cbd oil dosage chart for dogs

CBD Oil Dosage Chart for Dogs – How to Choose the Right Dosage

Any loving pet owner can spot changes in behavior. If your four-legged family member suddenly shows no interest in food, that can be a sign of discomfort. When you don’t feel well, chances are you sleep more than usual. If you notice your dog is droopier than usual, it may be a sign that something is bothering your pooch.

CBD Spells Relief

CBD oil may be the answer to your dog’s lethargy. Due to its pain-relief properties, CBD oil can restore your pet’s cheerful personality. CBD oil is becoming much more mainstream for helping your four-legged friend feel better. These days are stressful enough when my dog doesn’t seem like his typically peppy self, it not only means something is going on with him physically and mentally, it will also spike my stress. Dogs are family. Buster is my hairy son.

Size Matters

The dosage for CBD oil is determined by weight. I’m not great at math, so a quick and easy route to take is an online dosage chart with a calculator: https://petcbdcommunity.com/cbd-oil-dosage-chart-calculator-for-dogschart with a calculator. My beloved Buster is an 11-pound black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s a bit of a runt. My Blenheim Cav was large for the breed—he was lean and fit but weighed in at 20 pounds. His larger size would require a larger dosage. I’m a life-long dog lover. Whenever I need to find articles about symptoms, I consult PetMD. I prefer to err on the side of caution. Before attempting to diagnose or treat any condition, I call my trusted veterinarian.

Safety First

CBD is among the large family of “cannabinoids.” Cannabinoids come from marijuana plants. But they are not like the pot that gets you high. CBD does not contain THC, which is the stuff that makes humans catch a buzz. CBD oil is not hallucinogenic. CBC oil is in the family of pain relievers called NSAIDs, which contain ibuprofen.

CBD Oil can spell relief for dogs

CBD oil for pets comes in three forms: tincture, capsule, and treat.

What You Need to Know

CBD oil tincture is the highest concentration of CBD because it is given by mouth with a dropper. Some pets don’t like the taste of the oil. If that is the case, the ease of administration may be affected. Another option is adding the drops petfood. If that doesn’t go smoothly, apply the drops directly onto a paw, where dogs and cats are likely to lick it off. For additional information about the right way to introduce CBD oil to your pets, read this Forbes article by Lauren Yoshiko.

CBD oil capsules also contain a high concentration of cannabidiol, which is similar to the CBD oil in tincture form. In this pill form, my dogs gobble up Greenies Pill Pockets. You can put the capsule into the pocket. It is soft, making it easy to hide the pill inside. Buddy’s favorite was peanut butter flavor, but Buster spits those out. The little prince made it clear he will only eat the chicken-flavored pill pockets. CBD oil capsules come in 150, 300, and 600 milligrams. Again, the weight of your dog or cat will determine the correct choice.

CBD oil treats are tasty enough to give as a reward snack. These CBD edible treats are available in biscuits for dogs. Most brands offer a wide assortment of flavors. These are by far the simplest form to give to your dog and come in a wide variety of tasty options. However, these treats have the lowest cannabidiol concentration than the tincture or capsules.

After determining your pet’s weight, don’t forget to calculate the exact amount of drops, tablets, or treats that are right for your four-legged family member.

The best indicator of whether CBD oil is helping is watching your dog’s behavior.

CBD Dosage for Small Dogs

Your small dog is a king or queen and surely is the ruler of your heart. You’re likely used to people squealing in delight when they see your little, furry royal walking by. It probably feels like you’re taking an adorable rock star on walks around your neighborhood. You love your dog and want them to be as healthy as possible. That’s probably why you’ve decided to start them on a CBD regimen. You’ve likely heard in the news about how many pet parents are giving their pets CBD. And there are probably some people in your life who swear by giving CBD to their dog. Almost 50% of American pet owners are giving their pets CBD. CBD helps dogs stay healthy and may help with a variety of health issues, like allergies or stress. Or maybe you know this from experience if you take CBD yourself. Small dogs need extra special care for their little bodies, and you want to make sure you’re giving her the right amount of pet CBD .

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The general rule of thumb for dosing CBD for small breed dogs is 1-2 mg per 10lbs of body weight. Some people use 1-5 mg per 10lbs of body weight. As you will learn later on, several factors, including weight, will influence the right dose of CBD for small dogs. But for now, let’s stick with the basics. If your dog weighs 25lbs, then her CBD dose is around 2.25-5 mg of CBD per day. How much the dose is will vary from product to product and will be based on the individual bottle’s concentration of CBD oil.

Before we go on, it’s good to note that talking to your vet before giving your dog a new supplement of any kind is recommended. Many vets encourage the use of CBD and your vet might even have Pet Releaf’s Sentesa , which is pet CBD formulated by veterinarians. Your vet knows all about your dog’s health and will likely have good advice for the two of you.

How Much CBD is Right for Small Dogs?

The right CBD dosage for small dogs is going to vary from brand to brand. Each product is going to be made a little differently and has a different level of CBD concentration. And size doesn’t necessarily matter. Three one-ounce bottles of hemp oil could each contain a different amount of CBD. Follow the product’s packaging instructions based on your dog’s weight for best results. For example, here are all of the correct doses of Pet Releaf’s products for small dogs like yours.

Small dogs (1-50lbs)

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 100 : for 1-25lbs, give 1.5 droppers a day. For 26-50lbs, give 2.5 full droppers a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 200 : for 1-25lbs, give 0.75 dropper a day. For 26-50lbs, give 1.5 droppers per day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 500: for 26-50lbs, give 0.5 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 100 : for 1-25lbs, give 0.5 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 100 : for 26-50lbs, give 0.75 dropper per day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 300 : for 26-50lbs give .25 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil Capsules : for 40-50lbs, give 1 capsule per day.

Pet Releaf’s Edibites : for 1-30lbs, give 1, up to 2, or as needed, and for 30-50lbs, give 2, up to 3, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Sentesa for small dogs : for 11-33lbs, give 1-2 capsules a day.

Pet Releaf’s Sentesa for medium and large dogs: for 33lbs+, give 1-2 capsules a day.

How to Compute CBD Dosages for Small Dogs

If your CBD product doesn’t have a recommended dosing amount for a dog your size, don’t despair, we can figure it out. For a 25lb dog with a dose of 2.25-5 mg of CBD, you’ll need to figure out how much CBD is in one serving of the product. Look on the packaging for a one-ounce bottle of hemp oil with 75 mg of CBD to see if they list how much CBD is in one dropper of their oil. This information may be on their website if you can’t find it on the packaging. If you can’t find that information, look for how many servings the product provides. Then divide the concentration of CBD by how many servings to find out how much CBD a serving provides. If you can’t find the number of servings, presume 30, since most bottles of hemp oil are designed to last around a month. So, 75 mg of CBD, divided by 30 servings equals 2.5 mg per serving or dropper. Your dog’s dose for this product is 1-2 droppers of hemp oil.

Here is a CBD dosage chart for small dogs. This chart includes all of the Pet Releaf CBD products a small dog can use.

Dog weight 1-25lbs 1.5 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 26-50lbs 2.5 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 1-25lbs .75 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 200
Dog weight 26-50lbs 1.5 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp oil 200
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.5 full droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 500
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 750
Dog weight 1-25lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.75 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.25 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 300
Dog weight 40-50lbs 1 capsule a day Pet Releaf CBD Capsules
Dog weight 11lbs-33lbs 1-2 capsules a day Sentesa Tri-Active CBD Capsules for small dogs
Dog weight 33lbs + 1-2 capsules a day Sentesa Tri-Active CBD Capsules for medium and large dogs
Dog weight up to 30lbs give 1, up to 2, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites
Dog weight 31-50lbs give 2, up to 3, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites
Dog weight 25-50lbs give 1, up to 2, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites for large dogs
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Factors that Affect CBD Dosage for Small Dogs

Here are some of the factors that will affect finding the right CBD dosage for your dog.

1. What kind of CBD are you giving your dog?

Pet CBD comes in oils, capsules, chews, and topicals. Each kind of product will be dosed differently.

2. How healthy is your dog?

Your dog’s overall health, or lack thereof, will be the most important factor in finding her right dose. Two dogs who weigh the same might need different amounts of CBD to reach their health goals. As a general rule of thumb, healthy dogs need less CBD, while dogs with health issues might need more. Pet Releaf recommends starting with the suggested dosage, and then giving your dog a little more CBD after an hour has passed if you’re not seeing the results you want. You could also increase the next dose as well.

3. Dogs are different

Each dog is physically unique. Two healthy dogs who weigh the same could still need a different dose of CBD because their bodies are going to process the CBD differently.

4. Brand of CBD

Every brand is a little bit different as we’ve discussed. Also, the quality of CBD will vary from brand to brand, and you might wind up needing to use more of a lower quality CBD brand to see results, compared to a high-quality brand.

Each CBD company is going to make their CBD differently. Companies that use chemicals, heat, and solvents won’t have as much bioactive CBD in their products compared to companies that don’t use heat or chemicals. While higher quality products may cost more, not only are they safer for your dog, you’ll be able to use less because they are more potent.

Pet Releaf CBD for Small Dogs

Pet Releaf’s mission is to help pets everywhere be their healthiest, happiest selves. That’s why they make full-spectrum hemp CBD products, instead of using isolated CBD as some companies do. Full-spectrum hemp is made with the whole hemp plant and is full of many beneficial compounds, in addition to CBD. Full-spectrum hemp is rich in terpenes and other cannabinoids , which all work together with CBD to deliver a more potent and healthful effect. CBD and the other cannabinoids, work with your dog’s nervous system to help the body communicate more effectively with itself. This is why CBD may be so helpful for a variety of health issues like allergies, skin irritations, and stress.

With Pet Releaf, you can rest assured that you’re buying the best pet CBD for your dog that money can buy. Pet Releaf starts with growing healthy hemp plants from organic seeds here in the United States. Their farms use sustainable and regenerative farming practices that not only benefit the plants but our earth as well. Unlike many lower-quality pet CBD products, Pet Releaf doesn’t use any heat, chemicals, or solvents to make their CBD. Their Hemp Oil 100 for small dogs is certified USDA Organic. They also have a variety of tasty Edibite CBD and herbal chews or “treats” for dogs. They aren’t treats, but your dog will think they are! Try their peanut butter and carob Edibite Calming Chews for dogs today.

CBD Dosage: For People and Pets

As the CBD and hemp industry progresses, I have started receiving more and more questions about the dosage of CBD oil. Many people are unsure about where to start. Not only are people confused about their own dosage, but they are confused about the correct dosage for their pets. CBD is typically given to dogs, cats, and horses. This can be tricky, especially when you have multiple pets with varying weights.

In this article, I will cover recommended starting doses of CBD oil for people and pets. The majority of the questions I have received are pertaining to CBD oil, usually taken as a tincture. I have written this article to help clear the confusion. Through my research, I have done my best to provide you with trustworthy resources. However, I am not a doctor. I do not intend to provide medical information and always speak to your doctor about health concerns.

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CBD Dosage for Humans

Finding the right dose of CBD can be tough. There are a few things to remember when considering how much to take. First, there have been no known overdoses from using CBD. Scientists have concluded that the controlled delivery of CBD is non-toxic and safe to humans and animals. CBD does not impact a human’s heart rate or breathing. In one study , scientists found that “high doses up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD are reportedly well tolerated in humans.”

Secondly, you need to understand that the FDA has not created a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI). This means that there is no official serving size. This is mainly due to the cannabis plant’s current legality. In addition, you need to know that the size of the dose depends on what you are trying to treat. Some people need a higher dose for higher pain. Others need a higher dose to reduce the size of their tumor. This will depend on your purpose for using CBD.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s get into the details. Finding the right dosage may take some trial and error. There is no universal dosage for all people. There are many factors that influence the ideal dose for you. This can be weight, body chemistry, and severity of the condition being treated. The concentration of the CBD being taken is a factor as well.

Your body chemistry could be different from your friend. Even though you may be the same height and weight, the optimal dose between the two of you may be different. This is why it is always best to start small and increase gradually. Start with the ideal dose for your weight using a dosage chart. Begin observing the effects each day. Increase the dosage until you observe the desired results.

It is always best to administer a dose as accurately as possible. CBD capsules are typically the most controlled and accurate, but many people don’t have the time to make them. Taking CBD from a tincture can be accurate when using a dropper. An average dropper is 1 ml of liquid. You can calculate the milligrams in a dropper by dividing the total concentration of CBD in the tincture by the number of milliliters in a bottle. A formula and example can be seen below.

(Total Concentration of CBD in Tincture) / (Number of Milliliters in the Tincture Bottle) = Milligrams of CBD in a Dropper


2,000 mg / 30 ml = 67 mg in dropper

CBD Dosage for Dogs and Cats

CBD is very effective when given to pets. The dosage amount is generally the same for dogs and cats. As always, the same rules apply. Start small and base your first dose off weight. I recommend starting with the dosage chart below. It is best to start between 0.25 mg and 0.5 mg for every three pounds. This should be given to your pet twice a day. Typically, dropped on their food. Also, sometimes it can be difficult to find a CBD tincture that your pet will consume. Make sure you do your research before buying.

CBD for Horses

CBD can treat various ailments for horses. What can be treated in a dog or cat, is typically the same for horses. Although, the size of the dose is higher compared to a dog or cat. It best to consult with a holistic veterinarian prior to administering CBD.

From my experience, it is best to start with a base dose. Most people start with 40 mg per day. This can be taken all at once or twice throughout the day. Give your horse 40 mg per day for seven days. After seven days, if the desired results are not received, increase dosage by 20 mg. Remain at 60 mg per day for three days. After three days, observe the effects. If not satisfied, then continue this pattern until desired effects are reached.

CBD for Pets and People

We know that CBD is very beneficial to our bodies as well as our pets. With time and patience, you will find the best dosage for yourself. As mentioned, it is best to start small and use a dosage chart based off weight. From there, begin to increase dosage based off desired effects and results. All of my recommendations are based off a suggested serving size. This may be different for each individual or pet. As always, do your research and consult with your doctor prior to using CBD. Happy hemping!