can i drip cbd oil on bread for dog

CBD for Pets

Any animal with a backbone has an endocannabinoid system, including our pets. When pets are ill and pharmaceutical options don’t work, people tend to seek out alternatives. In the world of natural healing, CBD for our pets seems like a logical pathway to explore.

How Much CBD?

How many milligrams of CBD depends on the pet’s weight to the severity. Just come into either location and we will help you find out the right amount for your pet. At our southwest location we are experts with small pet with a chart for pets from 40 pounds all the way down to 5 pounds. Both of our locations carry a variety of pet specific products.

Dogs can be more sensitive to CBD because they have more cannabinoid receptors , so it is even more important to start low and go up slowly with our canine pals. There are many pet specific options that are great for pets 40 pounds and under because smaller pets need less CBD. With bigger pets it can be simpler to use human products because larger pets need more CBD. When trying to use human strength oils even one drop can be too much for a small Chihuahua but it could be perfect for a German Shepard.

Getting dogs to take CBD can be tricky but there are several different ways to give a dose. Getting the oil directly into their mouth will have the highest absorption rate. Some dogs will allow the drops to be put directly in their cheek. Many dogs love the smell and taste of the oil and will willingly lick the oil off your hand. Just be aware that if you are also using CBD oil for yourself, they may become excited every time they see the bottle and beg for a little bit for themselves. We have pet specific products that have krill oil, fish oil or chicken flavor. If getting the drops directly into their mouth fails, we have seen success in placing the drops into a pill pocket, onto a piece of bread, on a treat, or even mixing into food. We have treats that already contain CBD to make it even easier. The CBD treats are also perfect for boarding pets or while someone else is caring for your pet because of how easy it is.

Cats can be even pickier with their more discerning palates. Getting the oil directly into their mouths can be even more difficult but not impossible. We have seen success in hiding the drops mixed inside a bit of wet food or mixed in with tuna. Some times giving a few regular treats and then one treat with the drops on it can work. We have a CBD oil infused with catnip, made with krill oil, chicken flavoring or fish oil that would be the most palatable for finicky eaters.

If mixing CBD oil in with food make sure to give a smaller amount with the CBD mixed in and ensure that your pet eats all of it before the rest of their food so they get their full amount.

Our Guest’s and Our Own CBD Pet Success Stories

Angel is a 9 year old Pomeranian. She’s had seizures for a couple of years now. The vet has her on Phenobarbital. It’s slowed them from 1 to 3 times every couple of months to 1 to 3 every six months. Since adding CBD six months ago. She’s had 1 small seizure since. Our Angel is one of our children and we value every second with her. We are thankful for CBD oil.

5 Tips And Tricks On How To Give Hemp Oil To Picky Pet Eaters

So you’ve heard of the wonderful benefits of Innovet’s CBD Products for Pets. Whether it is for cats and dogs who are suffering with anything from anxiety to cancer, Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp oil has studies showing promising results to drastically improve their lives.

But what about the picky eaters? We’re looking at you, cats. Or what about the pets who are nervous of anything that smells new? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

With these five tips, helping your pet’s health and happiness has never been easier.
  1. Perhaps the easiest way to give pet hemp oil to dogs, is dropping it straight into their mouths. Just use the dropper and gently wiggle it between their gums towards the back of the mouth. When they open their mouth, you can drop it straight in. This works especially well with large dogs who need most of the dropper for a dosage because you can simply squeeze the dropper.
  2. This method is perfect for cats or dogs who require small dosages. All you need is their favorite, stinkiest treat. Depending on the size of the treat, squeeze 1-3 drops onto it and turn the treat upside down (careful not to get the oil on your hands). Rather than smell the oil, your pet will focus on the treat and gobble it up before they even know it’s there. This is a great method to get them used to the taste as well as giving them hemp oil easier in the future.
  3. If your cat and dog’s treats are more of the cookie or dehydrated sort, you don’t need to flip the treat over to give it to them. Just make sure it’s a treat they can’t resist, squeeze the dosage onto it, and let it soak in for a few seconds. This will hide the texture of the oil. Texture is often a large factor in cats rejecting anything new.
  4. Alternatively, you can mix hemp oil into a delicious treat like peanut butter for your dog. Just mix the dosage in and give the peanut butter as you normally would whether that’s in a toy or off the spoon. Hemp takes thirty minutes to an hour to kick in, so letting your dog work on cleaning up the peanut butter will keep him happily occupied as the oil begins to work its magic.
  5. Mix it into your pet’s favorite food. Whether this is just an attempt to get them to eat it or you’ve been going through the options above with great success, mixing the oil into your pet’s meals can be the easiest way to

With these five tips, your pet should be taking the CBD hemp oil without a problem! Now both of you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of hemp for pets.

If you have any further questions, we welcome you to contact us here. Otherwise head over to the store and pick up a bottle of our Shop Now for pets and begin reaping the benefits today!