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Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Nerve Pain)

I am a physical therapist with 20 plus years of experience, and developed trigeminal neuralgia (TN) that is related to my multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. My bout with TN was excruciating and none of the front-line medications usually used to treat it was effective. Last option was to try a combination of Lyrica and Cymbalta and the pain significantly reduced in 12 hours and further diminished over the next 4 weeks so that I subjectively rate it as 0-1/10 now and I’m completely functional again. Worth discussing with your doctor.

I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet, but I have a suspicion that I may be suffering from trigeminal neuralgia (TN). It began as a tingling sensation in my cheek, which after a few days progressed to more constant burning. Now it feels like a knife being driven into my cheek for a few seconds, goes away for a minute or two, and comes back over and over. Today it jumped to my lower jaw just under my molars. It’s driving me insane.

I have had trigeminal neuralgia since I was 34, and I am 46 now. I get pain on both sides of my face. It took a while to get to see specialists at the hospital, but they are so friendly. I was put on Tegretol CR, it really helped with my pain, and I was able to go back to work for two and half years. Then I was put on a lot of different medications and I went through a rough time. I then was put on gabapentin, Tegretol and Endep. I am coping ok, but my left cheek spasms now and is uncomfortable. I am still with specialists.

I’ve suffered for 4 years with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) caused by a sinus operation. The pain has been almost unbearable and I lost my last job over having it. I’ve tried everything including another surgery, every type of pain killer, Botox, etc. Literally after spending time in the hospital with a stomach bleed from all the pain killers, I got a TENS machine and TN Pillow. I’m a lawyer and can’t believe the difference.

I have a new lease on life. I’ve lived with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) for about six years. Six of the worst years of my life. Until October 2018 I had no idea what I had. I went to several dentists and one oral surgeon and they had no idea either. I had five good teeth pulled but the pain never stopped. After I was diagnosed I was given gabapentin. It worked for about a week and a half and it stopped working. Anyway to make a long story short I was given carbamazepine about three weeks ago and it stops the pain.

One word: acupuncture! It’s a lifesaver, a kryptonite to trigeminal neuralgia.

I don’t know how I can differentiate between trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and temporomandibular disorder (TMD). I was hoping someone can share their experience because neither my doctor nor my dentist can tell. I saw a neurologist last month and he said I don’t have TN nor TMD and what I have is migraines. My pain is in the right lower jaw. It feel like tooth sensitivity but also, the pain moves to my middle lower teeth.

To all the people with trigeminal neuralgia (TN), I deeply sympathize with you. I am 61 and have had severe symptoms for 5 weeks. Let me tell you honestly doctors don’t help. They are interested in money, not curing us. The articles about TN are spot on. Medicines may help, and there are minimally evasive surgeries that may bring temporary relief, it is like putting tape on a leaky pipe. The MVD (microvascular decompression surgery) directly addresses the issue. Mine is scheduled. Good luck finding a good doctor.

Two tablets of carbamazepine 200 mg every 5 to 6 hours will extremely reduce your trigeminal neuralgia (TN) pain. You will feel better than before, but it will make you feel drowsy, aggressive, and you will find it hard to focus. I’ve experienced and lived with TN for (13 years). Now I am going for a surgery called microvascular decompression which is very effective to remove the TN pain away from my life. Recommended by specialist doctor. Search about carbamazepine and microvascular decompression.

My trigeminal neuralgia was diagnosed at the age of 20 years. I had many teeth pulled thinking it was dental related, the pain was excruciating. I’ve had the nerve blocks, shots, and every medication. I had the brain surgery that did not work; to find out now at the age of 45, a neurologist prescribed oxygen for me. He said the brain vessels during the flare up are bunched up, and when I breathed the oxygen I was amazed. As the oxygen begins to loosen the vessels, for the first time in my life I have had relief.


I’m just having my first flare of trigeminal neuralgia. I went to see an acupuncturist tonight who adamantly told me about 5 times that it’s the suicide disease and that there is nothing anyone can do for me. He told me that not even my neurologist can help and I should turn to religion and keep up acupuncture to take my mind off it. He said that drugs do more harm than good. Now I’m just discouraged.

I’ve had trigeminal neuralgia (right side) 3 times over a 6 year span. The first 2 times it resolved and went into remission. This time I went to an acupuncturist. Twenty four hours after the first treatment I feel 75 percent better. He recommended 6 treatments. He also gave me an herb to take, but I don’t know the name of the herb. I also have TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and am doing jaw relaxation exercises. When it’s really bad yoga, meditation, and physical exercise helps me feel better. Hang in there!

I thought that the increasing stabbing pain I had in my right jaw/teeth was dental related. I couldn’t sleep or work. After consults with general physicians, dentists, ENT, I found a neurologist who was able to identify it as atypical trigeminal neuralgia (TN). I was out on Lyrica, a nerve tonic of B complex, mefenamic acid and amitriptyline that helped me sleep. I had a high fever on my first day but then the pain became tolerable and now gone. Dose has since decreased. Such a relief but fearful of next attack.

I had pain from trigeminal neuralgia for a year and 2 months. I was lucky to find the root of the problem. My two last molars had a space in between further pinched due to the braces I wore. After treatment which spanned from Tegretol and Lyrica, plus the NanoVibronix, and nothing working, the dentist decided to pull out my perfectly healthy last tooth to give the other room. It worked! I have been without pain for over a month. So grateful that I have my life back.

It took 2 years, but it was a massage therapist and a chiropractor that first mentioned trigeminal neuralgia (TN). So I went home and researched it. When I read others’ stories I began to cry because I finally knew what I had. My doctor just thought I was too young to have it. I like to treat things as natural as possible, so when I was offered seizure medication while pregnant I refused to take them. I found a NUCCA chiropractor. Please if you suffer with TN, do the same. No TN pain, going on 6 years!

I am 87 and have suffered trigeminal neuralgia (TN) for 10 years with short breaks that are virtually pain free. I too was given amitriptyline but was advised by the neurologist to switch to gabapentin as it would help in preventing further nerve damage that I was experiencing with cold and lack of feeling in my feet. For TN it has been necessary to increase the dose over time to 2,400 mg daily and even this does not give immediate relief, but the pain seems to move, from upper lip to the eye and head.

I was 20 years old and I could not stand wind against my face. Jumping ahead to 2004 I started having small facial shocks on and off increasing in pain. In 2006 I had major excruciating pain and went to the dentist, and he said I needed to see a neurologist. The neurologist said I had either multiple sclerosis or trigeminal neuralgia. Lucky me, I have both. I am at 800 mg carbamazepine, I started at 400 mg. I tried Lyrica, gabapentin, and all the other drugs available. I am starting back on duloxetine 30 mg. Too many side effects on carbamazepine high dose.

I have trigeminal neuralgia caused by multiple sclerosis, for several years. My neurologist always puts me on steroids and it works. After 2 days the pain is much better.

I was 49 when my first trigeminal neuralgia (TN) episode struck on the right, lower jawline. My dentist said it wasn’t my teeth and recommended that I see a neurologist. I was diagnosed with TN of the 5th nerve and prescribed gabapentin. With increased dosages, the medication worked for almost 6 years. I had microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery in 2015 and remain pain free to date. I have arthritis in my neck and suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Ice and hot pads help.

I am 59 years of age and have had trigeminal neuralgia for 20 years as a side effect of multiple sclerosis perhaps. Mine is constant on the left side of my face. I have been on maintenance medicines of 1000 mg carbamazepine, 200 mg lamotrigine and 50 mg amitriptyline since having had a second thermocoagulation in 2014. Pain is now back so I have increased carbamazepine to 1400 mg and lamotrigine to 250 mg. Side effects are tiredness, heavy legs and foggy mind but anything is better than trigeminal neuralgia. I am seeing a neurologist in couple of weeks with the hope of treatment.

After 2 weeks of suffering and x-ray at the dentist, finally I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and was given 50 mg pregabalin. I took one yesterday evening, started feeling dizzy but when I woke up this morning, the pain had gone 80 percent. I took another pill and now I feel dizzy but I can drink and eat without much pain and this is heaven. Before, at times I could not even talk and the sharp pain would hit me. Now I can. Pregabalin seems a miracle for me! I am also seeing a neurologist soon.

I fell 5 days ago and have suffered horrendous pain in my left leg. The nerve pain is driving me up the walls. The part that feel sore to the touch is the lower back of the leg.

I too have been dealing with painful trigeminal neuralgia (TN) for over a year thinking, at first, it was a sinus or dental problem. I have tried Neurontin which only provides relief because after taking 300 mg I’m unconscious in a deep sleep for 4 to 6 hours, then feel horribly hung over for another 4 to 6 hours and the pain resumes. I am a full time working professional so this was no solution. Tramadol 25 mg had the same effect. Many Thanks to the commenter who wrote about packing jaw with Orajel and gauze! Immediate relief!

Acupuncture and no medication has 3 times taken away my trigeminal neuralgia attacks. When I get the symptoms (electric shock pain in ear, jaw and head, and constant pain- sometimes I have both) I go to acupuncture and it works for me, thankfully. I don’t know how or why, just that it goes away. Last attack was 3 weeks ago, time before that was 2 years ago. I hope I get another 2 years pain free this time.

When my general physician first diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia she gave me amitriptyline. I had to up the dose every time because it was never enough. Now it’s still not enough and I’ve now been given gabapentin 900 mg a day, and I’m still in pain. It keeps me up at night, makes eating and drinking hard. It makes work terrible and my days off are awful because I can’t relax. My doctor has told me that I’m very unlucky with it. I’m only 26 so it’s very uncommon in people my age so yeah, unlucky indeed; seems to be my middle name!

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) about a year ago. I haven’t had an MRI yet as I’m too scared to get in the machine. I was given carbamazepine for the pain and have had that increased. However, the pain seems to be winning. It is also progressing to others areas such as my ear and the back of my neck. It is very difficult to live with as I never feel good. Maybe it’s time to get in that MRI!

When I was 12 we went on a family holiday. On the plane landing my head exploded with pain. After that it would happen frequently to the point I would pass out from pain. I went for EEGs and they diagnosed me with epilepsy, as there was too much activity in the brain, but I never had a seizure. When I was 25 I was told by doctors that it was trigeminal neuralgia, and to basically take Tegretol which I refused as they made me ill. I’m now 40 and still suffer badly.

About 18 years ago my trigeminal neuralgia began with pain in my right eye. It felt like someone was pressing down very hard in the crease of my eyelid. I went to a neurologist who said there was nothing wrong and pretty much told me it was in my head! I then went to an ophthalmologist who couldn’t diagnose me. Then I went to an eye care specialty hospital and, again, they found nothing. Over the course of several months the pain moved to my right temple then to the top of my head. I worked full time and cried on the way to work and on the way home. At times I closed myself in the conference room to cry some more. The only temporary relief was to alternate cold with heat. I spent most of my time curled up on the couch with an ice bag and heating pad; and a box of tissues. The pain was so intense it felt like someone took a large nail and hammered it into the top of my skull. I saw my primary care doctor and he told me that it could very well be trigeminal neuralgia and referred me to a different neurologist. He confirmed it then prescribed an anti-seizure drug, Trileptal. It helped for about a week. That was the pattern for several months, constantly increasing the dosage till I began getting sick from the medication. My neurologist then suggested a surgical procedure called gamma knife where they zap the nerve with radiation. I was petrified! So many people suggested I try acupuncture. I was desperate so I gave it a try. I couldn’t believe it worked! I believe I started out going every other day for 2 weeks then it was spaced out until I had 10 treatments. After the 2nd treatment, I could tell it was doing something. Every treatment the pain lessened. By the 5th treatment the pain was completely gone. I talked to my neurologist and was told to always keep a low dose of the Trileptal in my system because it will come back. It does act up a few times a year, but ever so slightly. I still have sensitivity on top of my head almost all the time but only to the touch. You can’t even feel the acupuncture needles (except the one in my eyebrow), but nothing is as painful as trigeminal neuralgia!

Trigeminal neuralgia is the worst pain ever! Not even my wife believed me. She thought I was acting when it hit me, and it would just about drop me to the floor. Pain medicines worked for a while but never lasted. I would be dopy all day. Doctor said I had classic case of trigeminal neuralgia and suggested microvascular decompression surgery when medicines stopped working. I have been pain free since. I would suggest looking into it.

Approximately 10 years ago, I began experiencing an annoying nerve pain on the right side of my face where I had recently had a tooth pulled. Unfortunately, because of the coincidence of having the tooth extracted, I began a merry-go-round of seeing different specialists who misdiagnosed my facial nerve pain, blaming my pain on dental problems. I saw dentists, oral surgeons, ENTs (I even had a sinus procedure to rule out sinus problems), pain management clinics (I don’t tolerate drugs at all, so this was a waste of time), acupuncturist, and a chiropractor. Meanwhile, my pain became intolerable at times. It was constant, a burning sensation that I liken to a burning poker being shoved up my nostril. I was irritable and felt that this situation was hopeless. I could no longer go out to dinner or enjoy family and friends later in the afternoons and evenings as this was when the excruciating pain was at its worst. I went to a neurologist and he told me he suspected trigeminal neuralgia (TN). He then prescribed various medicines, none of which solved the problem. Besides not working, I had bad reactions to the medicines. I also did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life, I wanted to stamp out this pain permanently. I visited 3 neurosurgeons, all of whom did not want to take on my case as they were still suspicious about the pulled tooth, and I, of all things, discovered that when I chewed gum, it lessened the pain considerably. They said that cure was the opposite of TN, that chewing made the condition worse. I finally found a neurosurgeon who believed me. He performed an operation on me, microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia. It was performed under general anesthesia and I was in the hospital of 3 days. I have not had any pain at all! I am overjoyed and feel as if I have my life back. I assume that everybody reading this has had his or her share of suffering with this hard-to-diagnose disease. After all you have learned after reading about TN and its painful symptoms, you most likely have it, even though some of your symptoms may be a bit off. You need a good surgeon who will believe you and take the necessary steps to rid yourself of this horror. Good luck to you all, I know how rough the road is.

Like many I thought I had a severe tooth ache. My dentist, after taking x-ray of the left upper tooth said he couldn’t find a problem but took a full head x-ray, still no joy. He diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and told me sometimes it is triggered by eating on one side. He suggested my bite was uneven and ground some teeth to take off high spots. It’s now been 4 days since this procedure and although I still have some pain it’s considerably better. I really don’t write comments however if this helps another to alleviate the pain I though it worth doing.

At age 15 I had a head on collision. I was knocked out. I woke, walked home, and talked to friends. I was rushed to hospital with a fractured cheekbone, eyelid ripped off and broken nose. It took months of recovery and eye patches. But I’ve never been the same. Now at 56 I’m having severe headaches, nose pain, excruciating eye pain, and ear, neck and jaw pain from trigeminal neuralgia. My headaches lasted 4 days, now it’s every day.

My story is similar to everyone else here. Thought I had a tooth infection and ended up being trigeminal neuralgia. It has been a nightmare. I tried medicines for a while but side effects were really bad and I couldn’t work or drive. I found a device made in Israel called the PainShield by NanoVibronix and it has made a huge difference for me, whenever I stick to the treatments, that is. I have a small business and I just can’t deal with the side effects of the pills. So I’m trying my best to keep up with the treatments.

I am seventy four years old and have suffered from trigeminal neuralgia pains for at least six years and from low back pain for the last eighteen months. On Friday, 12 May, 2017 during a remission period from the pains of trigeminal neuralgia I arranged a TAMARS (technology assisted mobilization and reflex simulation) appointment focusing on low back pain. During the hour-long treatment session the therapist manipulated the entire length of my spine. At times the pain was quite intense and when he concentrated pressure on the top section of my spine in the nape of my neck/base of my skull area I had to grind my teeth to cope with the severe pain. About twenty four hours after completion of the TAMARS manipulation I suddenly felt the return of dreaded trigeminal neuralgia pains in my right jaw. These pains remained for approximately two days and then ceased completely. During that two day period I had no pains whatever in my left jaw. Previous to the TAMARS treatment for about six years my trigeminal neuralgia pains had been exclusively embedded in the left side of my face. Three months later as I write this brief description of my experience I have not had any pains whatsoever in either side of my face following cessation of the pains in my right jaw. I am convinced that the TAMARS treatment initiated, albeit transiently, severe trigeminal neuralgia pains in my right jaw.

I have had atypical trigeminal neuralgia for 18 years! I have tried surgery, gamma knife, acupuncture, facial and cranial work, massage, medicines, etc. Last Saturday I began using legal CBD oil twice a day. It has brought some desperately awaited relief. I take it with my Tegretol and Vicodin and hope to wean myself off those medications soon. The CBD oil is used twice a day and has no side effects. It is legal in Ohio and Michigan and I am thankful beyond words to finally have more relief and hope.

I have had trigeminal neuralgia (TN) now for around 2 years and have been put on Tegretol. I have been taking one 200 mg tablet each morning and had no problem for over a year. However, 10 days back I started getting shocks and couldn’t eat, clean my teeth or even drink unless very slowly and only on my left side. So I upped the dose to 2 times 200mg and they stopped. As 2 other people I know have TN and use Lyrica, I asked my doctor if I should change and he said Tegretol is better.

I had been suffering excruciating trigeminal neuralgia (TN) attacks for almost 8 years and I tried anti-seizure medicines, painkillers, and steroids with no respite apart from the temporary subsiding of pain. Desperate to find relief, I even contemplated surgery, however my fear of going under the knife made me opt for natural supplements, although being skeptical about natural medicines in general. I started googling about other alternative treatments and chanced upon Biogetica last year. It is an online medical portal that deals with Ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies. I contacted them through their doctors’ helpline and started using their Freedom Kit with OM13 TNeuralgease Formula. The results have by far been the best I can boast of. The pain stopped just within 3 weeks of using the remedies and I have been pain free for the past 7 months now. Thank goodness, the nightmare has ended!

My father at 74 suffered from trigeminal neuralgia and it had been going on for at least the last two years. Well, today (10-14-2015) he had surgery. I am so happy to say that he now is feeling 100 percent better; really, as he found a doctor that specializes in this procedure, and he’s satisfied with the results. He is not so happy about them shaving his head on the left side and going in behind the ear with a 4 inch stitch but he is fixed.

Trigeminal neuralgia has hit me three times in the last 3 years. I used over the counter Orajel and packed my jaw with a gauze to hold the Orajel in place. It helped a lot!

I have been having tooth pain for 3 months. I have seen 5 dentists including 2 endodontists to find nothing. My doctor is guessing it is either TMD (temporomandibular disorders) or trigeminal neuralgia. Pain is dull and constant so from my reading I guess it’s type 2. I am not sure where to go from here. My doctor just gave me anti-inflammatory and B-complex supplements and told me to wait for a month to see how the pain feels.

I have had trigeminal neuralgia for 8 years due to a dental procedure. I have tried numerous medicines, acupuncture, and even tried tramadol which I’m allergic to. I am scheduled for a nerve block through my cheek on Friday. Wonder if there are others that have had percent damage from this or promising results. Scared but don’t know what else to do. Extremely depressed and want my life back.

To all suffering with trigeminal neuralgia, I don’t envy you. Or myself. The pain is excruciating. Diagnosing it is half the problem. Many, if not most, doctors and dentists are not familiar with this problem and should be. The medical industry is failing us. I was actually diagnosed by my assistant at work who researched my symptoms on the internet. The ultimate cure is the MVD, microvascular decompression surgery. Mine is scheduled for Monday. I am hoping it works. Good Luck to all of you.

Nascent Iodine X2 was effective for my trigeminal neuralgia (TN). I have had TN for 16 years, all the pain, symptoms, the frequency of attacks, and the medication (Tegretol) side effects. My latest episode (6 months long) was worse than ever. I started taking Nascent iodine 2 weeks ago, and feel like a new man. TN has backed right off, I have cut medication in half already and am getting better. Not expensive either.

It’s a root or a nerve in the eyetooth area that is being exposed to air causing the pain. I know because it happened to me, and it is the worst pain; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Anyone who has trigeminal neuralgia, I feel so bad for them, it’s worse than childbirth. If you block off the air, the pain goes away. When it first happened I used cotton, pushed it up inside my gum, and then I purchased tooth filling material offline and got rid of it myself. No one would listen to me.

I have had trigeminal neuralgia for 12 months. I’ve had micro vascular decompression operation. I still have pain in the top of my forehead and hairline. The operation was 7 weeks ago.

I take gabapentin for my trigeminal neuralgia. Once your pain goes away I wonder if you can gradually go off gabapentin or if you have to be on it forever!

My left eye runs all the time, and I have pain in upper and left jaw from trigeminal neuralgia. I went to the dentist but the medicine he gave me does not take it away. It feels like nails in my jaw. I cannot eat hot food. I have my upper and lower plates. It feels like sharp needles in the jaw. I am going to the dentist tomorrow. The pain is so sharp, I need help.

I’ve had TN for 5 years. It’s bad. I was put on Lyrica, I took 9 pills. Did nothing for me. Now I’m on Carbamazipine and now take 7 1/2 – 200 mg. They make me drowsy and dizzy. So far no pain. I go for a MRI soon. I sure hope they can do something for me. Attacks are bad. I don’t eat or move for 3 days. Last attack was end of May and now end of August.

About 5 years ago, I had my first bout with TN. My dentist did not help. The neurologist gave me a medication that was totally bad – side effects. I would not subject myself to these horrors. I learned how to relax my jaw. When I did it right the relief was IMMEDIATE. During the 2nd visit to the neurologist, she told me that was the only way to do it, but most people did not take the time to try it. They wanted a ‘pill’ to take the pain away. Since then, I have had only 5-6 episodes lasting less than 10 minutes. When it happens, think about what is stressing you out. Go in the bathroom and lean forward and let the jaw relax.

Exactly one year ago I suddenly was struck one day, completely out of the blue, with horrible pain in my face. I also thought that I had sinus infection and went to the doctor and dentist for about a month with no relief in sight. I would have an attach that lasted for 48 hours and then would start to subside only to break out with the horrible pain immediately again. I finally went to another doctor who saw me while I was having a painful attack. They immediately diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and gave me carbamazepine @ 100 mg with two, twice a day. I did have dizziness and the sensation that I could not completely control how I was walking without tripping. But, within 48 hours I was free of pain. I have only had two or three flair ups during the last year and it appears that they may have stopped completely. I now take only one 100 mg a day.

I was diagnosed with TN about 2 years ago when I was 12-13 in both sides of my face. I was put on carbamazapine, started on a low dose but was on 1600mg a day after about three weeks. It worked for about 6 months and then the pain started to come back. I also suffered from bad side effects such as horrific hallucinations and depression. My GP decided to put me on the slow release version as he thought it would help. The hallucinations and depression just got worse and I was like a completely different person. I came off the tablets and started to have complimentary therapy (Reiki). 18 months down the line and I haven’t been on any other tablets and I only get pain from time to time.

After suffering years of unexplained facial and dental pain, I decided to see my doctor as I couldn’t face any more trips to the dentist. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and given carbamazepine. I had tried various pain relief options without any success, thinking it was dental problems I was having. It’s still in the early days of the treatment, but I feel that at last something is working to help with the agonizing pain. I have only been on the treatment four days and the results are amazing although there is still some tenderness. I don’t quite know what to make of pain-free teeth! My fingers are crossed that the medication works long-term.

I was diagnosed with this disease about 5 years ago and it still flares up about twice a month. I am on amitryptaline because nothing else worked for me. I was hospitalized and given morphine which did nothing but make me sicker. It’s a horrible thing to have and hopefully someday they will find a cure.

I was diagnosed 10 years ago after being treated multiple times for ear infections and TMJ. I did not respond effectively from anti-seizure meds and finally saw a neurosurgeon. Eventually he performed a “nerve block”. I will tell you this procedure was incredible painful but 10 years later I am still pain free.

Glad to find a website that has some positive results on this since there does not seem to be a whole lot of answers. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia a few years ago and was put on Cymbalta which also worked for me (I saw another writer had good results with a similar med) However, last year I broke my knee and the trigeminal neuralgia came back very bad and I was put on lyrica which did take the pain away after about 2 months but also had side effects that made me go off ( I was on a very high dose). Got a few “sparks” after going off but it has now been 5 months of just the cymbalta and thankfully all has been good.

I have been facing problems with trigeminal neuralgia for many weeks now until I came across Ayurveda treatment. Do not take pain killers. Natural way of treatment is the way to go.

My friend has had trigeminal neuralgia for the last 4 years. She’s tried everything including surgery, all types of pain medicines, Botox, etc., none of which worked. She was going to try to find a job but isn’t sure how she’d be able to do it.

I treated my trigeminal neuralgia with homeopathy medicines. It was successful. Only thing is you have to find out a good homeopathy doctor.

I’ve been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia a few days ago, after I got pain down my face, and a stabbing in my ear. I’m currently deaf (feels like constant water), and I’m just wondering if my hearing will come back. And if there are other things for pain relief I could take other than what the doctor gave me.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with lupus and was told by my doctors there was no cure, and they put me on 20 prednisone pills per day to start with and eventually dropping to one pill 3 times a day and also Degranol one daily. To counteract the effects of the prednisone I had to take Caltrate pills because of the effects on the joints and the bone structure. I now have a problem where my face, jaw, and upper left side of my head have these shock spasms that are unbelievably painful. I can’t eat, talk, swallow, or brush my teeth without excruciating pain which takes forever to subside. After reading all the comments in this article I cannot see any way forward with this disease I really give my best wishes to all who are living with trigeminal neuralgia.

I had cushion put into my lump and nerves in my head in 2009, but my pain hast not stopped at all. I do not know what to do.

I have been on many meds and had different results for each. Each patient is different so I say allow an experienced doctor to treat you. I have had several ablations for trigeminal neuralgia.

I wish I had this information and support available when I first had my facial pain in 1986. I went through many dentists and doctors before being diagnosed with TN. I also had many horrible experiences and finally in 1994, I had surgery. I had remained pain free until 2014 when I started to feel the exact symptoms again. I wonder if it is possible for the TN to recur after being pain free for so many years. I have read many of the shared stories and will try to relax my jaws.

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia 11 years ago, and up until now, it’s been under good control with the use of topiramate 50mg 3 times daily, Cymbalta 60mg daily, clonazepam 1mg at bedtime, and orphenadrine, a muscle relaxer. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, which was diagnosed 15 years ago.

I had an intense pain from my ear to just below my eye. At the same time I noticed my eye looked smaller and the pupil wasn’t reacting as quickly as the other one. I’ve been to dentists, oral surgeons, eye doctors, neurologists, neuroophthalmologists and had every test in the book done. So far they cannot figure out the reason.

I have suffered with TN most of my life. The attacks are sporadic. Massive uses of Darvocet were the only pain reducing med. Since Darvocet has been discontinued, my doctor has put me on Lyrica and Percoset. The Percoset will not kill the pain, but the Lyrica will dull the pain if taken at the onset of an attack. I have had TN since I was a child. I have gone several years between attacks, but as I get older the attacks occur more often.

I’ve been suffering from these symptoms for two months now. The pain is constant. I can’t sleep, eat, or talk, or even smile. I’ve been to the dentist about eight times. They say can’t find anything.

I was diagnosed with TN about five years ago. After about four months it went away. It came back in my teeth about two years ago. At first I thought it was a sinus infection, then I thought it was my teeth. I went to two doctors who said nothing was wrong. It is worst in the morning when I wake up.

Carbamazepine (tegretol) usually works for me. I take two 200mg pills every day and when I have a flare up I take up to six pills a day. Luckily the flare ups don’t happen often. I’m considering gamma knife, but I’m on one yahoo group site where a couple of people had this done and their TN became worse. It’s so hard to know what to do, since no treatment is guaranteed to be effective. The MVD can potentially leave you with a painfully numb face and might only give a few years relief. There’s no way to know.

I started about five years ago with pain. I tried medications but couldn’t stand all the side effects so I decided to have gamma knife and I was pain free for three full years. But now the nerve has regenerated so I am looking into having it done again because it worked like a miracle!

I am a 59 year old female. In 2002 I developed facial pain that was unbearable. I had oral surgery but I got no relief I suffered for 6 months being misdiagnosed. Finally an emergency room doctor diagnosed me and I went on meds that did not work eventually I had surgery in 2003. I got instant relief, and now I get pain occasionally and Dilantin provides relief. It’s the worst pain I’ve ever had in my life.

I have had TN for a year. I spend so much time out of work for the pain. I am on high doses Trilepital and Lyrica. I have gained so much weight because of the steroids, which causes me to be depressed. I still have the episodes of pain, but not as bad as the first three months when I was diagnosed. I try to avoid any stress because it causes me pain. If I get a sinus infection it causes the nerve to act up. Really considering surgery, so I can get on with my life.

I am 69 years old and have had trigeminal neuralgia since I was 17. This occurs when I get a draft in my right ear, even from lightly blowing wind. I try to avoid any drafts, but sometimes I unexpectedly get a draft – when this occurs my whole right side, my head, my mouth, my teeth, my ear, my neck and my shoulder are in severe pain. This generally lasts a couple of weeks.

I thought I had a toothache, but went and had it check out was told my teeth were in great shape, but maybe my very old wisdom tooth could be the problem, so I had it removed. It didn’t work and I lost a perfectly good tooth for nothing. I’m on high doses of pain meds to help with the pain, but it is still there. My dentist wants to cut the nerve but I hear that rarely solves the problem. I’ve been in constant pain for over two weeks.

I have had erratic earaches for past three months and thought nothing of same, sometimes my eyes would be bloodshot; for the past 6 weeks I have been experiencing chronic headaches, sometimes watery or bloodshot eyes, pain on my nape, my ears, also irritable throat with mucus, and loud noises or music made this worse. My doctor gave injection, and painkillers.

I was diagnosed with TN about 15 years ago. My attacks are triggered once a year for about 6 weeks until the drugs (cabanazepine) work and become pain free. I remain on the tablets of 600mg for about 3 months and I’m pain free for the rest of about 9 months.

I am a 59 year old woman with TN. After a root canal on my lower left molar (a three and a half hour procedure) I began feeling as if I had tight braces on my upper teeth. Some time later, I started having sharp pain in my upper and lower left teeth. What a nightmare!! My neurologist started me on Neurontin and this seems to have eased the pain. I also see a chiropractor which I’m sure this has added to my treatment.

I have been to a neurologist and he tried a couple of the anti seizure meds on me. My attacks usually happened about three times a year and are triggered by cold weather. I found that a heating pad works well.

I am on 600mg Tegretol & 900mg of Neurontin. I am finding these medications make me very drowsy & I cannot function at anything near a normal level. I have had a lot of time off work and it is consuming my life. I hope I find relief as some of you have otherwise surgery is looking good!

I started having TN in 2008. I went to the Dentist to make sure my dentures were ok. The pain was so bad that I would dig the area with my nails. I was told by my neurologist that I had TN the first part of 2009 on both sides of my jaw line. In June 2009 I had a brain decompression where the surgeon removed a piece of my skull and replaced with a piece of synthetic fabric in hopes of relieving the pressure on the base of the nerve (this did not help). I have been on all the medication that is used for this problem.

Best product for trigeminal neuralgia

In indiana and with the release of CBD oil interested in getting something for my mother in law who is a long time sufferer of this disease. Any recommendations on best product and application method?

discovercbd.com has a concentrated full-spectrum CBD oil at 170 mg per ml with trace THC, and a THC free oil at 250 mg per ml

These products are compliant with the new regulations in IN for CBD as well

I recently started using it and have found nearly full remission. No other prescription has worked for me. The concentration had to be high enough for it to work. Using 20mg twice a day.

Hi mesavoida! Just read your post about “. nearly full remission.” Are you saying you’ve been going through full TN pain and now that you have introduced a cadence of CBD you’re nearly in full remission. Please explain more! I’ve been dying to find positive news like this. Thanks!


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