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Best CBD Cream For Pain Canada: Top 3 CBD Brands For Hemp Cream For Pain Relief| 2022’s High Quality CBD Cream For Arthritis Pain & Back Pain

Hemp seed oil is being added to many creams of the top beauty brands for all the right reasons.

Not falling too far behind, the medical industry is following suit. Nowadays, there are multiple alternatives to CBD pain relief creams with a certain amount of CBD. This is ideal as the skin has cannabinoid receptors, so that CBD creams can be just as effective as other creams. Moreover, multiple studies suggest that CBD is effective for pain management.

Which brings us to the next question – which CBD cream should you pick? The popularity of this cannabinoid in multiple forms has led to many brands manufacturing their own products. This is why we took it upon ourselves to conduct thorough research and find thebest CBD cream for pain Canada for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the reviews.

Top 3 CBD Creams For Pain Canada

    : Overall Best CBD Cream For Pain Canada, Editor’s Pick: Strongest CBD Cream For Real Time Pain Relief: Popular CBD Cream For Arthritis Pain

#1 CBDNorth Body Balm :Overall Best CBD Cream For Pain Canada, Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

The team at CBDNorth believed that effective medicines should never be an inaccessible luxury, including CBD-based products. This is why they manufacture potent and organic products at affordable prices with excellent shipping policies. Additionally, they offer discounts to make CBD-based products truly accessible to everyone in Canada.

The products manufactured by CBD North are effective and safe to use, irrespective of the form. All the products are tested in a third-party lab to maintain their quality and follow the outlined standards. In addition, they offer quick shipping of these products no matter which corner of Canada you may be in.

Now, coming to the product you want to know more about. If you suffer from chronic or short-term joint and muscle pain, this body balm is ideal since it is made with all-natural products and is safe for everyday use.

  • Available in unscented and scented variants
  • Handcrafted with natural ingredients
  • Infused with Canadian grown, organic hemp
  • No THC
  • Tested in a third-party lab
  • Can help with acne, inflammation, and pain
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Not suitable for vegans

1. Scents

Since creams are something you will apply to your skin, it is imperative for them to either smell good or have no smell. After all, no one likes a bad-smelling cream all over their body for the entire day.

This is why CBDNorth has three variants for this cream – unscented, Lavender & Lemongrass, and Rose & Vanilla. The scents in both the scented variants come from essential oils, making them safe for the skin. Additionally, the scented variants help tackle anxiety and stress apart from providing pain relief.

Alternatively, the unscented variant gives the customer flexibility to choose if they want a pure CBD experience with no scents. The only addition in this variant is shea butter for smoothness.

2. Packing

Since many of you might be getting this shipped to the far ends of Canada, it is vital to ensure the packaging is proper. The CBDNorth body balm comes in a plastic tub with a tight lid and has 600 mg of CBD cream.

3. Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the cream is made with plant-based and organic ingredients only, so it is safe to use on the skin. Some of the main ingredients in all the variants apart from hemp are jojoba oil, marigold oil, vitamin E, and shea butter, among others.

The Lavender & Lemongrass one has lavender essential oil and lemongrass essential oil added, while the Rose & Vanilla one has french vanilla oil and rose geranium essential oil. It is important to note that since this has beeswax, it is not suitable for vegans.

4. Benefits

It is evident that the cream has pain relief properties, but there are many more ways this body balm can help. Irrespective of the variant, they all have the potential to deal with acne and inflammation effectively. They also have wound-healing properties thanks to some of the oils like jojoba and marigold.

Rose Geranium in the Rose & Vanilla variant can help with anti-aging, and it also offers mood-boosting properties. Additionally, the Lavender & Lemongrass cream includes ingredients that can help deal with stress and anxiety.

5. Lab Tests And Results

In order to maintain the standard set by multiple authorities, CBDNorth sends all of its products for lab testing, including the creams.

The lab tests ensure the creams have the right ingredients in perfect measure and check if it is safe for application. It is only after thorough testing that the labs approve these creams for the general public. All of them are free of solvents, metals, and pesticides and have about 99% of CBD infused.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it; all the results for the creams are accessible on the website. Just scroll down each product page to view all the lab tests and cross-check if the company’s claims are genuine.

6. Financial Aid

To make CBD-based products accessible to everyone, CBDNorth offers multiple discounts to certain eligible people. This includes military personnel, people from low-income backgrounds, students, senior citizens, and many others. The purpose behind this is to make sure these products aren’t a luxury for anyone in Canada.

7. Dosage and Other Information

Dosage is the most important thing when it comes to CBD-based products, and that goes for creams as well. This is why the CBDNorth website has dosage guides and many other blogs that educate users on the benefits of CBD in various forms.

The brand has made sure the website has a plethora of information to help first-time users to find their way around CBD-based products.

8. Positive Customer Reviews

One thing that really stood out for us was the unending positive customer reviews. Almost every user has given this product 5/5 stars and mentioned how it has helped them. Based on the research we have conducted, this seems to be very helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain.

Additionally, many users have mentioned that it helped them with any sort of muscle inflammation as well.

#2. CBD Magic: Strongest CBD Cream For Real Time Pain Relief

Brand Overview

CBD Magic has a multi-fold view of CBD-based products wherein they don’t just believe in making CBD products. The brand aims at achieving three things – manufacture high-quality products, make products accessible to everyone on time and provide top-notch customer service.

As a result, the brand stays on top of its game and has an excellent reputation overall. But their core values are not the only reason behind their success as the brand has a team with a combined experience of 50+ years.

Now, coming to the products they manufacture. CBD Magic has dedicated time and effort to conduct thorough research and manufacture full-spectrum CBD-based products. They only use pure hemp that is grown locally and blend in other natural ingredients to create potent and efficient products.

They offer a range of products from oils to pills and, of course, creams. They also have pet-friendly CBD oils for your furry best friend.

  • Responsive customer service
  • Pet-friendly products available
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly positive customer ratings
  • Untraceable THC content
  • Accurate third-party lab testing
  • Only unscented version available

1. Contents

This high quality CBD cream is one of the best to consider if you are looking for a more rounded effect. The cream has CBD oil infused in it along with only 0.3% THC. This is what makes it full-spectrum, allowing it to be more effective and potent. The mix of all the cannabinoids creates something called the “Entourage Effect.”

Additionally, since it has all the cannabinoids working together, there is a better chance of it working against pain, inflammation, and acne.

2. Dose Variants

While this one may not have multiple scents, it does have multiple-dose variants. The CBD Magic cream comes in a 2oz container; however, it has different amounts of CBD in each variant. The brand offers four doses- 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg. Needless to say, we would advise first-time users to go with the lowest dose.

Only after your skin has gotten used to the cream should you consider upping the dose (if required).

3. Payment Options

Since there are different variants, the price for each varies as well. The lowest one in the price range is the 500mg dose, and the highest is the 4000mg one. CBD Magic offers two payment options – one-time purchase and subscription-based purchase, to make things easier for the user.

If you are a first-time user trying CBD-based products, one-time purchase is a good option since it’s a one-off thing. Subscription-based payments are more suited to people ordering frequently. Moreover, when purchasing an expensive product, opting for a subscription can help save money.

4. Lab Results

All the products manufactured by CBD Magic are sent to a third-party lab for testing. Since CBD Magic is dedicated to providing high-quality products to their customers, naturally, they sent the products through rigorous testing. But that’s not all; the results are available on the website on the product’s page.

Every customer can access the results and see the quality for themselves. The results state the amount of CBD and cannabinoids in the cream. Plus, the result for a mandatory pesticide test is available for the customers to see.

5. 30 Day Customer Satisfaction

An exciting thing CBD Magic has to offer is a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. We already mentioned this brand places a lot of importance on ensuring their customers are happy with their purchases. This is why they provide a refund to anyone who is not satisfied with the products.

The process is pretty simple as well. Get in touch with the brand to initiate the return, and they will promptly send you the money back on receiving the product.

6. Benefits

As it is a full spectrum cream, there are many issues it can tackle, starting from pain management which is possible because of the CBD. Since it has other cannabinoids such as THC, the cream can also help with acne, infections, and inflammation. In addition to this, many users have stated that the cream has improved sleep quality and general mental well-being.

7. All-Natural

For all the people who are looking for an organic fix to their issues, this cream by CBD Magic is highly recommended. This is because it is only made with organic and natural ingredients like different kinds of essential oils. Please note that this cream has beeswax in it, making it unfit for vegans.

8. Positive Feedback

There is nothing but good things to say about this cream. Everyone who has used it has given very positive feedback, especially for pain relief. Most people mentioned how effective this is for pain management as it works quickly and the effects last long.

Additionally, some users mentioned how it helped with inflammation and flare-ups caused due to eczema, which shows how effective a full spectrum cream is.

#3 CBD2HEAL:Popular CBD Cream For Arthritis Pain

Brand Overview

Isolate products are pretty popular, especially if you only want to enjoy CBD and nothing else. However, the choices for only Isolate products were quite limited, so the team at CBD2HEAL took it upon themselves to manufacture top-quality Isolate products. All the products made by CBD2HEAL have 99% pure CBD and are made with non-GMO industrial hemp.

The team behind CBD2HEAL has a combined experience of 40 years, and the members are experts in multiple fields like business, operations, medicine, and so on. But it is not just top-quality products they are known for. The company is renowned for its grade A customer service as well.

The main purpose behind manufacturing Isolate products was to ensure people have access to products that do exactly as they say. CBD by itself has a ton of benefits that can help people deal with mental and physical issues. One such product is the CBD Salve cream that is ideal for joint and muscle relief.

  • Multiple dosages and scents are available
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Ideal for chronic pain
  • Can heal skin problems
  • Non-GMO hemp extract is used
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited benefits
  • Not fit for anyone pregnant or nursing

1. Variants

Unlike the other two brands on the list, CBD2HEAL has size variants in two scents. The two scents are original and peppermint, and each has four different size variants – 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, and 4000mg. This gives users some more options and flexibility in terms of what they can purchase.

2. Contents

Both the peppermint and the original variants do not have a lot of differences in ingredients. They are made with natural and organic ingredients such as Juniper Berry oil, Laurel Leaf oil, cayenne pepper oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.

A list of contents has been given on the website for anyone to look at. This will allow you to get a clear idea of what’s in the cream. Rest assured, there are no artificial colors or preservatives in this cream.

3. Benefits

Due to the high concentration of CBD in the creams, CBD2HEAL says they are ideal for treating chronic pain, joint pain, arthritis, and even cracked skin. What’s even better is that just a tiny amount is needed to feel the full effect of the cream, which means one small tub is bound to last a long time.

4. Test Results

CBD2HEAL sends their products under rigorous testing to ensure it is up to the standards set in the industry. For anyone who wants to check the product’s authenticity, the certificate of analysis is available on the website on the product page.

Since the brand places customer satisfaction as an essential factor, making the results accessible is appreciated. This way, every user can cross-check the product’s credibility before purchasing it.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Speaking of customer satisfaction, the brand provides a refund within 30 days to anyone unsatisfied with the product.

6. Dosage Guide

CBD2HEAL has a dosage guide linked on every product page to provide further assistance, especially to first-time users. The link opens up to a guide that further elaborates on the different methods of using CBD, how a dose should be determined and side effects.

7. More On CBD

In addition to the dosage guide, the website has a page dedicated to why CBD is beneficial and how it can help. It goes into more detail about extraction methods and what CBD is used for as well. This is a highly informative page that first-time users can benefit from if they want to learn more about CBD.

How We Made This List

The brands we mentioned above like being transparent, and so do we. This is why we will be giving you an insight into how we narrowed our list down to these three CBD companies.

One of the first things we did was search for all the companies settling CBD-based products in the market. After that, we dug deeper into each company’s feedback and ratings from actual users, who helped us narrow it down further. Additionally, we checked the lab results to be sure of the quality of the products.

We also judged brands based on the ease of access to the results, which helped us quite a bit. Many more parameters like this allowed us to bring our list down to the three we have discussed.

  • Brand awareness of CBD and its benefits
  • Reputation and customer feedback on every product
  • If the brand sent all products for lab testing and made the results available
  • Detailed benefits of the products and who it is mainly targeted towards
  • Whether the products were meeting the quality standards
  • If the hemp is grown locally and organically
  • If the brand provides dosage guides for the products

Buyer’s Guide

Judging by the extensive process of making this list, it is evident that there are too many brands selling similar CBD-based brands. This is one of the reasons why the selection process is so challenging. However, just because it was tedious for us doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you.

We took the initiative to put together this buyer’s guide so that you do not have to spend hours finding the right product. In this list, we will be putting forward a few aspects to look into when buying CBD-based products.

Say you are looking for a cream meant to relax and soothe tense muscles; the cream will require pain relief ingredients. But the same ingredients will not have many benefits if you want the cream to have moisturizing or calming effects.

Read on below to see what important aspects to consider when buying the ideal topical CBD for pain.

1. Contents

The first and most important thing to look into is the ingredients of the cream. To begin with, make sure it is made with natural and organic ingredients only. CBD creams serve as a natural alternative to regular pain relief creams, which is why it is vital to ensure the contents are organic.

Additionally, it is essential to make sure the hemp is locally grown in Canada with no contaminants. As mentioned before, the list of ingredients can be found on the website and sometimes on the container.

Another reason why seeing the contents is crucial is to ensure you will have no allergic reaction to the cream. Plus, checking the contents beforehand will allow you to know if it is suitable for use by vegans or vegetarians.

2. Potency Of The Cream

The next thing to look into is the potency of the cream. Take a look at the description of the product and the test result to see how much CBD is in the cream. It will also help you determine if there is any THC or other cannabinoids.

If you are not looking for anything too potent, Isolate creams will be ideal as full-spectrum and broad-spectrum creams tend to be more powerful. This is also because, in the latter two, the mix of cannabinoids enhances the overall effect of the cream, making it stronger.

3. Uses

It is essential to understand what purpose the cream has and see if it can be beneficial to you. That said, most CBD creams will have pain relief properties. In addition to this, it can help you de-stress and calm your mind. If the cream has jojoba oil, it is most likely to nourish the skin as well.

There can be many more benefits for full-spectrum and broad spectrum CBD creams as it has a small amount of THC. In those cases, the cream can also help you focus better and improve sleep quality.

4. Quality

Checking the quality and ensuring it meets all the industry standards is vital. Since this is a product used on the skin, it is necessary to make sure it is safe. This is why in addition to the lab tests, many brands also send the cream through a pesticide test. It is to make sure there are no contaminants in the cream, such as herbicides, metal, and insolvents.

Lab tests are crucial as hemp plant grows in such a way that it has the potential to absorb anything that’s in the soil. This is why it is important to make sure it undergoes rigorous testing, no matter what form it is in before it is sold to users.

5. Dose

Dosage guides and finders are available all over the internet, but it helps to have on the website you are buying a product from. This is because a dosage finder by a brand is made keeping in mind the products they manufacture. Hence, look out for dosage guides or calculators when buying a product.

6. Policies and Customer Service

No matter how good a product is, there will be no sales if the customer is unhappy. This is why many brands go out of their way to provide money-back guarantees and discounts. It is an excellent way to attract new people and turn them into lifelong loyal customers.

Take a look at the offers, discounts, and subscriptions packs they provide, along with the refund and shipping policies. If it seems to align with what you want, re-check the customer reviews to see if the brand delivers on its promises.

How Does CBD Cream Help With Pain?

We have mentioned earlier that the skin has high quality CBD receptors that respond to the CBD topical when applied. If you suffer from chronic pain in the form of arthritis or get acne once in a while, CBD-based creams have a mix of ingredients that can help with that.

These creams seem to be popular among many people who cannot get surgery and suffer from pain in various parts of the body. Users have also mentioned that it helps with severe backache and muscle pain. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory effects making it perfect for athletes or people who live an active lifestyle.

The best thing about these creams is that very little is required for the desired effect. Plus, its effects linger for a long time. If you have the type of skin that becomes immune to regular pain relief creams on prolonged use, this might be the cream to consider instead.


Q1. What Are The Possible Side Effects?

It is highly unlikely for a CBD-based cream to cause any significant side effects. There is the possibility of an allergic reaction, but other than that, there can only be minor side effects like drowsiness, headaches, low BP, and a change in appetite.

Q2. What Is The Best Way To Use CBD Creams?

Unlike other pain relief creams that may require you to massage the cream and cover the area for heat, there is not much to be done with CBD creams. All you need to do is rub the area(s) where it hurts and forget about it!

The only thing to remember is that certain ingredients may cause an allergic reaction, so it is best to do a patch test first. Apply a small amount to any part of the body to check if there is any reaction and then proceed to use it.

If you are susceptible to skin problems, we recommend consulting a medical professional before using any product (even if it is natural).

Q3. What Areas Can CBD Creams Be Used In?

CBD creams for pain are ideal to be used on any part of your body for pain relief and to reduce inflammation. Most regular users use it on the knees, feet, hands, back, and neck.

Don’t be afraid to use this on your face, as many regular users do. The ingredients are natural and safe to be used on the forehead in case of a headache.

Conclusion – Which CBD Cream For Pain Should You Buy?

And there you have it, folks! A detailed review of the best CBD cream for pain in Canada. We hope this has been an informative read.

After a thorough analysis, we found the CBD topicals by CBDNorth to be the best out of the three. The cream and the brand were more than we could ask for in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction. Besides the fact that it has a fantastic collection of CBD-based products, the customer care and reviews are unbelievable.

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what your requirements are. Don’t forget to refer to our buying guide on your quest for the best CBD creams for pain relief in Canada!