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CBD Oil does it work for depression?

I have been prescribed Citalopram for anxiety/depression. I have never been a pill fan and am not comfortable taking the anti demos, I guess I am a bit scared. The thought of taking them makes me feel even more anxious. Has anyone taken CBD oil for depression/ anxiety? Or any positive views on Citalopram?

Yes, it was a life changer for my son when he crashed out of uni with severe depression. Got him back on his feet and able to have the confidence to look for a job. Much better than some of the earlier ones. Every drug has side effects, but part of your current state is the inability to see that anything provides hope.

You have nothing to lose by taking them. If they don’t work you can stop them and try something else, but don’t rule them out without trying. Takes at least a fortnight to kick in.

Good luck, you can get through this.

B9exchange I don’t think you answered the question that was being asked. FOwey wanted to know about taking CBD oil, but your reply seems to be about the citalopram. Combining the two does not sound sensible to me, as the effects of each would be increased, perhaps dangerously. Take either one or the other, and be guided by your GP.

With utmost respect Elegran and your views are amongst the most respected on GN, including mine, the OP did ask for opinions on Citalopram.
I have been taking it for a few years now since my H travelled down the road that is Alzheimer’s.
I only take a low dose, 20 mgs daily but it has been good for me.

If I were the OP I would give it a fair trial, 2/3 months before judging
Personally I would rather take something tried and tested and approved by experts than something else.

If it doesn’t work then go onto CDB oil.

I myself am trying Turmeric for my osteoarthritis after convention remedies are no longer working.

I can’t comment on CBD oil as I have never tried it, (I am curious though to know if it would help my back pain).
I took Citalopram for about eighteen months and it did help my depression to decline gradually. I had no side effects and do definitely feel that it helped me. Good luck FOwey.

Annsixty Those who have tried Citalopram have seen the bits about that more readily that those about CBD Oil, and most have answered about that. I have not had either Citalopram or CBD Oil, so I saw the thread title question first, then the two questions in the post. Two out of the three were on CBD Oil.

If the OP wanted views on Citalopram, why label the thread "CBD Oil does it work for depression?" and ask "Has anyone taken CBD for depression/anxiety?" with the "Or any positive views on Citalopram?" as an afterthought at the end? I suspect that she is considering going for the oil in preference to the mainstream drug, or even both. If I were her I would consider the fact that cannabis is just as much a "pill" as the citalopram, and that medical advice is not to add it to other drugs.

Being "natural" doesn’t mean it has no drawbacks or side effects, particularly when combined with other medication. Arsenic and strychnine are both "natural" too.

CBD Oil for anxiety

Hi. I was listening to the radio earlier today, there was a conversation about using CBD for panic attacks and anxiety. It was very interesting. But what I wonder is, does anyone on here have advice on it. Im on antidepressants for a number of years & 2mg anixcalm and I just wonder would it be worth looking into with my GP. Ive an appointment next week, this is why I am asking you all what ye think so I have plenty of information before this appointment. (it is available where I live in chemists) Thank you in advance

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ryan69574 jean62175

Posted 3 years ago

I had one of the worst experience on cbd oil in my ecig. But looking back the dose was to high. I had ×1000.. I had a panic attack from it. Witch was the worst I have ever had. It was absolutely crazy. To the point my girlfriend rang a ambulance. I have had panic attacks before. But this one was unreal. So I would never touch the stuff again. But I do have a friend who smokes it. Think it’s like ×250 and he gets on really well with it.. But I suppose it’s something to bring up with your gp.

TurtleTom jean62175

Posted 3 years ago

I have vaped CBD ejuice, used CBD shatter and also bought a full spectrum oil and found very little benefits from it if any. In saying that it supposedly takes several weeks to start working but it is costly and I doubt you will get a GP (UK anyway) that will or even can prescribe it. they wont even prescribe Lustral due to it being expensive

jean62175 TurtleTom

Posted 3 years ago

Thanks Tom. seems some of it is available here, you just go to chemists. why I wonder is, if its that good why would a GP etc., not mention it. Im on Lustral & Ive had my dose upped a few months ago, I am getting there but its slow. seems (the oil) costs 27e, now how long that lasts I dont know hence my post, Thank you for getting back to me I think I will ask about it next week & see what she say, take care

sue74917 jean62175

Posted 3 years ago

Hi Jean. the reason that GP ‘s cannot prescribe it is because it is not approved by NICE, it has not had enough tests on the long term effects, the same as vaping. GP’s are very much of different opinions at the moment, 1 GP, where I work, brought it for his elderly mother when conventional mental health drugs were not working and it did help but then another GP sets no store by it. I have not used it myself but if you do use it make sure it is CBD and not just hemp or you maybe wasting your money

peggy18197 jean62175

Posted 3 years ago

I’ve tried both Hemp oil and CBD oil. Not much difference between either. I am a firm believer in either of these. Hemp Oil is much cheaper tho. I order my hemp oil from Amazon. Do not anything lower than 500 mg. Has helped my anxiety bunches along with numerous other ailments that I have. Sleep is also better. I still take generic ativan and have even been able to reduce the dose. Zero side effects to either of the above.

And yes it does take a few days to totally get in your system. But worth it to me compared to the side effects of the numerous meds I have been on for both anxiety and depression.

Please give either cbd oil or hemp oil a chance. I’m in my 60’s and this has been a miracle for me

Nementh jean62175

Posted 3 years ago

What are you on currently? I suffer from severe anxiety and take between 2 and 5mg of diazepam before a stressful situation to control it. It may be worth asking about this, But my warning is, do not drive, and do not drink. It’s pretty powerful even in small doses.