cbd oil for hip osteoarthritis pain

CBD – 79% of surveyed OA Patients have tried it

Cannobidiol – commonly abbreviated to CBD – is a constituent of cannabis. There seems to be plenty of anecdotal evidence about the benefits of CBD for pain relief and inflammation. But before you light up a joint, read a little more. Cannobidiol is one of more than 100 cannabinoids – or active compounds – found in cannabis. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is the non-euphoric constituent of cannabis. The compound associated with the high of marijuana is called THC, and is a different constituent entirely.

Promising studies for arthritis

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you have probably heard of CBD, or know someone who swears by it. But what does the research say about the effects of CBD on osteoarthritis, pain and inflammation?

Various laboratory studies have been carried out on rats, and while those results look promising, we are still waiting for clinical trials to be done on humans.

In one rat study it was proven that CBD, when injected into the osteoarthritic joints of rats, suppressed pain and reduced nerve sensitivity. In the same study, they also found that topical treatment with CBD in early stage osteoarthritis (OA) led to reduced joint swelling and leukocyte trafficking. In case you want to know what that means, leukocyte trafficking is the body’s complex protective response to infection and injuries, which, when out of balance leads to tissue damage as seen in inflammatory and auto-immune disorders.

Amazingly, by weakening the initial inflammatory response using CBD, the end-stage OA pain and peripheral neuropathy were done away with. This groundbreaking study concludes that CBD may be a safe therapeutic treatment for OA pain locally in the joint, in addition to actually blocking the acute inflammatory processes, which eventually lead to the progressive joint degeneration seen in end stage osteoarthritis.

What about humans and cannabidiol?

So while the osteoarthritis community impatiently awaits human clinical trials, it seems that many OA sufferers have decided to simply take matters into their own hands and give it a try. As a result there is a huge amount of anecdotal evidence supporting the use of CBD oil. No doubt if you have complained about joint pain, someone has recommended that you try this “miracle treatment”.

In fact, the Arthritis Foundation carried out a poll asking “Have you tried CBD for your arthritis pain?” They had more than 2600 people respond to their question, and you may be interested to know some of the results…

How often and in what form are OA sufferers using CBD?

  • 79% of participants surveyed are either currently using CBD; have used it in the past; or are considering using it
  • 63% percent of the respondents who are using CBD use it daily. 26% use it several times per week.
  • 62% use a liquid form, while 55% use a topical product, which they apply to their joints.

OA sufferers are mostly using CBD for pain relief with less addictive side effects

  • 94% of CBD users say that their primary reason for using it is to relieve pain
  • Some respondents say that they have used it to help wean off opioids following joint replacement surgery.
  • Several people use CBD products for pain because they feel that they are less addictive than opioids

Have OA sufferers experienced other beneficial effects?

  • 67% of CBD users report an improvement in their physical function
  • More than 30% say that it helps them to get moving in the mornings, due to a decrease in morning stiffness.
  • 71% report improvements in their ability to sleep
  • More than 1/3 or participants in the survey report an improvement of fatigue symptoms.

Body, mind and spirit

  • 41% of CBD users report a better overall sense of well-being
  • 67% report an improvement in their depressed mood.
  • 77% of users report less feelings of anxiety

What does the Arthritis Foundation say about CBD?

  • The Arthritis Foundation are advocating for human trials on CBD oil. They state that CBD may indeed help with pain, insomnia and anxiety but that further human studies are required. While it seems safe in moderate doses, they caution that there may be drug interactions with other medications you are using, and also that it should not replace disease modifying medications which you may be taking.
  • As always it is therefore advised that you speak to your trusted healthcare provider about potentially using these products
  • Dosage should be gradually increased in order to see how you respond
  • Due to the lack of regulations and standards it is important that you source it from a reputable company where each batch is tested for potency, purity and safety by an independent laboratory, the laboratory should also provide certification thereof.

Participate in the Arthritis Foundation survey

The Arthritis Foundation continues to gather input and information from people suffering from OA who have tried cannobidiol. If you would like to participate in their survey you can simply click here to take part.

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Buy CBD for Osteoarthritis of your Cervical Spine | Pain Relief for the Back

Osteoarthritis is the most common disease affecting the joints. According to figures from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), it affects no less than 10 million people in France, 65% of whom are over 65 (1). It results from a progressive and irreparable degeneration of the cartilage of the bone heads of the joint. The symptoms are characterized by a chronic condition that is more or less disabling depending on the stage of degradation of the latter. Thus, it can seriously impact the quality of life of affected patients, generating a real functional discomfort.

As there are no treatments for osteoarthritis, you will have to rely on medication to relieve the symptoms. Among them, the cannabinoids of cannabis


The cannabinoids in cannabis appear to be effective analgesics and anti-inflammatories to calm this type of joint pain. Although research is advancing rapidly on the active products of cannabis (THC and CBD in particular), scientific studies are still needed to understand how these phytocannabinoids work to relieve osteoarthritis. However, many testimonies from arthritis patients extol the virtues of CBD oil to find some relief from their joint pain. But, what do we really know about CBD as a “medical” treatment for pain caused by osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis and its conventional treatments

Rheumatism is very often associated with or becomes the main cause of joint problems (effusions, synovitis, etc.). They are essentially found in 2 forms often confused:

    • inflammatory: arthritis
    • non-inflammatory: osteoarthritis


    Arthritis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the joints. It generates a more or less bearable pain that can lead to a real limitation of movements if it is too strong. Current treatments administered to patients with severe arthritis are not without insignificant side effects, although they often interfere with the pro-inflammatory cytokines involved in arthritis.


    Osteoarthritis is a so-called “mechanical” disease characterized by the gradual degradation of joint cartilage. Aging is the most common risk factor for osteoarthritis.

    The main factors are general (weight, age), genetic or trauma-related. The affected joints are usually neither red nor hot. But, in time, the thickness of the cartilage is irreversibly reduced until it pinches the joint. When the cartilage disappears completely, the joint may become partially or totally impotent.

    Since current treatments are exclusively symptomatic, the use of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, may be relevant.

    Opinion on the use of CBD as a symptomatic treatment for patients with osteoarthritis

    Today in France, osteoarthritis affects approximately 9 to 10 million people. Among the most incapacitating symptoms, we find the inflammation of the joints which can generate a more or less important limitation of mobility according to the pain felt and the evolution of the pathology. At present, the side effects attributed to symptomatic treatments for osteoarthritis are still significant and can lead to immune disorders. Thus, patients are relieved of a pain while causing themselves other discomforts. That’s where CBD comes in!

    Indeed, unlike the famous psychotropic cannabinoid in cannabis, THC, CBD has only advantages:

      • non-psychotropic
      • analgesic
      • anti-inflammatory
      • legal in France

        (according to well-defined criteria)

      In 2017, a study published by the European Journal of Pain (2) shows that with CBD in gel form, rats with osteoarthritis see a significant decrease in pain related to this condition. Its intake could even decrease the cartilage degradation process.

      In what form is CBD good for osteoarthritis?

      Buying CBD as a painkiller is legal

      In France, the CBD molecule as an isolated active substance is legal. Only its origin can be a problem. Indeed, CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids present in hemp, just like the famous THC molecule which makes you “high” and leads to addiction. The sale of products containing CBD such as oil, ointments (gel, cream, ..) or dietary supplements (capsules, ..), is legal as long as the said substance :

        • comes from hemp varieties authorized in France (3)
        • these cannabis varieties must have a THC content lower than 0.2%.

        The CBD ointment or cream to relieve osteoarthritis, dosage and use

        CBD can be found in many forms on the French market. Each of these products has its own concentration of cannabidiol and more or less responds to a specific application. The use of CBD ointments for example can be relevant for a person suffering from this type of pathology since its application is local. The choice of the concentration in CBD will be done according to the pain of the patient but not that. The physiology and sensitivity of each individual to this active molecule must be taken into account.

        CBD oil for osteoarthritis relief, dosage and use

        CBD oils can be found in different rates:

        • Cannabidiol concentration starting from 5% and generally going up to 30%.

        These levels meet the specific needs of an individual. As each organism responds differently physiologically and physically to identical stimuli, the concentration of CBD oprimal for one patient will not be the same for another.

        CBD oil is found in 2 types of spectrums:

            • fullspectrum or broadspectrum

            CBD oils come from different varieties of cannabis plants. Therefore, they will obviously not have the same effects and the same gustatory qualities from one oil to another. In order to find the right oil for a person suffering from osteoarthritis, it is best to test a product with a low CBD concentration beforehand. Then, if it is not enough, gradually increase the dosage (number of drops per dose) after a while. And so on until you find the ideal personal content.

            CBD capsules to relieve osteoarthritis

            CBD capsules are nothing more than encapsulated CBD oil. If some people prefer to take the oil in drop form in order to best balance the desired dosage, others will opt for capsules. Indeed, if the dosage in CBD is less personalized, these capsules have the merit to have a simple use. Especially for those new to CBD medical treatment. You just need to buy capsules according to the desired concentration. With CBD hemp oil, however, several factors come into play:

                • the choice of CBD content
                • the number of drops to be ingested

                CBD and osteoarthritis in dogs

                CBD is increasingly used as a supplement in the management of joint pain. If its benefits are no longer to be proven, it has the added advantage of having no heavy side effects. If most scientific studies highlight its analgesic and anti-inflammatory action on osteoarthritis in rats, its effectiveness is real on humans but also on pets such as dogs and cats.

                CBD and osteoarthritis to conclude…

                Although still under study for diseases such as osteoarthritis or arthritis, CBD has real therapeutic properties because of its recognized anti-inflammatory actions and its analgesic properties. Without notable side effects, CBD (
                capsules or ointment) would therefore be an effective ally to relieve the pain associated with certain pathologies such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. However, it is preferable not to juxtapose CBD with another drug treatment without first talking to your doctor. Indeed, the molecules could have antagonistic effects.

                Treating Osteoarthritis with Medical Marijuana

                Believe it or not, Osteoarthritis is actually the single greatest cause of disability in older adults . Osteoarthritis is often debilitating as it leads to significant pain and reduced mobility. These symptoms have psychological fallout, with patients often suffering from anxiety and depression in addition to the discomfort. Fortunately, osteoarthritis has been listed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Florida . Over 350 million individuals suffer from osteoarthritis around the world. When the joints are damaged by regular use, this is defined as osteoarthritis. The joints you rely on the most throughout your life are often the most impacted and the condition often favors weight-bearing joints. The condition is extremely common in hips, hands, knees, and the spine. If you are interested in obtaining a Florida medical marijuana card to treat your neuropathy, take our qualifying survey today!

                Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

                Symptoms of Osteoarthritis can include, but are not limited to:

                • Stiff Joints
                • Limited flexibility
                • Pain

                Osteoarthritis and Medical Marijuana

                Similar to other forms of arthritis and inflammation, medical marijuana has shown potential in treating osteoarthritis. ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29635215 ) The compounds of cannabis, including THC and CBD, have been shown to have some benefits in treating the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, as well as the psychological side-effects such as anxiety and depression. In fact, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been shown to cause a potential improvement in pain from osteoarthritis.

                Side Effects of Cannabis for Osteoarthritis

                Side effects of marijuana use can include changes in:

                • Sleep
                • Fatigue
                • Memory
                • Appetite
                • Mood
                • Reaction Time
                • Paranoia

                Medical Marijuana Doctor Near Me

                If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in Florida and are interested in how medical marijuana may be able to help you, take our qualification survey and schedule an appointment today!