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As your pet starts showing signs of older age, try using Pet Releaf as a daily CBD hemp oil supplement to help them stay youthful!

Whether you just adopted a senior companion or your pet is all grown up, using Pet Releaf is the perfect way to keep them young! Our Pet Releaf products are a great daily CBD hemp oil supplement to add onto your pet’s daily regimen especially as your furry friend starts showing signs of aging.

Every mammal has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that has two receptors, one located in the brain and the other in the immune system. When the ECS is activated, this allows a two-way communication between different body systems. These systems include the digestive system, cardiovascular, and even cognitive and memory functions.

If your pet starts showing signs of aging, you may want to consider adding Pet Releaf products as a daily CBD hemp oil supplement since it can serve as a neuroprotectant and promotes longevity!

1. Mobility Issues

As your pet begins to age, they can experience new aches and discomfort in their joints that they might not have encountered before. Pet Releaf’s CBD hemp oil can serve as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve some of this discomfort. For onset mobility issues, our Edibites can be given as a daily superfood supplement that can also give your dog a little pep in their step. For more severe joint discomfort, administering our CBD hemp oil daily would be your pet’s best option!

2. Weight Loss

If you’re noticing your dog or cat is starting to eat less than normal or is refusing their food, try changing up their diet and adding on our CBD hemp oil to their daily regimen. CBD is known for helping stimulate your pet’s appetite and can even help decrease nausea and vomiting.

3. Restless Sleep

Some pets get more restless and cannot sleep through the night as they grow older. This is not exactly ideal when you hear your cat or dog whining at 3AM. CBD hemp oil has relaxing and calming properties that can help your pet get comfortable enough to sleep the night away. We always recommend splitting our recommended usages between the AM/PM, since every split usage amount is equal to 9 hours of coverage. So if you administer the split usage amount 30 minutes to 1 hour before your pet’s bedtime, then your pet can be covered throughout the night.

4. Skin Allergies

At any age, dogs can experience skin irritations, but it is more common as they start to age. Our Canna Care Topical can work as an anti-inflammatory that can help relieve rashes and dry skin. A lot of dog parents even start to notice a shinier coat of fur when using our CBD hemp oil in conjunction with our Canna Care. We always recommend administering our CBD hemp oil, capsules, and Edibites to help cover the inside and our Canna Care Topical to help cover the outside.

5. Memory Loss

If you start to see your pet showing signs of confusion or disorientation around the house, administering CBD hemp oil also might be a good option. Our organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil cannot cure memory loss, but it can help calm their situational anxieties from the disorientation as it can activate the cognitive and memory functions in the brain.

Buying Companion CBD Oil: Which product should I purchase for my dog or cat?

Hemp Oil 330 – recommended for cats and small dogs

Hemp Oil 700 – recommended for medium-sized dogs

Hemp Oil 1700 – recommended for medium to large breed dogs

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules – recommended for large breed dogs

Regular & Large Breed Edibites – recommended for small to large breed dogs

The Benefits of Hemp For Cats

Have you heard about hemp and its many benefits? It’s an ingredient that’s awfully hard to ignore since it seems to crop up in almost every recipe — from food and treats to skincare and supplements and everything in between. Does hemp really live up to the hype? In this post, we’re discussing hemp and how it can help your feline friend, so keep reading if you’ve been considering adding hemp to your cat’s diet.

Is Hemp Safe For Cats?

Hemp can come in many different formats and can be added to your cat’s diet in a variety of ways. But the good news is, it’s generally considered safe for your feline friend and most cats will not only tolerate the ingredient well but will experience some impressive benefits to boot.

You should always check with your Vet before adding a new ingredient to your cat’s diet. But once you get the go-ahead, rest assured that hemp is safe for cats to consume. Choose a pet-safe formula that includes clear dosing directions and confirm with a professional that the recommended feeding guidelines are appropriate for your feline friend. All cats have unique health needs and your Vet is the best resource to let you know how much hemp is safe for your cat.

How To Choose A Hemp Supplement For Your Pet

There are some key things to look for when you’re adding hemp to your kitty’s diet. Choose products from a company you can trust that provides transparency into their entire process, from start to finish.

Make sure you have access to sourcing and processing information and that the manufacturer has quality checks in place to ensure their supplements are completely safe for your pet. When it comes to hemp, in particular, it’s important that products are tested for efficacy, potency, and THC content if it’s a CBD supplement. Only add a supplement to your cat’s diet if it has been tested by a trusted third party and the certificate of analysis is available to view.

How Can Hemp Benefit Your Feline Friend?

If you’re still wondering why there’s so much hype about hemp, it’s because there are some impressive compounds present in the plant that can help your cat in a variety of ways. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider adding hemp to your feline’s diet:

  • Hemp Is Naturally Mood-Soothing: Is your feline friend a scaredy-cat? If so, try adding hemp to her diet. It’s rich in Omega Fatty Acids that help with mood balance. But, that’s not all. Hemp has also been shown to help with depressed feelings and occasional anxiousness, definitely two things your stressed cat could benefit from!
  • Hemp Helps Your Cat Have A Healthy Appetite: There’s no arguing that cats can be picky eaters. But, it can be dangerous if your finicky feline decides she doesn’t like her diet because cats need to consume food every day or they’re at risk of developing potentially life-threatening liver disease. Support your cat and help her have a healthy appetite with the help of hemp.
  • Hemp Has Been Shown To Help Prevent Seizures: If this is something your cat experiences, try adding hemp to her diet! Studies show that adding hemp CBD for cats to your feline’s diet can help decrease the severity of seizures and the frequency that they occur.
  • Hemp Supports Healthy Skin: Does your kitty have itchy skin or a sparse coat ? Pack her food bowl with hemp supplements to help! Hemp is full of Omega Fatty Acids that support overall skin health and help keep her skin barrier strong to prevent future skin problems from becoming a health issue.
  • Hemp Promotes Healthy Joints And Mobility: If you’ve noticed your cat is uncomfortable and isn’t as mobile as she once was, add some hemp to her food dish. It helps support your cat’s connective tissues for healthy mobility and joints. Plus, it’s been shown to help your feline have a healthy inflammatory response, which is key when it comes to preventing age-related joint issues from developing .

Impressed yet? These are just a handful of the benefits you can expect your cat to experience when you try adding hemp to her diet. There are countless other ways hemp can support your furry family member, which is why it’s an ingredient that continues to crop up just about everywhere!

PetHonesty Products That Contain Hemp For Cats

Ready to add hemp to your cat’s diet? Try adding a pump or two of Salmon Oil with Hemp to your cat’s next meal. Mix it with the food she’s already eating and she’ll benefit from the added nutrients without even noticing that you’re supplementing her diet. Or, pick up our Hemp Joint Support + Digestion Cat Pack . It’s formulated to support your feline friend with healthy mobility, comfortable joints, and digestive wellness thanks to this duo which includes a joint support formula that’s made with hemp.

How to care for a senior cat

Senior cats are lovable and cuddly, but some cats will have habit changes and health concerns in their elderly years. Dr. Chelsea Luedke has these recommendations that can help your furry best friend as they grow older.

  1. Regular wellness exams: cats are notoriously good at hiding serious medical conditions until they are difficult to treat. Annual bloodwork screens can help to detect issues such as kidney disease or thyroid issues early in the course when treatment is easier to manage.
  2. Monitor drinking and urination habits at home: increased drinking and urination volumes are the best way to pick up on renal issues or even diabetes. Some cat litters can now help to detect issues early on with pH measurements.
  3. Keep food/water/litter accessible: it’s easy to forget that our cats can no longer easily jump onto higher surfaces when they get older. Their discomfort can sneak up on us as it’s often a gradual change but cats can have joint pain in their golden years. CBD can be very helpful as an anti-inflammatory with minimal risks; VetCS Hemp Extract for cats is a good option for cats that have decreased mobility.
  4. Litter box accidents: new litter box (urine or stool) accidents in a previously litter trained cat can signal possible medical or anxiety conditions. Discuss these changes with your veterinarian for further guidance.
  5. Encourage adequate water consumption: cats can be difficult to keep drinking adequate amounts of water. A popular option to encourage drinking are cat water fountains.
  6. Avoid stressing your senior cat: bringing in multiple pets or younger cats can easily make a senior cat anxious. Keeping separate litter boxes and areas of the home can help substantially in transitioning with new pets or after a big move. For those cats that don’t adjust well, consider using pheromone diffusers, VetCS CBD for Cats, and enrichment toys like hunting feeders.
  7. Know your cat’s normal weight: weight gain or loss is a notable change in cats. For overweight cats, encouraging more activity with hunting feeders and activity centers can help keep weight gain at a minimum. Sudden or rapid weight loss is cause for concern and should be brought up with your cat’s veterinarian.
  8. Dental disease is common in senior cats: keep up on regular examinations and note any changes at home in their appetite or ability to chew. Dental issues left untreated can cause stomatitis, pain, and leaves them at higher risk for infections.

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CBD Oil For Cats Sample

Cats can be pretty picky when it comes to CBD, so we created a sample of our popular 500mg Salmon Flavored CBD Oil for testing your cat’s palatability. We formulated this oil after extensive research with cats and their aversion to the odor of our original hemp extract. Your cat will love the natural salmon flavor and may be added to their food or on a favorite treat. Jam-packed with a robust terpene profile, flavonoids, lipids, and amino acids.