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Don't bother with your insulin Diabetes, CBD oil is WAY cheaper

Annnnnnd this is how people go into diabetic shock because they weren't checking there insulin because CBD cures all.

Ketoacidosis is no joke. Take your goddamn insulin!

As someone who had gestational diabetes, supplies are expensive, but not THIS expensive. Still, guess I should've just used CBD oil. I'm sure my son would've been fine

It IS this expensive but with insurance it’s not that much. It sucks for people without good coverage and I️ seriously hope people like that doesn’t find stupid posts like these and see it as a cheaper alternative.

This is scary. Of course they accept no responsibility or liability if someone gets hurt.

I know, I want to say something but don't care for confrontation on such a thing. I was pretty shocked and needed to show others this bs.

Sooo, I had my nurse husband take a peek at this. He confirmed that this is bullshit on multiple levels, but what amused me the most is that the red thing isn't an epi-pen, it's a glucagon gun.

Also, it's disingenuous to mix-and-match the supplies and brands. I don't think those lancet refills fit that lancet gun. Looks like they just used the highest priced item in each category.

Glucagon rescue

Glucagon rescue is the emergency injection of glucagon in case of severe diabetic hypoglycemia. It is needed during seizures and/or unconsciousness by an insulin user who is unable at that point to help themselves. Glucagon will facilitate the release of stored glucose back into the bloodstream, raising the blood glucose level.

Rescue has been simplified by the development of the glucagon hypoglycemia rescue kit, consisting of:

biosynthetic human glucagon, in a freeze dried form within a vial,

a sturdy syringe, pre-filled with a sterile diluting solution, and

a conspicuous red or orange colored plastic storage box, which includes instructions.

CBD treatment for type 1 diabetes?

Hey yall. Ive been using Cannabidiol to treat chronic muscle pain, and read this article on the website from which I purchase about how it can be an affective in treatment of diabetes as well. Anybody have any experience with this?

Anecdotally, when I smoked regularly, my blood sugars were easier to control. I still have a valid MMJ card (I live in CA) due to T1D, but I don't use it regularly enough to do recent controlled tests and report the results.

Still, nothing wrong with the Ganj in any form, and I do use the high-CBD strains as a general rule. 🙂

CBD for Diabetes

Hey r/Diabetes I'm trying to compile a list of anecdotal evidence for the use of CBD in combating the symptoms of diabetes. Anyone ever use CBD to help with your diabetes? Please let me know!

What good are anecdotes? The plural of anecdote is not data.

I get the impression that if CBD legitimately is a medicine that surely there will be stories of it's use and what better way to collect those stories then through Reddit. It's like getting product reviews for a device, besides trying to build awareness for CBD, which has the ability to change lives and combat the negative effects of many conditions/disorders/diseases.

Anecdotes are still data. I don't conduct a double blind placebo controlled clinical study when I want to know what to order at a restarant, i just ask the waiter whats good.

Not all circumstances require the same amount of rigor.

Here's a study that supports the use of CBD against symptoms of diabetes http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21144973

Hey ive been smoking weed for many years. I have found that when im under the influence, it really helps stop random foot pains, and tingles in my feet/ forearms/fingers. when im sober in work i find these pains occur alot more often. this could be due to the endo-cannabanoid system however im not an expert, i have read up on it and i am quite passionate about cannabis. recently purchased a vaporizer and quit smoking ciggys and joints which has helped my health tremendously

So you vaporize the dried flower or do you purchase oil? I'm also trying to compile a list of ways you can consume CBD because that question comes up a lot. Would you consider vaping to be more effective than say edibles?

I have not sought out any CBD heavy strains, just the usual. I think it works about as well as methocarbamol without the long list of side effects. I'm going to try and get in for a MMJ evaluation next week so I have access to more med specific strains.

I stopped taking the metho because it seemed to be making my joints hurt more and I felt a whole lot shittier if I let it wear off, which it does fairly quick. The biggest relief I get from pot is the random stabbing pains. But what sucks most of all is diabetes has kind of ruined pot for me. I'm tired of getting high. Well okay, maybe not ruined. But it has taken a lot of the fun out of it.