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Finding the Best CBD Dog Treats and Edibles

You’ve heard about these new dog cookies which every pup loves, and makes them really healthy?

But you’re not too sure if these dog edibles are really safe, how much you should give, or which brands are reliable….

So many people are embracing CBD as both a medicine and supplement for their furry friend.

Unfortunately, administering CBD oil can sometimes be hard due to its unpleasant taste.

Luckily, CBD biscuits make it easy to ensure your pet gets their daily dose of CBD.

In this article I take a look at CBD treats for dogs, what they are and how they work. And I’ll share some reliable brands of CBD pet cookies that we’ve given our dogs.

Our Pick:

After a ton of research and testing, I have rated the organic treats from HolistaPet to be the best option right now. They have amazing ingredients and great prices as well.

So What is CBD Anyways?

CBD (cannabidiol), is a “compound”

It’s 100% natural, and it comes from hemp and cannabis. Most pet products use CBD from hemp.

Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the stuff in marijuana, CBD produces no bad psychoactive effects.

In short, this means it won’t produce the iconic “high” that comes from smoking “pot” or “weed”.

And actually the best part about CBD is that it produces very little side effects.

In rare cases it may make pets slightly drowsy, but it is generally an extremely well-tolerated, reliable, and safe medicine.

For more info about the safety of CBD for pets, click here.

What are the Benefits Of CBD?

CBD has become extremely popular over the last few years, both as a medicine and a regular nutritional supplement.

That’s because it has many health benefits.

When used as a medicine, CBD can act as a pain killer, anti inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antiemetic, appetite stimulant, and much more.

It helps pets with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors and seizures
  • … and much more

As a supplement, CBD can help promote homeostasis, keeping your best friend’s body in perfect balance and helping them stay healthy and happy.

The list of benefits of CBD goes on and on, and I explore them in more detail in my benefits article which you can read here.

Why are CBD Treats Used Instead of Oils?

If you’re already familiar with CBD, chances are you’re most familiar with CBD oils.

These oils are highly concentrated and contain hemp extract.

They are usually administered directly underneath your pet’s tongue in order to ensure fast relief from symptoms.

And while CBD oils offer the fastest onset out of all CBD supplements/medications out there, there is one downfall to using them:

CBD oil is naturally quite bitter, meaning your pets won’t exactly be lining up to get their daily dose.

That’s where CBD treats and biscuits are a great alternative.

These treats contain the same extract found in the oils and disguise it inside a tasty treat that your pets will love.

Unfortunately, the effects of the CBD will take longer to set in, seeing as it has to pass through the stomach.

Nonetheless, CBD treats are a great alternative for those of you who struggle to get your pet to take regular CBD oil.

Dosing With CBD Cookies

Getting the correct dosage is obviously important when using CBD.

When using CBD oils, dosages are usually measured in drops.

With biscuits, the dosage varies depending on the exact brand of treat you use.

Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits, for example, contain 80mg of hemp extract per biscuit.

Given this dosage, recommended serving sizes are as follows:

  • Dogs under 20lbs (9kg): 1 biscuit every 12 hours
  • Dogs 21-44lbs (9.5-20kg): 2 biscuits every 12 hours
  • Dogs 45-95lbs (20-43kg): 3 biscuits, every 12 hours
  • Dogs over 95lbs (43kg): 4 biscuits every 12 hours

Remember, these dosage recommendations are specific to Canna-Pet Biscuits.

Another choice for these products is King Kanine.

Their dosage recommendations are a bit easier to follow. This chart is from their official website:

I discuss more about dosages on the dosage guide page found here.

Always check the dosage guidelines specific to the brand of biscuit you’re using to ensure you’re getting the dosage right.

But don’t worry too much, as I explain in the side effects article, you’re pet CAN’T overdose on CBD.

Top 4 CBD Treats for Your Dog

I’ve come up with this list of the best CBD dog treats for those who want an easy way to give their dogs CBD.

Right now HolistaPet, Canna-Pet and King Kanine are the brands that we use and recommend most. I will update this list as I find more products that are worth recommending.

Here’s the list. These are the top brands of treats that I currently recommend to dog owners:

  1. HolistaPet Organic Dog Treats
  2. HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits
  3. King Kalm Krunch
  4. Honest Paws – Peanut Butter Flavored

1. HolistaPet Organic Dog Treats

HolistaPet offers some great options when it comes to these products.

They are also the only brand on this list which offers CBD treats for cats.

They are a new company that is getting a lot of positive feedback from their customers.

What I like best about the treats offered from HolistaPet is that they’re designed for specific problems your dog may have. They all contain high quality CBD, but they include other ingredients (super-foods) which may be beneficial for specific ailments.

Here are their 3 flavors along with the ailments they target:

  • Blueberry and Sweet Potato: Great for overall health and wellness and best for pets with skin allergies and weak immune systems.
  • Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon: This is ideal for dogs with joint and mobility issues. It contains other ingredients like turmeric root, boswellia and others which may help with joint health and reducing inflammation.
  • Green Apple and Peanut Butter: These cookies are recommended for dogs with stress and anxiety issues. It has other ingredients like l-theanine and chamomile which may help reduce your dog’s stress levels.

What’s great is that all these treats contain high quality CBD, which itself helps with many health conditions certain dogs may have.

But HolistaPet goes the extra mile in providing 3 flavors which give some extra ingredients which are designed for specific problems.

Click here to visit the website: www.HolistaPet.com

2. HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits

If high quality ingredients are important to you, then HempMy Pet is the brand you will want to buy from.

The only downfall with their treats is that they’re a bit more expensive. That being said, you get what you pay for.

In terms of overall quality of ingredients, HempMy Pet is highly recommended.

These are actually handmade in small batches. Every product from HempMy Pet is actually sourced and created in-house. So it’s all organic and 100% human grade.

They currently offer a Pumpkin Harvest flavor, and have options for large and small dogs.

Click here to visit the website: www.HempMyPet.com

3. King Kalm Crunch

I also recommend the phytocannabinoid rich dog treats called the King Kalm Crunch Cookies by King Kanine.

They are made with all natural ingredients which provide a good dose of micro and macro nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy.

These are certainly a great alternative to CBD oil, but they also make a great addition to contributing to the overall wellness of your pup.

King Kanine is currently offering 3 flavors:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Blueberry
  • Honey Oats
Click here to visit the website: www.KingKanine.com

4. Honest Paws – Peanut Butter Flavored

Does your dog like peanut butter?

Well this brand is for you!

A new company I’m starting to recommend more and more is Honest Paws.

These products are great, and our dogs are currently huge fans of their Roasted Peanut Butter Flavored Treats! Our pups wag their tails as soon as they hear me open the packet.

Honest Paws’ products are all made to the highest quality standards, and they make dosing extremely easy.

Plus, the fact that the brand is getting so many positive reviews makes it really easy to trust that the products I’m using and recommending are reliable.

Click here to visit the website: www.HonestPaws.com

Which CBD Biscuits are the Best?

I love all of these brands.

Based on our experience, and the feedback I’ve received from many other pet owners out there, all these options are highly recommended.

If I had to pick just one, I would currently recommend you order from HolistaPet.

Their treats have CBD plus other ingredients which can help specific problems your pet might have.

They currently have the best options when it comes to dog and cat treats, and they have the best prices as well.

Hey I’m Blake, the founder of this website. Our family was fortunately to have discovered CBD products after our dog Rosie was diagnosed with a few common ailments. I truly believe they enhanced her last few years, and it’s my passion to spread the word through this website. Thanks for visiting!

Grain-Free CBD Bacon Soft-Baked Dog Treats

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Our grain-free CBD bacon dog treats contain 5mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and are packed with nutritious ingredients including fishmeal, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin, and carrot. Each package weighs 12 ounces (340g) and contains a month’s supply of about 30 treats.

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Our Grain-Free CBD dog treats contain 5mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and are packed with nutritious ingredients including fishmeal, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin, and carrot. Each package weighs 12 ounces (340g) and contains a month’s supply of about 30 treats.


Bacon + CBD oil, yes, we know what your dog wants. We know you only want the best for your dog. That’s why we formulated our all-natural grain-free CBD bacon soft-baked dog treats from only the highest-quality ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD oil which aids with inflammation and anxiety, helping to relieve stress and comfort anxious dogs. Our CBD oil is sourced from USA-grown hemp and is tested to ensure there are no pesticides or heavy metals present.


We’re all about bacon and grain-free. Our grain-free CBD bacon soft-baked dog treats have been specially formulated for dogs on a grain-free diet. Made with zero grains, and zero fillers such as legumes, potato flour, lentils, pea flour, corn, and soy, these treats are just what the doctor ordered for our grain-sensitive best friends!


We source only the highest-quality domestically produced fishmeal for our heart-healthy treats, high in protein and bursting with all-natural omega-3, 6, 9, and DHA fatty acids. This powerful combo of nutrients help promote wellness in your pet from nose tip to tail top: skin, coat, hip, joint, and cardiovascular health.


Rich in minerals and B-complex vitamins, brewer’s yeast promotes a healthy gut microbiome, skin, hair, eyes, and liver function, and can also help reduce stress and calm nerves.


Yay for orange! The pumpkin and carrot in our treats work double duty for your doggie! High in fiber, pumpkin and carrots work as digestive aids to put your pup’s belly at ease, and can also help when transitioning to a new food. Plus, pumpkin and carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin-A which promotes eye health, and since this vitamin is fat-soluble, this superfood is supercharged by the essential fatty acids in our grain-free CBD bacon dog treats!