can you give dogs cbd oil for arthritis

Does Hemp Oil Help Dog Arthritis?

As a dog ages, they may also start to develop arthritis. This can be a very painful condition that you may need to start giving your dog joint supplements. There are many different types of joint supplements on the market but one of the best for dogs with arthritis is hemp products. This article will guide you as a dog owner on the need for a hemp product for your arthritic dog and how to make sure that you are buying the best possible products for your dog.

What is Arthritis in Dogs?

The surface of a dog’s bones is covered with smooth cartilage, lubricated with a kind of joint fluid that enables the two surfaces to move smoothly. When the joint cartilage becomes damaged this is when arthritis in dogs beings to occur because the cartilage around the joints starts to degrade. This causes the two bones to rub against each other causing excessive bone growth.

This causes joint damage and can eventually be a very painful condition for your dog. Arthritis affects over 22 million dogs per year.

Age and weight are some of the most common reasons dog owners will see symptoms of arthritis occur in their pets. When it comes to age, arthritis is most commonly seen in middle age to older dogs but can affect a dog at any age.

If a dog is overweight for a long period of time, this can stress the joints and enhance the probability of the dog getting arthritis, age will not make much of a difference in this case. It is important to keep your dog at a healthy weight to help ensure that their joints stay healthy.

There are many common signs seen in a dog with arthritis such as:

  • Limping
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced mobility
  • Panting
  • Slow to get up and lay down.

Many of the times these symptoms will occur after laying down for a long time or after a sudden change in weather. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dogs, make an appointment with your veterinarian and discuss with them the benefits of hemp for your dog’s arthritis.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is becoming a very popular supplement for both people and pets. Hemp oil contains CBD or cannabidiol. This substance works on the endocannabinoid system and helps with homeostasis in the body.

The endocannabinoid system is found in the body of all mammals. Current research shows that there are receptors that are found all over the body. When you give your dog with arthritis hemp oil you will notice that their symptoms will greatly decrease.

Hemp oil is harvested from the hemp plant. There are many different ways to extract hemp from the plant. The best way is the CO 2 extraction method. This makes sure that hemp oil is the purest.

When looking for hemp oil make sure that the product you purchase uses this method. Usually, the higher the price the better the quality, with hemp oil the old saying holds true you get what you pay for. Do not worry about your dog getting stoned with hemp oil. Hemp oil does not contain THC which is the substance responsible for the euphoric state seen with marijuana.

Natural Doggie CBD Infused Bacon Flavor Soft Chews For Dogs use only the best ingredients nature has to offer. The perfect treat to promote calmness, reduce inflammation and pain and stimulate appetite in your animal. This is a perfect supplement to add to your dog’s daily diet.

Hemp Oil For Dog Arthritis. Can It Help?

Yes, hemp oil will greatly help increase the quality of life of your dog with arthritis. Current studies from Colorado State University Veterinary School show that hemp oil can greatly reduce pain associated with arthritis.

Hemp oil reduced inflammation in the joints and makes your dogs feel much better. Hemp products can also produce a calming effect that can help with anxious behavior. Hemp oil can also be used in older dogs with very little side effects.

Many older dogs have other medical conditions that may prevent them from taking traditional medications. Hemp oil is a great product that you can give your dog for many wonderful benefits including decreasing joint pain.

How To Find Quality CBD Oil

There are many great CBD oils that you can buy for your dog. Make sure to research the source of the hemp before buying. Make sure that the products are tested by 3rd parties and that what you are getting is what is in the bottle. Make sure that the method that they are using for extraction is the CO 2 method as this yields the purest substance.

Price usually indicated the quality of the product. You most always will have to pay a little more for the better substance. CBD products can be purchased as a liquid that you can put into your dog mouth or on their food or as a treat that you can give your dog.

Depending on how picky your dog is there are many ways that they can take CBD products.

Natural Doggie Organic CBD Hemp Oil helps relieve pain and anxiety in pets. End the suffering and improve their lives! Utilizing only the best natural products, the difference in our oil is that is derived from the highest quality Non-GMO, organic Colorado hemp.

What Are The Other Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs?

There are many other great health benefits of hemp oil for your dog. Many older dogs may suffer from a few different problems and hemp oil may be able to help with all their conditions. Hemp oil has been shown to help with separation anxiety by making your dog calmer and more relaxed.

If your dog has a skin condition hemp oil has been shown to help repair the normal skin layer and help with many skin conditions. Hemp oil is also being used to help fight or prevent certain cancer. Many older dogs may not want to eat as much, and hemp products have been shown to help increase your dog’s appetite. This supplement can be given daily or just on an add needed basis to help provide your dog with many amazing benefits.

Many older dogs will eventually have arthritis and joint pain. This will cause them to slow down and limp a little. While this can be a very painful condition, they are certain things that you can do to make sure that your pet is receiving the best possible care.

Joint supplements are great to give your dog for arthritis. Many of these supplements contain hemp products. Hemp products not only help with joint pain and inflammation but many other conditions.

Hemp products have limited side effects which makes them a great addition to your dog diet. When purchasing hemp products make sure that they are made from a reputable source. If you ever notice your dog limping, make an appointment with your veterinarian and as about the wonderful benefits of hemp products in your arthritic dog.

Best CBD for Dogs With Arthritis in 2022

Arthritis can make life a hell of a lot more difficult for your pet, and watching them in pain can be heartbreaking. There are various medications that the vet will offer you, and they can help soothe your dog’s pain. However, these medications can have side effects on your dog, which is not always ideal. There is currently a whole load of early research that supports CBD, and it shows how CBD can decrease the symptoms and slow its progression.

Continue reading and you’ll be getting a detailed list of the top CBD oil for dogs with arthritis.

The Best CBD Oil for Dogs With Arthritis

1. King Kanine King Kalm CBD Oil

Product Specifications

  • Brand: King Kanine
  • Breed Size: Large Breeds
  • Total Weight: 300mg CBD per 30mL bottle
  • Special Diet: All-natural, Gluten-Free, Organic

Our Review

Larger dogs are more prone to developing arthritis than other dog breeds. With luck, this King Kanine King Kalm CBD Oil is designed to support large furry friends. And thanks to the combination of CBD oil and krill oil, this product can reduce inflammation in dogs. These natural ingredients are known to have inflammatory properties that can alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Krill oil is also a source of healthy fats which provide heart health support.


+ With Omega-3 fatty acids from krill oil
+ Third-party lab tested
+ Less than 0.3% THC, no psychoactive effects
+ Promotes a healthy immune system
+ Helps manage pain and discomfort


Why We Like It – King Kanine’s dog CBD oil is loved by many dog owners because of the way it has improved their pet’s quality of life. Of course, it’s not only pet owners that are happy. Their pooches are also enjoying their improved condition more than ever. A healthy life is a happy life!

2. Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Honest Paws
  • Breed Size: All Breed Sizes
  • Total Weight: 125mg CBD per 30mL bottle
  • Special Diet: Organic, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

Our Review

Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil uses full-spectrum CBD oil from organic hemp and terpenes that work together to provide a healing effect. Your pet’s health is in good hands with one of the best CBD oils for adult and senior dogs. Also, you don’t have to worry about putting your dog at risk because this CBD oil for dogs has no psychoactive effects and only uses pure ingredients. This CBD tincture is good for managing stress, promoting better sleep, reducing inflammation, etc.


+ Uses Chamomile for calming effects
+ Promotes healthy brain function
+ Organic full-spectrum hemp oil
+ Relieves pain and discomfort with Camphene
+ GMO, soy, corn, and contaminant-free


– Common side effects include drowsiness
– In rarer cases, some other possible side effects include dry mouth, low blood pressure, and diarrhea

Why We Like It – CBD pet products from Honest Paws always deliver a powerful and effective performance. It’s one of the reasons why fur parents keep coming back to them. Many pet parents have already expressed their satisfaction with their CBD oil. They see how much Honest Paws’ CBD oil products have significantly improved their dog’s quality of life.

Check what the customers say about Honest Paws here.

3. HolistaPet CBD Oil

Product Specifications

  • Brand: holistapet
  • Breed Size: All Breed Sizes
  • Total Weight: 150mg CBD per 15mL bottle
  • Special Diet: Natural, Organic, Non GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, THC-Free

Our Review

HolistaPet CBD Oil contains broad-spectrum CBD that doesn’t trigger any psychoactive effects. The broad-spectrum CBD oil along with other Cannabinoids helps mitigate joint pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and skin allergies. Its 100% human-grade ingredients are natural and organic ensuring that your dog only gets high-quality CBD oil for dogs. Also, the healthy benefits of the Omega fatty acids from the organic hemp oil are great for treating skin and joint issues


+ 0% THC, non-psychoactive
+ 100% natural and organic ingredients
+ With superfood hempseed oil packed with various nutrients
+ Relieves joint soreness and inflammation
+ GMO, gluten, and dairy-free


– Potential side effects include dry mouth, drowsiness, or diarrhea

Why We Like It – Customers love the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp-derived CBD products and this one in particular doesn’t miss a beat! According to them this CBD oil is a must-try for fur parent with dogs suffering from arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and more.

4. Canna-Pet Advanced Max CBD Liquid

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Canna-Pet
  • Breed Size: All Breed Sizes
  • Total Weight: 680mg CBD per 10mL bottle
  • Special Diet: Full-Spectrum CBD Oil, Organic, Vegan

Our Review

Another full-spectrum CBD oil where your doggo can feel the amazing benefits of hemp oil. Canna-Pet Advanced Max CBD Liquid ensures your dog receives the maximum effect of its healing abilities with higher levels of hemp CBD. With over a thousand testimonials from trusted customers, this CBD oil has proven its effectiveness in improving the health of many dogs.

They are highly satisfied with the benefits after trying this high-quality CBD oil from Canna-Pet. According to reviews, this CBD oil helped their dog with tremors and seizures. Another one says it did a good job easing their dog’s anxiety and discomfort while promoting better sleep. While owners with dogs suffering from arthritis and joint issues have seen a significant improvement in their dog’s mobility and have even encouraged their dog’s active life.


+ Offers many health benefits from two dozen terpenes
+ Higher concentration of hemp CBD
+ Third-party lab tested
+ Safe to use with any medication, supplement, or diet
+ Non-GMO, vegan, and no preservatives


– Your dog will only feel the complete benefits of the dog CBD oil after a long time
– Doesn’t come in a bigger bottle

Why We Like It – I’m not sure what more I can do to convince you to try CBD oils for your dog, but the reviews from Canna-Pet’s site might help you. Its wonderful healing properties work not only on dogs but also on other pets such as cats and horses. Truly, it’s the all-around best CBD oil.

5. Honest Paws Mobility Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Honest Paws
  • Breed Size: All Breed Sizes
  • Total Weight: 125mg CBD per 30mL bottle
  • Special Diet: Organic, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free

Our Review

It’s hard to see your furry friend suffer from arthritis pain and joint pain. Thanks to Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil, you can help mitigate your dog’s arthritis symptoms by offering them joint relief. Crafted from organic full-spectrum hemp seed oil with natural CBD properties providing many health benefits.

Support your dog’s joint health using this high-quality CBD oil and immediately alleviate joint stiffness and discomfort for dogs’ arthritis. It’s not only beneficial to dogs with arthritis as it has other properties that promote overall wellness.


+ With Myrcene that promotes joint mobility and flexibility
+ 100% organic ingredients
+ Promotes calmness and relaxation
+ Third-party lab tested for purity and potency
+ Includes chamomile for healthy brain function


– Side effect includes drowsiness
– Pet owners need to experiment and calibrate the right dosage that works on their pooch

Why We Like It – Tried and tested by many pet owners who believe in the healing abilities of CBD products. This Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil is the perfect arthritis CBD oil. With just a few drops, it can significantly relieve your dog’s arthritis pain and improve their mobility as well.

Other CBD Treatment Options

6. Canna-Pet CBD Capsules

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Canna-Pet
  • Breed Size: Medium, Large Breeds
  • Total Weight: 30 capsules per 4.82g bottle
  • Special Diet: Organic, Full-Spectrum, Vegan

Our Review

If your fur buddy is not fond of CBD oils, these Canna-Pet CBD Capsules are a great alternative. Just open the capsule and blend it with your dog’s food; they won’t even notice the difference. Crafted with the same organic and vegan ingredients from hemp, this CBD capsule works just as well in delivering healing properties just as the CBD oil one.


+ Higher CBD and terpene content
+ Suitable for medium and large dogs
+ No psychoactive effects
+ Third-party tested for purity, efficacy, and safety
+ Natural, non-GMO, and plant-based CBD


– Doesn’t ship in some countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea

Why We Like It – Dog owners have had many success stories with these Canna-Pet CBD Capsules. Aside from promoting better sleep and calmer moods, CBD has really helped their dog in aging healthily.

7. Honest Paws Mobility Soft Chews

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Honest Paws
  • Breed Size: All Breed Sizes
  • Total Weight: 30 chews per 120g bag
  • Special Diet: Full-Spectrum Hemp, Organic

Our Review

Give your pooch a taste of these CBD dog treats and they’ll not only be eating happily but also healthily. Honest Paws Mobility Soft Chews has everything your dog needs to have stronger joints and great mobility. These dog treats are infused with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, great for managing arthritis in aging dogs or dogs suffering from joint issues.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin work together to provide joint support by protecting your dog’s cartilage and stimulating the body’s natural ability to repair joints. With these two combined with the other healing properties of CBD hemp oil, your dog will be thriving and moving in their feet in no time.


+ With Glucosamine and Chondroitin for bone and joint support
+ Promotes improved mobility
+ Relieves joint stiffness
+ Helps in joint pain management
+ Poultry-flavored soft chews


– May have side effects from Glucosamine including vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, insomnia, excessive thirst, and urination

Why We Like it – Is your dog having joint and mobility issues? These Honest Paws Mobility CBD Treats are the ultimate solution to your pupper’s bad condition. Fur parents have shared the success they’ve had with these CBD treats. Their dogs have shown great improvement in their mobility. It even alleviated some of their dog’s joint pain and stiffness.

All About Arthritis

Everyone can get arthritis, even us humans. But is it specifically common in canines, especially when they start getting older? Cannabis Supplements For Pets says that canine arthritis roughly affects up to one in four dogs.

There are around 89 million dogs that live all over the United States (this doesn’t include strays). This means that approximately 22.2 million canines are living with arthritis in the United States. Even though it is a very popular condition, it’s not always understood. You probably were not aware that there are 100 different types of arthritis and related diseases. Still, all of these tend to fall into the category of “arthritis.”

Arthritis is actually caused by painful inflammation and the stiffness of one’s multiple joints. There are different types of arthritis, and the most common type in dogs is known as osteoarthritis. It also goes by another name, Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD). This is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage in the joint.

Cartilage is a flexible connecting tissue and is actually used as a natural shock absorber in the joints; it is located between each bone. Because the cartilage will start to deteriorate, it will cause the bones to start rubbing together, as they are now exposed. Therefore it becomes painful for your dog and can make the joint go stiff. This does tend to affect older dogs because it is normally caused by the wear and tear of the specific joint.

However, your dog doesn’t have to be old to get arthritis. If the joint has been damaged through an injury or even an infection, it can also cause it. There is a whole range of symptoms to look out for to see if your dog has arthritis, which includes:

  • Limping
  • Stiffness
  • Slowness when getting up or laying down
  • Reluctance or inability to jump
  • Reluctance to go on walks
  • Reduced mobility
  • Excessive panting
  • Sleeping more than usual

What Else Does Arthritis Affect?

If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis, it can also lead to your dog developing other problems. One of these is becoming overweight. This is because your dog will be a lot less active because it feels pain every time they move. Therefore they will not want to move around as much, which will lead to body weight gain.

If your dog starts to gain weight after being diagnosed with arthritis, their condition can cause more complicated problems. The increase in weight will then add more pressure on the dog’s joints, making arthritis worse for your canine. Therefore it’s so important to keep an eye on your dog’s weight. It’s always healthy for them to be keeping active, but just make sure you don’t overdo it if your dog is suffering from arthritis. If you’re concerned that your dog has put on weight, then you can always put them on a diet.

How Do You Treat Arthritis?

If you take your dog to the vet because you are concerned that they might have arthritis, your vet will need to do some checks first. To do this, the vet will conduct a physical examination. Once it has been diagnosed with the condition, you will be offered a range of treatments to help with arthritis.

Here’s a list of what you could be offered:


There is a whole range of painkillers, and this could even include anti-inflammatory drugs. The most popular medications that the vet will offer you will be either Metacam or Rimadyl. These are both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

However, if you give these to your dog, there will be some side effects, and it will tell you them on the leaflet that comes with the medication. Some of the side effects are:

  • Black, tarry, and bloody stools or diarrhea
  • Increased or decreased activity
  • Incoordination
  • Seizures
  • Aggression
  • Jaundice
  • Skin irritation
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Increased water consumption and changes to urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Liver and kidney damage

You should also check before giving these medications to your dog if they will react with any other medication that your dog may be taking. This is because Rimadyl, in particular, can react with other medicines.

Natural Supplements

The majority of the medications from the vet can have some quite serious side effects. That’s why many fur parents are now trying to find safer alternatives to help their canine’s pain.

There is a whole range of alternative therapies that can help your dog. For instance, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Another way dog owners are helping their dogs is by giving them more natural supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine have both been proven to help your dog’s joint health, and it can also help them become more mobile.

What You Need to Know About CBD

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help relieve your dog from all arthritis, pain, and inflammation. Many studies about the substance have also proven this; therefore, it makes it a great natural solution for your pooch to try.

Some people may get CBD and marijuana a little confused, but there’s nothing to worry about as CBD is completely different from marijuana, and it will never make your dog high. This is because it does not contain THC. THC is the compound that makes you high in marijuana. But CBD has less than 0.3% of it, meaning it is not psychoactive; therefore, it will not make anyone high.

Research over the years has proven that using CBD is completely safe. It is also more tolerated than other medications that may be offered to your dog.

How CBD Works in Relation to the Body

All mammals have the endocannabinoid system, and CBD actually reacts with this. This system is made up of two receptors, which are called CB1 and CB2. These reactors are all over the body. Once CBD interacts with these receptors, it will relieve your dog’s pain.

A large number of studies into CBD have shown that this actually works. CBD helps in reducing inflammation by boosting the endocannabinoid system’s activity. It can reduce inflammation in organs like the pancreas, lungs, brain, and joints.

Recently CBD gels have also been proven to be successful in soothing pain and inflammation. The gels are used by placing a CBD patch directly onto the skin. The medication then soaks into the skin and gives the patient more steady levels of the drug when it goes into its body.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky in the United States found this out after inducing rats with arthritis. They then treated the rats with CBD gels for four days. In conclusion to the test, it showed that CBD in this form still helped reduce swelling in the affected joints, plus, it also reduced the pain the rats were going through.

How Can CBD Help the Pain?

CBD is able to help with pain for numerous things, which include cancer and arthritis. There have been many studies into this, and each one has shown that CBD does help with pain relief for humans, as well as dogs and all other animals for that matter.

Blake Armstrong told Cannabis Supplements For Pets how CBD helped his dog:

“It feels like yesterday when my dog Rosie was diagnosed with cancer and hip dysplasia. If you’re familiar with hip dysplasia, you’ll know that it produces some similar symptoms to arthritis: Due to a malformation, the ball and socket in Rosie’s hip didn’t work properly, they were rubbing against each other rather than sliding smoothly.”

“This caused Rosie a lot of pain and inflammation, which affected her activity levels and lifestyle. Looking for ways to help her cope and enjoy an improved quality of life, I soon stumbled on CBD. I did a lot of research, a bunch of consultations, and finally, we tried it. And trust me, it was an amazing decision! Within just a few days of beginning her treatment, Rosie was a different dog. She seemed in a lot less pain and was much more active.

“She also regained her appetite (which she began to lose as a result of her cancer treatment) and enjoyed an overall improved quality of life. Best of all, CBD produced no side effects at all. In fact, during my research, I learned that the only side effect associated with CBD is that your dog might get tired. This is actually rare, and my dog did not experience this at all.”

Blake Armstrong, Cannabis Supplements For Pets

How Much Do You Treat Your Dog With CBD?

A lot of pet owners are using CBD to relieve some of their dog’s symptoms from diseases or the side effects of medications. Dogs and cats actually have exactly the same endocannabinoid system as humans. This means that all of us react to CBD the same way. However, dogs are a little more sensitive to its effects, meaning they do not need much.

When giving your dog CBD, it is very important that you give them the right dosage. You should always check to see how your dog is responding to the treatment. Just from this, you should be able to tell if they need more CBD or less. You should probably stick to the recommended dosage included on the packaging and remember to talk to your vet before giving it to your dog.

It’s very rare for a dog to overdose from CBD, but Jessica Rhae, who has been giving CBD to her dog for two years, says it is possible.

“If more than the suggested amount is consumed, there is a possibility of a few side effects, most commonly including lethargy, lack of coordination, and diarrhea.”

Jessica Rhae

Fur Parents Testaments About Using CBD Oil for Dogs:

Many people across the world have turned to CBD to help their canine companions deal with the pain and inflammation they may be facing. CBD allows them to stay active, so they can enjoy activities like walks and playing fetch.

Here are a few dogs that have benefitted from using CBD:


Misty is a ten-year-old 110 pound Pitbull mix and struggles with joint and mobility issues. Misty’s owner said they rescued Misty years ago, at the time she had a bum knee. She used to join competitions as a pulling dog, but as Misty got older, her hips and hind legs had been experiencing some discomfort. Misty’s owners tried to get her to take joint supplements, but nothing has worked as better as Canna-Pet’s CBD products.

“Well so far so good! I emailed Canna-Pet via its website for suggestions on what product to use and dosage. In less than one week we noticed that Misty had more pep in her step. She shows less struggle getting up and down from her dog bed. She’s more excited to go for walks and her desire to play has increased.”

Said Misty’s owner.


Sammie had serious hip dysplasia and struggled to move around. Her owner said that Canna-Pet has helped Sammie so much by improving her quality of life. Back then, when Sammie suffered from severe hip dysplasia, she was less active and didn’t move around much, even more, when she aged.

“Sammie was never able to tolerate the numerable pain and anti-inflammatory medications she was prescribed. Every one of them causes vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. We feared that her inability to take medication would certainly result in having to euthanize her, because of a lack of quality of life. Now, Sammie is more alert and happy. She interacts with the pack and initiates play. We really love what Canna-Pet has done for her!”

According to Sammie’s pet parent.


Odin has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the past year. His owner said:

“My seven-year-old American Pitbull Terrier was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia a year ago. After taking traditional pain medication (Rimadyl) prescribed by the vet for a year and not yet able to afford surgery I began looking for safer alternatives. I tried several different cannabis options with varying levels of success before finding Canna-Pet. Within hours of taking the advanced formula in pill form, our guy was clearly feeling better. It has now been about a month since he started taking the pills and he has only continued to get better.”


Finally, we hope we have given you enough information to help you gain insight into using CBD as an alternative treatment for arthritis. As fur parents, it’s our goal to make our pet’s life happy, stress-free, and as much as possible free from any diseases. Now with the wonderful health benefits that CBD products can offer, we can further improve our dog’s quality of life. If you decide to go with this treatment, you should make a great consideration and educate yourself about the possible effects of CBD on your dog. Most importantly, make sure to consult and get your vet’s opinion first before administering CBD to your dog.

Expert Tip

How much CBD dosage your dog should get will depend on many factors such as age, size, diet, and health condition. To maximize the effect of CBD pet products, you need to experiment first with the right dose for your dog. You may start by giving them small doses, then if you see no change you can gradually increase the dosage every day until you get the right dosage that works for your dog.

Can you give dogs cbd oil for arthritis

By Twiz
March 09, 2021

Does your dog suffer from arthritis? Many pet owners use CBD oil to help relieve joint pain for dogs with arthritis. CBD oil has natural properties that aid in reducing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Currently, the FDA hasn’t approved CBD oil for pets, and until they do, we don’t make any direct claims and recommend you read the current research for yourself. While more studies are needed on CBD oil benefits for pets, new research is starting to emerge, and the results are promising.

A clinical study found that CBD oil significantly decreased pain and increased activity for dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis. The study concluded that 2 mg of CBD given twice daily could increase comfort and activity for dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis.

Another more recent study also found that CBD oil can decrease pain and increase mobility for dogs with osteoarthritis. The study also found there were no harmful side effects.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Pain

CBD Oil does not cure arthritis for dogs, but it can help in other ways:

Pain Management

According to another study, CBD oil can reduce joint pain for your dog by using a therapeutic target and mechanism . CBD also has fewer systemic adverse effects. By giving your dog the correct dose of CBD oil, you can increase their quality of life through pain management.


A common symptom of arthritis and hip dysplasia, inflammation can also be excruciating for your dog. Studies confirm that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain for your dog.

An Alternative to Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

NSAIDs are a common prescription drug for controlling pain and inflammation. Recent studies report adverse side effects from giving your dog NSAIDs . And the FDA warns pet owners to be cautious when giving their dogs NSAIDs for treating pain. CBD oil provides a side effect free alternative to NSAIDs.

Helps with Mobility

A direct benefit of reduced pain and inflammation is increased mobility. Your dog will have more energy and interest in participating in high-energy activities. This is especially true for senior dogs that are more prone to joint pain and inflammation.

How Much CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Every CBD oil company will have its own guidelines for how much of their product you should give your pet because CBD oil quality and concentrations can differ between products. First, check your labels and then talk to your veterinarian to ensure the dosage amount is safe for your dog.

Factors that affect the dose of CBD Oil include:

  • The potency of the CBD Oil
  • Weight of your dog
  • The ailment that you’re treating

A General Dosage Guideline for Joint Pain

For treating joint pain caused by arthritis, a general guideline for CBD Oil dosage for dogs is:

0.2 mg CBD oil x the weight of your dog (in pounds)

For example, a 25 lb. dog would need 5 mg of CBD oil. Then you need to factor in the potency of the CBD oil. A 150 mg formula usually contains about 5 mg of CBD per ml of oil.

Most high-quality CBD oil products are formulated with this general guideline in mind , so treats and tinctures are tailored toward different dog weights/sizes and are in easy-to-use doses.

Do you want the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis? Shop Dope Dog’s CBD Starter Kit with CBD Treats and CBD Oil.

Consult Your Veterinarian

While you don’t need a prescription for CBD oil products, it’s wise to talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil . Your vet can advise you on how best to treat your dog’s arthritis and joint pain.

If your dog is already taking prescription medications, you should not give your dog CBD oil until after talking to your veterinarian. They’ll know if it is safe to take with your dog’s prescriptions.

How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work For Joint Pain in Dogs?

A recent study found that a 2 mg dose given twice daily can decrease pain and increase mobility for dogs with arthritis. The study assessed the dogs after two weeks and four weeks and found an elimination half-life of just over 4 hours at both doses with no side effects.

Because every dog is different , you should talk to your vet before giving your dog CBD oil and start with a low dose to observe how your dog will react to the CBD oil.

What Happens if I Give My Dog Too Much CBD Oil?

If you accidentally give your dog too much CBD oil, your dog may experience these common signs :

  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite

If your dog shows any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian . In most cases, your dog won’t need any treatment other than to let the symptoms pass. But you’ll want to watch your dog to make sure the symptoms don’t get worse.

To ensure you don’t give your dog too much CBD oil, follow the instructions on the product’s label , and it’s always wise to start with a lower dose to first see how your pet will react to the CBD oil.

Your Dog May Benefit from Taking CBD Oil to Treat Joint Pain

If your dog suffers from joint pain caused by arthritis, then you may want to consider treating their joint pain with CBD oil. CBD oil does not cure arthritis , but it can help manage the pain from sore joints.

Dope Dog offers high-quality CBD oil products to help manage joint pain and inflammation for dogs with arthritis. CBD treats and oils can help relieve pain for your dog and increase mobility for a better quality of life.

Does your dog suffer from joint pain? Shop Dope Dog’s all-natural CBD oil products.