cbd oil for geriatric pain

What to Know About CBD Oil For Elderly

We need more research, but CBD oil seems to be an up-and-coming treatment solution for the elderly. While CBD and THC are both found as parts of the cannabis plant, significantly higher THC amounts are found in marijuana. Some seniors might be prescribed medical marijuana by their doctor, although medical marijuana is not legal in every state, and some people don’t want to experience a “high.” In those cases, CBD can be a great alternative.

CBD doesn’t produce a high, and it’s legal throughout the United States. It’s sourced from a hemp strain of cannabis and contains .3% THC or less. This means you get all of the benefits without having to worry about feeling a high.

There are numerous benefits of CBD oil:

  • Relieves arthritis pain
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Improves sleep
  • Prevents or reduces symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease
  • May reduce cancer cell growth
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting for cancer patients being treated with chemotherapy.

Pain relief. CBD oil has also proven to be an effective, non-habit-forming treatment for pain. One study found that CBD reduces pain 30% more than traditional medication or medical marijuana (THC) alone.

General anxiety and performance anxiety. One study of individuals with a social anxiety disorder and fear of public speaking gave some people a single dose of CBD an hour and a half before they participated in public speaking. Those given the CBD experienced a significant reduction in their anxiety, with less discomfort and stress.

In short, CBD has been proven effective in enhancing the quality of life, preventing cognitive decline, reducing blood pressure in stressful situations, and more.

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What to Consider When Buying CBD

Decide why and what form. Think about what you’ll be using CBD for and how you’d prefer to use it. CBD is often available as an oil, pill, drop, or lotion.

Consider the amount of THC. Some CBD products contain THC, although it’s in very small amounts. If you’re looking for CBD with no TCH in it at all, consider looking for CBD made from hemp.

Find where it was made. Not all CBD products are made the same way. Colorado has very robust, trusted CBD manufacturing facilities, but if you buy CBD online and it comes from somewhere overseas, it may not have gone through any safety testing.

Read the label. Always read the label of any CBD product to check for additional ingredients that could affect your health or safety.

Stay cautious. Some CBD brands will make claims that CBD can cure cancer or help with heart disease. Huge health claims like that are illegal and are not verified. If a brand is advertising unrealistic benefits, beware. Consult your doctor for all and any Risks of CBD Oil.

CBD, THC, and the Elderly

• A brief history of cannabis.
• An understanding of the Older Adults and Healthy Aging.
• The differences between CBD, and THC and how they fit into the Endocannabinoid System.
• How CBD, THC, and other cannabis products are usually dosed.
• How cannabis products can be used in common “Older Adults’” medical conditions including pain, Parkinsons and disordered sleep.
• An understanding of how cannabis products can interact with common medications through the cytokine P450 enzyme system.

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Have any of your older clients asked you if they should try CBD for symptoms they may be having? Do you have older clients that are regular users of cannabis? Can cannabis assist with healthy aging? Canadian seniors are the fastest growing users of cannabis. Whether it is CBD, THC or any of the other cannabinoids that come from this ancient plant, health practitioners need to better understand cannabis and its derivatives in order to counsel clients in its use.

Who Should Attend?:
• Nurses, Pharmacists, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, and Allied Health Professionals in:
• Geriatric Settings; Home and Community Care of the Elderly
• Primary Care, Mental Health and Transitional Health Settings
• Medical-Surgical, Orthopaedic and Neuro Units; Pain Clinics
• Nurse Practitioners, Managers and Educators

Kirk Nyqusit and Trevor Shewfelt

Kirk Nyquist, RN, BSN, MA

Kirk has been a long-time advocate of Cannabis. With almost 40 years of nursing, he has deepened his knowledge, interviewing the minds of cannabis scientists, prescribers, users and growers, building his own understanding on how Cannabis applies to nursing practice. He explores plant medicine in a measured and professional manner.

Now nursing across generations, practicing in remote Manitoba communities and as co-host of Reefer Medness – The Podcast, Kirk is exploring how Canadian nurses will gain future professional understanding of cannabis through the Canadian Nursing Association’s “National Nursing Framework and e-Learning Modules for the Legalization of Cannabis” project; in which is sits as an advisor.

An early adaptor of distributive learning technology, this webinar marks a return to the online teaching environment for Kirk and he is excited about it. His approach to web-based instruction is to entertain while applying adult learning experiences.

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Trevor Shewfelt, BSc, BSc Pharm, CRE

“What do you mean we can’t sell medicinal cannabis in pharmacies?” Trevor Shewfelt has been a pharmacist since 1997, but since 2017 this question has bloomed into a new passion project.

During his practice, Trevor has become an Asthma Educator, a COPD Educator and a Respiratory Educator. He is certified to give injections, treat self-limiting conditions and deliver smoking cessation programs. He supervised the medications in five Long Term Care (LTC) Homes for about 20 years, including training new LTC nurses on the pharmacology of mental health and dementia in the elderly. Trevor helped design and implement Pharmacist’s Manitoba’s Smoking Cessation Project from 2012-14 and has had various articles published in pharmacy trade magazines. He continues to write weekly newspaper and radio columns about solutions to common health complaints.

Trevor’s interests in health, teaching, writing and radio have culminated in Reefer Medness – The Podcast. With friend and colleague, nurse Kirk Nyquist, Trevor has interviewed pharmacists, nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, internists, pharmacologists and various scientists about cannabis. He has talked to patients who use cannabis to make their lives better, attorneys who deal in cannabis law and physicians who treat everything from anxiety, or pain, to sleep or PTSD with cannabis. Each time, Trevor learns something new about cannabis, and how to apply it to his practice. Trevor is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with elder care and how cannabis can assist with healthy aging.