cbd oil for ocd reddit

Just tried CBD oil for the first time and want to cry because I'm so relieved

My OCD has been so bad and persistent lately and I haven't been able to sleep at nights and this is the first time something's really taken the edge off in a long time. It really gives me hope that things will get better, even if it's just a little thing.

Nice, how much are you taking? Been having mixed results myself.

Right now Im taking about 40 mg a day. Hope you're doing alright!

This is so encouraging to hear, I think I might try some if I can afford it, do you know what dosage you took?

I'm taking 40 mg a day out of a 500 mg/1 mL bottle. It was about $14 at the store I went to but I think it was on sale. Hope you find something that helps!

I wish that cannabis was legal where I live (Florida). I used to have a medical card for it, but once I started on the Anafranil in conjunction with the Paxil and Xanax I stopped using it.

I mean, it isn't really "good" to be using substances to help you cope, but I found vaping CBD oil was as effective as a 0.5mg Xanax without the grogginess. It's also less addictive (I'm on daily Xanax and withdrawal is too much for me right now).

The big thing is that the best treatment is to face your obsession, but sometimes that isn't practical.

CBD oil and ocd

Hey guys, I’ve been dealing with ocd for a few years now. It’s a lot of intrusive thoughts and checking and compulsions. I recently started therapy where I’ve been doing ERP and CBT. While I feel this is helping I was curious if anyone has had any luck using cbd oil in the droppers and it alleviating some of the anxiety or even the OCD. Thanks for the replies.

CBD on it's own did nothing for me. I bought a high quality CBD oil that was independently tested and tried different doses. Really no use – I did at times feel happier but that could be placebo. Could be the CBD.

Now cannabis with THC definitely calmed me down and I felt "normal" for a bit. But even then, not enough to say it's worth it every day. Definitely not before I go to work 🙂 Maybe when I come home.