corresponds to a specific heating coefficient designed for separate composites and oil concentrates.

V2 Cigs Series 3X Coupon

V2‘s Series 3x vape pen has a battery indicator light ring around the base that keeps users aware of how much oil is left in the device as well as the heating status of the interior oven. The cartridge heating chamber itself for wax, thc or cbd oils and other concentrates is a sealed cylinder without adjustable airflow making for an outstanding mouth to lung draw which is essential for many users making the switch from smoking.

Loading the V2 Cigs Series 3x is simple through the removable drip tip and unscrewing an inner cap on the chamber. This easy to operate and toggle power temperature coefficient is ideal for first time vapers interested in trying vapor. For the most dexterity possible in a compact 3-in-1 vape pen device, the 3x from V2 Cigs is at the top of our list.

  • Built in USB rechargeable 750 mAh battery
  • Magnetic locking oil and concentrate cartridge
  • Variable voltage settings of 1.8v, 2.5v and 3.3v
  • Sealed cartridge cylinder and compact, slender pen design perfect for discreet travel vaping
  • Outstanding MTL mouth draw satisfying and familiar to smokers making the switch

O.Pen Vape FIY – An Oil Pen For (Fill-It-Yourself) Connoisseurs

A perfect oil vape pen starter kit for vapers who love dabbing, but want the convenience of oil vaping, the O.Pen Vape FIY system combines the compact functionality of a pocket sized vape pen with the expanded dexterity of dab oven devices. This unit is a DIY mobile production kit that allows users to transform any shatter, wax, or extract into an outstanding oil ready for optimized vaping.

In detail, each O.Pen Vape FIY kit comes with a treasury of accessories to get you started including the honey pot storage box and mixing bowl, a syringe with injection tip, mixing paddle and a small bottle of o juice. This mystery liquid is a demulsifier which helps to break down even the toughest concentrate and blends seamlessly for a rich oil ready for vaping. Users blend the two together in equal parts 0.5g until well mixed.

O.Pen Vape FIY Coupon

It’s all part of the FIY or fill-it-yourself system O.Pen created for users looking for more variety beyond the prefilled oil cartridges. That said, the FIY battery section fits well with many pre filled cartridges and O.Pen offers a range of already loaded tanks. Once you have combined the concentrate with the o juice, you inject the mixed oil into the tank section and just start vaping.

There’s no power button, however, there are a series of LED activation lights on the end of the device that light up when it’s actively producing vapor. As a result, users get a homemade, customizable concentrate-based oil that delivers the flavor and intensity they prefer. For a simple oil vape pen with elements of craft personalization the O.Pen Vape FIY system is a perfect fit.

  • DIY system allows users to vape virtually any concentrate, wax or extract by demulsifying it in o juice
  • Compact, discreet and easy to use
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Kit comes with comprehensive accessories everything you need to make liquid concentrate and fill your pen
  • 0.5ml liquid cartridge

Vapor Slide (V2) – A Dual Purpose Hybrid Vape Pen For Oils and Dabs

One of the most innovative ways to get medicated, the portable Vapor Slide system takes all the functionality of a vape pen, a rig and condenses the abilities into a compact pen and e-nail combo. For a cheap pocket-sized dab vaporizer this device effectively generates enough vapor to replace any wax vaporizer we’ve seen so far. With a ground-breaking engineering and design Vapor Slide has essentially replaced our need for any other dabbing or thc – cbd oil vaporizers.

The true genius of the Vapor Slide is the shape, while it may appear strangely shaped like a dremel or other hand-held power tool, its funneling shape is perfectly shaped to sit sturdily in the nail or bowl port of 14mm glass bubblers. Vapor Slide markets their incredibly small vaporizer as a two-in-one vape pen and e-nail and comes with two cartridge pieces; one for glass water pipe upside down orientation and a second so that it can be used as a regular oil vape pen.

Vapor Slide Coupon

It incorporates an impressive range of variable voltage settings easily toggled through using the dial on the base of the device. Corresponding LED lights in a range of colors inform users which mode they’re in, as well as alert them when the device has a bad connection, requires charging, or has a fully charged battery. The voltage settings are 3.6v, 3.9v, 4.2v, 4.5v, and maximum 4.8v for a generous spectrum of vaping preferences for virtually every user.

It’s powered by a single, USB rechargeable 1000 mAh battery and can be used as a pass through while plugged in. The cartridge section as well as the battery are 510 threaded allowing users to attach their own pre-filled oil tanks. Combining the best attributes of a pocket oil vape pen and a bubbler e-nail attachment makes the Vapor Slide one of the most uniquely wonderful developments in vaping technology we’ve seen in a long time.

If these options aren’t what you’re looking for, we suggest that you take a look at our recommended dab pens for a wider variety of vape pens for wax.

Best CBD Vape Pen UK 2022

Vaping CBD has the highest level of bioavailability, along with the shortest onset, meaning you feel the effects super quickly. For these two reasons alone, interest in vape pens has skyrocketed.

While there are multiple ways to vape cannabidiol, there are a few key differences between devices and the exact products available today.

Below we run through our picks for the best CBD vape pen in the UK along with a guide to buying your vape towards the end to help you understand the differences. Ensuring you only buy a high quality CBD vape!

Let’s get started!

CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD distillate. Containing 55% CBD and free of any additives. GMP certified and third party tested. No need to buy anything else to get started!

Pure CBD distillate and terpenes. Nothing else. Contains 325mg full spectrum CBD extracted under GMP standards in the United States. Use with any vape pen or buy a pen from Paso.

Terpene rich 500mg CBD E liquid with a pungent lemon flavour. Third party tested and with certs on site.

Quick Summary: Best CBD Vape Pens UK

Overall, we have two favourites:

If you’re looking for a premium device with a full spec plant profile go for the Kiara Naturals CBD vape kit. Otherwise, the Kandypens Rubi is a decent choice to get started, but you will need your own eliquid/vape oil.

We’ve listed our favourite CBD vape oil below the second pick. Scroll down if you’re looking for that specifically.

CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD distillate. Containing 55% CBD and free of any additives. GMP certified and third party tested. No need to buy anything else to get started!

Open Pod System

Best for E-Liquid Vape Oil

Best Selling E-Liquid Vape Pen

1300 mAh Battery

2ml Airflow Tank

Disposable CBD eliquid vape

Best CBD Vape Pen 2022

1. Kiara Naturals CBD Vape Pen

CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD distillate. Containing 55% CBD and free of any additives. GMP certified and third party tested. No need to buy anything else to get started!

  • Inhale to activate
  • Full-spectrum CBD + terpenes only
  • Third-party tests available for review
  • Premium rechargeable hardware
  • More expensive than CBD Isolate e-liquids
  • Not compatible with CBD e-liquids

While most vape pens use e-liquids with are diluted in propane glycol or vegetable glycerin, this vape pen is different. Instead, it contains high viscosity full-spectrum CBD distillate containing natural terpenes to improve flavour and effect.

Most CBD vapes are derived from CBD isolate, this device uses a whole plant extract to maximise the synergistic effects of hemp (the entourage effect).

The device itself is made by CCELL.

CCELL are the leading manufacturer for cannabis vape carts and pens in the USA, unlike other vapes which are traditionally made to vape e-liquid, Kiara devices are engineered to vape cannabis concentrates only, and they do an excellent job.

The vape cartridge has a ceramic core that uses variable heat technology, which heats the vape oil according to the puff time—automatically optimising each puff according to the viscosity of the extract, ensuring a perfect and smooth pull each time which is easy to inhale.

There’s no need to power the device on or wait for it to heat up, all you do is take a puff and a light at the end of the pen lets you know it’s vapourising the CBD wax concentrate.

Being a slim device, its perfect for use on the go and its rechargeable 350 mAh battery can keep even the most hardcore vaper going for days on end without needing to recharge!

In terms of compliance, all Kiara Naturals products are third party tested and the latest certificates are available on the product pages.

While this doesn’t Include an analysis of the terpenes in the product to give you insight into the exact makeup of the broad spectrum hemp extract!

2. Kandypens Rubi Vape Pen

f you’re interested in vaping but with your own CBD e-liquid or distillate, the Rubi makes an excellent choice. All you need to do is puff away as it has no buttons either.

It’s a sleek and stealthy portable vapouriser, which uses a 1ml open pod system that you refill with the vape juice of your choice.

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