cbd oil for headaches 2022

BATS Virtual & In-Person Improv Shows 2022

Explore the world of virtual and in-person improv with Fort Mason Center For Arts & Culture resident organization BATS Improv. Friday nights offer in-person shows at the Bayfront Theater In Building B. On Saturdays, BATS deploys Zoom video-conferencing tools, BATS has joined the virtual improv world in brave, new, and unexpected ways.


On Friday nights, BATS introduces This Scene Was About … on February 11, February 18, and February 25, 2022, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. Admission is $20


See BATS Improv shows for free (Pay-What-You-Can donations appreciated). (Tip: Download Zoom for free ahead of time.)

Canadian Horror Story takes place in a remote ski lodge where visitors expect snow-capped mountains, crispy powder on the slopes, and cozy times by the fireplace. Unfortunately, nightmares and terror lurk in the freezing shadows. Watch via Zoom on Saturdays, February 12, February 19, and February 26, 2022, 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission is free but donations are always welcome.

For more virtual improv, visit the BATS online YouTube video playlist for free digital clips of BATS Improv’s greatest hits. Online shows from 2020 and 2021, as well as other BATS Improv videos, are free to view by following Facebook links.

Cbd oil for headaches 2022

Consumable Hemp Products

All consumable hemp products that fall within the purview of the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) must be registered with this office. This does not include incense products, candles, or soaps. Registrations may only be submitted by manufacturers or authorized third-party logistics providers. If you have questions about retail dealer permits, please contact the Office of Alcohol Tobacco and Control of the Louisiana Department of Revenue at 225-925-4041 or visit the agency’s website at www.atc.louisiana.gov/cbd.php. Use the below link on this page to submit your artwork for review.

Currently LDH is undergoing rulemaking in order to integrate ACT 336 into regulations. The process is expected to be completed sometime in early 2022. While we are in the rulemaking process, products covered under ACT 336 can still be registered by using our CBD online portal to register your products, following the directions on the page, and acknowledging understanding of the rules and statutes.

FREE CONSUMABLE HEMP WEBINAR SERIES The Louisiana Department of Health held a free, one-hour Consumable Hemp Webinar on Thursday, November 4th at 10:00am CDT to help guide industry through the process of permitting and label registration. The second webinar, on the parts of a label and label requirements for registering products, was held on December 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM CST. A recording of both webinars is available at the bottom of this page.


to upload your artwork.

Consumable Hemp Fast Facts

Click on any item in bold to get more detailed information.

  • Consumable Hemp Plans Review Questionnaire
  • Plumbing requirements (toilet count, grease interceptor)
  • Product registration form
  • Certificates of analysis (CoAs)
  • Company representation
  • Examples of impermissible medical claims or language
  • Responsible party name
  • Statements of identity
  • Net quantity of contents
  • Examples of acceptable dosage forms
  • Acceptable forms of payment for fees



  • Act 336 of the 2021 Louisiana Legislature – the current statutory framework for consumable hemp products and the hemp industry in Louisiana
  • Notice of Intent for Updated Rules – Published November 20, 2021pdf

Our webinar on the basics of hemp permitting and registration from November 4, 2021

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Our webinar on consumable hemp product registration from December 9, 2021

This $18 CBD Roller Is My Go-To for Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Tension

When I was growing up, the solution to any ache or pain was to "take some Tylenol and put some ice on it." The mantra stayed with me over the years, and I still stock my medicine cabinet with a massive bottle of acetaminophen. But recently, my go-to pick felt like the wrong solution to tension headaches from stress (and uncharacteristic anxiety during the pandemic). So I decided to try a natural alternative, namely CBD a.k.a. cannabidiol.

I thought the calming properties of CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of marajuana—which has been linked to helping with chronic pain, psoriasis, and sleep issues—would be the perfect solution for my tension headaches. My only hesitation was the lack of FDA regulation and scientific research around CBD. But then Highline Wellness gave me the opportunity to try out its new CBD Relief Roller ($18; highlinewellness.com), and I realized it was now or never.

My favorite part of Highline Wellness' lineup was that it conducts third-party lab testing on its products to ensure safety and quality. Not only could I review all the ingredients in the roller before using it, but I could also see the potency of the CBD and whether it contained traces of pesticides or heavy metals. As a relatively new CBD user, this helped me feel more comfortable experimenting. 

I also loved that the topical roller not only packed 100 milligrams of CBD oil, but had a handful of essential oils including lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon extract, too. Many of these oils already have Health's approval for helping with anxiety or dealing with cold and flu symptoms, so it felt like a formula that would actually be effective. And it turns out, it was. 

I applied the roller for the first time in a particularly stressful situation: I was flying during the pandemic to help my mom out post-surgery, and I did not want to be on a plane. My body felt extremely tense and I was understandably on edge—so I reached for the roller. I generously applied the formula to my temples, and within seconds, my anxiety started to melt away. Perhaps it was partly a placebo effect, but it felt like the claws gripping my skull simply let go. 

The lipstick-sized roller has been my sidekick ever since. (Well, that and my hand sanitizer.) I apply it to my wrists when I feel overwhelmed, rub it on my temples when I have a headache, and slather it on my neck when I catch a whiff of a bad odor (because it smells amazing). And I'm not the only one who is obsessed. 

One reviewer called the roller their "headache/migraine savior," while another revealed it was their "best friend" for handling stress and anxiety. There was even an entire group of friends that tested the product together and "couldn't believe" their headaches disappeared—a feeling I could definitely relate to. 

Unlike many CBD products, the relief roller is also relatively affordable at just $18, and it's available even cheaper in a 30-day monthly subscription. However, it's worth noting my 10-milliliter bottle is still 75% full after 2 months of regular use. And yes, it's earned a permanent place in my medicine cabinet—right next to the Tylenol.

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