best way to use cbd oil for anxiety

5 Ways to Use CBD Oil to Relieve Stress

It’s no secret that CBD oils have a calming effect. For years, they’ve served as a healing agent for many ailments and now, we’re seeing clinical trials demonstrating that CBD benefits mental and physical health when taken properly and consistently.

It’s also no secret that running your own business can be stressful at times. Finding ways to take care of yourself holistically is critical and yoga, meditation, breathwork, rest, play time that sparks creativity, and a well-rounded, nutritious diet can all help. So can CBD. Today, we’re sharing 5 ways to use CBD for stress relief.

1. Take a soft gel capsule with healthy fats.

Soft gel capsules are an easy way to consume CBD. Pair your capsules with a healthy breakfast each morning – including a healthy fat to ensure the oil is better able to do its job in your system. Try avocado toast, a nut butter, or some celery and cream cheese!

(PS. If you’re interested, Equilibria does a great job of breaking down the science as to WHY these healthy fats are great to consume with your soft gels.)

2. Use relief cream each night for physical stress.

If you carry your stress in your shoulders or back, a relief cream might be a good option for you! Each night, you can apply a relief cream like you would lotion for a little extra relief.

3. Add drops to your coffee each morning.

Need an easy way to consume your CBD oil each day? Add it to your morning cup of coffee! Not only will the oil naturally counteract any of the jitters you might get from the caffeine rush, it’s a great way to remember to consume your dose every day.

4. Bake or create treats with CBD oil.

Anyone else stress bake? Add a couple drops of CBD oil to just about any recipe you’re making for some extra relief! As long as the recipe doesn’t require a super high heat, the oil should be just fine and works perfectly in cookies, chocolates (check out our favorite lavender truffle recipe here, and other delicious treats.

5. Place a few drops under your tongue each day.

If you’re looking for a super simple way to use CBD oil for stress relief, just drop some under your tongue. And, if you’re struggling with the earthy taste, consume something right after to help – like a mint tea, or try one of our favorites, The O.G. by Tonic, which also includes organic ashwagandha root extract, organic black seed oil, and organic maple syrup, among other key ingredients. Or you can even mix the oil with a little bit of honey before dropping it under your tongue.

If you’re brand new to CBD, here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

Be sure to take it every day—consistency is key!

Finding the right dose for you can take some experimentation because CBD dosage is specific to your individual body chemistry.

Start with 10mg (one full dropper) in the evening. (Simply hold the oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.) Wait for 20min, and see how you feel. Does it make you more relaxed? If not, take another full dropper and hold there—that will be your evening dose.

If you’re looking to relieve anxiety, you might want to take a soft gel in the morning after breakfast, and then take a 1/2 dropper throughout the day when needed.

Evaluate and make changes if necessary!

We love purchasing our CBD oil from Tonic and Equilibria, two women-owned companies who specialize in oils that are meant to enhance your life. Check them out and learn more about how and why CBD might be a good fit for your lifestyle!

PS. Use “tiffany10” for 10% off of any product on Tonic’s site.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this blog post, which means we may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t personally believe in them and use them for our business. Thank you in advance for your support and we hope you find our suggestions valuable as you grow your business!

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