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What are the Benefits Football Players are Getting from CBD and Cannabis?

The world of weed has changed dramatically over the past decade.

While the use of cannabis (including both CBD and marijuana) has traditionally been on the down-low, more professional athletes than ever before are using medical cannabis.

Many of these pro athletes are football players.

Not only is professional football one of the most-loved American sports, it’s also one of the most dangerous.

Most football fans forget just how physically demanding the game truly is. Injuries in professional (and amateur) football are common.

Many contend cannabis can help.

The benefits professional football players are getting from cannabis are unprecedented.

Here we’ll take a deeper look at the benefits of both CBD and THC in the world of professional football.

Football: The Most-Loved Sport in America…and the Injuries it Entails

Football may be the most-loved sport in America, but it definitely comes with a dark side.

To say it’s a rough game is almost putting it mildly.

And there are plenty of injuries that regularly occur to those who have committed themselves to playing the sport professionally.

Some of the most common include knee ligament injuries (the most common), foot and ankle injuries (including breaks, sprains, and more), shoulder injuries (rotator cuff is most common), shin splints, torn muscles, and more.

All injuries NFL players face are serious, but perhaps the most serious of all are the head injuries they suffer.

Here we’ll take a deeper look at just how serious the head injuries sustained by pro football players truly are.

The Prevalence of Head Injuries in the NFL

Research indicates that head and brain injuries are extremely common in athletes that play in the NFL.

Here’s something to consider.

Research published in July 2017 found that almost every professional football player whose family had donated their brain for study after death had a degenerative brain disease.

How much is “almost every?”

That’s more than 99 percent that displayed indication of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

CTE is a progressive degenerative brain disease that is found in individuals with a history of recurring brain injury.

This repeated trauma to the brain causes a progressive degeneration of brain tissue, while also causing a buildup of an abnormal protein known as tau.

Common symptoms of CTE include:

  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Impulse control issues
  • Aggression
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Progressive dementia

According to the study’s lead author Dr. Ann McKee, “Families don’t donate brains of their loved ones unless they’re concerned about the person.

So all the players in this study, on some level, were symptomatic. That leaves you with a very skewed population.”

McKee went on to add that CTE is seen in an extremely large number of individuals that participated in football for many years.

“While we don’t know the exact risk and we don’t know the exact number,” she says, “we know this is a problem in football.”

CTE is certainly serious. But it’s not the only brain injury common to professional football players.

Some other common head injuries sustained by players in the NFL include:

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A concussion is considered a mild form of TBI, and TBI can be considered “mild, moderate, or severe.”

This severity of TBI is typically measured by how long the individual was unconscious and how long they experienced memory loss.

Symptoms of brain injury can include: confusion, memory loss, chronic fatigue, trouble concentrating, problems communicating, and more.

Cerebral Contusions

A cerebral contusion is a bruise to the brain.

Symptoms of a cerebral contusion could include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and seizures.

Intracranial Hematomas

A hematoma is an irregular buildup of blood outside of the blood vessels.

An intracranial hematoma is when blood accumulates in the area between the brain and the skull.

This is something that puts pressure on the brain, which could result in a serious medical emergency.

The True Cost of Injuries Sustained by Football Players

A recent report published in the New York Times found that both current and retired NFL players are misusing opioid painkillers at a higher rate than others in the general population.

All the injuries football players sustain, you see, come with a lot of pain.

And if one wants to get back in the game as soon as possible, what better way to do so than strong prescription painkillers?

The problem is, opioid painkillers are typically passed out like candy in the NFL.

And seeing that in recent years players in the NFL have gotten increasingly larger, the painkillers they’re prescribed are a lot more potent.

Former defensive tackle Aaron Gibson, who’s played for the Detroit Lions, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears said he received his first prescription for painkillers in his rookie year.

Now that he’s retired and has a high tolerance for these meds, Gibson says he seeks out stronger and more risky meds like high-dose Oxycontin.

“I was running through those like nothing,” Gibson told the New York Times . “One doctor who thought he was the only one treating me said, ‘Aaron, what I’m prescribing you is what I’d give a Stage IV cancer patient.”

While Gibson stopped taking prescription painkillers three years ago, after he retired he contends he was taking up to 200 pills a day.

“If I didn’t play in the NFL,” he says, “I know I wouldn’t have been in this situation.”

Gibson is one of countless NFL players that have found themselves in the same position.

This is exactly what has led numerous NFL players (and other professional athletes) to embrace CBD.

How CBD and THC Can Benefit Football Players: Professional Athletes Speak Out

Cullen Jenkins played ball for the NFL for 13 seasons.

He helped lead the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl XLV victory.

In 2016, he was cut by the Washington Redskins, something that made him feel “unimportant” and like he “didn’t really matter.”

According to Jenkins, he used to drink a half-fifth of vodka and several beers to chase it every day .

He started drinking so he could sleep, but after the drinking made him sick when he woke up, he would take pills to get rid of the pain, then drink again to try to sleep.

“you have that sense of — I guess, not of being a failure, but not being good enough as well,” Jenkins told SB Nation .

“I went through a while where I wouldn’t get out of bed until 2 in the afternoon. You just felt kind of like a bum, or you just felt like — I don’t know there’s a word that I’m looking for to use.”

Then Jenkins (reluctantly) tried CBD oil. And this is when his entire outlook on life changed.

“I thought I was going to be high. I thought I was going to be tripping the same things as weed. But it wasn’t anything like that,” says Jenkins. “It’s more of a mellow, calming, smooth feeling. I felt pretty good.”

Jenkins isn’t the only former professional football player who feels the same.

Never mind that the NFL still bans players from using CBD even though the World Anti-Doping Agency removed it from its list of prohibited substances in 2017.

In a recent Forbes article , several former pro football players were interviewed and asked their stance regarding marijuana use with athletes and how they felt about the NFL’s ban against it.

Grant Mattos, former San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Tennessee Titans player had this to say: “Opioids nearly killed me.

-Cannabis, and a lot of love from friends and family, pulled me out of a very dark place when the NFL dream died.”

Joe Montana, four-time Super Bowl champion and one of the most famous names in NFL football, says, “Legalization is picking up steam on a global level and I feel like now is the time to spread information about the curing capabilities of this plant.

As with any medicine, increased accessibility comes with the need for education.”

In a 2017 interview with ESPN , NFL commissioner Roger Goodell let his stance against marijuana be heard loud and clear.

“Listen,” said Goodell, “you’re ingesting smoke, so that’s not usually a very positive thing that people would say. It does have an addictive nature.

There are a lot of compounds in marijuana that might not be healthy for the players long-term.”

And the opioids that are prescribed freely to opioids aren’t addictive?

“it’s not as simple as someone just wants to feel better after a game,” Goodell added.

“We really want to help our players in that circumstance, but I want to make sure that the negative consequences aren’t something that is going to be something that we’ll be held accountable for some years down the road.”

There were several that spoke out about Goodell’s comments.

Anna Valent is one of them.

She is the Executive Director of Athletes for CARE, a nonprofit dedicated to allowing professional athletes medical cannabis and other wellbeing resources.

“This isn’t about locker rooms filled with smoke and stoned athletes high on whatever the neighborhood drug dealer grew in his basement,” said Valent.

“We are talking about specific strains, specific cannabinoids, the ratio of CBD-to-THC, micro-dosing, topicals, edibles, oils, etc.”

Cullen Jenkins had the following to say to Goodell: “Look, Roger. You’re playing with people’s lives, with people’s wellbeing…

Why can’t the NFL, the biggest moneymaking sport (I believe) in the U.S. be the leader in cannabis?

The NFL is a leader, a role model. If they took a step in the right direction with cannabis, other people would start to take notice and learn about the medical benefits of cannabis.”

In an open letter to Goodell, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, expressed that while he’s a fan of football as a spectator sport.

He’s “becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the growing specter that many of these athletes will pay the price of developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) to a greater or lesser extent as they grow older.”

Why Professional Football Players Find Benefit in CBD and Cannabis

It’s estimated that former NFL players suffer from opioid addiction at four times the rate of the general population.

Not only are cannabinoids CBD and THC known to help in the management of difficult to treat pain , but there is also emerging evidence in the role cannabis in opioid use disorder.

Both CBD and THC are known to help with anxiety and depression, something many football players suffer with after their careers end.

Research shows that CBD contains both antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

And while clinical research is lacking on the effects of THC for depression (its legal status has made research difficult), there is some research that indicates it can help.

People have, after all, been consuming psychoactive strains of cannabis to enhance mood for years.

One area in particular where cannabis compounds like THC and CBD show great promise is for CTE.

In 1998, a groundbreaking study was published that highlighted CBD and THC as neuroprotective antioxidants.

Results of the research conducted were so promising that the US government patented cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.

According to this patent, CBD and THC can reduce “neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke or trauma.”

A 2014 study found that a “positive THC screen is associated with decreased mortality in adult patients sustaining TBI.”

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are known to help with traumatic brain injury…and anyone who has played or is playing in the NFL should have access to treatment with medical cannabis.

In 2016, the Realm of Caring Foundation launched “When the Bright Lights Fade,” a campaign aimed to help raise money to study the effects of cannabinoids to help treat and prevent symptoms linked to traumatic brain injury and CTE.

Still, the NFL stands firmly against marijuana as medicine.

This isn’t to say, however, that the ban on cannabis in the NFL will last forever.

What is the Future of CBD and Medical Cannabis in the NFL (and Professional Sports in General?

Despite the opposition from the powers that be, there’s hope that NFL and other professional athletes will one day be able to medicate exactly as they please.

There are, after all, plenty of people that stand behind this common goal.

Lindy Snider is a partner at Treehouse Global Ventures and a board member at Athletes for Care.

She says, “Pro athletes have banded together to help move the conversation by getting educated about the science around cannabis. Where there were once just solitary voices of individual athlete advocates, they have grown along with the industry itself into a powerful voice for good.

And whereas players used to figuratively pound their fists insisting on league rule changes to allow cannabis, they now recognize the need to be on the same side of the table as the leagues and are working to help fund as well as participate in scientific studies which prove its efficacy.”

Marvin Washington is a former Super Bowl champ that played 11 seasons in the NFL.

Today, cannabis is Washington’s life work. He is an investor, an advocate and an entrepreneur who says he’s hopeful about the future of cannabis in the NFL.

“The NFL is now more aware of this,” says Washington. “They have changed some testing policies.

The discussion of a bigger change in policy is being held.

You have more team owners openly talking about changing the cannabis policy at the NFL and having cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

Things are changing.

Maybe not as fast as people would like them to, but they are changing, and we’re making sure we’re doing things right. I think in a few years, we’ll see cannabis integrated not only into the NFL, but to all professional sports.

CBD and Professional Football Players

CBD is a natural supplement that has been shown to have various health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing anxiety and improving overall mental health.

CBD is a natural supplement that has been shown to have various health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing anxiety and improving overall mental health. For football players, this could be very beneficial because CBD helps limiting inflammation and pain. This can lead to better performance on the field. In addition, CBD and its anti-inflammatory effects could help reduce the number of injuries a player experiences.

What is CBD and why is it so beneficial?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in cannabis plants with significant natural healing properties. CBD helps relieve pain and inflammation that is beneficial to any professional athlete.

According to The American Journal of Sports Medicine, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and swelling in football players during games.

As a result of the NFL's policy against marijuana, many football players have turned to CBD supplements to help aid with their performance. Studies have shown that CBD can also reduce anxiety and improve overall mental health.

In recent years, CBD has been showing promising results in research studies on its effects for the treatment of different conditions. This means that it is a useful tool for athletes looking for something to help them improve their performance on the field.

CBD is a natural supplement that has been shown to have various health benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing anxiety and improving overall mental health.

What are the health benefits of CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid that has been shown to have a variety of potential benefits, including reducing anxiety and improving overall mental health. Furthermore, studies show that CBD can also help limit inflammation and pain, which could lead to better performance on the field for football players. Also, CBD may help with limiting inflammation and pain, which can lead to better performance on the field. In addition, CBD is also thought to have anti-inflammatory effects, which could help reduce the number of injuries a player experiences. In addition to helping with general pain management, CBD may also protect against seizures in children and adults. Given its many benefits, it would appear that CBD is an important supplement for professional football players.

Finally, CBD can help protect against seizures in children and adults. So it would appear that CBD is an important supplement for professional football players.

How can CBD help football players?

CBD could be beneficial to football players in a number of ways. First, CBD may help with pain and inflammation. This would help players recover more quickly and avoid injuries during the course of game day. Second, CBD may also help limit seizures. So players who have epilepsy might find it easier to play without any seizures during a game. Third, CBD may provide some anti-inflammatory benefits that could reduce the risk of injury. Finally, CBD can provide support with anxiety management, which can improve performance on the field.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider adding CBD to your daily supplement regimen to see how it affects your performance on the field.

The Potential Anti-inflammatory Effects of CBD for Football Players

Inflammation is a natural response to injury, sickness and stress. However, inflammation can lead to many problems such as muscle soreness, pain and swelling. Unfortunately, these symptoms often lead to delayed healing and reduced performance on the field.

As a result of this research, CBD could be an important supplement for professional football players seeking to decrease their chances of getting injured due to inflammation.

What are the risks associated with CBD?

It's not yet clear what the long-term effects of taking CBD are, so football players have to weigh their options and decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

What about Pro Athletes?

For athletes, CBD is a powerhouse. A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that CBD oil had significant effects on physical performance in athletes. The study was conducted by analyzing data from over 100 professional athletes. The results showed that CBD oil improved performance in all major areas of exercise, including bench press, triplets and running. In addition, the study found that CBD oil greatly reduced muscle fatigue and helped athletes maintain their energy levels during intense work sessions.

If you are considering using CBD as part of your daily routine, you should speak with your doctor first to ensure that it will be safe for you to use without any negative consequences.

CBD doesn't seem like something that would take a lot of time or effort to incorporate into your life as an athlete. It's believed that taking CBD once per day will provide its benefits without taking up too much time or effort.

What are the benefits of CBD for Athletes?

CBD is an excellent option for athletes who want to improve their physical performance. It can help athletes maintain energy levels and perform at an optimal level during intense work sessions.

The study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that CBD oil significantly improved performance in all major areas of exercise, including bench press, triplets, and running. In addition, CBD oil helped reduce muscle fatigue and helped athletes maintain their energy levels during intense work sessions.

For athletes, CBD is a must-have supplement. You'll also find that it's beneficial for your mental health if you're feeling anxious or stressed out.

CBC Oil Effects on Physical Performance of Athletes

The study found that CBD oil had significant effects on physical performance in athletes by analyzing data from over 100 professional athletes. The study was conducted by analyzing data from over 100 professional athletes. The results showed that CBD oil improved performance in all major areas of exercise, including bench press triplets, and running. In addition, the study found that CBD oil greatly reduced muscle fatigue and helped athletes maintain their energy levels during intense work sessions.

CBD Oil For All Footballers & All Sport Lovers

Why has it been only over the last few years that sport’s players have started to use CBD Oil? The CBD health trend has actually been making big splashes all over the news and the papers. Because the substance was legalised in the US by the 2018 Farm Act, the importance has even been marketed on every tool possible by stars as well as health specialists alike.

It is no surprise, then, that expert athletes across the globe have started to pay attention.

Several specialist top football players have now started to take CBD, both before and after their games or training sessions as part of their everyday regimen and found the benefits very rewarding.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of the energetic representatives discovered in Cannabis and more importantly in Hemp Plants. CBD has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits, which enable you to reduce muscle soreness. As the CBD is only extracted from the Hemp Plants, which have a very low content of THC of 0.2% there is no risk of any intoxication or failing any drug test. CBD is also a whole lot safer than the current pharmaceutical alternatives, with minimal prospective side-effects, totally non addictive, as well as you have no danger of triggering any lasting damage to your the body.

The World Anti-Doping Organisation (WADA) supervises the listing of all prohibited substances utilised by sports organisations around the globe. It still bans “100% natural and artificial cannabinoids,” consisting of marijuana, hashish, all-natural and also synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THCs), as well as any type of “synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of THC.”

Nevertheless, WADA has specifically exempted CBD from any banning list.. The CBD exception was introduced in 2017 and still remains approved ever since. All specialist athletes today are permitted to make use of CBD at will, presuming the competitors follow the WADA ruling, as the majority of competitors do.

CBD in world football (FIFA) and numerous other major sports leagues have actually enabled professional athletes to use and benefit from CBD, adhering to the WADA decision. Nonetheless, the number of specialist football players that have even come out on behalf of CBD usage is still little.

All Professional Athletes across all sports are expected to take care of their pain and injuries in silence, and also making use of painkillers among professional gamers itself is hardly ever spoken about. The size of the issue came to be clear when, in 2017, 1800, former Football gamers took legal action against the NFL for feeding them alcoholic drinks or drugs to aid them to keep having fun. This method harmed the wellness of numerous players, most of whom only began feeling the repercussions after they retired.

Right now, just one big-league player has been talking loudly for CBD use among football gamers. The gamer concerned is Megan Rapinoe, who is an Olympic gold champion and also two-time Ladies’ Globe Mug champion. She was also chosen in the 2019 FIFA Women’s Globe Player of the Year. An accomplished player, Megan has made CBD part of her everyday routine and will freely speak about it. This is one of the numerous causes she picks to support when she is out on the field. She advertises CBD use amongst professional athletes as well as, along with her sister, works to assist in making these products much more appropriate in the mainstream.

The difference between CBD Oils, CBD Softgels and CBD Balms, and Pharmaceutical Drugs, is that many drugs are slow to work and are often found to be addictive, whereas CBD is a completely natural compound that has been extracted and used for healing for over 4,000 years. At the right Dosage (CBD%) CBD has wonderful healing properties, is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain effectively, and importantly is absolutely non addictive (In fact CBD is used as an effective treatment cure for people addicted to drugs and smoking tobacco and even smoking Marijuana) amongst other addictions.

CBD is now starting to make waves on the planet of sports through sponsorships. Back in 2019, the Rose city Thorns FC came to be the initial NWSL team to be funded by a CBD brand. Considering that they, professional athletes in several areas have landing CBD sponsorships, including many famous Mixed Martial Arts boxers.

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