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Do Not Mix CBD with Nicotine E-Liquid [Warning]

You are absolutely right to ask yourself if it is okay to mix CBD with Nicotine.

CBD Vape E-Liquid is readily available and is made for consumption with vape mods. Why can’t we have the best of both worlds and combine it with our Nicotine e-liquids? Besides, I strongly encourage you to do it if you want to experience the outcome for yourself.

Here is what you need to know about nicotine and CBD in this case:

Today there is no reason to suspect that Nicotine and CBD have any significant chemical interactions that are harmful to vapers. Do not rejoice too fast, it does not mean that we should mix the two components.

It is not because the two molecules do not react directly to one another that they can be mixed without question. Admittedly, both molecules affect different regions of the body. However, this does not prevent them from getting in the way in certain circumstances. We will see these circumstances without further delay.

Stimulants VS Depressants

Like caffeine, nicotine is a stimulant. It is therefore from the start a little paradoxical to want to mix CBD and nicotine. And yes since so far the CBD especially for its relaxing appearance. The gestures and habits often make us forget. Yet it is never a good idea to take nicotine before sleeping. Whether with or without CBD. Those interested in Cannabidiol for its soothing virtues should therefore avoid it as much as possible, the mixture because it is counterproductive. One can also extrapolate and point out that it is not necessarily ideal to drink coffee or other energy drink with CBD.

This principle is also valid for those who do not specifically seek the soothing effects of CBD. Certainly mixing the herb with tobacco – and therefore nicotine – is usual. However, you should know that vaping CBD does not work quite the same way. Regardless of your goal: Nicotine will fade some of the effects of CBD. The result from the whole is less noticeable. In the end, the golden rule is that the CBD is based on a delicate balance and that the simplest solution is always the best. The fewer things we put in, the better the results.

Alternate Nicotine and CBD Vaping

Many vaping devices allow you to quickly change the tank, without breaking the bank.

You probably anticipated it already, but the method of alternating nicotine e-liquid and e-liquid CBD in the same tank may be disappointing. It can get quite difficult. If there are traces of nicotine e-liquid in the tank, the CBD will lose some efficiency. And this because of this same duality stimulating/relaxing. To do it right, you have to use a CBD pod system and a pair of refillable pods or 2 different tanks. One dedicated to CBD and the other to nicotine. Otherwise, between each liquid swap, it is strongly recommended to clean the tank really well. That can get quite time-consuming and annoying if alternating frequently.

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It is much easier to equip a second tank dedicated solely to CBD. In this way, one can choose a vape mod that is really suitable for CBD. Preferably, a tank with a low voltage liquid consumption. This also helps to prevent vapers from having to permanently clamp down on the nicotine reservoir and to disrupt their comfort of vape the rest of the time.

Alternating Cigarettes and Vaping CBDs

Some already have taken CBD but still consume traditional cigarettes. For the latter, the issue of contradictory effects is a little different. This because nicotine is much faster to act in the case of cigarette smoke. To make matters worse, in regular users, a stimulating effect also occurs on the cardiovascular system after a period of non-consumption. This is why we can be nervous in the morning before the first cigarette it takes an average of 3 to 4 hours for the larger of the first stimulating effect of a cigarette to fade. Ideally, to take full advantage of the CBD it is recommended to refrain from smoking for four hours after taking CBD. This figure does not naturally take into account the metabolism of each. The delay may seem long to some. However, it is never a bad thing to refrain from smoking for a while.

CBD and Nicotine Degrade

The CBD is oxidized in the open air, to light, and when subjected for a long time at elevated temperatures. This oxidation is likely to alter the qualities of CBD and reduce its effectiveness. For this reason, it is preferred to store the CBD liquids in a dark and cool place. Try to keep vape juices around 20 °C / 68 °F and everything will be fine. It is the same for nicotine which, without losing its properties, will gradually give a taste parasitic to the eliquid. If the preservation is too long or poorly prepared, all the e-liquid can end up becoming really disappointing. In other words, the mixed liquid CBD / Nicotine is much more vulnerable. Moreover, it is sensitive to storage conditions and will undergo two simultaneous alterations over time.

It is therefore a good idea to systematically favor a purely CBD basis if you want to store the raw material in time. If necessary, we can always add nicotine at the last moment. Overall quality is greatly improved.

Mixing Nicotine and CBD for a Satisfying Vape

You have tested the CBD alone and you find the hit (sensation of the passage of vapor in the throat) insufficient. To the point of making the tasting unsatisfactory. You can then consider mixing. This is in my opinion, the only case where the mixture of CBD and Nicotine is really justified. But if your only reason to mix the two is taste then we recommend you take a look at some CBD Isolates. Isolate vape juices do not contain any of the terpenes of hemp flavored CBD (like Broad and Full Spectrum juices).

On the other hand, other cases are more problematic and many situations often look like a default choice. If you follow the advice of our CBD price article, you probably opt for the more economical method of CBD booster. If by chance you are not thinking of equipping yourself with a nicotine-free base or liquid, it can be tempting to use your usual nicotine liquids. It is not “serious” strictly speaking, but it’s a shame. Keep in mind that you are not enjoying the 100% CBD experience in this setup.

Final Warning

This article is not meant to alarm you or dictate what to do. It is a modest synthesis of the various known parameters and their concrete application in varied contexts of vape. In itself, nicotine will not affect your CBD experience very radically.

Do not mix CBD Tinctures

If you decide to mix CBD with Nicotine, just remember, DO NOT mix any CBD oils or tinctures that are not made for vaping. Oils and tincture are made for oral use only and should be applied with the syringe onto the tongue. Do not put drops into your nicotine E-liquid!! It can be quite confusing with a lot of mislabeling of products . Just make sure your CBD is marked as CBD Vape Juice or CBD E-Liquid.

Mixing “CBD Vape Juice”

This is a degradation that remains quite minor. However, keep in mind that mixing is not the best way to go and that under certain circumstances it may noticeably affect the rendering, ineffective. A principle of maximum efficiency means that in most cases you should avoid combining them if possible.

Certainly, a bottle of CBD eliquid without nicotine means additional investment and more time need to vape. If you go the suggested route which is to have one bottle of CBD and one bottle of eliquid and some extra pods or a spare tank. You will also have to invest in some extra vape gear. Swap in between the two, vape on the nicotine for a little while, and then switch to the CBD vape. Mixing them through vaping and not the bottle is an easy way to gauge and control the amounts vaped.

Results of Mixture

As you will most likely discover for yourself. You will not want to vape the CBD for as long and as frequently as you would nicotine e-liquid. This is also why it wouldn’t make sense to mix CBD with Nicotine e-liquid.

Rid Yourself of Nicotine

If you enjoy the act of vaping and are trying to switch completely to CBD vaping, then you will want to use a low strength ratio in terms of total milliliter bottle size vs total grams of CBD content. This will allow you to vape CBD more frequently without feeling totally sedated. It will also help you from turning back to nicotine for that oral fixation. As another method to totally rid yourself of nicotine you could try some zero nicotine eliquids.

Keeping Both in Your Daily Routine

However, if you want to mix Nicotine and CBD vaping then it is acceptable to use high-strength CBD e-juice. This will allow you to take a couple of puffs of CBD every now and again just to get the relaxing effect back on level. Having a tank or pod cartridge for both nicotine and CBD is the easiest way to control the intake portions of each.

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How to Vape CBD Oil

Choosing CBD vape oil is one of the simplest options to consume CBD. For many people who have chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, vaping CBD provides a convenient and fast acting option to use CBD to manage their condition. There is such an array of CBD products available in the UK at the moment, it can be extremely difficult to choose the correct option. Selecting a CBD vape device that is long lasting and manufactured by trusted supplier is integral to get the best CBD vaping experience.

Many people are unaware of how to decipher if a CBD product is of a quality that will result in the maximum impact being achieved. Many vape products are overpriced and do not provide the user with a true reflection of the power of CBD.

Are You Able to Vape CBD?

CBD is now encompassed within such a vast array of products ranging from CBD oil to topical CBD skin care products. It is common for people to not be aware of the subtle differences between CBD products.

It is important to note that the CBD oil commonly sold in tincture bottles for sublingual use cannot be vaped. Likewise, CBD vape oil cannot be consumed sublingually. To vape CBD, you need both CBD e-liquid specifically designed for CBD vaping and a device that receives the appropriate CBD vape pod.

Why is Vaping CBD E-Liquid Popular?

Using an ingestible CBD product such as CBD capsules, CBD oils and CBD gummies can take over an hour to take effect. Whereas the onset of vaping CBD is much faster. For those who are using CBD to treat chronic pain conditions, anxiety or seizures, a fast onset is imperative and waiting for the CBD to take effect is not always an option.

Vaping CBD works so quickly as it has extraordinarily high bioavailability. The Cannacares CBD vape oil pods do not taste or smell like cannabis, so they are a great way to discreetly consume your daily dose of CBD.

Potential Health Risks of Vaping CBD

A minute percentage of users are allergic to the chemicals and materials that are used to formulate CBD vape products. There have also been some studies that have been carried out that found traces of metals in CBD vapes. Cannacares mitigates this as our CBD vape cartridges have been tested for heavy metals by an independent third-party laboratory. It is crucial that whichever CBD vape you decide to use has been tested for heavy metals and that there is a third-party laboratory report that outlines the cannabinoids contained within the product.

There were also concerning reports that emerged in 2019 of serious lung damage and even occasional deaths involving vape users. There was one common culprit among these cases: vitamin E acetate.

Vitamin E is actually incredibly common in skincare products and some food supplements. It is indeed safe in this form, however the same cannot be said of vaping.

The cases that cropped up in 2019 were almost exclusively related to Vitamin E acetate. Furthermore, all the victims had purchased black market THC vape cartridges. While many people have no choice but to opt for black market products, due to legislation surrounding cannabis in many countries, we strongly recommend avoiding these.

CBD vape oils provide a far safer and better regulated alternative to black market products. This is why it is always crucial to seek out an independent third-party lab report, to ensure the absence of potentially harmful additives.

Furthermore, it is also important to stress that it is always advisable to speak to your doctor before trying any CBD product if you have a medical condition or you are taking prescription medication.

Can Heavy Metals Pose a Health Risk When Vaping CBD?

When using a CBD vape pen or other kind of CBD vape, the primary material of concern is the heating coil of the product. The heating coils are typically made of titanium, stainless steel, nickel wire or an alloy of iron, aluminium and chromium. The majority of CBD vapes that are sold on a commercial scale use titanium or stainless steel.

Potential Allergens Contained in CBD E-Liquid

The most important chemicals that CBD e-juice contains are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. For those who are sensitive to either of these chemicals, a noticeable sinus irritation will take place and they may also suffer with migraines. Those who have a more severe allergy can break out in hives and even have difficulty breathing. However, both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are pretty ubiquitous, so anyone who does suffer from an allergy to either chemical is likely to be aware of their allergy.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are extremely common ingredients in cosmetics, shampoo, food, drink, cigarettes, medications and smoke machine vapour. Being allergic to vegetable glycerin is extraordinarily rare.

How to Vape CBD?

When you first purchase your Cannacares VapePod device, or CBD vape pen as it is more commonly known, and cartridge it is important to first magnetically connect the pod to the device. Then you simply inhale, the vapour will then enter your lungs and begin to take effect.

Vaping CBD is a mouth to lung inhalation, and this is then followed by an exhalation. The Cannacares device is activated when you inhale and there is no need to press any button to ensure that the device starts working. The device will vibrate as you draw breath, to ensure that you are aware a puff has been taken.

Do you hold the vapour in your lungs?

There is absolutely no evidence which suggests that holding CBD vapour in your lungs for longer enables the CBD to get into your system any faster. It is actually commonly found that holding the vapour in your lungs for an exaggerated amount of time does not result in a more effective effect from the CBD. On the contrary, holding your breath upon inhalation can actually irritate your lungs.

How often should you use CBD e-juice?

The frequency at which you should use a CBD vape pod is dependent on the desired effect you wish the CBD to have. Obviously the more you vape CBD the more enhanced the effect will be. We recommend taking 5 inhalations of the CBD vape several times throughout the day. If you are using the Cannacares Dream CBD cartridge, which is specifically formulated for sleep, we would suggest using the vape a few hours before you go to bed.

What is the best temperature to vape CBD?

There is much debate over what the exact optimum temperature for vaping CBD oil is. The overwhelming majority of people suggest that the best temperature is somewhere between 200 and 220 degrees Celsius.

The reasoning behind this is that CBD vaporises at such a temperature. Any lower than this and you may not generate any vapour to inhale, whereas any higher and the CBD will degrade. It is widely estimated that 230 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which CBD degrades. This is why it is recommended to avoid tank-style vape kits when it comes to vaping CBD, as the temperatures are generally too high and ultimately destroy the CBD.

While this may seem to be fairly complex on first reading, there is no need to worry about this when you choose Cannacares. Cannacares’ VapePod device utilises next generation CCELL technology to guarantee a consistent, optimum temperature.

What are the alternatives to vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD, or vaping at all, may not be for everyone. If you should still want to consume CBD in order to improve your own quality of life, there are innumerable alternatives to this. The recent boom in popularity has led to rampant innovation and a galaxy of cutting-edge products. Please see several alternatives below that are all available through Cannacares:

  • CBD Oil – CBD oil tinctures are the most popular form of CBD product. They come in a wide range of formulations and strengths and are easy to use. Just drop the tincture underneath your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds, before swallowing the remaining liquid. This is done because the area beneath the tongue is capillary rich, so the CBD will reach the bloodstream quicker.
  • CBD Capsules – CBD Capsules can be taken just like any other food supplement and should be swallowed with water. They are a terrific option for those who prefer to be more discreet about their CBD usage.
  • CBD Patches – Transdermal CBD patches are similar in appearance and function to nicotine patches. They are another discreet option but work very differently to capsules or oils. Cannacares CBD patches utilise a steady 24-hour delivery system that provides a consistent dose of CBD into the bloodstream. In terms of bioavailability, CBD patches are one of the most effective products as they bypass the digestive system and deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream.
  • Topical CBD Skin Care Products – Topical CBD products are great options for those who wish to alleviate symptoms of certain skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. While they need to be reapplied throughout the day, the anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties of CBD get to work directly on the affected area.


Upon deciding which CBD vape you are going to try; it is best to consider which formulation of CBD e-liquid you are going to use. Cannacares offers the Dream CBD cartridge, which is formulated with CBG and other terpenes as well as CBD to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Cannacares also offer a Relief CBD vape cartridge that was specifically formulated for daytime use and to provide relief throughout the day.

Using a CBD vape that is formulated in a clever manner with other cannabinoids and terpenes is crucial for a CBD vape to have the maximum effect.