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Does anyone have experience with CBD helping with acne or anxiety?

Hi everyone! Just curious if anyone who has used CBD oil and other products find that it helps them with acne or anxiety at all? I have pretty bad acne and I find it gives me anxiety.. or it could be the other way around with the anxiety and stress giving me acne. Either way, I was just curious to know if anyone actually saw improvements in skin or acne when using CBD products. Help me out!

CBD can be helpul for anxiety and has been shown to have anxiolytic effects in acute dosages. Vape or tincture would be the way to go. Its antiinflammatory properties would lead to believe there would be benefits for acne, which is an inflammatory condition. I'd suggest some kind of topical with cannabinoids: THC, CBD, betacaryophyllene preferably together, so that treatment is localized.

There are other oils and extracts (tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, etc) that can provide benefit as localized treatments as well.

If you're of the school that believes diet plays a role, antiinflammatory, alkaline, fibrous, and probiotic foods are beneficial, such as yogurt, dark leafy greens. Acidic and sugary foods can be irritants (such as fruit) as well as carcinogenic foods (red meat, highly processed foods).

Otherwise staying adequately hydrated throughout the day, fresh air and sunshine, exercise, and plenty of sleep has your bases covered.

Thanks so much for the advice!

I made a face scrub with CBD isolate, a bit of coconut oil and baking soda. Worked wonders for me. Theres a myth that putting oils on your skin will create acne. This is not true for all oils, especially coconut oil. What I did was melt 125ml of coconut oil into a mason jar in a hot water bath. I then added the isolate and mixed to blend. Let sit over night or put in fridge for an hour to solidify back up. Then I used my electric mixer to incorporate the baking soda. This is up to you as to how much grittyness you want in the scrub. I used 2 tbsp. I literally didnt use soap/cleanser for a month on my face. Skin cleared up (i had a bit of acne on my chin). You can mix and whip the coconut oil to the texture you want. The longer you go the fluffier it is like shaving cream. You need an electric mixer for this tho. Not a whisk.

thc would be better for topicals

Feel free to ask your question @ r/CanadaCBD as well OP.

Sounds good, thanks for the tip!

I started using CBD last year because I got hit by a car and started getting PTSD, anxiety, etc. Really helps!! I hated smoking anything with THC in the past because it always gave me anxiety (but recently, I've been dosing a tiny bit of distillate).

I have girlfriends who started using CBD in their skincare and will check to see their results. I've heard many good things.. I think it would be relatively easy to use some CBD isolate to create your own skincare products. I like to use jojoba oil as a carrier oil since I have combination skin, and usually add lavender, tea tree oil, and other essential oils for more boosting effects.

Anxiety yes, acne, change your diet (cut out animals if you can)

I'm not familiar with CBD for acne, but I started dosing CBD oil for my anxiety last month.

0.4mL medical CBD oil from an LP, 2-4x a day. Should be 4x but I have a brain like a goldfish.

I've found its effects amazing. Subtle, but amazing.

I had a breakthrough the other weekend. Was driving on the highway through the mountains, and was about to pass under an overpass.

I usually have no issues with overpasses. I drive under them frequently.

For some reason, maybe the mountains, maybe the arch shape, I dunno. I felt an anxiety trigger go off. I had a half-formed intrusive thought (something my anxiety does to me often) where I thought "oh shit, I don't wanna drive under that. I should just pull the car over and stop."

But my conscious, CBD-medicated brain cut that thought off and went "huhn, that's an interesting reaction. Never thought this would be a trigger for me. Alright, breathe. No cars around, ease off the accelerator, just coast on through. See? Easy."

And I went under the overpass, no anxiety attack.

Coming out the other side, it felt like some clichéd, hilarious stoner fantasy. Light came out from behind the clouds and hit the mountain on the other side, I felt a rush of triumph at mastering a strong anxiety response, and it just felt magical.

Tbh, I haven't had another episode like that, but I do feel much more emotionally stable, rational, and generally positive than before.

[Acne] hemp seed oil for acne?

Has anybody tried this? If so what are your results and what brand do you use? So you reccomend any other oils, such as lavender or tea tree to add into it or apply topically? I break out super easily and have never a cleanser that doesn't break me out or prevent pimples other then a benzoyl peroxide wash, wish I believe isn't good for long term everyday use. If you can help me that'd be great, thanks.c

I use Origins ‘Hello, Calm’ face mask when my skin is really stressed out. It has hemp seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids. I don’t necessarily see it helping my acne directly, but it certainly helps with the associated redness. It is super moisturizing, so it’s perfect in cold weather. It’s always a nice pick me up when I have hormonal acne.

I know Josie Maran just came out with a 50/50 argan oil/hemp oil combo, as well as a CBD/argan oil mix. I’m excited to read reviews bc the argan oil already does miracles on my skin!

What would you say your skin type is? I'm also wanting to try argan oil! I hear it's a good non comedogenic moisturizer!

I found some hemp oil off Amazon. I don't think it is "curing" my breakouts, but it definitely hasn't caused new ones and I feel like it is helping heal spots I've picked at/popped quicker. I also feel like my skin as a whole just looks better since I began using it.

Hemp seed oil is a 0 out of 5 on the comedogenic scale, meaning it will not clog pores. I was using Jojoba oil prior and it was causing new breakouts all the time: I did some research and found out Jojoba oil is a 2 on the scale.

Here is the kind I use: it moisturizes my oily skin without feeling super heavy. I really love it, especially in winter! And it's not crazy expensive.