cbd oil for dog separation anxiety

Helping Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

After a year of staying home, our dogs have gotten pretty used to us being around 24/7. Now that we’re starting to leave the house more often, our furry friends may start to show signs of separation anxiety and stress.

When you come home, has your housebroken dog started having accidents inside? Or do they cry for hours when you leave? These can both be signs of separation anxiety in dogs, which is more common than you think. 20% – 40% of dogs experience it, but thankfully there are plenty of ways to support your pup’s well-being when you start to get back to your normal routine.

Signs to Watch For

We all know that our pets have a favorite human. You know, the one that they follow from room to room? When a dog is too dependent on a person, their anxiety can kick in when they leave. It’s similar to a panic attack in humans. While every dog will show distress differently, here are some common signs:

Incessant crying, whining, barking, howling

Pacing, acting restless

Panting and drooling

Scratching or digging at doors and windows

Trying to escape

Vomiting, peeing or pooping in the house

Chewing or eating at walls, doors, cabinets

Becoming distressed when you prepare to leave

This is by no means a complete list, however, if you start to notice some of these signs beginning to develop in your fur baby, it may be a good idea to get them checked out by the vet.

Tips for Calming Your Anxious Dog

If the problem is mild, there are a few things you can do to help ease the stress of leaving the house.

Before you leave, take your pup for a walk. They’ll get some energy out and be ready to rest as you walk out the door.

Make your comings and goings low-key. Try not to make it a big deal when you come home and say goodbye long before you leave. This way, you’re communicating that leaving is no big deal.

Keep them entertained with a chew stick or plenty of toys to play with. They’ll barely know you’re gone!

Leave the TV on. Some dogs respond well to animal-friendly TV. DogTV is a channel that has plenty of shows that are shown to calm them down and reduce anxiety.

Try crate alternatives. If your dog is experiencing stress from being put in a crate, try using a baby gate in a spare room with toys to keep them busy.

Natural calming supplements, like CBD, are also beneficial! Research has found that CBD helps manage anxiety by changing the brain’s receptor response to serotonin. Though it comes from cannabis, CBD products contain almost no THC, the psychoactive compound that produces the “high” effect in marijuana. Providing your dog with CBD supplements will give them the benefit of relaxation without any intoxication.

Our Paws a Moment Broad Spectrum CBD oil may help dogs (and cats!) battling separation anxiety, as well as manage pain and inflammation. Compounds found in CBD may interact with endocannabinoid receptors in animals to produce calming effects and lower their anxiety. Plus, the oil format allows for flexible serving sizes depending on the size of your pet. Slow Your Wag CBD dog treats are veterinarian formulated to provide comfort and relaxation to dogs. With a delicious beef flavor, it’s the perfect treat to give them before you leave for work in the morning! See Spot Chill dog treats are veterinarian-formulated to give you peace of mind. They’re filler-free and made with yummy ingredients with a peanut butter flavor that your pup will love.

When helping our furry friends battle separation anxiety, it’s important to understand the signs and know exactly what’s triggering your dog to stress out. Putting your dog on a CBD ritual (just like yours!) may be the key to helping your buddy relax and be ok when you head into the office again.

How CBD Oil Can Help Your Pet With Separation Anxiety

If you’ve experienced chewed shoes, scratched carpets, complaints from the neighbours your dogs been barking when you leave the house and damages to your furniture, then it’s highly likely your dog has separation anxiety.

Not only is horrible to see your dog in an anxious state but you also can’t keep losing good shoes to destructive behaviour!

People who have dogs with serious anxiety issues are seeing real improvements by using CBD oil, making your dog a lot calmer and less at risk of hurting themselves whilst you’re gone. CBD oil is safe, all-natural and has proven to work time and time again with the reviews to prove it.

What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation related behaviour is behaviour that only occurs when your dog is separated from you, their owner, and in most cases is because they feel distressed. Tell-tale indicators that your dog experiences separation anxiety include:

  • Scratching of doors, floors and carpets
  • Chewing of soft furnishings, rugs, shoes, (anything left out they shouldn’t chew)
  • Making a mess or going to the toilet even though they are fully toilet trained
  • Pacing, not settling easily
  • Howling, barking or crying
  • Jumping up at windows or doors

You’d be aware of most of these as you’d return to signs that your dog has been distressed, although, this isn’t always the case. It may that neighbours alert you of your dog’s anxieties as they hear them barking or howling when you leave.

Many pet owners have also invested in cameras so they can watch their dogs behaviour live when they leave the house.

This gives a true insight into how your pet behaves. Many devices allow you to speak through the camera to your pet.

However, if your dog is quite anxious and nervous the sound of your voice may confuse them in thinking you are in the house. Ultimately you need to calm the dog down naturally, in a way that doesn’t send them mixed messages, CBD oil is perfect for this.

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Dogs

There is no clear reason why separation anxiety affects some dogs and not others. Sometimes initial training, when they are a pup, can have an input. For example, if they were never trained to be left alone then they develop anxieties around it.

Sometimes dog’s past experiences may trigger anxious behaviour, but it’s not always the case.

It’s not uncommon for dogs that have been rescued from shelters to experience separation anxiety as there are correlations between the trauma of being abandoned and the development of separation anxiety.

However, it can also affect dogs that haven’t come from a shelter and have been used to being alone for years.

Sometimes something unknown to you can trigger it. It could be something as little as a loud sound going off on a one-off that then scares your dog.

Medication can also have serious effects on your dog’s behaviour, especially if they are on a strong type or dose., making them anxious and nervous.

How CBD Oil Helps With Separation Anxiety

When your dog is stressed or anxious, their brain releases a mix of stress-related hormones. Those chemicals create an imbalance that prevents your dog from coping with their emotions in a beneficial way.

When hemp oil is taken, it initiates chemical transmissions to bring the body back into balance, resulting in a calmer and relaxed body and mind.

Try CBD oil to help your dog manage their separation anxiety 30 minutes before you leave the house.

How CBD Oil Has Helped Other Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Below are just a handful of reviews from our website, showing how other owners have seen huge improvements and some great success stories.

Stephanie. J. – Amazing Product!

Our 10 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, was experiencing some fairly severe separation anxiety. He was also prone to being a good bit more hyper (especially around bed time) than his brother, who is also a ten week old Bernese Mountain dog. So, we wanted to give this product a try to see if it could be helpful for our boy.

The very first night, we noticed an improvement. . and by the end of the first week, he was way more mellow, and generally more happy. The separation anxiety was all but gone. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a dog that is overly hyper, or overly anxious. It works wonders.

Ashleigh – Miracle Worker!

Such an amazing product! My pup had super bad anxiety and separation anxiety when it came to car rides and being on her own during work hours (to which she’d chew my walls to soothe herself), she also has issues regarding her patella in both her back legs that will require surgery in the future.

Since using this product my pup is slowly coming round to enjoying car rides and I’m coming home to an untouched walls!! She’s also enjoying being about to run around pain free. Words cannot describe how amazing and beneficial this product is and how it has changed my babies quality of life.


I have an (approximately) 4-year-old male GSD rescue, Sig Sauer, who is very high anxiety. Sig was a stray in a very bad part of Michigan, and we believe he was abused. We don’t know his background, but he becomes very anxious and worked up when I leave him, when our cats are roaming around the house, and when children are in the house.

This product has calmed him down so much where he is at ease when there are new people or kids around, when I leave him, and even when the cats are tormenting him. His constant pacing has stopped (which gets very annoying) and he is able to calm his nerves. It makes me feel so much better than he has been so calm after taking the CBD oil. We can enjoy having my 3-year-old god daughter over without his stressing himself out! I recommend this to anyone with highly anxious pups!

Megan – Amazing!

I have a 3 year old husky who gets HORRIBLE separation anxiety. After just a couple of times using this she has calmed down and wayyyy more relaxed when I leave the house! She’s no longer distructive or in distress.

This product is seriously amazing and has helped my poor pup so much! Let me make sure to say that this product does not “sedate” my dog it just calms down her anxiety where she isn’t anxious or scared because I’m gone. She’s o much happier and calmer now. Thank you guys.

Josiah – Calms the crazy Puppy!

After trying this oil for nearly 2 weeks now, I’m very pleased to share my review! We have a 13 week old Belgian Malinois, and as you’d expect with this breed, they are go go go until the point of complete exhaustion. The only issue is our pup doesn’t really understand when he’s tired, so using CBD has really helped with that! Adding this to his bedtime regime helps calm him down as it approaches bedtime, and he falls asleep in minutes once he’s in his crate! This has also been great to use as we enter new environments that may stress him out. It keeps him calm-er than usual, and helps a lot with training.


Hemp oil offers so many benefits to your dog and it’s completely safe, it can even be taken daily as a supplement for your dog. Many customers have tried the hemp oil to try and solve one problem and found it ended up solving other problems too.

Take a look at how a springer spaniel with epilepsy developed severe anxious behaviour as a result of being on strong medication. His owner tried the hemp oil to help with his anxieties, which it solved but it also controlled the seizures better than any medication!

Hemp oil can really help your dog feel calmer, less stressed and less anxious. Having a large gathering with friends, leaving them or even travelling in the car can be big triggers for dogs. hemp oil helps with all these things and more including joint pain, and skin allergies.