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10 Unique Ways to Cover the Taste of CBD Oil

As people become increasingly more conscious of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, they are discovering different was to consume it. While smoking medical marijuana is what most people think of when they hear about medicinal cannabis, this as a method is fast fading into the background. Smoking marijuana can lead to the ingestion of toxic chemicals; however, there are other ways to consume it that are much healthier.

An extremely popular option is CBD oil. This refers to a daily supplement made from the CBD extract from hemp or cannabis, which allows you to get your fix of health-promoting CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

However, users of CBD oil often complain about the taste. In order to gain the benefits from CBD, you need to keep the drops beneath your tongue 60-90 seconds before swallowing, allowing the compound to be absorbed into your bloodstream. But many find the taste unpleasant, describing it as ‘earthy.’ In fact, some people find the taste almost unbearable.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to mask the taste. Read on to find out our top 10 ways for masking the taste of CBD oil.

1. Have a snack handy

One of the most popular ways to get rid of the taste of CBD oil is by using food. Grab a snack that you find tasty and keep it close by. Once your minute and a half is up, you can eat the food to replace the taste with something better.

A very common choice is to use chocolate. You can even pop a square of chocolate under your tongue, either after or while using the oil.

2. Use mints

Similar to the above point, all you need to do is use a mint, Tic Tac, or chewing gum after you take the tincture; you can also tuck the mint under your tongue while you take the oil. This should leave your breath feeling minty fresh and leave a more refreshing taste on your palette.

3. Brush your teeth right before use

If you take your CBD oil in the morning or at night, try brushing your teeth beforehand. You can minimize the taste by doing this, since your tongue will allow you to taste more minty flavors instead of the earthy taste of the oil.

4. Breathe through your nose

After administering the oil beneath your tongue, close your mouth tightly and breathe through your nose. This is, admittedly, not the best way to mask the taste but it might allow you to mask it by not drawing air over your tongue. You could even hold your nose, since many studies have shown that this can stop you tasting altogether. Ever wondered why food doesn’t taste so good when you have a cold? A blocked nose can block your taste receptors, which is why this method might also work for taking CBD oil.

5. Keep a drink nearby

This is probably an obvious idea, but you can keep a drink to wash away the taste as soon as you’re done taking the oil. Even water will get rid of the taste, but it may take a few swigs to dispel the flavor that disperses the taste across your palette. Many CBD oil users say that coffee is a great option to get rid of the pine flavor, since it is strong in itself, but make sure it has cooled down before you drink it! If coffee isn’t your thing, try fruit juice or lemon water – both very refreshing, delicious options.

6. Drop some honey under your tongue

Honey is an incredible natural sweetener, and it can work wonders in terms of getting rid of other tastes. The sweet liquid can be dropped under your tongue along with the CBD oil, allowing your tongue to pick up the nicer notes instead of the unpleasant taste of the oil. It only takes just a few drops, and hopefully, it will make the experience a little easier.

7. Try CBD isolate

The earthy taste we have mentioned above refers to that of most CBD products due to their origin in pure hemp. That said, if you use a CBD isolate product, you may be able to get rid of the taste altogether.

While full spectrum CBD products utilize the whole plant (meaning they contain other compounds such as CBG, CBDa, and the infamous psychoactive compound THC), CBD Isolate contains only the compound itself, extracted alone from the plant. This means that CBD isolate lacks the distinct, earthy flavor that whole-plant products possess.

Note, however, that there are additional medicinal benefits in the other compounds, so you may not get all of the advantages of full-spectrum CBD oil. If you really can’t bear the taste though, it might be worth switching to an isolate.

8. Mix in the oil with edibles

While administering the oil sublingually (below the tongue) is the best absorption method, if you really can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, you could try adding your oil into food. This, of course, has a lot slower absorption rate, but it certainly does taste better! Try adding a few drops of the oil into a smoothie or a drink, or you could even try mixing it with food.

Absorption time through this method can be upwards of an hour, so you need to be aware of this. Don’t up your dosage in hopes that the effects will kick in quicker – it could just send you over your regular dosage and you might build up a tolerance!

9. Swallow the oil with yogurt

If you don’t find the oil too bad when you’re simply holding it beneath your tongue, then try swallowing it down with something that masks the taste. For example, some sweet vanilla yogurt will definitely get rid of the nasty taste if you eat a spoonful at the same time you swallow the oil.

10. Purchase some Vcaps®

Vcaps are an excellent way to administer CBD oil if you hate the taste. Basically, these are empty capsules in which you can place a few drops of CBD oil to take it just like a regular pill. Once again, this method means that you will be absorbing the CBD via ingestion, so it might take significantly longer for the effects to kick in. And if you’re health-conscious or care a lot about the environment, Vcaps are the perfect option because they are completely vegetarian.

Whether you make your own CBD oil or purchase it from the store, if you’re willing to wait longer for the CBD oil to take effect, then this could be a great option.

So… What’s the Conclusion?

CBD oil is a wonderful solution for those looking to get all the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC. It also provides a safe, healthier alternative to methods of consumption like smoking.

But, while CBD oil is a very popular choice for users of medical cannabis, the taste can be rather off-putting. That said, you might be able to make the experience a bit more pleasant by following our above tips. Alternatively, if you are looking for a quick solution, feel free to view our top CBD brands below. Some of their oils are delicious!

Homemade Cannabis Massage Oil (CBD or THC)

Published: Apr 7, 2020 · Modified: Nov 11, 2021 by Emily Kyle · This post may contain affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Discover the benefits of making your own cannabis-infused oil at home and grab the recipe for a homemade cannabis-infused massage oil with options for infusing with both cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates.

What is Cannabis Massage Oil?

The expanding legality of cannabis across the globe has led to an increase in the popularity of many different types of cannabis oil, including cannabis massage oils for topical application.

Cannabis oils are made by extracting various cannabinoids, like CBD or THC, from the cannabis plant.

Cannabinoids can be extracted from the plant material after undergoing decarboxylation with either heat or solvents.

The cannabinoids are then infused with a carrier oil, as cannabinoids are lipophilic and better absorbed with fat.

Many popular carrier oils include coconut oil, MCT oil, or hemp seed oil.

Together the cannabinoids and the carrier oil come together to make an infused oil that can be used on the skin, topically as a luxurious massage oil.

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Why Homemade Cannabis Massage Oils Are Awesome

As various cannabis oils are increasingly gaining acceptance in the health and wellness world, so does the desire to make these products at home.

This trend can be attributed to the strong anecdotal evidence and emerging studies confirming that cannabis can be used as a remedy for common ailments.

1. Affordability

A lot of what a customer pays for when buying store-bought oil or massage products is the branding factor of production.

You can easily cut costs by following the recipes here, you simply need to gather all the materials needed.

A quick spot check across beauty shops and retailers shows that you could actually save up to 50% by doing so overtime.

2. Quality

The CBD industry remains highly unregulated; therefore, it is quite hard to test for the consistency and quality of your average CBD brand.

There is also a tendency of not disclosing the entire contents of these oils by manufacturers.

The best option for knowing what is in your cannabis oil to make it yourself.

3. Potency

The cost of high-potency oil is high, and oftentimes it is difficult to get, depending on where you live.

One way to have complete control over the accessibility and potency of your product is by formulating it yourself. As

I always say cannabis is a self-experiment, and testing many different recipes will help you achieve your preferred potency.

How To Make Cannabis Massage Oil At Home

For the cannabis-infused massage oil recipe below we infused the oil with dried cannabis flower buds along with other medicinal herbs.

You can also make a homemade massage oil at home with cannabis concentrates.

I will go over both options below.

Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil with Flower

If you have access to stems, leaves, trim, or other forms of cannabis flower, they are perfect to use in this recipe.

You can also use kief for a super potent massage oil, or already vaped bud for a less potent massage oil.

Together with our cannabis herb, we combined other healing herbs including lavender, calendula, mint, and clove.

You can decide whether you want a CBD dominant massage oil or a THC dominant massage oil based on what flower you start with.

You can make your own CBD massage oil using CBD hemp flower, or a THC massage oil using traditional cannabis flower.

Of course, you can easily customize the fresh or dried herbs you want to infuse into your cannabis massage oil depending on the experience you’re looking for.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you desire.

Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil With Concentrates

Of course, I understand that getting your hands on cannabis flowers is easier said than done in many parts of the country.

Luckily, you can still make your own cannabis-infused massage oil with homemade CBD oil, store-bought CBD oil, or CBD concentrates if you do not have access to cannabis flowers.

If you live in a recreationally legal state or have a medical marijuana card, you can easily obtain cannabis concentrates from the dispensary.

You would choose either one depending on how strong you want your massage oil.

For a strong CBD massage oil, we recommend using a CBD concentrate which contains 500mg of CBD in just 1mL.

This means you do not have to add a lot of volume to your massage oil to get a strong final product.

To make your own CBD massage oil with homemade CBD oil or store-bought CBD oil you already have, follow the recipe as is, minus the cannabis flower, and add the CBD product at the end of the infusion process.

Will Cannabis Massage Oil Get Me or My Clients High?

The topical application of cannabis onto the skin is a great application method for first-time cannabis users because it does not induce an intoxicating experience like inhaling cannabis or consuming edibles.

Using a cannabis massage oil infused with either CBD or THC will likely not get you or your clients ‘high’ or cause any intoxicating effects.

This is because it is believed that cannabinoids cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to pass through the tough outer layer of the skin to reach the bloodstream.

Additionally, a case report published in Forensic Science International reports that it is not believed that topically applied cannabinoids like THC will show up in the bloodstream or urine when tested (1).

How to Determine The Dosing

Want to get a more accurate guesstimate of the potency of your cannabis infusions and extractions? Try our popular edibles calculator!

Not sure what your perfect dose is? Learn more here.

What Other Topicals Can I Make?

Once you have this cannabis massage oil made, you can make more awesome topical recipes.

One of the most popular cannabis recipes loved by my Well With Cannabis Community is my homemade cannabis salve.

This massage oil is actually the base of that recipe, and can be easily customized to make a final product you love.

Another popular recipe is my homemade cannabis lip balm which will leave your lips feeling silky smooth.

Want To Make This Easier? Use A Machine!

If the process of decarbing and infusing feels like too much work, an all-in-one countertop device may be a perfect all-in-one solution!

My personal favorite? The Ardent FX! Review the six most popular infusion machines here.

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