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What Can CBD Oil be Used to Treat in Dogs?

Regardless of where you got your dog – from a lovely pet store, a neighbor or friend’s litter or a shelter, its well being should be paramount to you. As a result, you should be open to safe and effective ways to help it live a healthy and happy life.

This is necessary because at some point or the other, your pet will be faced with health challenges. This is will especially get more frequent as they age. In this article, we will look at the various health conditions that dog CBD oil can be used to treat.

So, are you a pet parent or guardian seeking a safe and potent way to help your pet, let us see what CBD oil can offer?

What Is CBD?

It is a chemical substance extracted from the cannabis plant majorly for its huge medicinal value. Cannabidiol (i.e. the full name) can be used to treat both humans and animals suffering from a wide range of health issues, both physical and mental.

Its ability to resolve unrelated health conditions sets it apart from the rest. For instance, Arthritis and Separation Anxiety are some of the widely differing and unrelated conditions it can resolve.

Let us discuss some more about the health problems cannabidiol can be used to treat in canines.


This painful condition is increasingly common among aging dogs, especially those of the large breed. This is because of the wearing out of the joint cartilage positioned strategically in between the bones.

To help provide some relief to your pets going through this painful ordeal, this product can be used.

Generally, one of the impressive features of cannabidiol is its pain-killing effects. Best still, it does without any of the harsh side effects that are common with some other conventional pain killers.

Anxiety Problems

Canines have emotions like humans. As a result, they can go through experiences that cause unpleasant feelings. Experiences such as moving to a new environment or missing a loved one can cause anxiety problems.

From a medical stance, to help your pet going through anxiety problems, you can use CBD oil. The relief it offers is quick and effective. Also, as pointed out earlier, you have nothing to be bothered about as regards side effects. At most, all that may happen is that you may find your pet sleeping a bit more.

Pain and Inflammation

It is hard to pin down the causes of pain and inflammation to certain health problems. There are various reasons a dog can go through this. Some include dental complications, arthritis, post-surgery effects or complications, among others.

Whatever the cause is, this drug can be used to treat almost all kinds of pains and inflammation your dog may be experiencing.


Whether it is sleeplessness or recklessness, this drug is potent enough to help your dog. This is regardless of your pet’s activity level as even those with high energy levels are able to sleep better when placed on this medication.


Cancer it is not only a nightmare for humans. Canines are also faced with all kinds of cancerous conditions.

The use of CBD oil can help deal with cancerous cells found in any part of the body. By using cannabidiol forms that interact directly with the bloodstream, relief and also recovery is a possibility. All these prove that CBD oil is effective for dogs and pets at large.

Why Should You Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

There are many other ways cannabidiol can be administered on dogs. However, for certain reasons, the oil alternative is very often used and even preferred. Let us go over some of the reasons this is the case.

Interaction with the Bloodstream

In order of effective interaction with the bloodstream, CBD vape comes first. Because dogs cannot smoke, CBD oil is the best canine cannabidiol option in terms of drug bioavailability. This is especially so with the water-soluble variety.

It is Easy to Use

With cannabidiol in the form of oil, either water-soluble or not, it is easy to use. You just drop the oil under the tongue of your dog and it practically starts working immediately.

Also, with this option, there is close to no chance of overdosing your dog. Once you know the amount of Cannabidiol concentration in every drop, you simply apply the required amount of drops.

On a Final Note

As you have noticed in this article, humans are not the only ones that stand to benefit from CBD oil and other cannabidiol products. Both you and your pet can make the most of these products when the need arises.

However, you should be particular about using the right product. This is because the products must not fall short in terms of safety and effectiveness. You can have a look at how to know how to ensure you get the right product.

Do not administer human CBD oil to your dog. There may be items used in its production that are toxic for your dog.

Lastly, you should also seek the advice of your veterinarian before placing your canine companion on any cannabidiol product. This is a rule that should always be adhered to.

Where Can Canadians Buy CBD Online for Their Pets?

All the brands I recommend on my website no longer ship CBD oil to Canada.

I will leave the information below as is, however this brand, and others featured on this site do NOT ship to Canada.

Although cannabis is legal in Canada, CBD oil is only legal if it is sold through a licensed cannabis producer to a person who has a doctor’s note. So you need to be a medical cannabis user to buy CBD oil in Canada.

It’s confusing stuff I know.

I believe the laws will change in the near future, and Canadians will be able to order “recreational” CBD oil, just like they can order other forms of cannabis.

Again, this information below is not available for Canadians:

If you live in Canada, there is 1 CBD oil company that I currently recommend:

The other popular brands I recommend to pet owners are HolistaPet, King Kanine, and Canna-Pet, however they do NOT currently ship to Canada at this time.

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All their products are created for pets. So their specific formula is intended for pet use only, however this is human grade CBD, and some pet owners actually report using this oil!

It’s not CBD oil for humans, that you just happen to also give your dog… It’s actually the other way around in some cases!

They offer oil, treats, and wellness bundles.

I’ve actually been recommending HempMy Pet to many dog owners, and I’ve received some good feedback.

I have some family in Ontario Canada who are using this brand and they have great things to say about it.

Bottom line, I recommend all Canadians consider ordering from HempMy Pet.

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Which Oil Should You Buy?

After you finally find a brand, the next common question is:

How much oil should I give my dog?

I have some great news:

HemyMy Pet makes dosage super simple.

Here’s how it works.

They offer two sized bottles: 250mg and 1000mg.

If you have a small dog that weighs under 20 pounds, then get the 250mg bottle.

If your dog weighs over 20 pounds, you should get the 1000mg bottle, as it will last longer, and you will save more money.

This is my best recommendation.

Both products will come with this easy to read dosage chart:

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Are There Any Canadian Brands Out There?

With cannabis becoming legalized in Canada, you would expect many more distributors of CBD to pop up.

But I don’t think the laws for CBD will be instantly updated by Health Canada. I’m sure it’s a bit of a process.

And remember that CBD for pets is different than products for humans.

Plus, you may want to order CBD dog treats, and other forms which are created for animals only.

If you want CBD for your pet, then stick with a company who specializes in products for pets.

Yes there are Canadian companies who offer CBD oils, however there are no popular ones who only offer products for pets. On the other hand, HempMy Pet is designed specifically for animals, and has plenty of positive reviews coming in from pet owners around the world.

I believe HempMy Pet operates out of Colorado, so when you order from Canada, it will be an international order from the United States.

For more specific information visit the official website here:


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