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Discover how hemp oil for dogs can help with leash reactivity and training with its calming effects, easing anxieties and nervousness. Can CBD oil help with dog training for phobias and other behavioral problems? Explore how hemp oil may support canine behavior modification training.

Hemp Oil For Leash Reactivity And Dog Training

Sometimes dogs such as rescue dogs have experienced things you’re not aware of. Equally puppies and certain dog breeds can have a variety of energy levels, sociability interest, and quickness to learning.

This can all cause challenges with it comes to training and getting them to walk on a leash. We’ll take a look at how hemp oil for pets can help with this and save your arm from being pulled out its socket!

Dog Training – Underlying Challenges

Dog training isn’t easy, that is a fact, or else every dog would be super obedient (and boring!). Training your dog takes patience, consistency and a lot of time. Many people take holiday and time off work when initially getting a dog or a puppy to ensure the training is in place as it grows up/settles in.

As mentioned, some breeds are known to be more obedient and therefore easier to train than others. However, no matter what the breed there can be a variety of types of pups such as calm, vulnerable pups and equally high energy, excitable pups.

Saying that it is common for puppies or young dogs to be excitable as they’re finding new things out and want to explore everything (normally with their mouths, goodbye socks!)

Not only puppies, but rescue dogs can also come with their challenges. Sometimes there isn’t evidence of their past so you’re not likely to know everything they’ve been through and what triggers they have.

For example, if they’ve had a bad experience in a park before, this may be a trigger point where they get extremely anxious, making it hard for you to manage.

It’s fair to say that if anxieties are removed from the situation, your dog is a lot easier to train or teach new tricks.

Hemp Oil For Dog Training

So you’re probably wondering, where does hemp oil for dogs come into all this? Well, hemp oil has a vast range of benefits it can offer your cats and dogs, from helping with allergies, control seizures, ease pain from arthritis, control anxieties and more!

Controlling the anxieties your dog has is the main reason for using hemp oil when training in general or on a leash.

If your dog is stressed, scared, anxious, or just generally unsettled or unhappy because of an underlying pain or condition, they will not want to learn. Dogs learn more from being praised rather than being scowled. This in itself shows how important it is to make training a positive, enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

By giving them hemp oil to calm their nerves and anxieties, you’re already increasing the chances of having a happy training session together.

How Does Hemp Oil Work In Dogs?

If you’re new to Hemp oil and wondering if it’s safe for your dog or cat, rest assured it is 100% safe. Hemp oil aka “cannabidiol” is one of many compounds found in either hemp plants or marijuana plants, which are both part of the cannabis species. Many people associate it with the compound “THC” which is found in marijuana plants and gives a “high.” This is not the case, Hemp oil is a non-psychoactive compound which is still in its’ early stages of research, but has been able to show incredible health benefits for pets with no side-effects! In all of our products we only use Hemp derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.03% of THC.

Full-spectrum hemp works by interacting with your pet’s endocannabinoid system. How exactly? Well, many people are unaware that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and your pet on his/her own produce natural endocannabinoids which are picked up by receptors in their system.

The Full-spectrum hemp in our products, which is a cannabinoid, is also picked up by your pet’s receptors throughout this system. The endocannabinoid system is a system in mammals’ bodies which affects anxiety, pain, mood, digestion, inflammation and sleep. Hemp helps to regulate this system, therefore, assisting in all the areas above.

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dog Leash Training

As mentioned, anxiety can play a huge part in your dog’s happiness and they’re willing to learn. Leash training is a big part and may be the main area you focus your training on as it’s so essential for everyday walks.

May dogs pull on the lead, this is due to being excited, anxious to get somewhere (e.g. the park if they know the route) or even pulling away from where you want to go out of fear. Some dogs can even protest and sit down, refusing to go any further because they’re too anxious about what lies ahead.

Walking your dog can have so many triggers without you even realising, cars, for example, walking in busy built up areas such as city centres or past schools, going up or down steps or on bridges, going near water and lakes.

There are so many things without even having to think too hard which can set your dog off, even other dogs can cause your dog huge anxieties or certain people.

It sounds crazy but dogs can act so funny at certain things, I’ve come across dogs that bark at me because I have my hood up or even sunglasses on.

As we can’t fully communicate with our pets we may never understand the cause or the reason behind some of the anxieties they have, but we can help ease them and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

So, using hempoil is not guaranteed to train your dog, if only! Unfortunately training your dog can take a lot of time and patience, whilst trying to be persistent and constantly testing them.

But hemp can support and aid in your training by helping to control anxieties and calm your dog beforehand.

Top Tips For Training Your Dog

  • Make sure your dogs calm and up for some training
  • Make it a happy experience with lots of praise and fuss
  • Don’t spend too long at one time training your dog as it can be really stimulating and tire them easily. Try and do a little every day consistently rather than hours of training in one go as your dog will most likely get bored and you’ll lose the progress you made
  • Watch the experts – it sounds silly as 9/10 if not 10/10 dog people will know how to train a dog to sit –just in case… you hold a treat above their head to make them look up/back and sit down. However, after watching a few YouTube videos myself you learn the easiest/most efficient way to quickly train your dog.
  • Don’t always use food, this is a controversial one as many people associate a treat with food, however, this can lead to them only listening when you have food or it can make them very food driven and always on the hunt for food. In an emergency or when you’re out an about you may not have access to some treats so it’s a good idea to use their favourite toy, a ball or even just some fuss and a belly rub to show they’re a good boy or girl!

Hemp oil can really help calm your dog of anxieties and stresses they have, especially around training or certain environments. Below are just a handle of people that have seen great results:

Josiah. H.
Calms the CRAZY Puppy!

After trying this oil for nearly 2 weeks now, I’m very pleased to share my review! We have a 13 week old Belgian Malinois, and as you’d expect with this breed, they are go go go until the point of complete exhaustion. The only issue is our pup doesn’t really understand when he’s tired, so using Hemp has really helped with that! Adding this to his bedtime regime helps calm him down as it approaches bedtime, and he falls asleep in minutes once he’s in his crate! This has also been great to use as we enter new environments that may stress him out. It keeps him calm-er than usual and helps a lot with training .

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Lauren. F.
Great stuff!

I’ve only used it once so far, but I definitely noticed a difference! My dog has separation anxiety as well as leash/barrier frustration and since being confined to the house his anxiety has increased. I’ve tried other hemp oils and they all have made his anxiety worse/slightly paranoid almost, but so far this one seems awesome!

Also, Petals and Tails has great customer service! They answered all my questions that I had while trying to find a product for my pup!


Training your dog and lead training can be particularly challenging, both your dog and you need to be in the right positive mindset to have a great training session.

At the heart of this is your dog being calm and anxious free- hemp oil can help control anxieties in dogs, giving you a happier dog to learn with.

Bedtime is a particular area when it comes to training that many owners struggle with, your pet can then develop separation anxiety. To find out more about how hemp oil can help with separation anxiety, click here.

We hope you found this article useful and would love to hear from you, please get in touch with your success stories as we’d love to share them.

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CBD Oil for Leash Reactive Dogs

CBD oil can be a part of a training program to help address behavioral problems in dogs such as separation anxiety , aggression , and phobias .

Although we find that many of our customers have success using Lolahemp to help provide calming relief for their pets, we also believe that proper training methods can make a world of difference, especially for rescue dogs with neglect or abuse in their past.

We want to make sure our readers have all of the tools available to help their loving pups live happy, long, and healthy lives.

Raises the Reaction Threshold

One of the ways that professional dog trainers use CBD oil in training programs is to help raise the reaction threshold for dogs with phobias. Let’s take a moment to understand what the “reaction threshold” is and how it can help you with desensitization and reconditioning training programs.

The reaction threshold is a very helpful concept to understand when working with dogs who have any kind of phobia including separation anxiety, travel phobias, noise phobias, hyperactivity, or aggression in response to certain triggers. It refers to the moment that your dog becomes reactive when exposed to a trigger.

When reconditioning (the training used for most dog phobias), it is important to keep the dog under the reaction threshold. That is, you are looking for the moment when they are close enough to the stimulus that they are aware of it, but not yet reactive to it. Then, reward calm behaviors with tasty treats and praise, while slowly getting closer to the stimulus.

For example, consider a dog who is reactive when they see another dog on a leash. They may react by pulling on the leash and lunging toward the other dog even when they are 50 feet away. However, since CBD may help the reactive dog, they may only begin to react when another pooch is 20 feet away. This is called a “higher” reaction threshold.

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When the reaction threshold is high, you have more opportunities to reward calm behavior in the presence of a diminished stimulus, speeding up the desensitization and reconditioning process.

Although not all dogs experience the same calming benefits of CBD oil, many of our customers say that Lolahemp has made a noticeable difference in their dog’s reactivity. So, using CBD for dog reactivity might be an answer, although you can never know precisely how much it will affect your dog.

Hear the story of Lilly the Border Collie , for example.

Helps Your Dog Focus

Some dogs have a lot of problems with focus during training sessions. For example, many food-motivated dogs get so excited about earning treats that they become hyperactive during training, offering random behaviors in hopes of rewards.

Others do great with training in familiar environments but struggle to focus around strange sounds, people, or other animals. While enthusiasm is certainly welcome during training sessions, hyperactivity can become a block to ideal learning conditions.

Again, the calming effect that many dogs experience with CBD may offer pro trainers and dog owners another tool in the toolbox of positive reinforcement-based training. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate a dog with significant phobias or teach a hyperactive Boxer some new tricks, CBD oil may help keep focus possible.

Supports an Active Lifestyle

Many of us train our dogs for athletic sports such as flyball, agility, dock diving, lure coursing, and more. One of the best things we can do for athletic dogs is to help support their overall well-being by doing what we can to reduce inflammation, soreness, and stiffness from a long or vigorous workout.

Unfortunately, according to the FDA, veterinary drugs prescribed for pain and inflammation can have dangerous side effects including gastrointestinal problems and negative impacts on liver and kidney function.

Lolahemp, an all-natural CBD oil made from organic hemp, is safe and available without a prescription.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

As dogs get older, soreness and stiffness become a barrier to the things they once did, including those fun training sessions. If your dog is getting up in years, then CBD oil may help you keep activity levels as well as interest in training up.

While many people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it just isn’t true. As long as your older dog isn’t suffering, training can be a fun way to get their mind and body moving well into their senior years. After all, they brought their A-game into your life and they deserve to be supported in their golden years.

Many of our customers report improvements in mobility and interest in games for their older dogs after adding Lolahemp to their daily regimen.

CBD Oil for Dog Trainers: Lolahemp Affiliate Program

Are you a professional dog trainer who has already discovered the benefits of using CBD oil for the dogs in your care? We would like to invite you to give our organic, full spectrum, and lab-tested CBD oil for dogs a try.

We also offer an affiliate program that offers you a small commission for each sale through your unique URL with no obligation to purchase our product in advance or carry inventory.


Joey is the founder of Lolahemp. In 2015 he and his mother launched Lolawawa’s Pet Boutique, an e-commerce store for pets and pet lovers that donates a portion of profits to animal rescue efforts. In 2018 the son and mother duo launched Lolahemp after the success their own rescue chihuahua, Lola, had with hemp products. Joey & Susan are the visionaries behind the brand, oversee day-to-day operations & marketing, and run all of the company’s philanthropic efforts.

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