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Question of the Week: CBD & Anxiety – What Are your Experiences?

We get a lot of questions about this, so let's just do it for our QOTW! Share you experiences, good and bad, with CBD here.

This may be a silly question, but I've never vaped before until my buddy got me a vape and some zero-nicotine juice for it mostly as a joke, so I have to ask. You can use a regular vape for CBD if you use a separate coil/tank for it, right? Again, very little experience so I have to ask. I've never smoked anything except occasionally weed and maybe half a drag off a buddy's cigarette that made me gag and fortunately broke me from ever using nicotine or tobacco, haha.

I've been more curious about CBD this past year as well since I seem to see it popping up everywhere.

However, I think this video showing CBD and the pros and cons of it was really insightful.

I think on the issue of using marijuana derived compounds, people often forget that while there may be great benefits to it, it is still a drug that you may develop a dependence on. Because of this there aren't a lot of studies being funded to figure out the safety of how to deliver CBD into the body.

I've heard that there is the CMCR (Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research) that was developed a couple years ago and they were the ones helped push the use of CBD for epilepsy?

But thank you for this QOTW it's really great to see the varied experiences others have had with CBD!

Works for me. I took 2 mg twice a day. Def. Try it

I have been suffering from anxiety my whole life. I have to say it is, compared to a lot of others here, not very strong. I was, except for a handful of panic attacks, always able to function. That's why my CBD experience might be different/stronger that for many others.

The first thing I ever took against my anxiety was CBD. It worked great for me. I started with a CBD oil, a half syringe (

4 drops) one night, sublingually. The initial effect started about 30 minutes after I took it.

I was walking outside and the first difference I felt: For the first time in months I had the feeling I saw clearly. I was calm, I had no thoughts racing around my head, I was not pointlessly worried about anything, I had no pressure on my stomach/my chest. At the same time, I was not tired/unfocused/delayed as I have experienced with Weed, but highly focused and just generally okay (not euphoric either).

The focus was the biggest difference for me: I could look at houses, cars, people and actually recognize details, rather than just see everything as one stressful blur. Experiencing that (again) made me really happy.

I used CBD for about a week. As it's fairly expensive, I've switched over to trying other natural but proven remedies, especially passion flower, which has a very similar effect on me.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

I'm looking for the best CBD Oil for generalized anxiety. Something that I can take right before a meeting or interview or social event. Definitely do not want to be high at all, just chill. What are the best brands for this and what is the most effective way to administer it? I'm located in NJ if that helps.

I use CBDistillerey. Full spectrum oil is the way to go for anxiety but I do have to warn you that there IS and effect you feel from it. It’s like a calm feel over your body that rids the anxiety and might make you a tiny bit drowsy in larger doses but that’s just how CBD is and it’s not anywhere near the same as smoking weed and getting high.

My best method for killing my constant anxiety is 1-3 drops under the tongue of 500mg full spectrum 15ml tincture 3-4 times daily and I have to say it works wonders for me and I was skeptical at first

Definitely give it a try cause tbh the effects of CBD like drowsiness or a slight high feel are nowhere near as bad as they will be smoking regular weed or taking prescription anxiety meds. I stand by my CBD oil.