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OG CBD Pineapple Pods

The Pineapple Express Vape CBD Pod by OG is a ready-to-use CBD Pod made from organic CBD oil. Each pack contains 4 pods. This pod is fully compatible with JUUL Kit.

  • Box Quantity: 4 Pods
  • Compatible With: JUUL Kit Only
  • 100% THC Free
  • No Nicotine


Ripe Pineapple with a Sweet Finish. Our signature blend of flavors are gently infused with CBD for a truly unique on-the-go pod vaping experience.


All of our products are manufactured in the United States and under the strictest conditions with no pesticides, and our plants are non-GMO. In addition, all of our Plants are processed using a Co2 extraction process. This is the cleanest and purest process for extracting CBD. OG guarantees the Highest Quality CBD.


CBD Vape Oil, E-Liquids & Vape Pens

CBD vape oils are a great choice of delivery method for those looking for an instant impact. CBD enters your bloodstream through the lining of your lungs, rather than passing through the digestive system. This means that not only does the CBD take effect more quickly, it also has a higher bioavailability than almost any other CBD delivery method – somewhere between 50-60%.

Our VapePod device, designed to last for life, is the first ever medically certified CBD vape pen. They are designed with discretion in mind, producing virtually no smell in use and being slim enough to slip into your pocket. The VapePod device combines wireless charging, haptic and visual indicators as well as a mouthpiece with large channels that promote easy inhalation. Furthermore, the device adjusts its temperature according to the formula of the vape cartridge being used in order to provide optimum performance.

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What is CBD?

CBD is the shorthand term for cannabidiol. CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that is contained naturally within the cannabis plant, both sativa and indica species. The most infamous cannabinoid is THC which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol which is the compound that causes users of cannabis to experience the infamous high so often associated with cannabis. However, unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects & does not cause the user to get high. CBD is currently attracting a lot of interest from both the medical and wellness sectors due to its potential health benefits. The reported health advantages include reduction of inflammation, sleep management, pain relief, decrease in anxiety, depression & the easing of skin conditions.

CBD is most often extracted from hemp which is a species of cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa often has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. CBD is now commercially available in the UK in a variety of forms. CBD is widely available in the form of dermal CBD patches, CBD oils, CBD capsules, oral CBD sprays, topical CBD products and CBD vape oil. With the new Novel Food legislation being implemented, when using oils or any other ingestible CBD product, it must be made with CBD isolate. Whereas with CBD vapes the Novel Food Legislation does not apply. This means that CBD vape oil can be formulated with an array of terpenes and traces of other cannabinoids such as CBG. Extraction methods of CBD are becoming more sophisticated and can now extract pure CBD isolate from the hemp plant which is essential to ensure the regulations are complied with.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

There has been a rapid increase in demand for products that contain CBD. With an increasing number of people sharing their positive experiences with CBD. There has been an extensive amount of research carried out investigating the potential benefits of CBD. There is still limited evidence to definitively prove the efficacy and safety of using CBD to treat symptoms. CBD has the capability to induce various physiological effects compared to the most renowned cannabinoid, THC. There is a different mechanism that enables the non-psychoactive properties of CBD and why THC gets you high. It was only recently that the cannabinoid receptors in the human body have triggered substantial growth in the number of clinical studies and trials that are investigating the endocannabinoid system and how it regulates the body through homeostasis.

CBD vape oil can also be referred to CBD E Liquid, CBD E-Juice or CBD vape liquid. There are a wide variety of CBD E Liquids on the market and there are distinct variations between the full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD E Liquids contain multiple cannabis plant extracts such as terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol. Full spectrum CBD can often contain trace amounts of THC, below the legal 0.2% limit and not enough to produce any psychoactive effects.

Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC. However, it does contain other cannabinoids so will not be 100% CBD. This is something of a middle ground between the three types.

CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form, containing no other cannabinoids. Typically, it is derived from hemp plants which contain very low amounts of THC. CBD isolate comes in crystal form and is often ground up into a powdery substance.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Cannabis has gained legitimacy and recognition as a powerful source of relief for a number of ailments but smoking as a delivery mechanism does not present a viable solution. Equally, ingestion has been found to significantly reduce therapeutic efficacy and bioavailability. In contrast, inhalation through vaporisation dramatically improves the degree and rate of absorption of all the beneficial medical compounds in cannabis. Providing high bioavailability and exhibiting rapid onset, VapePod® optimises therapeutic efficiency, delivering cannabis-based treatments more safely and simply than ever before.


VapePod provides metered dosing, controlling the exact amount of formulation administered to the user.


The CCELL technology heating extract and long lasting battery ensure consistent and unrivalled vapour performance.


Medical grade delivery system includes tamperproof pods to safeguard extracts from misuse, & a trusted user experience.

A cutting-edge cannabis extract vaporisation device, that includes metered-dosing, allowing extremely accurate consumption. The VapePod® is the first medically certified vaporisation delivery system for cannabis extracts, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. VapePod® is disrupting the medical cannabis market with a quality, medically certified delivery system that works synergistically with patented, precision-targeted formulas. This comprehensive offering is designed to provide trusted relief to those suffering from a variety of disorders. The VapePod® vaporiser is produced in a certified GMP medical facility in full compliance with ISO13485, setting a new medical standard, engendering trust and ensuring peace of mind for our global clientele. The device was approved in 2018 as a medical device for cannabis extracts by the Israeli Ministry of Health and is in the process of clinical trials.

Formulated for Relief & Dreams

For Relief

For Dreams

Most CBD-rich products in the market today include 1-20% CBD, while Our OTC formulas include a broad spectrum of Cannabis extract with more than 70% of cannabinoids due to patent pending compositions. The formulas are made with a proprietary, patent-pending carrier solution that replaces the traditional electronic cigarette liquids like PG/VG and MCT extract diluents that dominate the market, and are suspected to release toxic materials when heated to the higher temperatures required for cannabis extract (unlike e-liquid based products). The proprietary neutral diluent allows for little to no irritation, high potency, and consistent dosing through the lifespan of the formula pod with superior bioavailability, as indicated by Manufacturer’s clinical medical trials.

How Much CBD E Liquid should I Vape?

There are a variety of factors that dictate what the ideal dose of CBD is for you. There is no one-size-fits-all dosage for using CBD and it is important to take a number of factors into account when assessing what your ideal dose of CBD is. It is always advisable to start on a low dose and gradually build up the amount of CBD you take until you have found your ideal dose. Some of the factors that dictate what CBD dose will work for you are the symptoms you are looking to treat, your body weight, body mass, height and your individual tolerance of CBD. Everyone’s metabolism and endocannabinoid system are slightly different and yields different results for different people.

A typical CBD vape cartridge contains approximately 100mg of CBD, whereas a Cannacares vape cartridges contains 370mg of CBD. Each puff of the vape delivers between 1-2mg of CBD with each puff. The strength of CBD vape oil that you select is also a determining factor.

The optimal way to discover what dose of CBD E Liquid works best for you is to start with a minimal dosage of CBD and gradually increase this. Starting with 1mg to 2mg of CBD E Liquid with five-hour intervals could be a good way to start and then you can gradually increase the frequency and dosage as you get a better understanding of how your body tolerates CBD. It is important to contemplate how each dosage affects you and how you feel after each dose. The effects may not be immediately noticeable when vaping CBD at low doses, but once you find a dose that works for you & the effects are noticeable & beneficial, you can be assured that this is the minimum dose you required for CBD vape juice to have the desired effect.

Increasing the dosage you take by 5mg at a time makes sense until you find the perfect balance for you.

The typical CBD user consumes between 30-50mg per day. For serious conditions pertaining to sleep and pain, a larger dose may be needed. In clinical studies, participants are provided with up to 1000mg per day. However, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK recommend that 70mg is how much CBD you should consume on a daily basis, dependent on the delivery method. For instance, with CBD patches you require a lot less CBD because the delivery method is more efficient.

To see more specifics about how to find your ideal CBD E Liquid dosage, please visit our CBD Dosage Calculator.

CBD Vape Oil Subscription Service


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Cannacares offer a popular CBD subscription service, with a 20% discount option to subscribe to your favourite CBD vape oil cartridge on a 14, 20, 30 or 40 renewal. This means that you will automatically receive your vape cartridge on a regular basis and never run out of your favourite vape cartridge.

If you subscribe to any Cannacares product on a subscription basis, you will receive a 20% discount on every order that is fulfilled via your subscription!

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What are the Benefits of Vaping CBD E Liquid?

CBD vape oil can have a range of positive effects on your body and mental health. CBD is now legal in the UK and the prospects of using CBD for medical purposes is now being supported by an increasing amount of evidence. There are more clinical studies than ever taking place investigating the long-term benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. However, there is still yet to be authoritative and definitive evidence that proves the efficacy and safety of CBD beyond a reasonable doubt. Many CBD sellers and brands have a habit of marketing CBD as a compound that can positively impact an array of conditions, but there is a tremendous amount of evidence required to ensure these claims are supported with verified evidence.

The ways in which CBD may be of benefit to you are listed below:

CBD vape juices have illustrated that they are potential treatments for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Anxiety and depression are often treated with medications that can be addictive and have side effects which can be detrimental in the long-term. These drugs can be effective at treating the underlying conditions but the side effects ranging from insomnia to fatigue to migraines can impact people’s lives more than the condition itself.

One of the scariest things about medications that are often prescribed for mental health disorders is that they have the potential to be addictive. Treatments for depression and anxiety include benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax, which are both used to treat anxiety and are highly addictive and harmful they are used irresponsibly.

Large scale studies that are carried out by reputable bodies investigating the true benefits and side effects of CBD are only just being launched, but the initial evidence shows positive signs that CBD vape juice could be a useful tool to treat anxiety and depression.

In animal studies, scientists have found that CBD has antidepressant effects that are comparable to imipramine which is commonly prescribed to treat depression.

CBD is known to be a natural reliever of pain. As a natural medium of pain relief, CBD has a history that backdates hundreds, if not thousands of years. CBD is now under increasing scrutiny and is the subject of numerous clinical studies. The studies often investigate whether CBD can be a viable standalone treatment for chronic pain, inflammation and post-surgery pain.

There are still not many studies that have been carried out to see what the outcome of using CBD alone has on people in pain. However, one study that was carried out looked into how a mixed product of CBD & THC could be effective in reducing pain and muscle spasms in people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Cannacares’ CBD Relief Pods have been specifically formulated to provide pain relief through a finely balanced fusion of CBD and terpenes. Our relief pods contain carefully curated amounts of CBD, CBG, Beta-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Limonene and other terpenes.

One of CBD’s most renowned benefits is that it can help you fall asleep, stay asleep and sleep for longer. Sleep problems are particularly prevalent in people who suffer from insomnia, anxiety and stress.

Unlike the other benefits of CBD, the relationship between CBD and sleep is more substantiated and is supported by a larger body of evidence. With research into CBD and sleep being more comprehensive than the other positive aspects associated with CBD.

A study that was conducted in 2019 discovered that CBD can offer benefits for those who find it difficult to fall asleep because of stress and anxiety. The study found that 72 adults with concerns about their anxiety levels and poor sleeping habits who were given CBD capsules for a month found that 57 of the people taking part in the study had a decline in their anxiety.

48 of the 72 participants which equates to 67% of the participants had a higher sleep score after using CBD for a month.

CBD also doesn’t have any of the addictive side effects of conventional insomnia treatment like benzodiazepines and hypnotic agents like zolpidem. This was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017.

Cannacares’ Dream Pods have been formulated specifically to promote a healthy night of sleep. A flawless combination of CBD and terpenes have led to an ideal product for improving your quality of sleep. Our Dream Pods perfectly balance CBD, CBG, Alpha Bisabolol, Menthol, Linalool and other terpenes to achieve this.

CBD is currently being studied to assess whether it has the potential to be used as a treatment for a range of neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. While research is still in its early stages, many scientists believe that CBD could have protective effects that can treat multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

One study found that a combination of CBD and THC can reduce spasms in people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

CBD has been said to improve people’s acne. According the UK’s national health service, acne is the most common skin condition in the UK and affects 80% of people in their life when they are aged 11-30 years old. CBD, whether applied topically or inhaled, can be useful to prevent acne breakouts and controlling inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well documented in a number of studies, including one by Costiniuk and Jenabian in 2020, that found CBD to be an effective anti-inflammatory when it came to treating COVID-19 symptoms. This means that CBD is well placed to combat the inflammation of skin caused by acne.

Those who have gone through the rigours of kicking a smoking habit will know full well that this is no easy task. In fact, a 2015 survey by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States, revealed that only 7% of those who attempt to quit smoking are successful over a 6-12 month time period.

Although research is still in its infancy, those studies that have been conducted show extremely positive signs. One of the most prominent of these was a double-blind placebo study conducted in 2013, where each participant was given an inhaler with either CBD or a placebo vape cartridge. These were intended for use any time the participant felt the urge to smoke. Across the week-long study, the CBD group reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by approximately 40% whereas the placebo group displayed no reduction.

The researchers posit that CBD aids smoking cessation as a result of CBD acting as a weak reverse antagonist on CB1 receptors located in the brain. Furthermore, Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH), an enzyme that breaks down anandamide (a molecule associated with happiness), is effectively inhibited by CBD. This essentially means that CBD reduces the positive feeling that your body associates with nicotine.

CBD Juul Pods UK

Vaping CBD is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, CBD companies are coming up with more ingenious ways to vape CBD with the least effort.

Previously, there have been CBD vape pens, both disposable and refillable and also kits that are compatible with CBD. In a bid to provide CBD users with a great alternative to vape pens and cartridges, there are CBD pods.

CBD pods are prefilled with high-quality CBD oil ready for you to vape. The pods are more affordable, come in different colours and they hold more vape juice compared to other vaping options.

CBD Vape Pods FAQs

Is it legal to vape CBD?

It’s legal to vape cannabidiol as long as the CBD vape oil or additive you use is responsibly sourced and processed according to the law’s guidelines. You can rest assured that all our CBD pods and vape oils are all legal.

Is it safe to Vape CBD?

Other than mild side effects that have been reported by a few CBD users like light-headedness, diarrhoea, and nausea, vaping cannabidiol is safe and considered safer than smoking.

Will I Fail a drug test if a vape CBD?

You cannot fail a drug test if you vape CBD. Most drug tests check for THC, which is a psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant as well. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and doesn’t affect your state of mind.

Some of our cannabidiol products made from full-spectrum CBD might contain trace amounts of THC. However, the amounts are minimal and can’t be detected in a test. If you have concerns about vaping products with THC, you can look into our line of products made from CBD isolate, which is THC-free.

Will I get high after vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD will not make you high. Our CBD vape oils are extracted from hemp plants with low amounts of THC that will not impact your state of mind.

What are the different CBD vaping pods?

We have various CBD vape pods available. Each type of CBD vape product is designed for different types of users. Our range of pods includes vape kits, vape pens, pods, and vaporisers, refillable and non-refillable pens.

How do vaping pods work?

Even though there are different vaping pods, they operate in the same fundamental way. A battery powers a heating element that heats the coil and turns the CBD vape oil into an aerosol that you can inhale to deliver the CBD into your lungs.

Can I use any E-liquid with my vape pod?

Your CBD pod is probably going to work with other e-liquids, but it’s not safe. CBD vape pods are designed specifically to vape CBD vape oil and CBD liquids. If you use different liquids, the performance and your experience of vaping might not be the best, and the pod could be damaged.

How much CBD should I vape?

That depends on your experience vaping and the strength of your CBD liquid. It’s best to start low and build up your doses over time

Which is the best CBD vaping pod?

The best CBD vape pod differs from one user to the other. You can try different pods to get a feel and settle on one you’re most comfortable with. For those that are new to vaping, vape pen and starter kits are highly recommended. Recently, CBD JUUL pods are becoming very popular in the UK, they do the same function as a generic disposable CBD cartridge. CBD JUUL pods have become a favorite of many vapers.

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Pods?

There are different methods of taking CBD. Each of them comes with its unique benefits and CBD pods are not any different. Using CBD pod is becoming more and more popular. Some of the benefits of using CBD pods are:

Pre-filled cartridges

CBD pods come ready to vape. The device comes complete with the CBD oil. However, coming with CBD oil pre-filled is not the only benefit. It also eliminates any concerns about getting low-quality CBD.


CBD pods provide a discrete and mess-free way to vape CBD. You don’t have to worry about refilling CBD every time you want to vape. The shape of the pod also makes it easier for you to carry around without budges, which is quite commendable.


Considering you get a device and CBD oil for the price of one, it’s safe to say that CBD pods give you value for your money.

Easy to use

CBD pods are easy to use. All you need to do is slip the pod onto the battery and you can start vaping away. Because you don’t have to refill the device, and the reduced maintenance, pods are ideal for both experienced users and newbies. The pod will service you for a substantial amount of time before you have to dispose of it once it runs out of juice. It’s practically a plug and play kind of device. For example, CBD JUUL Pods are very easy to use, you just need to make sure that your device is charged and plugged into a CBD cartridge.

You can choose the flavour of CBD vape liquid from variety of flavor options . You can also decide whether you want the e-liquid to be made from CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD while choosing the pod.

At Flawless CBD, we have a broad range of CBD Pods from different companies, including Blue Moon Hemp and Ignite CBD. The pods are filled with different concentration of CBD, which makes it easier for you to find something that works for you.

UK’s Leading Online CBD Shop

There’s nothing you won’t find at Flawless CBD. That is why we are one of the leading online CBD shops. We have a vast collection of CBD products from different companies. The most popular cannabidiol products in our catalogue include CBD honey, CBD gummies, CBD drinks and energy drinks, CBD water, CBD tinctures and CBD tablets, among others.

In addition to our extensive collection of CBD products, we are also a champion for quality in all cannabidiol products. We help all CBD companies dedicated to quality move their products. In addition to associating ourselves with reputable CBD companies, we also test all the cannabidiol products we receive for the suppliers before we make them available to our customers.

Why Flawless CBD?

Are you looking for CBD products supplier? It’s a big step and you have to make sure you find the right supplier. With Flawless CBD, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy: