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CBD Oil, Hemp Extract and Hair Growth

Update: I contacted Dr. John Satino and he sent me several before and after photos. The patients are taking CBD rich hemp extract (in an emu oil carrier). I have asked him if the second patient is dyeing his hair in the after photo or whether the CBD caused darkening too. Dr. Satino also sent me the following reply:

“This is a US Government Registered Study, found on ClinicalTrials.Gov (NCT04842383). I ran the original Minoxidil Study in 1984 for Upjohn, the Finasteride study for Merck in 1989 and the Lexington study for Low Level Laser FDA clearance in 2000. This study follows the required protocol, with scalp tattoo, hair counts , and microscopic hair analysis. The results so far are better than anticipated. It is a 3 month, 6 month and 1 year study. Our previous study of post menopausal women in 2019 & 2020 showed much promise for the thirty plus participants. This study has enrolled 45 men & women, and we now have fifty percent of our group reaching the 3 to 4 month mark. Just a couple of before and after’s in that group. I will let you know as we get further along.”

CBD Oil, Hemp Oil and Hair Growth

These past few days, the biggest news in the hair loss world has been in regards to cannabidiol (CBD) rich hemp extract. All due to a new study titled “Hair Regrowth with Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich Hemp Extract.”

On Reddit, this subject is getting daily coverage. e.g.,

The above mentioned study was authored by Dr. Gregory Smith and Dr. John Satino (who I covered in a past PRP and hair darkening post). The study was done on 35 subjects (28 males, 7 females) with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Each patient used once a day topical hemp extract that contained about 3-4 mg of CBD. Note: CBD oil is often called hemp oil, which is different from hemp seed oil.

The conclusion of this study was insane:

“On average there was statistically significant 93.5% increase in hair after 6 months. All subjects had some regrowth. There were no reported adverse effects.”

Men got slightly more growth than women with pattern hair loss. The vertex areas of scalps saw greater hair growth than the temporal areas.

The subjects were given a topical extract (in a 2-oz jar) to apply to the balding areas of their scalp once each morning. The jar was replaced at monthly visits throughout the six-month trial. Each 2-oz jar contained 108 mg of CBD. The subjects therefore used an average daily dose of 3-4 mg topical CBD.

The topical extract was made of high CBD cannabis sativa flower that had been ultra-pulverized into a fine powder. Per lab analysis, it contained 10.78% CBD, and 0.21% THC. There was no detectable THCV or CBDV. This powder was infused into a lanolin base paste and natural emu oil carrier.

Although the study was not funded by private company, it has two major deficiencies:

  1. No before and after photos. (Edit: No longer true. See update to the post at the top).
  2. No control group.

Considering the stupendous results of an almost doubling in hair count (i.e., 100 percent increase), I am very skeptical.

Hair Stimulation

However, while doing research on this subject, I noticed that there are a number of other supportive studies and articles on the internet. A lot of these suggests that CBD has some benefit when it comes to hair regrowth or at least cessation in hair loss. I remain very suspicious, but am surprised at the amount of information out there in relation to this subject.

Apparently, CBD could benefit hair growth through the endocannabinoid system (ECS); via its impact on the Wnt/β-Catenin pathway; and via influencing the cannabinoid receptor. According to the latest Satino study:

Existing research suggests that THC and other cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) agonists can be used to manage unwanted hair growth. At the same time, CB1 antagonists, such as CBD and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) can be used to promote hair growth.”

Anecdotal reports suggest that CBD oil reduces anxiety, modulates cortisol levels and improves blood flow to the scalp. The last mentioned could just be an imagined effect. When I have four beers, my hair always feels amazing. I get a sensation that my whole body is calm, warm and experiencing much better blood flow. But the latter is definitely scientifically inaccurate.

CBD vs Hemp vs Cannabis vs THC

People often confuse Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp, Cannabis (Marijuana) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  • CBD and THC are both one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Both are increasingly used for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and symptom reduction from various medical problems. There are some debates about the benefits and long-term effectiveness of cannabinoids, but their popularity keeps growing globally.
  • Cannabis is a plant from which one can make the Cannabis drug (also known as Marijuana).
  • Hemp seed oil and CBD oil both derive from the cannabis plant. However, CBD oil is made using the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. In contrast, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds do not contain CBD. Nevertheless, hemp seed oil does contain omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids; gamma-linolenic acid; B vitamins; vitamin D; and various antioxidants.
A Note on Natural and Alternative Treatments

I have covered related subjects in the past such as caffeine and hair growth as well as natural hair loss products. Most such hair loss treatments will never grow back hair on totally bald areas of the scalp.

However, some stimulatory effect on hair growth is quite possible from various herbal remedies and natural products. It should also be noted that even certain smells can grow or thicken existing hair due to the olfactory receptor.

72 thoughts on “CBD Oil, Hemp Extract and Hair Growth”

It would be great if it were true.

Agree Snow. No pics or proof? Sounds dodgy. 93.5% hype more like. What pot-head thought up that? I still have a speck of hope left, that in my lifetime I might see an actual reversal of hair loss. And, by a product that is affordable, works long term and won’t harm you. Natural potions that you slap on your head are as old as balls. Btw Admin, I rarely drink-if I had four beers I’d be completely bladdered. Wouldn’t feel anything! Most likely put on a drip and carried off somewhere. Very ‘un-Australian’ of me I know.

Lol @SummyKim! I try not to ever cross 4, but once in a while I fail. Thankfully, I drink slow.

I would never believe any of this of course, but seems like there are many other studies suggesting the possibility. Hope everyone read the paragraph (starting with “Apparently”) with the 3 study links.

Sad times when we’re still reading articles about how hemp is going to grow hair (it won’t).

My journey started around 2012… it seemed like help was right around the corner (and here we are still).

So is someone going to use it, or is it like it’s never been there?

I think plenty of peeps and rubbed cannabutter on their scalps for decades (actually more like Millennia) and it would be pretty well known by now if it cured mankinds greatest evil.

These numbers can be really ambiguous without knowing the pre treatment hair density . Going from 1 — > 2 hairs/cm2 is an 100% increase

And if they used it after dermarolling maybe the results would be even better!

I’m happy to hear more natural products are being studied. But I would also prefer some photographic evidence.

So… no placebo group or control group? They’re just looking at changes from baseline after six months. Pretty suspicious.

The authors seem pretty sketchy. One operates a transplant clinic and and various companies that shill laser combs, stem cell injections, etc., and has some dubious and unverifiable claims in his bio about involvement with previous research on minoxidil and finasteride; the other sells medical advice and access to independent medical examiners to support disability claims.

I’m sad that so many people are going to end up wasting time and money on this, and angry that this kind of “research” manages to get published and circulated.

Actually, admin, you mentioned author John Satino once in a post about PRP.

*Link deleted, as already in post.

Yes, as mentioned in the post itself 🙂 Make sure to read it entirely, including the 3 studies I mentioned!

Sorry, went straight to study and got hackles up. Thanks for remaining objective.

Would agree fully, were it not for the other past studies out there (of which I listed 3 important ones in the post, each tackling a different hair loss reason). It might just be something that makes existing hair thicker in all likelihood. People find it easy to believe that certain natural products make nails thicker, but always find it hard to believe if such products can also make hair thicker. My hope is always that thicker hair might make it harder for DHT to kill it off.

I think you could be right, Admin. I’ve just gone past the 5mo stage, using 2ml topical for 8hrs per day, and it seems to have thickened some previously very thin/almost invisible hairs, giving the appearance of regrowth from zero.

Looking closely, not sure hairs have grown where there were none before. Not convinced yet. The first month was the biggest improvement, but slow from then on. Increase in vellus. A definite improvement, but no miracle cure so far.

I’m happy to experiment with topical solutions, especially natural, and I loathe naysayers, but I remain level-headed (pun intended). Besides, if people listened to the doubters and didn’t experiment, the world would never advance. I figured it’s worth a punt, and no loss to me.

However, not sure how long I’ll continue. I’ve read other treaments can take 8-12 months because of hair life cycles. Is that correct or does it vary? Worth carrying on? I’ll probably keep going until 6mo.

The profs in this study suggested massive results in 3-4mo. Well, not for me. I’m fairly sure I figured out the correct formula, minus lanolin. You could not practically keep this oil on your head 24/7. 2ml is a LOT of oil. Other people could figure out the formula from their paper, like I did. They haven’t been shy. I’m using full spectrum CBD, which is the closest I could get to what they stated, but there’s still a difference.

Is there anywhere you could share some before and after pics pete? Also how is your hair now? I also started with my own cbd topical 10 days ago and will keep you guys up to date.

I shared on Reddit and then deleted.

These pictures are deliberatly very poor quality because I’m not ready to share my full findings yet, plus I’ve been stung by people stealing my pictures in the past, but it gives you an idea.

This is 0-5 month mark. Hair shaved same length.

This is 0-5 month with letting my hair grow a bit.

I’m letting my hair grow now. Nots of gaps and thin, but it’s strange to see hair there after 20 years of shaving my head.

In reality, I have no idea if there’s hair regrowth or just thickening of the very thin and vellus hairs that may have already been there, but I think it is regrowing. However, I like to lean on the pessimistic side with everything, and try to remain open-minded. Naysayers can go F themselves. I prefer to experiment and make my own mind up. Science wouldn’t progress otherwise.

As I’ve said before, when I have definitive, irefutable proof of substantial regrowth, I’ll share proper pics then. It’ll be 6 months next week of 8 hours per day of this topical solution. I’m not buying their stated massive results in just a few short months (without proof), but maybe there’s better results for younger people and catching it early. I’m 45 and my late father was bald.

I noticed the biggest change in the first month, so stick with it and see. Make sure you triple check the solution formula is correct to their paper. Too much CBD is bad, mmmkay.

THICK for Hair and Scalp

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THICK for Hair & Scalp is a highly concentrated hair growth oil that is a blend of CBD Oil and Jamaican Castor Oil. Clinical studies have proven CBD Oil has a 50X greater absorption rate. What does that mean? All of the benefits of Jamaican Castor Oil can now be absorbed into the hair and scalp at greater rates than ever before. Applied nightly, it helps to stimulate natural hair growth reduce breakage and hair loss, and restore moisture, body and shine.

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Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil/Sebacic Acid Copolymer, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Gem Oil, Essential Oils, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Tocopherol Acetate, D&C Green #6, D&C Red #17, D&C Violet #2

Directions for Use:

A Note on Receiving Effective Results

Natural ingredients can take time to be effective. Inconsistent use will inhibit the performance of the product. To achieve best results, it is important to follow the guidelines stated below:

Weeks 1-3: Apply daily

Weeks 4-6: Apply every other day or as needed


Apply with fingertips and massage into the scalp area. Additionally apply a light coat to the hair using a soft brush or the palms of your hands. Wash hands after applying. Leave on overnight for best results.