cbd oil cream for inflammation

What’s The Best CBD Cream for Pain and Inflammation? (2022 Reviews)

Today you’re getting a list of the best CBD creams that you can currently buy.

We reviewed over 20 samples by testing their effects on exercise-induced inflammation and pain, including joint pain and muscle pain.

While these products may be helpful in relieving arthritis pain, chronic pain, or other types of pain, we only tested the pain-relief potential for exercise-induced joint- and muscle pain.

We only considered listing products that actually had an effect.

We then rated all effective products on:

  • Cannabinoid- and terpene-profiles;
  • Ingredients (whether they’re natural and whether other anti-inflammatory compounds are present);
  • Transparency of the brand with regards to hemp source, extraction processes, and third-party lab-test reports;
  • Price, CBD you get per dollar, and;
  • The latest scientific discoveries regarding the effectiveness of topical CBD products.

What Science Can Tell Us About the Effectiveness of CBD Topicals

  • There’s some evidence supporting the idea that topically applied CBD can help reduce pain and has anti-inflammatory effects (1).
  • Studies show that CBD’s beneficial effects are more potent taken together with other hemp-derived compounds (2, 3, 4);
  • Studies show that besides CBD, a few other hemp-derived cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects when topically applied as well (THC, CBN) (1);
  • Studies show that hemp-derived terpenes can have beneficial effects when topically applied (5) ;
  • Studies show that there are many natural non-hemp-derived compounds like aloe vera that can be applied topically for beneficial effects (6, 7, 8) , which theoretically, can be combined with CBD for even more beneficial effects.

The bottom line:

A high-quality CBD topical should contain a wide spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes, plus additional anti-inflammatory compounds.

The average stats of our reviewed topical products:

  • Average CBD per dollar: 13.46mg;
  • Average hemp-extract (CBD+other cannabinoids and terpenes) per dollar: 16.92mg.

Let’ start with our list:

1. Receptra Naturals Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical (Best Full-Spectrum CBD Cream)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 400mg total or 1% |
  • THC: 0.04% |
  • CBD(%): 1 |
  • THC(%): 0.04 |
  • CBG(%): 0 |
  • CBC(%): 0.03 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0 |
  • Terpene(%): 1.8 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: CBC(0.03%), CBG(0.2%), CBDA(0.04%) |
  • Terpenes: 1.7% |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 10.46 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 45 |
  • Extract-type: full-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Mid-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Best terpene-rich CBD cream (extremely high terpene-concentration)
  • ­ One of the only true full-spectrum CBD creams
  • ­ Added arnica, jojoba, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and camphor, for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ ­ Misses a few anti-inflammatory cannabinoids like CBG
  • ­ Pricey
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

Most ‘full-spectrum’ and ‘broad-spectrum’ topical CBD products don’t really live up to their name. When you check the third-party lab-test reports of these so-called ‘full-spectrum’ or ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD oils, you’ll see that they contain little to no other cannabinoids than CBD.

Although they may contain trace elements of other cannabinoids, we want more than that when it comes to ‘full-spectrum’ and ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD products.

Receptra Naturals is one of the few brands that always provide true full-spectrum products. This Serious Relief Topical contains very high concentrations of other hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other CBD creams.

With a full-spectrum-ratio of 1.87, for every 1mg of CBD, you almost get 2mg of other hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.

This cream has an especially high concentration of terpenes. For every 1mg of CBD, you get 1.7mg of terpenes.

Here’s why this is so amazing:

Many terpenes are associated with anti-inflammatory effects. These terpenes don’t only have anti-inflammatory effects in and of themselves but may act synergistically to CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects as well.

While most topical creams are bolstered with other non-hemp anti-inflammatory compounds, there are no studies suggesting that these non-hemp-derived compounds like white willow bark act synergistically to CBD.

If you want to enhance CBD’s inflammatory effects, you should get additional anti-inflammatory compounds that come from the same plant your CBD is extracted from:

  • Terpenes like limonene and linalool, and
  • Cannabinoids like cannabigerol.

When it comes to CBD products for inflammation and pain, you especially want additional pain- and inflammation-relieving compounds that work together with CBD.

Otherwise, you might as well get any type of pain-relieving cream to relieve your pain.

On top of this amazing foundation of cannabinoids and terpenes, this cream is bolstered with additional pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory compounds:

  • Arnica;
  • Jojoba;
  • Jasmine;
  • Ylang-ylang, and;
  • Camphor.

All of these compounds are associated with anti-inflammatory effects.

While this is one of the more expensive options when we look at how much CBD you get per dollar, when we look at how much full-spectrum hemp-extract you get per dollar, it suddenly becomes the most affordable option on the list.

This is the best cannabinoid- and terpene-rich cream that you can get.

  • Receptra Naturals 15% off coupon code: Herbonaut

2.R+R Medicinals Hemp-Extract Infused Cream (Best Value CBD Cream)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 1092mg total or 1.48% |
  • THC: 0.05% |
  • CBD(%): 1.48 |
  • THC(%): 0.05 |
  • CBG(%): 0.02 |
  • CBC(%): 0.02 |
  • CBN(%): 0.01 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0.01 |
  • Terpene(%): 0.1 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: CBC(0.02%), CBG(0.02%), CBDV(0.01%), CBN(0.01) |
  • Terpenes: 0.1% |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 23.74 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 46 |
  • Extract-type: full-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Low-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Best value for money full-spectrum CBD cream
  • ­ One of the few true full-spectrum CBD creams
  • ­ Added MSM, Arnica Montana, and Calendula Flower, for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ Hemp extract used in product is USDA Organic certified
  • ­ ­ None
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

R+R Medicinals is, without a doubt our best value-for-money CBD brand. All of their products are truly full-spectrum. They contain a wide spectrum of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes…

And this cream is no different. Together with Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical, these two creams are the only topicals on the list that can truly be classified as ‘full-spectrum’.

And while Receptra Naturals’ premium cannabinoid- and terpene-rich topical is a bit more expensive than the average from a CBD-per-dollar perspective…

R+R Medicinals is truly full-spectrum AND even more affordable than the other options on the list.

From a CBD per dollar perspective, this is the most affordable option on our list. If you get this cream, a single dollar gets you 23.74mg of topically active CBD.

Add to this all the additional cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically to CBD…

Plus, non-hemp anti-inflammatory compounds like:

  • Added MSM;
  • Arnica Montana, and
  • Calendula Flower,

And you have an amazing cocktail of compounds that have a big chance of relieving inflammation and pain.

3. Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Cream with CBD (Great Value)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 750mg total |
  • THC: ND |
  • CBD(%): 1 |
  • THC(%): 0 |
  • CBG(%): 0 |
  • CBC(%): 0.01 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0 |
  • Terpene(%): 0 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: Not tested |
  • Terpenes: ND |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 20 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 35 |
  • Extract-type: broad-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Mid-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Amazing value for money option
  • ­ Vertically integrated brand (grows own hemp plants)
  • ­ Added aloe vera, coconut oil, oat extract, and sea buckthorn oil for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ Advertised as full-spectrum product, but lab-test results only show THC-content
  • ­ Based on lab-test report, it’s a broad-spectrum product at most (not full-spectrum)
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

Charlotte’s Web is one of the few CBD brands that have full control over the complete manufacturing process of its products.From the moment they plant the hemp seed to the final formulation of their products…

Charlotte’s Web tests their products up to 20 times before they reach you.

Their topicals are no different in that regard. It’s made from the same hemp that their well-respected CBD oil is made from.

This means, in theory, that you’re getting a true full-spectrum cream with Charlotte’s Web. However, looking at the lab-test reports we can only see trace elements of other cannabinoids than CBD. And we can’t see any terpenes (that might be because they don’t test for that).

So whether this product is truly full-spectrum is up for debate.

That being said…

Looking at how much CBD you get per dollar (20mg), this is another amazing value for money option.

Also, if you’re looking for a THC-free cream, according to the lab-test report, this cream doesn’t contain any THC. However, keep in mind that it does get advertised as a full-spectrum product. So there’s some discrepancy there.

Like all the options on the list, this one is bolstered with additional non-hemp anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing compounds:

  • Aloe vera;
  • Oat extract, and;
  • Sea buckthorn oil.

In addition, Charlotte’s Web ensures that this cream is:

  • Free of 8 major allergens
  • Was designed and manufactured without animal testing
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

You would think that such a high-quality cream is expensive…

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With 750mg of hemp extract for $35 with our coupon code, this is one of the most affordable options on the list.

Click the link below to go to Charlotte’s Web website:

  • Charlotte’s Web 15% off coupon code: HERBONAUT

4. CBDfx CBD Cream For Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula 1000mg (Best Customer-Rated)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 1000mg total or 2% |
  • THC: ND |
  • CBD(%): 2 |
  • THC(%): 0 |
  • CBG(%): 0.03 |
  • CBC(%): 0 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0 |
  • Terpene(%): 0 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: CBG(0.03%) |
  • Terpenes: ND |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 20 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 50 |
  • Extract-type: broad-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 30 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Mid-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Highly transparent company
  • ­ Great customer ratings (4.8/5)
  • ­ Added menthol, white willow bark and caffeine for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ ­ Contains almost only CBD
  • ­ Not good value for a product that barely contains anything but CBD
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

When it comes to CBD products…We consistently rank CBDfx products in our top 10 lists.

  • They sell some of the best customer-rated CBD products that you can find. Their topical CBD products have thousands of reviews with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars.
  • They let each and every product they sell get extensively third-party lab-tested on toxins, contaminants, and cannabinoid-content by third-party laboratories.
  • Their products contain organic ingredients for the most part.

While most of their topical products only contain trace elements of other cannabinoids and terpenes, it’s better than having none at all.

And with 20mg of CBD per dollar, this is another great value for money THC-free option.

Although CBDfx cream doesn’t contain other beneficial cannabinoids like THC or CBC at such high concentrations as Charlotte’s Web for example…

It does contain at least trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Besides hemp-derived compounds, CBDfx cream contains two other proven natural pain-reducing compounds:

  • Menthol;
  • Caffeine, and;
  • White willow bark.

This is the only option on the list that contains a small amount of caffeine to stimulate your blood flow.

The bottom line:

CBDfx cream is a great combination of natural pain-reducing compounds and has some of the best customer ratings of all CBD topicals we’ve ever reviewed.

Click the link below to go to the CBDfx website:

5. cbdMD CBD Recover Pain Relieving Formula 1500mg (Best THC-Free)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 1500mg total or 1.37% |
  • THC: ND |
  • CBD(%): 1.37 |
  • THC(%): 0 |
  • CBG(%): 0 |
  • CBC(%): 0.01 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0.004 |
  • Terpene(%): 0 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: CBDV(0.004%) |
  • Terpenes: ND |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 15 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 100 |
  • Extract-type: broad-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 60 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Mid-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Publically-traded company, is subject to a lot of scrutiny, therefore its highly transparent
  • ­ 60-day satisfaction-guarantee
  • ­ Added histamine dihydrochloride, arnica montana, methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin B6, aloe vera, for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ Advertised as broad-spectrum, but contains almost no other cannabinoids
  • ­ Expensive for a product that contains no other cannabinoids or terpenes
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

As you know already: When it comes to CBD products, we highly value ‘full-spectrum’ CBD products. But full-spectrum CBD products always contain a certain level of THC (always less than 0.3%).

If you don’t want ANY THC in your product, full-spectrum topicals are off the table.

What are some reasons as to why you would want to avoid THC?

Well, for example:

  • You could be subjected to regular drug tests, and these always test for THC;
  • You could be on a certain medication that interferes with the metabolization of THC, making a small amount of THC much more potent than it usually is.

If you want to avoid THC, I highly recommend getting this cream from cbdMD. While some creams on this list don’t contain THC on paper, with cbdMD you know with 100% certainty that all of their products are THC-free. cbdMD is a 100% THC-free CBD company.

Although this cream doesn’t contain THC, it does contain trace elements of other beneficial hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes.

This means that, although not as potent as a true full-spectrum topical, it’s more potent than a CBD-only topical.

In addition to CBD, this cream contains additional natural pain-relieving compounds like:

  • Histamine dihydrochloride;
  • Arnica Montana;
  • Methylsulfonylmethane;
  • Vitamin B6, and;
  • Aloe vera.

The bottom line:

If you’re looking for a THC-free option, this is your best option.

Click the link below to go to cbdMD’s website:

6. CBDistillery CBDol Topical – CBD Salve – 500mg (Best THC-Rich Cream)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 500mg total or 1.78% |
  • THC: 0.13% |
  • CBD(%): 1.78 |
  • THC(%): 0.13 |
  • CBG(%): 0 |
  • CBC(%): 0 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0 |
  • Terpene(%): 0 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: THC(0.13%) |
  • Terpenes: ND |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 10 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 50 |
  • Extract-type: full-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 60 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: Mid-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ One of the few CBD creams that also contains THC
  • ­ 60-day satisfaction-guarantee
  • ­ Added essential oils, botanical extracts, and rosemary antioxidant etxract, for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ Expensive from a CBD per dollar perspective
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

CBDistillery is an old-timer in the CBD industry. They have been around for many years, even before hemp was legalized on a federal level.

While their CBD tinctures are decent value for money options, their topical salve is priced significantly higher than five of the other options on the list.

A single dollar only gets 10mg of CBD.

But if you want a significant concentration of THC inside your cream, then this is your best option.

Most CBD topicals don’t contain more than 0.05 THC. CBol Topical contains 0.13% THC, that’s almost 3-times higher than the next best THC-rich CBD cream (R+R Medicinals cream has 0.05%).

While a lot of CBD companies pride themselves in having THC-free products, THC is actually a highly beneficial compound for inflammatory skin disorders. Various studies indicate that THC has anti-inflammatory effects when topically applied to the skin (9) .

And this topical CBD salve contains the most THC of all topical products we have reviewed.

With this cream, you also get trace elements of various other hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes…plus you get a WIDE variety of non-hemp compounds that have various benefits when topically applied.

  • Essential oils (including lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus), and;
  • Botanical extracts (rosemary, chamomile, and white willow);

This CBD salve probably has the widest variety of topically active, beneficial compounds.

But what makes CBDistellry’s offer truly unique is the following:

  • A 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can try this CBD salve for 60 days before you even decide it’s worth the money.

You couldn’t find a more risk-free purchase when it comes to CBD products.

Click the link below to go CBDistillery’s website:

7. Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub (Honorable Mention)

  • Product-type: Topical |
  • CBD: 100mg total |
  • THC: ND |
  • CBD(%): 1 |
  • THC(%): 0 |
  • CBG(%): 0 |
  • CBC(%): 0.01 |
  • CBN(%): 0 |
  • CBDA(%): 0 |
  • CBDV(%): 0 |
  • Terpene(%): 0 |
  • Other Cannabinoids: ND |
  • Terpenes: ND |
  • Price(CBD/$1): 2.5 mg |
  • Price(unit): $ 36 |
  • Extract-type: full-spectrum |
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 60 days |
  • 3th-Party Lab-Tested: Yes |
  • Price-category: High-cost
Pros and Cons
  • ­ Really good customer-reviews (4.9/5)
  • ­ 30-day risk-free trial
  • ­ Added arnica, chamomile, and aloe vera, for improved anti-inflammatory effects
  • ­ Advertised as broad-spectrum, but lab-test only shows CBD
  • ­ Extremely expensive
Check current price at:

Price comparison to averages

While this is the most expensive option on the list…

Populum CBD cream deserves a spot because we had good results with it compared to some other creams that didn’t make it.

This could be related to a high concentration of non-CBD or non-hemp anti-inflammatory compounds.

This cream contains some CBD and:

  • Arnica;
  • Chamomile, and;
  • Aloe vera.

It could be that this cream contains very high concentrations of these compounds and that’s why it’s relatively effective in relieving localized pain. Because its cannabinoid-concentration is very low.

It does get advertised as a broad-spectrum cream. But when we look at the lab-test reports, we only see CBD present.

Even with all these downsides, it deserves a spot on our list because our test results were good with it.

Click the link below to go Populum’s website:

Topical CBD Products vs CBD Oil and Other Edible Forms of CBD

The main benefits of using a CBD cream vs a CBD oil are:

  • You can really target localized ‘inflamed’ or ‘pain-heavy’ areas.
  • It can produce the same effects in these localized areas, with less CBD, lower peak plasma concentrations, and with fewer side effects.

The downsides of CBD cream vs CBD oil are:

  • CBD creams have a less wide range of potential uses. They can only be used for inflammation- and pain-related conditions, while edible forms of CBD like CBD oil or CBD gummies can be used for its anti-anxiety and sleep-improving effects as well, for example.
  • There’s more scientific proof supporting the benefits of edible forms of CBD.

How to Use CBD Cream

Never eat CBD cream.

All CBD creams, lotions, balms, and gels are only suited to be used topically.

In general, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Potential Benefits of CBD Cream

There’s some evidence supporting the idea that topically applied CBD can help reduce pain and has anti-inflammatory properties.

In one animal study, topically applied CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis (10) .

In another study, researchers found that topical application of CBD has improved inflammatory skin disorders like encephalomyelitis (EAE) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (1) .

This same study found that topical application of CBD can have anti-inflammatory effects in patients with acne scars.

In general, CBD is associated with a variety of potential benefits, but the ones that seem most relevant to CBD creams, gels, and lotions are its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects.

If you want to learn more about how CBD interacts with various receptors that are related to pain, read:

Is CBD Cream Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products are legal on a federal level in the U.S. That means the product contains less than 0.3% THC.

Whether CBD products are legal in your state differs per state, but in most states, CBD products are legal on a federal level.

Learn More More About CBD

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CBD Isolate vs Full-Spectrum: A deep-dive into the different types of CBD products: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum, and their pros and cons for you as a CBD products consumer.

Scientific References:

  1. Palmieri, B., Laurino, C., & Vadalà, M. (2019). A therapeutic effect of cbd-enriched ointment in inflammatory skin diseases and cutaneous scars. La Clinica terapeutica , 170 (2), e93–e99. https://doi.org/10.7417/CT.2019.2116
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The Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

According to the Arthritis Foundation (AF), approximately 54 million adults and 300,000 children in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis or another rheumatic disease that causes joint pain. Stiffness, pain, and decreased movement within the joints are the most debilitating symptoms suffered by arthritis patients. All of these symptoms are potentially severe and worsen over time.

There are a few medications and treatment programs that can help patients manage arthritis. However, many people are looking for a more natural pain relief option. In this article, we explore the best CBD cream for arthritis pain.

Why Choose CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain?

Unlike most pharmaceutical drugs used to manage chronic pain and arthritis, CBD is plant-based. Therefore, it’s not addictive and has less severe side effects.

There are several ways to use CBD, separated into two categories. You can use it internally (an oil or gummy) and topically (in the form of lotions, creams, and balms). If you’re looking for help with physical discomforts, such as joint pain caused by arthritis, topicals may offer more effective results.

Topicals are fast-acting and direct and provide high concentrations of CBD to the source of the problem.

Topical CBD is potentially the best option for managing pain in the joints. This is because the active ingredient (CBD) is delivered directly to the source. Ultimately, topicals are fast-acting and direct and provide high concentrations of CBD to the source of the problem.

Here, we will give you the lowdown on using CBD cream for arthritis. We also provide a list of the top brands to consider for the best results.

Pros and Cons of Using CBD Cream for Arthritis

  • Targeted pain relief. You can apply a CBD cream to specific areas of the body that are experiencing pain.
  • The best products are all-natural. They offer many of the same benefits as traditional pain management options, minus the unwanted side effects
  • Creams and other topicals are convenient for on-the-go use (workout recovery, post-training recovery, etc.)
  • The CBD in topical products is not subject to digestive breakdown/metabolic loss
  • The cannabinoid content is typically lower than that of other CBD products
  • The higher dose options tend to be quite pricey


Choosing the best CBD cream for arthritis was quite a challenge. Several brands now sell high-quality products. However, in the end, we managed to narrow it down to five; PureKana, FAB CBD, cbdMD, Premium Jane, and Medterra. Ultimately, the PureKana 2000mg Pain Relief Roll-On Gel came out on top.

Does CBD Cream Help Arthritis?

Research into the pain-relieving abilities of CBD and, more specifically, in the use of arthritis pain is still in the early stages. However, what we do know so far is promising. Although cannabidiol is not a cure for arthritis, animal studies suggest that it may provide relief for inflammation and pain.

Here is a list of a few of the studies that have looked into using CBD cream for arthritis:

  • A 2017 study reported that CBD might be a safe and useful treatment option for those who suffer from joint pain due to osteoarthritis.
  • A 2016 study looked into the topical application of CBD and found that it could relieve the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.
  • A 2011 Study reported that CBD helped reduce inflammatory pain in rats by impacting how pain receptors respond to stimuli.
  • A 2020 survey found that 21% of patients who used CBD reported that it helped with their illness, including pain reduction.
  • A 2017 self-reported study found that the vast majority of CBD users reported similar efficacy to opioid-based pain medications but with fewer side effects.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD seems to impact pain in two parts of the body; the site of the soreness and the central nervous system. This system sends pain signals to the brain when it perceives certain damage or stimulation to nerves and cells.

There are many anecdotal reports from people who have had success incorporating CBD into their arthritis treatment plan.

CBD’s ability to minimize that response is one reason it is potentially a viable pain remedy for arthritis. Another is the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Inflammation occurs when the body is fighting a perceived infection. In autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks healthy parts of the body, such as the joints.

That said, it’s important to acknowledge that more research is still needed before we can make any conclusive claims for humans. However, there are also many anecdotal reports from people who have had success when incorporating CBD into their arthritis treatment plan.

What Is the Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain?

Understanding what to look for when shopping for the best CBD cream for arthritis helps buyers make a better decision. There are tons of options, and trying to find the best one can be overwhelming, especially when all you want is relief. But there are a few things to consider to ensure you don’t buy a product lacking in quality and efficacy.

Here are the most important criteria to look at when searching for products to help manage arthritis pain:

  • Source of Hemp:Hemp is grown worldwide. If it’s not grown in the same country as the manufacturing process, the brand doesn’t have much control over the growing process. Industrial hemp grown in the United States is regulated by domestic laws and is generally considered your best bet.
  • Ingredients:It’s important to check that products do not contain any harsh skin-damaging chemicals. It’s best to choose a product that uses only natural or organic ingredients.
  • Extraction Method:CO2 extraction is widely considered the best option – resulting in the highest-quality CBD.
  • Potency:For topical products, potency is often determined by the total milligram amount of CBD stated on the label. Many people living with arthritis opt for a high potency cream (see below for our top pick)
  • Brand Reputation:Brands with many customer reviews, an informative website, and a helpful customer support team also belong on the shortlist.
  • Lab Testing:Looking for third-party lab reports is very important when shopping for any CBD product. An independent lab performs these tests and provides a report on all the compounds present in the product. They verify purity and potency and should be made readily available for customers to view on the brand website.

Don’t Forget Product Type

Generally speaking, there are three key product types to choose from:

  1. CBD Isolate:Pure CBD, meaning the compound is extracted from the plant, while all other plant components (like THC) are removed.
  2. Full-spectrum: Contains the whole plant extract, including cannabinoids (including up to 0.3% THC), flavonoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids.
  3. Broad-spectrum: Full-spectrum but without the THC

Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain Review

With so many options out there, it isn’t easy to find one specific brand that is truly trustworthy and effective. How can you tell the difference between which products are the real deal and just a marketing ploy?

Checking out CBD cream for arthritis pain reviews is a good start. We decided to narrow our list down to five of the very best products on the market today. Our team chose each CBD cream based on several factors. These include the hemp source, manufacturing process, potency, transparency, and more.

Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain (Potency)

If you’re looking for a CBD product to soothe aches and pains, you have a ton of options. From tinctures to capsules to gummies, cannabidiol, in general, has become a big hit. But for muscle and joint pain specifically, like that associated with arthritis, creams can be particularly useful. Here are our top two options for the best CBD oil cream for arthritis in terms of potency.

PureKana CBD for Arthritis Pain

PureKana offers a 2000mg CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Gel that is useful for those seeking to target a specific area. It comes in a 3oz bottle. In addition to CBD, it contains an array of other beneficial ingredients, like eucalyptus leaf oil, organic aloe leaf juice, and menthol to maximize the effects.

The gel aims to deliver focused results specifically for pain relief. It provides a potent 2000mg of the classic PureKana formula in a refreshing menthol and capsaicin roll-on solution. The no-mess applicator makes this product easy to use while on the go.

Moreover, the easy-glide roller-ball allows for convenient and quick application to specific areas of the body. This means you get relief in the exact region that it’s needed – making PureKana CBD cream for arthritis pain a great choice.

FAB CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

This topical option from FAB CBD contains 600mg of hemp extract and is one of the best options around. The brand uses organically grown hemp plants. As a result, there is no need to worry about exposing the body to synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals harmful to the body and skin. The organic growing process also helps produce a potent strain of the plant.

However, compared to PureKana, the FAB CBD cream for arthritis pain comes in second place due to its potency being significantly less.


Best CBD Lotion for Arthritis of the Hands

Generally speaking, CBD lotions are formulas made by suspending drops of oil in water and adding CBD to the mix. Additional ingredients are also added to maintain the emulsion and add therapeutic properties. Lotions are different from creams in that they’re not as thick in consistency and are, therefore, often easier to apply.

CBD hand lotion for arthritis can be particularly useful because you can apply large amounts of the formula to the area, and it’s easy to rub in. Here are our two top picks.

cbdMD Lotion for Arthritis

cbdMD has a “Pain Freeze” option infused with 750mg of CBD, along with the proven pain-relief properties of menthol. It also contains arnica montana and aloe vera. The result is a top-level CBD product that could help with arthritis pain. It’s an option that is great if you prefer an easy-to-use rub-on applicator.

With a firm focus on transparency, the brand makes its lab results accessible on its website. The cbdMD lotion for arthritis is derived from U.S. hemp and provides a soothing, cool sensation. It’s compact enough to take with you while on the move. Also, it is a non-greasy, roll-on lotion that is ideal for muscle aches and joint pains.

Premium Jane CBD Lotion for Arthritis

Premium Jane has a 750mg potency CBD ointment that could help with joint pain. Every jar is sourced from their regulated supply of CBD-rich hemp and is verified for purity and CBD content through third-party laboratories. When you buy the Premium Jane CBD lotion for arthritis, you’re getting a top-range CBD product that is very highly concentrated.

Other ingredients include eucalyptus, argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, essential oil, emu oil, omega 3 and 6, and more. Combining full-spectrum CBD extract, natural herbs, and essential oils ensures a complete, whole-body experience that can provide almost instantaneous effects.


Best CBD Topical for Arthritis Pain (Active Ingredients)

Topicals that contain additional active ingredients (like menthol and capsaicin) are designed to be simple and safe to use. Like other topicals, you should apply them directly to the affected area for the best results.

Here are our picks for the best topical CBD cream for arthritis.

Medterra CBD Topical for Arthritis Pain

Our team’s top pick from the Medterra label combines potent amounts of menthol and arnica. It also contains advanced natural ingredients to offer a truly effective solution. It’s available in strengths of 500mg and 1000mg of CBD and is great for localized application. Each bottle contains 50 ml of cream.

Other natural ingredients include peppermint oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and water. Its third-party lab tested and free of artificial preservatives, plasticizers, and synthetic ingredients. Therefore, you can enjoy the powerful results without any concern. The MedTerra CBD topical for arthritis pain is a great option for those looking for fast relief.

PureKana CBD Topical for Arthritis Pain

PureKana CBD topical for arthritis pain is different from the roll-on gel option. Using it involves massaging the cream into the skin with your fingers rather than rolling it on with the applicator. It also contains a potent 2000mg of broad-spectrum CBD and is made using pure-grade, organic hemp extract.

In addition to CBD, each 100mL bottle also contains CBG to help with inflammation and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to help support healthy joints. This combination of ingredients makes it a viable option for arthritis pain.

However, the Medterra topical comes out on top here because it also contains menthol and arnica. These are key ingredients in managing joint pain.


Best CBD Ointment for Arthritis (Organic Formula)

If you’re looking for CBD ointment for arthritis made from a quality organic formula, we’ve narrowed it down to just two brands.

PureKana CBD Ointment for Arthritis

PureKana sells a 600mg topical CBD ointment in an ultra-convenient and easy-to-use formula. In addition to CBD, it also contains menthol – a key ingredient that could help with joint soreness. The PureKana CBD ointment for arthritis gives a cooling sensation while the skin is absorbing the CBD. With an incredibly smooth texture and no oily sensation, it’s the perfect formulation for those looking to target one part of the body.

It is a high-quality ointment made from extracting CBD-rich hemp from some of the best Kentucky sources. You can apply this PureKana formula directly to the site where you need it. PureKana presents its third-party lab reports on the site, and they have some great customer reviews, so you know you’re getting a premium-quality product.

cbdMD CBD Ointment for Arthritis

The cbdMD lotion for arthritis is available in three strength options: 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. It’s part of their CBD Recover line of products. It combines the pain-relieving powers of histamine dihydrochloride with a superior broad-spectrum CBD formula useful for joint pain.

Additional ingredients include rosemary, orange, geranium, and fir oils. The ointment also contains a moisturizing coconut oil base with shea butter, making for an especially soothing lotion.


Best CBD Salve for Arthritis

Last on the list of our top picks are the two brands we consider the top options when shopping for the best CBD salve for arthritis pain.

Premium Jane CBD Salve for Arthritis

Premium Jane sells a 1500mg CBD topical salve sourced from 100% organically-grown Kentucky hemp. It has a soothing cocoa butter and eucalyptus base. The salve is packed with an enriched CBD extract ideal for joint pain and designed for application to local areas. One of the main advantages is that it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or colors.

The company has spent years perfecting its Premium Jane CBD salve for arthritis and promises one of the industry’s finest CBD topicals available. While CBD is, of course, the key ingredient, the additional ingredients (like argan oil and jojoba oil) provide a ton of value of their own.

FAB CBD Salve for Arthritis

FAB CBD is a brand that set out to create the best CBD salve in the industry. The result was a full-spectrum formula available in two strengths: 1000mg and 3000mg. The FAB CBD salve for arthritis features a magnificent heating and cooling effect ideal for helping with joint pain and discomfort.

A 3000mg potency option is truly incredible, which is why FAB CBD comes out on top in this category. The strength, formula, concentration of CBD, and affordability make this a good choice for arthritis patients looking for some much-needed assistance.


Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Cream for Arthritis Pain

Putting together this market guide wasn’t an easy task. There are many high-quality brands out there. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the ones with a little extra to offer to ensure the best possible results. Eventually, we managed to narrow our top-picks lists down to five of the most respected brands on the market. Overall, PureKana was the brand that came out on top.

The PureKana label is a step ahead of the competition in most categories.

In terms of CBD concentration, price, quality, additional ingredients, brand reputation, and transparency, the PureKana label is a step ahead of the competition in most categories.

Hopefully, our list of the best CBD cream for arthritis pain relief has helped you narrow down your choices and find the brand that provides you with the desired results.