cbd oil for breast pain

Fibrocystic Breasts

Fibrocystic breast disease is the most common disorder of the breasts, and can affect a woman with severe pain, often times strong enough to disrupt sleep and daily life.

The most common symptoms of FBD are painful, tender lumps, or cysts in the breast often detectable to the touch. Most women have a sudden intense pain in their breasts.

It is very common for symptoms to occur cyclically according to the menstrual cycle. However some women experience extreme pain all month long. The common complaint of all women with fibrocystic breast are sore, lumpy breasts. These lumps are benign and have different characteristics. There are three kinds of benign breast lumps:

Cysts are round or oval shaped fluid filled soft firm lumps in the tissue. They can be surprisingly painful. They can resolve and reoccur several times in a woman’s life. They can appear during pre-menstrual periods and then disappear. They move freely under the touch.

Fibroadenomas are round or oval shaped, solid and rubbery to the touch. Like cysts, they move freely under the touch, however, they are not painful.

Lipomas, or fatty tumors, are irregularly shaped lumps that are usually painless. they are fixed and do not move freely under the touch. They are often caused by trauma or injury to the breast.

Known causes of fibrocystic breast disease include estrogen dominance, poor blood and lymphatic circulation, toxic accumulation, under active thyroid gland, nutritional deficiencies, poor digestion or elimination, dietary factors, emotions and stress.

Castor oil is often used in response to painful FBD symptoms. Traditionally, castor oil packs were applied to the breasts and the liver area during the first half of the menstrual cycle. The castor oil helps pull out toxins, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Castor oil is also known to soften and dissolve cysts.

A combination of manual massage with castor oil can work wonders for supporting a woman during times of painful FBD.

Bōsm’s Breast Serum is especially formulated with ingredients such as castor oil, evening primrose oil, and frankincense essential oil which have been traditionally used to treat pain and inflammation associated with Fibrocystic Breast Disease. Click here to learn more about castor oil.

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