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CBDistillery: CBD Oil, Tincture and Gummies for Every Day Wellness

What used to be all but unknown 5-years ago, or even seen as taboo, has literally become known as the “next best thing” over the past year or so. What am I referring to? CBD of course – what else?! CBD and all of its accompanying products have taken the market by storm, slowly converting all of those opposed to hemp anything into hemp loving everything!

But first, you’re probably wondering what is CBD [which is made from hemp] and how is that different from Hemp Seed Oil that you buy in the grocery store? So, let me tell you.

Yes, both oils come from the hemp plant, but there’s a big difference: Hemp Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds and CBD Hemp Oil is a compound extracted from the stalks and stem. Furthermore, Hemp Seed Oil is great for cooking and is an excellent source of protein. It is also free of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. CBD Hemp Oil, on the other hand has potential medicinal and overall health and wellness benefits and contains high levels of CBD and <0.3% THC. In layman terms, you get the benefits cannabis can provide with none of the high.

[To learn even more about CBD and how it works check out this article on CBDistillery’s Blog: https://www.thecbdistillery.com/what-is-cbd-and-how-does-it-work/.]


Now to the products. At CBDistillery, they have made it their mission to provide hemp derived CBD to all by creating exceptional products and services that are of the highest quality and most fairly priced. Crafted in an ISO Certified Facility to guarantee consistency and using only Non-GMO Hemp CBD Oil that has been farmed in a pesticide and fungicide free environment, CBDistillery products were created to give you quick relief of your symptoms while helping to support your overall mental and physical health. Royal CBD is another great product to look into, as it too is of the highest quality!

Some of these products include:


CBDistillery’s 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is a convenient way to find quick relief. Available in a 30ml size so you can easily take it wherever you go, this 100% natural sourced tincture is made without any added chemicals or dyes. Whether you prefer to take it straight under your tongue or mix it with juice or in a smoothie, this full-spectrum oil is consistently 3rd party lab-tested to ensure quality and is designed to help treat a variety of health issues and help you maintain a feeling of general wellness.


Who doesn’t crave a good night sleep?! Well thanks to these PM Gummies, you can get a great night sleep with the 30mg of CBD (0% THC) that is packed into these sweet little gummy bears, as well as the calming and sedating properties of melatonin.


Looking for a quicker recovery? Whether suffering from headaches, a tight neck and shoulders, or you sprained your ankle playing soccer, CBD salves were created to help bring the natural benefits of CBD straight to your skin. Available in a convenient 1oz. container which contains a total of 500mg of CBD, CBDol also contains a plethora of other medicinal and soothing ingredients including: Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Eucalyptus, Arnica, Basil, Camphor, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Lecithin, Cinnamon, Grapefruit Seed, Aloe, USD Kosher Glycerin, Magnesium, CBD, and Bees Wax.


CBDistillery™ was founded by a group of Colorado natives with a strong belief that people have a right to the highest quality, fairly priced hemp-derived CBD. At CBDistillery™, they aim to provide more than just exceptional products and service but are on a mission to provide hemp derived CBD Oil to all through the #CBDMovement, by providing access to education, research, and testimonials.
Want to learn even more about CBDistillery and all of the great products that they carry? Then check out their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you too can jump onto the CBD train!

What Is CBD Oil & Is It Safe?

Promote hormonal balance by reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals. Many health and beauty products contain ingredients or packaging materials made with hormone-disrupting chemicals. High-quality CBD brands could be an excellent alternative for these toxic everyday items. However, Million Marker does not recommend CBD for pregnant or breastfeeding parents. Let’s discuss the benefits of CBD and some natural CBD products that might work for you!

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of 120+ known compounds called phytocannabinoids [1]. Phytocannabinoids are most commonly found in cannabis plants. They reside in oils that get extracted from hemp flowers.

Perhaps the most well-known phytocannabinoid is 9-delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive molecule responsible for classifying some cannabis strains as marijuana.

CBD is a nonpsychoactive molecule predominantly found in hemp. Hemp has naturally low levels of THC. That’s why CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. Using CBD oil will not make you “high!”

Is CBD Safe?

CBD products are not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they are considered supplements. There are limited studies on the long-term effects of CBD.

Since studies are limited, it’s best to stay away from CBD if you are [2]:

Preliminary reports suggest that high exposure to CBD may be harmful to babies. Please speak to a physician before using CBD if you are planning to grow your family.

With that said, numerous studies suggest CBD is effective in supporting mental, digestive, and immune health [3]. So, if you are currently not expanding your family, you might want to consider the benefits of CBD.

How Does CBD Work?

Our bodies are regulated by a master communication network known as the endocannabinoid system [4]. Cells contain receptors that remain in constant communication. The role of these receptors is to maintain a state of balance known as homeostasis.

Whenever the receptors notice a shift in homeostasis, they report the findings back through the endocannabinoid system. The mind interprets these messages to manifest symptoms we experience. Local cannabinoid receptors could be responsible for digestive issues, skin problems, stiff joints, and more.

Whenever balance is disrupted, our bodies produce endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids soothe alarmed receptors. This reaction alters the conversation throughout the endocannabinoid system.

Unfortunately, the endocannabinoid system can get overworked. Everything from mental stress to an injury to toxic chemicals like BPA can disrupt homeostasis. That’s why millions of people use CBD oil for pain, mood, and immune support.

CBD (and other phytocannabinoids) also calm the same receptors as our natural endocannabinoids. Therefore, CBD topicals can be a great transition to a toxic-free lifestyle.

Underneath our skin lies a series of receptors that influence pain perception and skin inflammation. Provide targeted support by massage CBD topicals directly into the skin.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are lotions, body butters, oils, and more that are formulated with CBD. In addition to supporting homeostasis, CBD oil is rich in healthy fats that hydrate and repair your skin.