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Best CBD Oils (For Pain, Sleep & Anxiety) Reviewed [2020]

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the primary active ingredient in the hemp plant. It’s completely non-psychoactive (doesn’t make you high), and has a long list of associated health benefits.

CBD oil is made by dissolving a CBD extract into an oil to make it easier to use. You only need a few drops of a good, high-potency CBD oil to start experiencing all the benefits this supplement has to offer.

Unfortunately, there are more low-quality CBD oils on the market than not — and they all look the same on the surface.

Keep reading to learn how to tell the difference between CBD oils and how to find value in CBD products.

Let’s start by covering the top three best CBD oils on the market for 2020.

Top Three CBD Oils — High-Quality, Full-Spectrum CBD Oils:

  • They’re available in potencies ranging from 250 mg up to 2500 mg
  • They’re one of the most highly-recommended brands in America
  • All oils come backed by current third-party testing & a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Royal CBD oils are the number one recommended product by several prominent media outlets — including SF Examiner, Observer, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, and Orlando Weekly. These oils also have countless positive reviews published on forums and review sites online.

These oils are some of the most versatile CBD products on the market. It contains the entire spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals produced by the hemp plant. Many of these compounds offer therapeutic benefits on their own, which boosts the impact of CBD.

For example, these oils are especially high in the terpenes bisabolol and myrcene. Both of these terpenes are potent anti-inflammatories and analgesics (painkillers) on their own.

  • 250 mg CBD oil — low-potency
  • 500 mg CBD oil — medium potency
  • 1000 mg CBD oil — high potency
  • 2500 mg CBD oil — ultra-high potency

All four of these oils come with your choice of flavor — berry, vanilla, mint, or unflavored.

You can also buy this oil in CBD capsules or CBD oils designed specifically for pets.

Overall, these oils are well worth the money for the quality, potency, and diversity in hemp-derived phytochemicals you get with each bottle.

  • Available in ultra-high potency formula (2500 mg full-spectrum extract)
  • Backed by a generous 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Available in multiple different flavors and potencies
  • Only available on the official website (not sold in-store or on marketplaces)

Gold Bee is best known for having an impressive terpene content in its oils. The extraction team at Gold Bee uses a unique extraction method to preserve as much of the active terpenes in the oil as possible.

Terpenes are small and highly sensitive molecules. Any changes in temperature, pH, or exposure to oxygen or UV light will destroy them. Gold Bee employs a high-tech, slow drip process to remove the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp flower intact.

These oils are particularly high in linalool, caryophyllene, and lavender — which offer additional support for chronic stress, anxiety, or sleep.

  • 300 mg CBD oil — low-potency
  • 600 mg CBD oil — medium potency
  • 1200 mg CBD oil — high potency

All Gold Bee CBD oils come in an unflavored version or a unique 0-calorie honey flavor. You can find links to the most recent third-party test results associated with each product. They also offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee for anybody not completely satisfied with their order.

This brand has been mentioned a few times among the top-rated CBD oils in the United States. A few examples include VentureBeat, CityBeat, We Be High, CFAH, and more.

  • Offered in a delicious and unique honey flavor
  • Made from organically-grown hemp plants
  • Provides an impressive array of active terpenes
  • High demand means these oils may temporarily sell out

CBD Pure is a company based out of Washington. They offer a variety of high-quality CBD products, including oils, capsules, and topicals.

The company’s oils are particularly notable for their use of organic hemp and potencies much higher than average.

The lowest potency CBD oil this company offers provides 50 milligrams of pure CBD per milliliter of oil. This is already a particularly strong CBD product, but it only goes up from here. The strongest oil in this range provides an incredible 180 milligrams of CBD for every milliliter of oil.

CBD Pure dropper bottles dispense roughly 30 drops for every milliliter, which brings the potency of each drop just over 6 milligrams of CBD.

Even larger individuals or people with a lot of experience using CBD will only need a few drops of this oil for a potent dose.

  • 300 mg CBD oil — medium potency
  • 600 mg CBD oil — high potency
  • 1000 mg CBD oil — ultra-high potency

Like any of the top-rated brands on our list, this oil comes backed by a satisfaction guarantee and a full-panel of independent lab testing.

We’ve included them on our list as an option for people living outside the United States (neither Royal CBD nor Gold Bee ship internationally).

  • Made from organic hemp plants
  • Powerful full-spectrum CBD oil (up to 180 mg/mL)
  • Only available in non-flavor

How to Tell the Difference Between High-Grade and Low-Grade CBD Oil

There are so many different CBD companies on the market today it can seem daunting to have to choose which one to order from — especially when the upfront cost of CBD is relatively high compared to other health supplements.

Here, we’ll cover four tips for getting the best value for your money and avoid wasting money on ineffective CBD products.

A) Read Customer Reviews

The easiest way to find out if a company is meeting its expectations or not is to read what other customers say about them. You can also look for brand mentions on reputable websites to find brands with a good track record.

Do a quick Google search for the brand you’re interested in buying from and see what the general sentiment is around the brand.

If you can’t find any mention of the company online, it could be a sign the company is a scam or simply isn’t as big as they claim.

B) Check the Ingredients List

The FDA does very little to regulate CBD products. This allows a lot of unethical manufacturers to sell “fake” CBD products — especially on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay (where CBD products are banned).

These companies will position their products as though they’re made from a CBD oil but are instead selling hemp seed oil — which contains no active CBD at all.

Always check the ingredients list before you buy to confirm the oil contains active CBD.

While you’re at it, make sure the CBD oil on the label matches what’s advertised. It’s common for CBD companies to list something like “500 mg” on the front of the label — which implies the oil contains 500 mg of CBD. But when you read the fine print, you’ll find the 500 mg only refers to the hemp extract itself — the actual CBD content will be substantially lower.

Some CBD supplements are formulated with other ingredients to make them more specific for a certain condition of symptoms. For example, CBD oil and kava extracts are better for managing anxiety or insomnia than a simple CBD oil. Another common example is CBD and curcumin for managing inflammation and joint pain.

In most cases, these added ingredients are a good thing, but some supplements may not be suitable for you, so always double-check the ingredients list before you buy.

C) Consider the Value Over the Cost

It’s easy to get caught up looking at the price of a CBD oil. While this is important, it’s a poor indicator of the actual value of the oil.

A better metric to assess value is to find the cost for each milligram of CBD in the bottle.

To find this number, divide the total cost of the oil by the total CBD content. If you have a medium to high-quality oil, the price should be below $0.18 per milligram of CBD.

Low-value CBD oils will usually have a low initial cost (between $24 and $40) but cost more than $0.25 per milligram of CBD. Even with a premium-quality CBD oil, this is considered low value.

It almost always pays to put a little more money down upfront to get a product with better value when it comes to CBD. Each dose of CBD will be cheaper, and the bottle will last much longer.

D) Look for Third-Party Testing (COAs)

Third-party testing is the only way to provide transparency regarding the potency and purity of a CBD oil.

Any lab with no direct affiliation with the CBD manufacturer is considered a “third-party” or “independent” lab.

  • Measure the total CBD content
  • Measure other cannabinoid levels
  • Check the terpene profiles
  • Check for contaminants in the oil

The results of the tests are sent back to the manufacturer. A reputable manufacturer will post the results live on its website to provide undeniable proof for its claims. Low-grade CBD companies that either don’t order these tests at all or received a failing score will avoid posting these results.

Whenever buying CBD online, make sure there’s evidence of third-party testing first.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Use?

  • The potency of the oil you’ve purchased
  • Your size & weight
  • The severity of your symptoms
  • Your genetics
  • The status of your gut health (affects absorption)
  • Combination with other supplements
  • And much more

The best way to find the ideal dose for your body is to start with a low dose of oil and increase gradually over time. When you begin to notice an improvement in your symptoms, you’ve found the right dose.

With that said, most people find a dose equivalent to around 10 mg of CBD is an excellent place to start. From here, you can increase at a rate of 2 – 5 mg per day until you find what works best for you. The average dose is 25 mg.

Some people find a larger dose of around 40 or 50 mg of CBD is necessary (especially larger individuals or those with more severe symptoms).

How to Use Cannabis Terpenes

Using cannabis terpene extracts is becoming increasingly popular these days. Here’s how it works.

Terpenes are the aromatic fraction of the cannabis plant. They also offer a wide range of health benefits on their own — such as reducing inflammation, easing chronic pain, and alleviating anxiety.

A high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil has a relatively high terpene concentration on its own. The same can’t be said for cheap extracts or CBD isolate oils.

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oil Brands in 2020

CBD oil is very popular these days. It’s used to support anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and more.

Unfortunately, many low-grade CBD companies on the market today sell products that either don’t provide enough CBD to be effective or contain harmful contaminants that can make symptoms even worse.

It’s important only to order CBD oils from reputable brands. Check for positive customer reviews, industry-expert recommendations, and evidence of third-party testing.

If you’re unsure where to start, I recommend you go for the full-spectrum CBD oils offered by Royal CBD. The most popular potency is the 1000 mg oil, but it also comes in an ultra-high potency bottle with 2500 mg of CBD.

5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD is quickly becoming the go-to solution for people looking to reduce anxiety and depression. CBD oil can be used in various ways, including in an e-liquid or vaping device, as a sublingual CBD oil tincture under the tongue, or topically on sore muscles. There are also CBD brands with varying concentrations of CBD that cater to specific needs.

Some people who suffer from mental health disorders (anxiety disorders, depression, and anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder) have found relief with cannabidiol oil or CBD oil. It is important to note that these recommendations are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or therapy by your physician and should be used in conjunction with traditional methods to ensure proper care. Consult your doctor before starting any new regimen.

Does CBD Really Help Anxiety?

A recent review of studies on 49 respondents suggests that CBD could be a potential treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2019, a study was conducted to see whether CBD could be used as an effective treatment for anxiety and sleep disorders. It found that almost 80% of people’s anxiety improved in the first month with CBD use, while more than 70% reported improved sleep within one month after starting on this supplement but results varied over time.

A recent study has shown that anxiety and sleep disorders are often the result of posttraumatic stress disorder, which can contribute to an impaired ability to focus and oppositional behaviors. The clinical trial for CBD for anxiety showed favorable outcomes.

A study found that CBD has a promising role as an alternative therapy in managing anxiety disorders. It is not surprising since it’s been shown to offer relief from symptoms such as stress, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder gad, insomnia, and other types of anxiety.

CBD has demonstrated that it is an effective treatment for anxiety in those who have sought relief from conventional treatments. Unlike many medical prescriptions, CBD was shown to be well-tolerated and associated with minimal adverse effects.

However, there need to be more studies with standardized approaches to dosing before we can determine appropriate dosages for each person on their own because individuals are so different based on age or weight, among other factors.

While research is less advanced for most indications, the preclinical evidence suggests that CBD may be a useful treatment. CBD oil for depression also showed promising results. For epilepsy in particular, however, there are both limited clinical and experimental findings supporting this theory.

Also, CBD and sleep can be partnered together, medical writers at Health Canal suggest that CBD may be beneficial for a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia, REM sleep behavior disorder, and excessive daytime drowsiness. CBD may also help people sleep better and feel less anxious, according to a preliminary study.

Editor’s Choice

NuLeaf Naturals

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression: Top 5 Brands of 2021

    – The Most Promising CBD Oil for Anxiety – Top-tier CBD Brand – The Experienced CBD – The Runner-up – The Mid-tier CBD

1. NuLeaf Naturals CBD: The Most Promising CBD Oil for Anxiety

  • CBD products are authorized by the U.S hemp authority.
  • Uses full spectrum hemp extract to produce the best CBD oils.
  • CBD products are tested by a third-party lab.
  • Offers high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil.
  • Uses organic hemp extract.
  • CBD products cost more.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oils are unavailable.
  • Free shipping is not clearly indicated.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil boasts consistency across batches and strength. Each milliliter contains 60 mg of CBD, so you’ll get the same experience every time- even when switching products.

NuLeaf Naturals is committed to using sustainable hemp farming practices. What’s more, NuLeaf CBD oils are made with USDA-certified organic Hemp seed oil and the full spectrum CBD extract of this plant that we know as cannabis grown without pesticides or herbicides in a safe environment for your health and well being.

NuLeaf offers two different sizes of CBD oil products. NuLeaf’s 5-milliliter bottle is the perfect size for someone who wants to try out CBD oil before investing in a larger container. The product also offers an economical choice, especially if you’re just starting with CBD oils and don’t want to invest much in your first purchase.

One size contains 1800 milligrams for the average user, and another 50 milliliters is perfect for when you need a stronger dose with more than just one drop per day. The NuLeaf bottles are 30ml in total volume, making them easy to carry around or store at home without taking up too much space in your everyday life.

Furthermore, they use dark bottles made from light-defense glass and with technology that helps protect against damaging UV rays, which may otherwise degrade hemp extract. Nuleaf Naturals is a company that strives to be as transparent and customer service-oriented as possible.

They clearly outline their return policy on the website, stating new, unopened products may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund minus shipping costs incurred by the buyer who pays them when returning an item or items.

2. CBDfx: Top-tier CBD Brand

  • Third-party lab testing is publicly available.
  • Offers full-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety.
  • Utilizes organic full spectrum hemp extract.
  • Gluten and GMO-free.
  • Offers free shipping to 50 states and CBD products coupon.
  • Brand information is limited.
  • CBDfx does not offer broad-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety or depression.

CBDfx is well-known in the CBD industry because of its vape pens. You can choose from three different concentrations, 500mg, 1000 mg, or 1500 mg of CBD if you’re looking for a more potent dose to heal your pain without getting high on THC. The 30ml bottles come with one option that’s low concentration, but it might be best to start slow and go up until you find what works best for your needs.

CBDfx, a company devoted to producing and selling CBD products, has been making quality, safe products for years. They began by cultivating organic hemp plants using CO2 extraction methods at every step. To show their commitment to transparency in an industry that is often shrouded with uncertainty, they publish independent lab tests online on their website so potential customers can see what’s inside each product before purchase.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is well known for providing a complete spectrum of benefits than other forms. They offer full-spectrum CBD products that are THC-free, so you can still enjoy the healthful effects without feeling any high or getting addicted. It means that it will help your body in many different ways, rather than just treating one symptom like some medicines do.

3. FAB CBD: The Experienced CBD

  • Supports third-party lab testing.
  • FAB CBD gummies are made from pure CBD isolate.
  • Offers free shipping with the minimum order of $89.
  • Offers broad-spectrum CBD oils and full-spectrum CBD oils for anxiety and depression.
  • Uses full spectrum hemp extract.
  • Their products are mostly sold out.
  • Some COAs of CBD products are not easily accessible.

Fab CBD is a heavily regulated, high-quality brand that provides third-party lab results with all of its products. They offer reasonable pricing considering the purity and quality of each product, as well as customer service to answer any questions you may have about what they carry or how it can help benefit your life.

The Fab CBD company is committed to using the CO2 extraction method, which has been proven to be one of the best methods for extracting high-quality CBD oil. The process doesn’t leave behind any trace of heavy metals or solvents that can harm our environment.

The company offers three different flavor profiles to suit your preference, including Natural, Mint, Citrus, and Berry or Vanilla. Alternatively, you can choose a 300 mg per bottle potency to 2400 mg per bottle with 30ml-sized bottles available for purchase only.

It would be best to start with the 300 mg of CBD dose for those new to using CBD and see how it works for you before increasing your dosage. It also uses MCT Oil as its carrier, which is an excellent choice because this enhances absorption of cannabinoids like regular cannabis would when smoked or cooked into food.

Fab CBD’s informative website has all the information you need to make an informed decision about using its products. From articles explaining the difference between full-spectrum and isolates, this site is a wealth of knowledge for those looking into CBD health management to understand your endocannabinoid system.

4. Spruce CBD: The Runner-up

  • CBD for anxiety is available in high potency.
  • CBD products are lab-tested.
  • CBD oils for anxiety contain MCT oil.
  • CBD oil uses pure CBD isolate to produce the best CBD oils for anxiety disorders.
  • Spruce CBD does not offer international shipping.
  • Very limited range of CBD products.
  • Does not offer broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Spruce’s organic cultivation and extraction process has allowed them to stay ahead of its competition by giving customers a variety of products, including oils, capsules, or vaporizers. Spruce offers high-quality plants that can be used for your CBD needs with these distinct features such as family-owned and environmentally friendly (sustainably harvested).

The array of oils offered by Spruce CBD can be customized to the potency needed. The 750 mg of CBD dose is perfect for those who need smaller doses, and it’s one of their most popular products.

The 400 mg per bottle is a good sample size for those who need smaller doses and don’t overdo things when they buy in bulk. Those dealing with chronic pain might want something on an extra-strength level, though – like the 4800 ml bottles that come in both regular strength or high potency.

An independent lab has verified the quality of our CBD oil to ensure that the product is free from heavy metals and other pollutants. The molecular distillation process ensures you get only the best, cleanest products available on the market for your health needs.

5. Endoca CBD: The Mid-tier CBD

  • Third-party lab tested.
  • CBD for anxiety contains MCT oil.
  • CBD oils help with anxiety.
  • Contains a small amount of THC.
  • Expensive.
  • Some third-party lab results are not publicly available.

Endoca is a company that doesn’t rest on its laurels. They are committed to producing the best organic CBD extract globally and go above and beyond with their high-quality products, rigorous extraction methods, and unparalleled growing practices.

Endoca is one of the only CBD oil companies on the market that offers its customers both raw and decarboxylated (also known as activated) CBD oil product options.

Utilizing the latest scientific research, Endoca’s formulas contain a full spectrum of beneficial terpenes and phytocompounds in addition to all-natural compounds like Omega 3s.

Endoca’s CBD oil comes in two strength levels, regular and extra-strong. The regular version contains 3% of pure cannabidiol per bottle with a 300mg concentration for those interested in mild doses. For the more adventurous type who wants to take their dosage up a notch.

Endoca offers an even stronger 15% solution containing 1500 mg per bottle of concentrated CBD made from CBDa (basically raw cannabis extract). If you’re looking for something strong enough to knock out pain or anxiety depression without sedating you completely like what other medications do – this might be your go-to.

Endoca’s CBD oils are made from organic plants grown without pesticides or herbicides, and the company has built its own production equipment to remain environmentally conscious.

How We Determined the Best CBD Oil Brands Listed

THC Content: This is important mainly if you want to avoid the head-high that comes with THC, which many people consider cannabidiol do. But knowing your product’s level of concentration can be important for other reasons, including how effective it might be and where exactly you can purchase it.

There are some benefits to using CBD in tandem with THC. With such a small ratio of THC needed, the 0.3% for organically grown hemp-derived products may be enough to increase its therapeutic effect without causing any unwanted side effects or compromising safety standards.

Raw Materials (Hemp Source): There are many nuances to consider when purchasing CBD products. For instance, overseas grown hemp can be grown without any state or federal testing. It is a significant concern for consumers because it introduces an unknown product that could make them very sick.

When you purchase these types of products at your local dispensary or store, ask about where they were manufactured to avoid foreign-grown blends altogether; if not available as information on the label, then inquire with staff whether there’s anyone who knows more about its origins.

Third-Party Results: Companies that are manufacturing CBD oil have the right to share third-party lab results with customers. These labs ensure that your products contain low THC levels to THC-free CBD oils, high CBD levels and are free of impurities.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil For Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for anxiety has been an argument for CBD users and hemp oil users. To help you make an informed and unbiased decision towards both helpful substances, here’s what we know:

Hemp seed oil, which is extracted from the seeds of Cannabis sativa plants, has a variety of nutritional benefits. It contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids as well as other antioxidants like gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Hemp oils are also high in B vitamins, with vitamin D levels that can be up to 10 times higher than standard vegan sources. Furthermore, hemp seed oil does not contain THC or CBD, so people will never get “high” when using it, but they’ll still have access to its many health properties.

Hemp seed oil is one of the most versatile and nutritious oils on earth. It’s a good source of omega-3, which can help maintain cardiovascular health due to its effect on blood clotting factors like fibrinogen and plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI).

However, one drawback contains less than 0.3 THC content, so you’re unlikely to experience any psychoactive effects from consuming hemp seed oil alone as this requires ingestion of large quantities over an extended period.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants and known to have medicinal qualities. There are three types of CBD oils on the market: full spectrum, which contains all compounds including THC at deficient levels; broad-spectrum CBD oil, containing many but not high amounts of THC; made using only pure CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oil could be used for medical purposes and have psychoactive effects, while THC may prevent nausea or vomiting. However, some people prefer using THC-free CBD oil for anxiety.

How Do You Take CBD?

CBD dosage for anxiety mg of 300 mg to 600 mg has been shown in studies as a successful treatment for reducing the symptoms for people with social anxiety disorder. However, it is uncertain what an effective dose would be outside of this demographic and that research needs to continue before any conclusions can be drawn about how much should really work best.

CBD can be ingested in many ways. One of the quickest and most effective is to drip it under your tongue so that you absorb it more quickly into your bloodstream. Just drop a dose on the bottom part of your mouth, let it dissolve for one minute before swallowing, then take another bite or two after waiting at least 15 minutes in between each time (or what feels comfortable).

For the best tasting and most health-benefiting sauce, start with three to four tablespoons of olive oil, then add two teaspoons of CBD along with half a lemon for its aromatic properties.

It is recommended to start with 5 mg doses three times per day and increase your dosage incrementally over a few weeks. Make sure to always stay below 70mg each day for best results. If you wanna try CBD for sleep, you also can start between 25 mg to 1,500 mg of CBD per day. Be patient, results won’t appear immediately, and it’s best to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you feel it’s right for you. The drug’s effectiveness may vary depending on how high you take it.

CBD Oil Laws for Anxiety – Is CBD Legal in My State or Country?

Yes, buying CBD is legal in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC, although certain states have placed limitations on buyers. Virginians, for instance, can only purchase and possess CBD if they have a prescription.

A blindspot exists in federal regulations that allows a business to offer as much CBD as it wants as long as that doesn’t make any medical claims about its products.

Selecting The Best CBD Oil For Anxiety: Takeaways

CBD is an effective treatment for anxiety depression, but it’s important to find the right one. With so many options out there, you can feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out which product will work best for your needs. This blog has provided some guidance in deciding what kind of CBD oil you need based on factors like affordability, flavor preference, taste preference, concentration level, and more. You should be able to find the best CBD oil for anxiety that works well with your budget, all while feeling confident in your purchase.