cbd oil discount for medical use

Cbd oil discount for medical use

Chicago, East Peoria, Urbana, Champaign, Pekin, Illinois

Starting January 1st 2020 anyone 21+ can visit nuEra and purchase adult use cannabis

You must bring a valid ID.

– Illinois Drivers license or State ID

– Out of State Drivers license of State ID

*If you don’t have an actual IL Driver’s license or State ID then we have to limit you to the out of state purchase limits

*Temporary State ID or Driver’s license will be accepted if paperwork contains the proper bar code to be scanned

Every nuEra location has slightly different hours. Please see each specific location page for correct hours information

Medical Patients:
Illinois law allows registered patients and/or their designated caregivers to purchase 2.5 ounces of cannabis products during a period of 14 days from a registered Illinois dispensary.

Illinois Adult Use Residents are limited to:

– 30 grams of Flower or Pre-Rolls
– 5 grams of Concentrates (including Vapes)
– 500 mg of Edibles and Infused Products

Out of State Adult Use customers are limited to:
– 15 grams of Flower or Pre-Rolls
– 2.5 grams of Concentrates (including Vapes)
– 250 mg of Edibles and Infused Products

Yes! Learn how to make your online pre-order HERE

Medical Patients can order ahead of time online or walk-in.

All Adult Use customers will make an online pre-order or an in-store order via our menu kiosks when walking in.

Product prices for Medical and Adult use are the same but the tax on Adult Use products are REALLY HIGH!
*Please note that all prices on our menus already INCLUDE TAXES

Medical Taxes
Medical Patients pay between 1% – 2.25% tax on top of the retail prices

Adult Use Taxes
Adult use customers pay a State Excise tax:
– Cannabis infused products (Edibles, *Vapes, Topicals, Tinctures) – ADD 20% tax
– Cannabis w/THC level at or below 35% – (Most Flower & Pre-rolls) – ADD 10% tax
– Cannabis w/THC level above 35% (Some Flower & most Concentrates) – ADD 25% tax

*Please note that extracts used for inhalation (vaping) now fall into the infused product category (regardless of their THC content) and qualify for tax at 20%.


Adult Use customers also pay a Municipal or County Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax on top of that:
-Chicago – 16.25%
-East Peoria – 14.5%
-Urbana – 15%

-Chicago: Edibles, Topical, Tinctures & Vapes have 36.25% tax added onto the retail price | Most Flower & Pre-rolls have 26.25% tax added onto the retail price | Some Flower & Concentrates have 41.25% tax added onto the retail price

-East Peoria: Edibles, Topical, Tinctures & Vapes have 34.5% tax added onto the retail price | Most Flower & Pre-rolls have 24.5% tax added onto the retail price | Some Flower & Concentrates have 39.5% tax added onto the retail price

-Urbana: Edibles, Topical, Tinctures & Vapes have 35% tax added onto the retail price | Most Flower & Pre-rolls have 25% tax added onto the retail price | Some Flower & Concentrates have 40% tax added onto the retail price

There are six big reasons to get your Illinois medical cannabis card:

$100 Discount!
-All new Medical Patients get a $100 discount card to help offset the registration fees to the State of Illinois.
*Must be used within the first 30 days of your registration with the State and is good for $25 off of a $100 purchase over 4 visits total.

Sales Tax
– Med Patients are charged a State tax of 1% and a local tax of 1.25% for a total of 2.25%. Adult Use buyers pay between 14% to 16.5% local taxes plus an extra 10% to 25% State tax based on THC content and product type. That’s 24% to 41.5% total sales tax for Adult Use cannabis versus 2.25% for Medical.

Access to medical-grade products
– Some cannabis products may be available only to medical patients, similar to prescription versus over-the-counter meds. With a medical card, you’ll have access to these potent cannabis medicines.

Larger amounts
– A Medical patient may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis during a 14-day period, and can also apply for a waiver to increase that amount.

Home grows
– Effective January 1, 2020, registered Illinois Medical patients can buy cannabis seeds and grow up to five plants for personal consumption. Home grows are still illegal for everyone else.

Product priority
– Medical patients get first dibs in dispensaries that serve both Adult Use and Medical customers.


Medical Patients can walk-in at any nuEra location during all operating hours. During the Covid-19 pandemic we encourage all patient’s to make a pre-order reservation if possible.

Adult Use is still online pre-order preferred. During the Covid-19 pandemic we are requesting that Adult Use customers to make a pre-order online. If you arrive without a pre-order, we have kiosks setup for you to make an in-store order.

Learn how to make your online pre-order HERE


All nuEra dispensaries offer payment with debit card with a $3.50 fee as well as cash payment. There are ATM’s onsite for those that forget to bring cash and prefer that payment method.

Payment is made in-store during checkout. You cannot pre-pay when making a pre-order online at this time.


Out of State Adult Use customers are limited to:

– 15 grams of Flower or Pre-Rolls

– 2.5 grams of Concentrates (including Vapes)

– 250 mg of Edibles and Infused Products

*We cannot accept ID cards from other countries, only Passports.

Dispensary change requests can be processed within one hour.

To shop as a Medical patient, you must still be registered with nuEra in the State system. Read these step by step instructions on how to switch your dispensary to nuEra.

Urbana, Pekin and East Peoria – There are multi-spot parking lots next to each location.

Champaign – There are metered parking spots directly behind the building and all along the Boneyard Greenway

Chicago – There are free parking spots in a lot across the street from 1308 W. North Ave as well as many free parking spots on both Ada St. and Throop St.*

*Please do not park at the Home Depot nearby because they monitor their parking lot and tow cars if you are not shopping there.


Once a product has been purchased and leaves the store, per IDFPR regulations, products are not allowed to be brought back into our stores.

If you have a problem with any of the products that you purchased at our stores please reach out to [email protected] with your issue and we will work as quickly as we can to resolve the issue.

All purchases are anonymous

We do not collect or maintain any personal information for our Adult Use customers.

For online pre-orders you can use guest checkout and do not need to create a user account. You will put in your name, number and email but that is just for purposes of ordering and that information is not stored.

As a small token of our appreciation for your service, nuEra offers a 10% discount on dispensary products to all Veterans of our Armed Forces.

In order to get that discount you must show proof of Veteran status and have a customer profile made in our POS system with your customer information (name, number, birthdate).

*10% Veteran discount does not stack or combine with other special product discounts. Whichever is the greater discount will be applied.

Medical Patients Rewards!

-Earn 5% back on all of your purchases!

-$1 spent = 1 reward point

-Earn 200 points and get $10 off

-The more you earn, the more you save!

*5% back applies to Medical Patients at nuEra Chicago, Urbana and East Peoria only

Adult Use Rewards Rewards!

-Earn 3% back on all of your purchases!

-$1 spent = 1 reward point

-Earn 200 points and get $6 off

-The more you earn, the more you save!

*Rewards points earned are based off of dollars spent on products pre-tax. Points are not earned on dollars spent on tax

No weapons are allowed inside of nuEra dispensaries. You will be turned away if you are carrying anything we believe could hurt our staff or other customers/patients (guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc). If you want to ensure you will get inside, please do not bring any weapons with you.

Click this link to read more about our Covid 19 response

Dispensaries may accept the following forms of identification to verify the age of a purchaser*:

  • U.S. State ID or Drivers license
  • United States or International Passports
  • Consular ID Cards;
  • International Election ID Cards;
  • Tribal ID Cards/Indigenous Reservation Government ID Cards;
  • Visas;
  • Green Cards

Dispensaries may not accept the following form of identification to verify the age of a purchaser:

  • International Driver’s Licenses/Permits

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act states, “[a dispensary must] verify the validity of the government-issued identification card by use of an electronic reader or electronic scanning device to scan a purchaser’s government-issued identification, if applicable, to determine the purchaser’s age and the validity of the identification.” 410 ILCS 705/15-85. A dispensary may accept government-issued identification that does not scan, so long as the identification does not appear to be tampered with or invalid. In addition, dispensaries are permitted to accept identification that does not contain an expiration date (such as a new Arizona Driver’s License) to verify the age of a purchaser.

Still Have Questions?

Please use our contact form to get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

Cbd oil discount for medical use

We believe that cannabis has an appropriate place in society. We embrace Expertise, Empowerment and Experience as our core values because we recognize that by focusing on these three fundamental pillars, we can help a lot of people feel better.

While the benefits of cannabis are becoming widely documented, we’re only beginning to discover the therapeutic potential of this plant.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University — to further study the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

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“This dispensary is amazing! By far the coolest layout, excellent selection of products, easy menu to read. Menu is updated online and you can place your order in advance. Right off Washington Square makes it super convenient.”

– Lauren

“I’m generally uneasy going in to dispensaries, but I felt really comfortable here. You can have as much or as little help from the staff as you choose. I used a self serve iPad to put in my order, but when I had a question they had someone available to help me out. It was the least stressful dispensary experience I’ve had so far. Plus they had a pretty big selection of flower and I got a nice discount for being a first time patient. I’ll be going back for sure.”

– Freedomof76

“BEAUTIFUL Dispensary! I am blown away by how patient focused they are. From the second you walk in everything is EASY. It’s not confusing everything is very clearly branded and very clean. They offer the highest discounts in the state for patients and medical cannabis. 20% across the board for Veterans, disability, SSI, and first time patients. This is incredible because this program was not created for gain but to help heal patients…”