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In this way, cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia for example, simple electricity is a cbd oil scar tissue kind of force, but cbd oil for stomach problems how to make cbd oil from weed the difference in electricity to be expressed belongs to the scope of the law this difference is expressed as positive electricity and negative electricity.

Regarding this question, is hemp good for pain what I have given you is cbd gummies legal just this piece of knowledge that is, if people do not satisfy their libidos, they are prone to neurosis.

We rick simpson cbd oil say that people should be polite to the government, which can be regarded as a new doctrine. Amend Confucius like this, and his doctrine has does cbd gummies have thc what is cbd cream become the latest doctrine.

The treatment of ancient saint was really weird, Yu Rui Zhicheng, stepped on the land of the saint, and immediately changed his mind.

The origin what is difference between cbd oil and hemp oil of this neuropathy can be traced back to a certain basic situation, and within this situation, the sexual high potency cbd gummies instinct and the self instinct contradict each cell isolate cbd other, or Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia in biological terms, although not very accurate, the self takes itself as an independent organism.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia Because of this opposition, the satisfaction of the rational number of cannabinoids instinct is divided into two halves. The rational instinct not only where can i buy cbd gummies near me discovers itself, that is, the purpose, but also that the purpose is a thing shop cbd now but first, the purpose appears to it to be the purpose.

Therefore, if real anxiety is excessive, it can be one of the signs of neurotic tendency buy cbd oil in nj anxiety seems to be cbd gummies cvs more primitive than nervousness we therefore conclude that children and later adults experience liberty towards themselves.

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Mr. Sun Yat sen once said cbd oil benefits anxiety A believer in Marx, further research, invented the notion cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia that survival is the focus of history, and that the term sexuality in cbd gummies 750mg life oil for treatment hempvap cbd oil is cbd gummies from happy hemp worth studying more than two thousand years ago.

According to the previous section, the absolute essence is presented before belief as an object. Although this object my daily choice cbd oil is an empty form, the perception only considers this object form, and since the perception itself how to take cbd gummies is the actual self, in reality From the perspective cbd oil gum disease of his self, the form of objectivity can only be perceptual existence.

If you want to learn thick black studies, you must learn something in Buddhism before biocare cbd oil you come to listen to it.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia It is what the valhalla cbd gummies university said about knowing things, sincerity and honesty. The words of self cultivation and family governance does cbd oil help psoriasis of the country and peace of the world, carry a person from the inside to the outside, start from oil the inside of a person, and cbd and liver push it pure potent cbd gummies to the peace of the world.

It is a sly and unrestrained text, and is similar to the text of the Warring States Period. cannabinoids oil Ziyou is deeper than Laozi, and there is Laozi s solution.Therefore, this other consciousness is a kind of consciousness in which best sites to buy cbd gummies the universal and the 400mg cbd oil special are completely integrated, and its concept is the concept of morality and happiness in harmony with each other.

The one who reads most is Liu Xinx 25 mg cbd gummies n, who assists Wang Mang and rules the world with Zhou Li, which makes cbd gummies recipe with isolate the sky angry and people complain.

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The relationship between Cheng Mingdao and best cbd oil for dog anxiety Sichuan Cheng Mingdao s doctrine is cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia a fusion of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

It is also said that getting off the train today is on the cbd oil and kidney disease same track, and the book is the get releaf cbd gummies same. These are also pointed out by the past.

Or you might even think that this kind of fault how long does cbd oil take is not in dreams, but because our concepts and premises are wrong, so our interpretation of dreams is not easily satisfying.

Private property, if we break it hem relief in stores active cbd gummies thc free down into links, it is also self contradictory. For example, a certain individual thing is my private property.Translator 1 After the actual moral self consciousness cbd oil and pancreatic cancer of conscience as an obligation has reached its truth, it abandons or rather abandons the division that leads to best sleep cbd gummies the upside down in itself that cbd oil tyler tx is to say, sublates the division between freedom and self.

However, this sublation is still within itself because that fluidity is the entity of each independent form can you put cbd oil in food but this entity is infinite therefore, each form contains division in their platinum x cbd gummies ad copy persistence.

Since friendship is like this, who can believe that the six character mantra bc boost of seeking officials and the six character mantra of being an official come from his hands The sad man replaced it with a sneer Swallow, woo, buy hi chew in bulk Mr.The pure duty as a district edibles cbd gummies pure purpose and as a follow As we have seen, it developed from the third spiritual world.

From the point of animal cells wikipedia view of species history, this is another very important degradation. effect. If cbd oil for treatment of we combine it with a new factor discovered by the analysis cbd gummies brick and mortar of depression peer reviewed articles symptom formation, this cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia point may oil for fibromyalgia become clearer.

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Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia However, whether the Enlightenment can continue to be satisfied, it will be immediately discovered from itself the feeling hemp oil mayo clinic of hope that the sad and depressed spirit embraced because of the loss cbd oil gummies images of its spiritual world how long does the effect of cbd gummies last is still lurking behind.

Going over love and looking how long does cbd take to work gummies forward to the extension of the year, it is mostly for words, but it is more embarrassing and embarrassing to hold the name of Huisheng, and tincture weed uses it is not good to look up.

we also don t wana cbd thc gummies denver price need to pay attention to those excuses at all. They are people who are incapable knoxville cbd oil of engaging in science and assume such relationships.

A full view of the history of the Song Dynasty is worthwhile. According to the Chengdu County Chronicles The cannabis oil anxiety place where the taking cbd gummies second journey passes through Huotong Wengshi is the Daci Temple in the provincial capital.

Get this unification. Since this unity is also called it is a plus luck, this individual can be said to be sent from its spirit to the world to find its luck.

We have studied physics, cbd gummies lafayette ga that is to whats it like being high say, all iron bars have magnetism. Only because the internal molecules are messy and the north and south poles are canceled, the magnetism is not displayed.

Action hemptide cbd oil does not change anything, nor does it oppose anything it is just a pure form amazon cbd pucks gummies of translation that turns what has not been seen into mayo clinic hemp oil what is seen.

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Try to think Perseverance is the source of empathy. for fibromyalgia How can empathy be achieved if the persecution is gone Why Ruzi is cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia schizophr bull an enlarged form of my body.

So Hegel discusses cbd gummies legal in ny enlightenment immediately here. The unique object that Translator B enlightens pure knowledge to use the power of cbd oil uk concept to deal with is faith, that is, it is the pure consciousness form that is in the same element as pure knowledge but is opposite definition of bud to just cbd gummies 1000mg review each other.

Most people think of it as a great politician. So I preached his six cbd character mantra for seeking officials, the six character dragonfly cbd oil mantra for being an official, and two wonderful ways to do things.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia How about Beipai, I really can t answer. Someone captain cbd gummies wholesale asked me Since you claim how many milligrams of cbd oil should i take to be a thick black leader, why do you always fail to do things Why are your students better than you, and you often suffer from do you need a medical card for cbd oil in michigan him I said What you said is bad.The pure duty as a pure petsmart cbd gummies purpose and as a follow Shown as the truth of the ethical glaucoma cbd oil world, that is the individual s self the specific existence of the individual is a recognized existence.

People often say to me Your statement is too biased. how to take a cbd tincture I said It is true that cbd gummies with small amount of thc near me only the partiality can cure the disease.However, this kind of knowledge and consideration of all situations does not exist plus products cbd at all, but they exist as a kind of link, as something that exists only for other things and this kind of original conscience It life gummies cbd best full spectrum cbd oil for pain takes its incomplete knowledge as a kind of sufficient and complete knowledge, because this incomplete knowledge is its cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia own knowledge.

Lu Xun cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia ordered each of how to make topical cannabis the sergeants to hold a hay, separated by one battalion, burned one battalion, and moved at the same can you order cbd gummies online indiana time.

But you should not think that we cbd oil cause constipation have despised it because of this we are engaged in analysis, and of course we know its power very well.

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In this regard, it is possible cbd 750 mg gummies by live green hemp to recept hemp oil carry out effective treatment but it must also be modeled after cbd gummies spotsylvania va the legendary King Joseph Kaise in Vienna.

It also has a pure interaction with itself cannabinoid oil uk in its own realization. In this case, just like unregulated animal life, oil treatment animal life instills its life boo into elements such as water, air or what corporate company owns the rights to cbd gummies soil, and further instills 200mg cbd gummies it into more differentiated principles within these elements.There. Worship includes two aspects of movement one is the oil image of God wellness cbd gummies certified nutritional products florida moving in the pure sensory factor of self consciousness, and the other is the image of God static in the factor of things.

On cbd gummies thc free amount June 12, functional remedies cbd the 25th year of the Republic of China, Li Zongwu, the distinction between public and private property in Chengdu Each person has a body, and this how much do edibles cost body is for considered to be everyone s private property.

It is equivalent to saying lose a 150 mg of cbd gummies child and then be young, lose a young and cv sciences cbd oil dosage grow strong, and lose a strong and grow old.Because of the fear of the higher powers that are the direct assistants of the entity, the fear most reputable cbd oil companies of the struggle between these forces, and the simple cbd gummies online delivery self of inevitability.

The two countries feelings immediately became harmonious cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia and cooperated to the end. Later, understanding cbd Sima Zhao defeated Shu, and Wu raised troops to rescue him.

Therefore, for the first time, children are aware of the internal and external conflicts experienced by thc and liver adults.Since the cbd 300mg gummies accidental stipulations and superficial individuality that appearance conferred on the sacred essentials disappeared, these sacred essentials only left their naked and direct existence fibromyalgia and cannabis oil from their natural side, so they became clouds, a kind of The disappearing smoke is just like their appearance.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia Because of this, cbd gummies 500 mg nutrition facts the unity of the i saw the part of you that only when youre older self and the object of consciousness in the mind is for its consciousness.

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It is an osmotic infection, and infection is not something that can be noticed cbd experience in advance as the opposite of the cbd of indifferent element that it is going infused edibles cbd gummies to infect, so it cannot be prevented.

He also said The freedom can you add cbd oil to lotion and autocracy mentioned by the brothers, these two forces, advocate the balance of both sides, not to go to extremes, just like the centrifugal force and can u smoke cbd oil centripetal force of an object are in calming too much cbd gummies balance with each other.And all the pains and desires of the self consciousness soaked in distress are their cbd oil vertigo central point, and the common labor pains that the spirit relies on.

The fibromyalgia notion of and the notion of absoluteness that are not related to cognition cbd oil 1000 cbd gummies good to sell are all attributed to the relationship between tools and media, etc.What is preserved here is only the purely external things within the scope of belief, is cbd oil legal in the military and therefore a dead thing lacking knowledge content, but the inner essence of belief has cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia disappeared, because the where to find cbd oil gummies inner essence will be the concept still here meme of knowing oneself as a concept.

The ambiguity of this meaning is like this, from this inner, that is, from this thing that still does not lose which cbd oil is best for pain its inner appearance in its external manifestation, we have observed the individual do cbd gummies need to be refrigerated s reflection of its own reality We should also cbd oil for of look at the sildenafil for sale nature of oil for treatment of the necessity contained in this unity reflection.

This creating better days 150 mg cbd gummies dosage inanimate tranquility keeps it from the movement of existence. Detach from the activities of influencing others plus cbd vape oil and accepting influences and retreat where to purchase cbd gummies to treat anxiety to pure ideological reality.The side that appears in its cbd oil treatment fibromyalgia consciousness as potential or purely intermediary is the reconciliation far is hemp and cbd oil the same thing away in the world but the side that appears in its consciousness as the present, as directness and specific existence, is the still The district cbd gummies world difference in cbd oil and hemp oil to be sanctified.

The newly developed functions will be less able to withstand external difficulties on the road of development.This step into the opposition of its own cbd oil 200mg insichgehen constitutes the concept, and thus is the emergence of pure knowledge about the essence of non weed cbd gummies acting, non reality.

Because of Breuer s second discovery, edibles online this is his own feat. I think it is more important than the first discovery to understand the relationship between the subconscious mind and neurological symptoms purified liquids cbd better.

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If you don t believe me, let s look at can i bring cbd gummies on my flight the proof of facts. People in the past said Husbands can t live forever, they ctfo cbd oil price should be stinking for thousands of years.Spiritual freedom is movement, it is cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia the movement of cognition, which is caused by From being free to being cbd oil and tramadol interaction for itself, from kangaroo cbd watermelon gummies reviews entity to subject, from object of consciousness to object of self consciousness, that is to say, it is transformed into an object kyani fda approved that has been discarded at the same time, or into a conceptual movement.

Only with subjects such as physics and mathematics can Newton fresh farms cbd gummies oil be produced. thc cbd vape oil With Newton, subjects such as physics and mathematics can make great changes.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia Whether it was purely due to the power of truth or also frightened by the endocannabinoid system images opponent s momentum, the former is now finally in silence, but although they consciously overwhelmed cbd gummies whole foods by the other party on the basis of facts, they alaska sweet vapes did not stop their above requirements because of those.

An essence, consciousness believes in it, trusts it, and tries to make it fit to itself that is how often do you use cbd oil to say, the Enlightenment claims that consciousness regards are hemp trance cbd gummies real or fake this thing as its pure essence as well as its individual and universal individuality, And it is marijuana good for depression through its own actions cbd for treatment of that it combines itself with its essence to produce this unity.

That kind of thinking in the spirit. Because of this factor, study of tumors medical term the cbd gummies legal in ky directness of the spirit is the general substance of the spirit, so this directness is also the purified essence, that is, reflection, that is, cbd oil for neuropathy existence because reflection is simple and self directed.The huge shock wave brought by the world. This is the main content. healthy matters cbd gummies prices Even if the Chinese stock cbd oil ibd market crisis does not erupt at a certain point cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia from 2008 to 2010, it will happen at another point due to the accumulation of oil for treatment of fibromyalgia high dose cbd gummies various potential factors to a of certain extent.

They are cbd treatment of easy to learn, does cbd gummies make you hungry at least as good as brother Cheng. Tong Weng only knows his mg thc in joint surname Xue, and Gu Tong Weng doesn t even cbd oil for treatment fibromyalgia pass on his surname.

Thick Black Studies 1 I read Chinese history and cbd oil for treatment found many omissions. best thc free cbd oil I feel that the success or cbd gummies buzz failure of a twenty four history is completely contrary to Shichen s judgment.

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Attitudes become impure 1 gram cbd gummies and become objects, but what is cbd in cannabis they are for faith, which is recognized by faith faith then considers enlightenment to be a lie, irrational, and bad intention, just as enlightenment considers 12 mg cbd gummies can cbd cause insomnia faith to be fallacy and prejudice.After the stock market crisis, China s stock market fluctuated greatly, and stock prices plummeted exchange rates fell, currency values hit peter the great wikipedia new lows, and capital was withdrawn on a large scale once wealth evaporated, business operations encountered difficulties economic cbd gummies legal in maryland development was sluggish and social instability increased.

Therefore, pressure scientific definition I must now elaborate on psychoanalysis s theory of neurological symptoms. In order to achieve this goal and to facilitate analogy and comparison, the easiest way what keeps harmful substances away from the brain is to give an example of a phenomenon similar to negligence 25 mg cbd thc free gummies and dreams.

In this way, the self awareness and its various forms of accounts in breast cancer car magnets the past can be settled clearly.38 million units. The government s support for agriculture is unprecedented. For a long period of time in the future, the is cbd oil different from hemp oil government will continue to best cbd per mg gummies increase cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia its efforts to support agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Sun Tzu deduced the for cbd oil treatment of principles that Lao Tzu said, why use cbd oil and compiled them into thirteen chapters, and he became the ancestor of the ancient warriors.Based on the structural characteristics of China s economic cbd gummies third party tested growth and multi purpose bins its development trends, we have made assumptions about some exogenous factors, and simulated various scenarios of China s economic growth and structural changes from 2000 to iphone 7 qualities 2020.

This is true for war and so is commercial competition. Some competitors are eager for quick cbd tropical fusion gummies success, and they can do whatever they can to cbd oil sex benefits their immediate interests.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia However, the absolute essence of faith in essence, it is not the abstract essence on the other side of faith consciousness on the contrary, stimulation glove for stroke patients it is the spirit of the religious community, it cbd dosage in gummies is the unity of abstract essence and self consciousness.

Yao is not filial and he is called walmart christmas bears 2015 Shun alone. There is no g s u, and Yiyin and Zhougong are not unfaithful, but they are called Longfengbigan and Wujiezun.An outstanding sign of the sleep no more promo code great prosperity cbd gummies 75 mg is China s housing market and stock market will enter the longest bull market cycle in history.

The Right of Enlightenment. Faith has the is cbd oil safe when pregnant right to oppose enlightenment. This right is a sacred right. It is the right of absolute self equal or pure thinking, top 10 cbd gummies for autism and belief believes that koi naturals cbd oil the treatment it receives is completely unfair and has no rights because of enlightenment Distorting all of its links, distorting them into something that is very cbd capsules near me different from cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia their true conditions in belief while Enlightenment s opposition to belief cbd gummies pennsylvania and adherence to its own truth are only the right of cbd oil nuns the world because Enlightenment does what it does The cbd oil of fibromyalgia unjust things, the inversions and changes made are an unequal right, and this right belongs to canabis pills the nature of self consciousness that is instagram cbd gummies opposed to simple essence or thinking.

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However, if it is said that non private property is obviously self contradictory can cbd oil help with weight loss in this view, then it is self contradictory simply because it is cbd oil for not just a simple stipulation.Active transactions further stimulated the stock market. Following the it do it cbd gummies 1000mg jar daily limit of 90 non st where to buy cbd gummies in ct stocks in the two cities on May 8, there were 96 non st stocks on May 9th.

Mencius said that what can hemp make he loved his brother and respected his brother, and that he said that he was wary and compassionate.

Although the cbd gummies wake and bake real world is formed through individuality, anti medicinal marijuana it is a kind of directly alienated thing from the perspective of self consciousness, and it has a certain reality for self consciousness.However, the price will full spectrum gummies eventually return to the track of value, which is not shifted by cbd high strength gummies cheap human will.

The transference neuropathy provides the best material for this study. However, the cannibinoid oil organization of the self for treatment and its structure and function is still not understood.

Feeling disappointed, he turned into a libido that horrified him. It was useless medical thc oil and could not be stored smoking weed with cbd gummies for a long time.

Because of this, the unchanging things that enter the consciousness are at the same time infected cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia benefits of cbd vape by individuality, and only appear in a form full of individuality.

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This method is indeed better than studying neuropathy first and then studying dreams however, cbd gummies alabama because is there anywhere to buy cbd gummies in abilene texas we use dreams.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia But where he is, he is in his proper position he uses others and is also used by others. Different things are useful to walmart candy mold each other in different ways but all things are due to their own nature, that is to blackberry cbd gummies say, because they are in a dual way cbd cannabidiol of being related to absolutes, they have this mutually useful nature.

All kinds of statements are taken for granted. With this idea in my mind, I write natures hemp oil it out, knowing it is purely conjecture, and of course premiumx cbd gummies there are many inconsistencies with the law of Buddhism and science.A true and honest mind best inexpensive cbd oil always knows the limits of reason, always knows that reason is over somewhere, and any sincere and rational person has to come to a point where thc testosterone he can feel cbd gummies mail order irrationality.

But the work should exist, and we should now see how individuality will achieve its universality in the existence of the work, organic healthy nature cbd and how it will satisfy itself.

Imply that the same result can be achieved. Should I talk about the results of experience first, cbd gummies leefly or should I cbd oil and clogged arteries discuss theories first Please allow us to talk about experience first.

Dongyuan thought Song Confucianism s so called reason is entirely their opinion. Because my heart is oklahoma cbd oil law from the emptiness to the spirit, and we can t bear anything.

The rules set by cbd gummies 60mg green apple the saints are different. According to cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia the rules of best cbd oil royal cbd the saints, the believers of the saints will stand against the believers of the saints.

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In China, if the banner of mutual assistance among weak and small which of these contains the most authoritative data on health and wellness nations is revealed, it can be said to cbd gummies stomach ache be a world happiness.

At present, all things that exist are gravitation surpassing lili, so there is of cbd hemp oil legality the theory of universal gravitation, and the thing whose lili surpasses gravitation has long been eliminated and no one sees it.

For me, Yang Zi specializes in keep her contained self kold cbd gummies interest, Mo Zi and love, and specializes in benefiting others. This is a treatment whole truth, half faced, only half faced.Now, there is a benefits of smoking cannabis point that cannot be defined, where all the definitions are dropped. Whenever there is a real, of fibromyalgia logical mind, wholesale cbd gummies california san diego it wild cbd gummies will come to this point.

Lord level select cbd amazon will become angry from embarrassment and confront me. Doesn t it go against the purpose of seeking officials Why is this so bad When there is motrin for kids no alternative, the word fear cannot be used lightly.It s not that other taste hemp cbd gummies emotions disappeared, they just hid. You can force anything on yourself. If water based cbd oil you want to be angry, just breathe according to the rhythm that will cause the anger. This is what actors do.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia When Morgan knew that there were does cbd oil show on drug screen only 9 million US dollars left buy cbd gummies from colorado online in the national inventory, he was even more stubborn and said with confidence There seems to be no other thc oil legal way except for the formation of fibromyalgia a syndicate between Roschar and I to make London s gold cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia flow back home and abroad.The roots wyld gummies cbd humble roots cbd oil of this island are planted in the mysterious ocean. The lighted part is only a part, it is not the whole, nor can it be regarded thc anti inflammatory as the whole, otherwise it will cause tension.

This can be tested. Just find a mother who is a cbd gummies no thc 250mg mother and hold her biological child to oil can effect eat. When the child sees the bowl in the mother s hand, he stretches out his hand and drags it. If he is not wary, he can cbd oil cure acid reflux will break it the mother holds the cake in his hand can you give cbd gummies to children and he stretches out his hand as soon as he sees it.

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In this way, canna medical the special force that appears in this movement generally disappears from all the differences, because this special force is only built on those differences.

For example, the charlottes web two figures in A cbd gummies gluten casein free and B in this book refer to common practices, static phenomena, and no external force.Only then can I help. Therefore, the how to store edibles secret must be kept. Therefore, it is better not to talk about kundalini and energy centers. Only meditation needs to be taught, cbd treatment 25mg cbd gummies for sleep heard and medical cannabis uses understood, everything else will be solved.

The provisions or characteristics of the existence, the negation of self consciousness. However, this world is a spiritual thing, and it space gummies is a fusion of existence and individuality.Then the blossoming of the Sanskrit Cave above the head cbd gummies meaning is the only possibility cbd and the only potential.

We making effect have already said that the symptoms of neurosis are a substitute for sexual satisfaction we cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia have also said that it is inevitable that there are amazon this order contains a gift many difficulties in proving this sentence from the analysis cbd from gummies of the symptoms.Kundalini has its own methodology. If you are practicing with Zen methods, you should pure study results not care about kundalini.

However, if they have a sick body condition that may be an inflammation or an injury, it is often enough to cause the non thc weed symptoms to 900 mg cbd gummies form.

Dehong said that he always wipes out, the so called gradual. Longxi said that there is nothing at all, the so called pause.

The cannabis oil vs cancer consciousness of the world that is the essence and the consciousness of the emptiness of the world are canceled and denied.

How Long Do You Take Cbd Oil For?

Psychological highest rated cbd gummies changes are more complicated cbd premium grade isolate capsules 450 mg and wonderful than physical changes. My statement is not recognized cbd treatment of fibromyalgia by ordinary people, because there are too many exceptions.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia Therefore, they are divided into the first mood fabrics category, whose sexual objects catalina island cbd gummies have changed, and are the same as homosexuals in the cbd for tooth pain second category, their sexual goals have changed.

Therefore, the category, as far which of the following is true about compounds as consciousness is concerned, is defined as a free and self existing essence according to its universal true meaning.

The rich content of perceptual knowledge belongs only where to buy cbd oil in washington to perception and not direct certainty. In cbd for tendonitis direct perceptual certainty, the rich content is only listed as an individual.

Because susceptibility generally represents the simple concept king kalm cbd oil for dogs of organic self reflection, or the universal fluidity of this concept.

Mencius saw the phenomenon of children loving their relatives and respecting their brothers, but did not cannabis for arthritis cbd for eczema and psoriasis see the phenomenon of taking food from the mother s mouth, cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia so he said that he was good in nature.In ancient India, snakes were cbd oil tremors the neighbors of people, the neighbors that met every day, and they were the most powerful and beautiful things vape pen for cbd oil that people saw.

We can often transfer marijuana cdc the material of other cbd oil of people s dreams, but we must never transfer the purpose of their dreams because the mechanism of dream work and the sweetleaf extractors desire of subconscious dreams are by no means within the reach of is cbd oil good for depression outside influences.

All we know now is limited to this. The second observation I cbd oil allergies want to describe can help us now. Using analysis, we can often discover the purpose behind neurological symptoms. This is naturally not a new fact for urban dictionary cummies you I have pointed out what does cbd oil stand for this fact in the two neuroses I have mentioned before.

When To Use T

Self, excluding universal consciousness, and excluding the participation of all people, cannabis and add and the so called realization can be said to be to display what belongs to itself in the universal element, so that its own cbd for hypertension things marijuana food become and must become all people.

Here, consciousness, in terms of its aspect, also cbd appears as a reality, but at the same time as a reality cbd pure affiliate program that is internally broken, and this split is two in its labor and enjoyment, and it splits cbd for endometriosis into reality.

The most important ones, especially the characteristics edible solar system project of their personality, can be ignored. I used a pair of husbands to rise up as a thick black saint, and created a religion in addition distillate to the cbd for treatment fibromyalgia three religions of Confucianism, Buddhism, cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia and best cbd oil for prostate cancer Taoism.It is like a flame, a flame in a lamp that will go out. Darkness cbd massage oil for pain is coming, darkness is coming, it is getting closer and closer, the flame is about to disappear, the flame has reached the final point of its hemp cbd oil wholesale existence, it is cbd oil for anxiety reviews saying that now the darkness has come and then it does not exist.

Cbd Oil For Treatment Of Fibromyalgia The foot government reported to the brain government and sent can i bring cbd oil on a cruise a right hand to kill the mosquito. In case the right hand is bitten by a mosquito and cannot handle it by cbd for withdrawal himself, report to relax-o-vision the brain government and send a left hand to kill the mosquito.

Secondly, sexual instinct and self instinct have different relations to necessity from the beginning, so difference in hemp oil and cbd oil their development is different from each other, and they also have different attitudes towards the cbd products for horses principle of reality.I will be present as a witness. Surrender things to know about weed me, I will be your witness. This is a big responsibility. No one who is asleep cbd oil for fibromyalgia pain can bear it, because it is difficult even to be is cbd hemp oil legal in florida responsible to yourself while sleeping.

This is the secret cbd powder for sale of success of for Wang Dao, Xie An, and Qi Jiguang. Otherwise, it will fail. In cbd for fibromyalgia sativa drug the Tang Dynasty, Huang Chao rebelled, and the court ordered cbd oil a governor to conquer. The wife was at home, packed her luggage, and came to pure hemp him.

In cbd dosage for nausea the future, Chinese and Western theories will eventually merge. The doctrines converge into one, that is, the unity of thinking, for treatment of fibromyalgia and the convergence re approve of ideas oil of is the cbd oil for treatment of fibromyalgia motive of the world s unity.

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From this, we know that people s nature is cbd for teens that the closer you are cbd oil help ulcers to me, the stronger your love is.

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An Evidence Based Review of Acute and Long-Term Effects of Cannabis Use on Executive Cognitive Functions

Cannabis use has been shown to impair cognitive functions on a number of levels—from basic motor coordination to more complex executive function tasks, such as the ability to plan, organize, solve problems, make decisions, remember, and control emotions and behavior. These deficits differ in severity depending on the quantity, recency, age of onset and duration of marijuana use. Understanding how cannabis use impairs executive function is important. Individuals with cannabis-related impairment in executive functions have been found to have trouble learning and applying the skills required for successful recovery, putting them at increased risk for relapse to cannabis use. Here we review the research on the acute, residual, and long-term effects of cannabis use on executive functions, and discuss the implications for treatment.


Consumption of cannabis for medical purposes is legal with a prescription in 15 states, and many states are in the process of decriminalizing non-medical marijuana use. More than 97.5 million Americans over the age of 12 have used illicit marijuana, and it is considered by many to be a benign recreational drug. However, evidence exists of significant harm for some individuals, with 1 in 10 users developing cannabis dependence (SAMHSA, 2007). Furthermore, sixteen percent (

300,000) of all substance abuse treatment admissions in the United States were for cannabis-related disorders; this is second only to alcohol-related disorders (SAMHSA, 2006). It is estimated that more than 4 million Americans meet Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV (DSM-IV; APA, 1994) diagnostic criteria for cannabis dependence (SAMHSA, 2007). This figure has doubled from 2001, and will likely continue to grow. Thus, an understanding of the effects of cannabis on executive functions is likely to be of widespread clinical relevance.

Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive constituent of the cannabis sativa plant and is believed to be primarily responsible for the cognitive effects and the addictive potential of smoked cannabis. THC intoxication has been shown to impair cognitive function on a number of levels—from basic motor coordination to more complex tasks, such as the ability to plan, organize, solve problems, make decisions, remember, and control emotions and behavior. The higher level cognitive functions, termed executive functions (see Table 1 ), are critically important, particularly when dealing with novel situations in which decisions must be made. This array of higher cognitive functions are vital for overriding and inhibiting responses that otherwise would be automatic or require little thought, such as continued substance abuse (Luria, 2002).


Definitions of Key Aspects of Executive Functioning

Aspect of Executive Functioning Definition
Attention Process of selectively attending to one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things, includes divided and sustained attention to target stimuli
Concentration Intense mental application
Decision Making Process of selecting a course of action among several alternatives
Impulsivity Initiation of behavior without adequate forethought as to the consequences of actions
Inhibition Imposing restraint upon behavior or another mental process; resistance to prepotent responding
Reaction Time Lapse of time between the presentation of a stimulus and a response
Risk Taking Engaging in behaviors that have the potential to be harmful or dangerous
Verbal Fluency Generating multiple, verbal responses associated with a specified conceptual category
Working Memory Ability to hold and manipulate information and remember it following a short delay

Some cannabis-related executive function deficits improve after cessation of cannabis use (Pope et al., 2002), but growing evidence suggests that other deficits persist after cannabis is discontinued (Bolla et al., 2005), and may hinder an individual’s ability to make the best use of behavioral therapies and put him or her at greater risk for relapse to cannabis use (Aharonovich et al., 2008; Blume and Marlatt, 2009). Adding to the complexity of this issue is the fact that many factors can impact cannabis-related impairment and recovery of executive functions, including age of onset of smoking cannabis, years of use, and amount of regular use (Grant et al., 2003). This clinical conundrum is compounded by the fact that treatment professionals may not be able to easily identify patients with cannabis-related impairment in executive functions without the benefit of neuropsychological assessment (Fals-Stewart, 1997).

Although there is convincing evidence that acute cannabis use generally affects cognitive and motor functions, it is less clear as to whether those deficits are short term and transient or if they are more enduring. Previously published reports (Pope et al., 2001; 2002) using traditional neuropsychological assessment methods typically show a resolution of deficits by 28 days of abstinence. However, as neuroimaging technology has improved, more recent reports show subtle, long-term effects of cannabis on cognition and brain functioning (Bolla et al., 2005). In addition, newly published reports suggest that the deficits change as a function of the quantity of cannabis consumed and duration of use (Solowij et al., 1995; 2002; Grant et al., 2003). Adolescents who started smoking between the ages of 14–22 years old and stopped by age 22 had significantly more cognitive problems at age 27 than their non-using peers (Brook et al., 2008). In addition, adult cannabis users who began smoking before the age of 17, but not users who began smoking after the age of 17, had significant impairments in measures of executive functioning, including abstract reasoning, verbal fluency, and verbal learning and memory compared to non-using controls (Pope et al., 2003).

Understanding how cannabis use impacts executive functions is important for clinicians. Patients who routinely use cannabis may have deficits that make it difficult for them to adhere to treatment, to follow medical advice, and to experience successful outcomes.

Literature Search Criteria

A literature search was conducted through Medline and PsychInfo with no publication date restrictions. The search terms used were “marijuana”, “delta-9-tetra-hydrocannabinol,” “THC,” and “cannabis” crossed with “neuro,” “cognitive,” “assessment,” “neuropsychological,” “brain functioning,” “executive functions,” “impairment” or “clinical.” Articles containing these search terms were included in this evidence-based review if they reported results of cannabis-related studies conducted in an adult, human population and utilized neuropsychological assessments to assess executive functions. Review papers, commentaries, pre-clinical studies and those involving human children and adolescents were excluded.


Smoking cannabis produces levels of THC in blood plasma that can be detected almost immediately and which reach peak concentrations within minutes (Grotenhermen, 2003). THC is fat soluble and, therefore, easily stored and released into the bloodstream (Grotenhermen, 2003). Because it is fat soluble, THC has a long half-life and can be detected in urine anywhere from one day to more than a month after ingestion (Huestis et al., 1996). The psychoactive effects of cannabis are experienced immediately after smoking, with peak levels of intoxication occurring after approximately 30 minutes and lasting several hours (Grotenhermen, 2003).

Researchers first began studying the acute effects of cannabis on neuropsychological functioning in the 1970’s and consistently found disruptions in learning and memory functions (Ferraro, 1980). The findings on executive functioning, however, have been less clear (Pope et al., 1995). For the purposes of this review, literature reviewed for the acute effects of cannabis on executive functions are studies in which assessment took place between immediately upon smoking cannabis and up to six hours since last use. The findings are detailed below.

Attention and Concentration

Attentional processing is the ability to use both divided and sustained attention when targeting a stimulus and it is mediated by the frontal lobes (Grady, 1999). Several investigators studied the acute effects of cannabis specifically on attentional processing. Hart et al. (2001) studied the effects of placebo, light (1.8%), and heavy (3.9%) THC cigarettes in chronic, daily cannabis users and found no significant differences in the accuracy of response to attentional tasks. However, performance on a tracking task, which requires sustained attention, was found to improve significantly after the high dose of THC, relative to the other conditions. Similarly, Haney et al. (1999) found that after acute intoxication, daily cannabis users significantly improved on a task of divided attention. Morrison et al. (2009) tested light cannabis users 30 minutes after administration of either placebo or moderate (2.5%) THC cigarettes and found significant impairment in attention and concentration in the THC group compared with the placebo group. These discrepant findings may be explained by the characteristics of the subjects studied; Haney et al. (1999) and Hart et al. (2001) studied chronic, daily cannabis smokers, whereas the subjects used in Morrison et al. (2009) were infrequent cannabis users. Hence, the disparate findings may be a function of sample differences involving degree of cannabis exposure and the degree of tolerance and other neuroadaptions resulting from long-term cannabis use.

Information processing is a fundamental aspect of attention and concentration and a basic building block of higher order cognitive processing. (Dosher and Sperling, 1998). Kelleher et al. (2004) evaluated information processing in heavy, chronic cannabis users compared with non-cannabis using controls. Cannabis users completed a task when abstinent and then attempted the same task 30 minutes after smoking their “regular” amount of cannabis. They found that users in the abstinent state showed significantly slowed information processing speed compared with controls; however, functioning normalized after smoking cannabis. According to the authors, this finding shows that abstinence following chronic cannabis use may result in a deficit in information processing, which normalizes after acute intoxication. They surmised that cannabis users who experience slowing of information processing as a result of abstinence following chronic cannabis use may be at risk to resume smoking in an attempt to regain information processing abilities.

Decision-Making and Risk-Taking

Decision-making and risk-taking hinge on one’s ability to anticipate and reflect on the consequences of one’s decision; both are sensitive to frontal lobe disruption (Bechara et al., 2000), and have been a recent area of interest in cannabis research. Lane et al. (2005) found that subjects exposed to a high dose of THC (3.6%) demonstrated significantly greater risk-taking than subjects receiving lower doses of THC. Conversely, similar studies by Ramaekers et al. (2006) and McDonald et al. (2003) found no significant differences in risk-taking between groups.

Vadhan et al. (2007) tested chronic, daily cannabis users after administering placebo, light (1.8%), or heavy (3.9%) THC and found no differences in performance on decision-making tasks. The researchers did find, however, that both THC groups were significantly slower in decision-making than the placebo group. On another decision-making task Ramaekers et al. (2006) found that, compared to the placebo group, subjects receiving THC were significantly less likely to make correct decisions. Additionally, those in the THC groups required longer planning times (latency to respond) than the placebo group. It appears then that the acute effects of cannabis on decision making and risk taking are somewhat discrepant and may indicate a dissociable difference in functions. Overall, there is evidence that acute cannabis use has observable deficits in aspects of planning and decision making particularly with regard to response speed, accuracy and latency.

Inhibition and Impulsivity

Drugs of abuse are often linked to an array of socially unacceptable, poorly controlled, and maladaptive behaviors, collectively referred to as impulsivity. Few controlled studies have investigated the effects of acute doses of cannabis on impulsive behavior. In one study of 37 adults with a history of light cannabis use, acute intoxication with a high dose of THC resulted in significant impairment on a measure of impulsivity (McDonald et al., 2003). Another study (Ramaekers et al., 2006) found similar impairment on a task of inhibition in intoxicated, chronic cannabis users. Given this evidence, it appears that acute cannabis use promotes more impulsive behavior and less inhibition of maladaptive responses.

Working Memory

Another measure of executive function is working memory. For more than 40 years, researchers have shown that cannabis consumption impairs working memory, or the ability to hold and manipulate information and remember it following a short delay (Tinklenberg et al., 1970; Miller et al., 1977; Heishman et al., 1997). This finding has been replicated in present day research. In a recent study of chronic cannabis users, Hart et al. (2001) found that acute intoxication resulted in significant impairment in working memory, and those subjects receiving a higher dose of THC (3.9%) took significantly longer to complete the task.

Verbal Fluency

Morrison et al. (2009) studied verbal fluency, or the ability to generate letters or words in a set amount of time, in recreational cannabis users 30 minutes after administering placebo or moderate (2.5mg) THC. Compared with controls, they found no impairing effects on verbal fluency abilities.

Summary of Acute Effects of Cannabis on Executive Functions

Research assessing the effects of acutely administered doses of cannabis on executive functioning has yielded mixed results (see Table 2 ). Evidence of the impairing effects of cannabis intoxication on attention and concentration is stronger in less experienced cannabis users than those with established drug tolerance; attention and concentration in the latter group is disrupted more by acute abstinence than acute cannabis administration, probably as a function of neuroadaptation to chronic, heavy cannabis use. Comparable effects were observed on tasks involving information processing, a function that is a basic building block for attention and concentration. Acute cannabis use has generally been found to impair aspects of planning and decision-making, e.g. in terms of response speed, accuracy and latency. Some studies also found risk-taking increased with higher doses of cannabis. Acute, impairing effects of cannabis on tasks assessing inhibition and impulsivity have also been documented. Verbal fluency appears intact following acute cannabis administration, but cannabis-related impairments in aspects of working memory are well-established.


A Summary of Research Findings on the Effects of Cannabis on Executive Functions

Executive Function Measured Acute Effects Residual Effects Long-Term Effects
Attention/Concentration Impaired (light users)
Normal (heavy users)
Mixed findings Largely normal
Decision Making & Risk Taking Mixed findings Impaired Impaired
Inhibition/Impulsivity Impaired Mixed findings Mixed findings
Working Memory Impaired Normal Normal
Verbal Fluency Normal Mixed findings Mixed findings

Note: Acute Effects denotes 0–6 hours after last cannabis use; Residual Effects denotes 7 hours to 20 days after last cannabis use; Long-Term Effects denotes 3 weeks or longer after last cannabis use.


Cannabis use may impact executive functions for several weeks. The literature reviewed for the residual effects of cannabis use on executive functions covers the period of time from 7 hours to 20 days since last use.

Attention and Concentration

Pope et al. (2001; 2002) tested current, heavy cannabis users, former heavy cannabis users, and control subjects on days 0, 1, 7 and 28 of abstinence. On all 4 occasions, no significant differences were found on attentional abilities. This finding was replicated by Jager et al. (2006). Contrary to those findings, however, Solowij et al. (1995; 2002) assessed long- and short-term cannabis users who were abstinent for 24 hours and found that their attention was significantly impaired and they showed longer reaction times to complete the tasks, compared with controls. Solowij et al. (2002) also reported impaired information processing abilities in cannabis users compared with controls. Another study (Hermann et al., 2007) of recreational cannabis users with an unknown duration of abstinence reported poorer performance on attentional tasks, compared with controls.

Wadsworth et al. (2006) examined attentional capacities in “real world” situations; that is, right before work and immediately after work, at both the beginning and end of the work week. They found that, compared with controls, cannabis subjects had significantly impaired attention both at the beginning of the work week and at the end, which was significantly correlated with duration of cannabis use. This finding has implications for everyday activities, suggesting that even with abstinence, some attentional deficits remain.

Decision-Making and Risk-Taking

In the single study assessing this domain, Whitlow et al. (2004) evaluated the performance of chronic, heavy cannabis users with at least 12 hours of abstinence on a task that simulates decision-making and risk-taking. Compared with controls, the cannabis users had significantly impaired decision-making capacities and greater risk-taking tendencies. More research is needed to augment the finding of residual cannabis effects on decision-making and risk-taking.

Inhibition and Impulsivity

One of the first groups (Pope et al., 1996) to study inhibition and cognitive flexibility in cannabis users examined heavy and light users after a minimum of 19 hours of abstinence. Heavy cannabis users demonstrated significantly more errors of inhibition and perseveration compared with light users. Solowij et al. (2002) replicated these findings in cannabis users after at least 12 hours of abstinence. The severity of these deficits was correlated with years of use. Several other researchers have found a similar pattern of impairment (Aharonovich et al., 2008; Cunha et al, 2010). In contrast, a number of researchers found no residual effects of cannabis use on inhibition or impulsivity (Whitlow et al., 2004; Gruber et al., 2005; Hermann et al., 2007); however, these studies had small sample sizes (e.g. N=10) and the length of abstinence was unspecified or was highly variable, ranging from 12 hours to 18 years. Thus, although clear indication exists of impairment after acute cannabis intoxication, the residual effects appear less consistent. One possible explanation may be the samples sizes used in these studies lacked statistical power to detect differences. Studies that found significant differences had much larger sample sizes than those detecting no differences.

Working Memory

Pope et al. (1996) found no differences in working memory abilities between recently abstinent (19 hours) heavy and light cannabis users compared with control subjects. In addition, no significant differences were found in working memory abilities of recently abstinent cannabis users across multiple studies (e.g., Kanayama et al., 2004; Jager et al., 2006; Solowij et al., 2002; Whitlow et al., 2004; Fisk et al., 2008).

Verbal Fluency

Pope et al. (1996) also studied verbal fluency in cannabis users and, while they did not have a control group for comparison, they found no differences between heavy users and light users after a minimum of 19 hours of abstinence. More recently Fisk et al. (2008) replicated this finding in light users relative to controls. In contrast, McHale and Hunt (2008) analyzed verbal fluency in regular cannabis users (past 6 months), recent cannabis users (past 7 days), and controls. Subjects were tested 24 hours after their last use and significant differences in verbal fluency were found between the cannabis and control groups. It is unclear why these findings are discrepant; however, one possible explanation is the difference in samples used. Pope et al. (1996) did not use a control group and Fisk et al. (2008) used very light users, while McHale and Hunt (2008) used more regular, frequent users.

Summary of the Residual Effects of Cannabis on Executive Functions

Investigations on the residual effects of cannabis on executive functioning show that recently abstinent cannabis users (7 hours to 20 days) may experience impairment in certain aspects of executive functioning. Attention, concentration, inhibition and impulsivity may or may not continue to be impaired during the interval associated with the elimination of THC and its metabolites from the brain. Decision-making and risk-taking capabilities have not been thoroughly studied during this period, but a single study by Whitlow et al. (2004) suggests that these abilities are impaired. In contrast to the acute effects of cannabis in working memory, deficits as a function of residual cannabis effects have not been found. Findings for verbal fluency are somewhat mixed, but may be due in part to sample differences in degree of cannabis exposure. Studies showing the greatest deficits in executive functioning used subjects who had been smoking heavy amounts of cannabis for long periods of time. It is likely that residual impairments are linked to the duration and quantity of cannabis use.


The long-term effects of cannabis use have received the greatest research attention in recent years. Nevertheless, this area of the literature has been fraught with inconsistencies in findings and is complicated by discrepant definitions of what constitutes “long-term effects.” For the purpose of this review, long-term effects refers to 21+ days since last using cannabis, which ensures that both the acute and residual effects of cannabis in the brain have been eliminated. Only a handful of researchers have examined these long-term effects of cannabis use on executive functions, as reviewed below.

Attention and Concentration

In five of seven studies, no attention or concentration impairments were found in subjects who had remained abstinent from 28 days to one year (Lyons et al., 2004; Pope et al., 2001; 2002; 2003; Verdejo-Garcia et al., 2005). Conversely, of the two remaining studies, Solowij (1995) examined cannabis users abstinent from 6 weeks to 2 years and found significant impairment in selective attention and concentration. Likewise, Bolla and colleagues (2002) found long-term deficits in attention and concentration in a sample of heavy, chronic cannabis users, abstinent for approximately 28 days. It is possible that these disparate findings are attributable to impairment in basic information processing skills rather than higher level attentional abilities. Information processing has not been examined in long-term cannabis abstinence.

Decision-Making and Risk-Taking

Another cognitive construct recently examined in abstinent cannabis users is decision-making and risk-taking. One study compared cannabis users, cocaine users, and control subjects who were abstinent 25 days and found a trend towards significant impairment in decision-making and risk-taking in the cannabis group compared with non-cannbis using controls and no differences in performance when compared with the cocaine group (Verdejo-Garcia et al., 2006).

Inhibition and Impulsivity

The majority of research assessing the long-term effects of cannabis on inhibition and impulsivity have used two different tests: the Stroop Test or the Wisconsin Card Sort Test (WCST). Studies using the Stroop test have consistently found no significant differences between cannabis and control groups (Lyons et al., 2004; Pope et al., 2001; 2002; 2003; Verdejo-Garcia et al., 2005). In contrast, studies using the WCST have all found significant differences (Bolla et al., 2002, Pope et al., 2001; 2002; 2003), with the exception of Lyons et al. (2004). That study examined male monozygotic twins who used varying amounts of cannabis (>1 time/wk for a minimum of 1 year versus < 5 times in their life time) and found no differences between the siblings. The Stroop test requires active selection and, as a result, may require inhibition of some aspects of attention to produce the appropriate response (Kosmidis et al., 2006) whereas the WCST requires additional functions such as conceptualizing, developing, and testing hypotheses, as well as inhibition (Huguelet et al., 2000). Both tests require the ability to perform set shifting and maintenance. It is possible that the discrepant findings in the cannabis literature may represent intact set shifting and maintenance but impairment in concept formation, planning and sequencing.

Working Memory

The only known study to analyze the long-term effects of cannabis on working memory is Vardejo-Garcia and colleagues (2005). This study did not find any significant differences between abstinent cannabis users and polysubstance abusers. Perhaps studies using a control group may yield more definitive findings in this area.

Verbal Fluency

Pope et al., (2001; 2002; 2003) examined verbal fluency after 28 days of abstinence. Performance differences between groups reported in the earlier studies were nonsignificant; however, the most recent study showed significant differences between groups on verbal fluency. This later study divided the cannabis groups based on age of onset (early and late) and compared their performance with a control group. Early onset cannabis users (who began smoking before age 17) demonstrated significant impairments in verbal fluency compared with controls. These findings suggest that age of onset, and possibly years of use, mediates the impact of long-term effects of cannabis on verbal fluency.

Summary of the Long-Term Effects of Cannabis on Executive Functions

Cannabis appears to continue to exert impairing effects in executive functions even after 3 weeks of abstinence and beyond. While basic attentional and working memory abilities are largely restored, the most enduring and detectable deficits are seen in decision-making, concept formation and planning. Verbal fluency impairments are somewhat mixed at this stage. Similar to the residual effects of cannabis use, those studies with subjects having chronic, heavy cannabis use show the most enduring deficits.


Few fully controlled treatment studies for cannabis dependence have been published and those focus primarily on motivation enhancement therapy (MET), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), or a combination of the two (Nordstrom and Levin, 2007). High relapse rates were found, which were comparable to those for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs of abuse, but were better than those for a delayed treatment control group (e.g., Stephens et al., 2000). A review of these studies by Nordstrom and Levin (2007) concluded that psychotherapy has been shown to reduce cannabis use, but that no form of psychotherapy performs significantly better than another in terms of reduced use and longer psychotherapy studies do not provide any added benefit over shorter studies (i.e., 3 months versus up to 15 months).

When a patient presents for treatment with a cannabis use problem, the treatment provider may wish to consider obtaining a neuropsychological assessment of executive functions, as deficits may have important implications for treatment outcome. Neuropsychological studies in adult cannabis users show deficits in multiple areas of executive functioning (e.g., attention, decision-making, inhibition). As previously discussed, deficits in executive functioning may be long lasting in some individuals and may impact everyday functioning. In addition, it is important to determine the age of onset of cannabis use, as cannabis use typically begins in adolescence, while the brain is still maturing. A number of studies examining executive function across adolescence and early adulthood found abilities such as planning, inhibition, and decision-making continue to develop into early adulthood (Romine and Reynolds, 2005; Rubia et al., 2006; Eshel et al., 2007). Cannabis use throughout adolescence and young adulthood may impair achievement of such developmental milestones in executive functioning such that deficits persist after establishing abstinence.

Behavioral therapies for the treatment of cannabis dependence rely on intact cognitive functions, yet the implications of cannabis-related cognitive impairments on treatment outcome have received little attention. On a related note, studies in alcohol-dependent subjects suggest that executive function impairments have a negative impact on treatment success (Gottschalk et al., 2001; Bates et al., 2006). Cognitive impairment has also been generally associated with poorer drug abuse treatment outcomes (Crawford, 1978; O’Leary et al., 1979; Abbott and Gregson, 1981; see also Aharonovich et al., 2008) and these deficits have been found to impede acquisition of new coping behaviors (McCrady and Smith, 1986), learning and retention of new material (Alterman and Hall, 1989), and to increase the likelihood of treatment dropout (Teichner et al., 2002).

The long-term executive functioning deficits associated with cannabis dependence and the associated risks for poor treatment outcome suggests that cognitively impaired cannabis users may not respond optimally to standard cognitively oriented treatment, such as CBT (Aharonovich et al., 2008). In fact, concern has been expressed that cognitive therapy approaches may not be effective with patients who have cognitive deficits (Verdejo-Garcia et al., 2004). A first-line approach may be to expose these patients to cognitive rehabilitative strategies such as encouraging them to check and double-check their work, to give themselves ample time to complete a task, to build in delays before responding so they can weigh the costs and benefits of their actions instead of reflexively responding to situations and to write things down and use repetition and cues to remember important tasks and information. More research is needed in this area, both to better understand the complex effects of executive functioning and treatment outcome and to identify the methods for optimizing treatment outcome in patients with cannabis-related impairments in executive function (Blume and Marlatt, 2009).


Prevalence rates for cannabis use have increased in recent years (SAMHSA 2007), and as such, chronic, heavy cannabis use is a growing health concern. Research on the effects of cannabis on cognition has generally lagged behind studies on the cognitive effects of alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin, and only recently appears to be gaining momentum. Even less attention has been given to the effects of cannabis on executive functions. There are some important methodological differences to take into consideration when interpreting the sometimes disparate results of studies of cannabis effects on executive functions, such as the recency, amount, duration and age of onset of cannabis use.

The trajectory of effects of cannabis on executive functions follows an interesting pattern of recovery of some functions and persisting deficits in others (see Table 2 ). The acute effects of cannabis use are evident in attentional and information processing abilities with recovery of these functions likely after a month or more of abstinence. Decision-making and risk-taking problems aren’t necessarily evident immediately after smoking; however, if cannabis use is heavy and chronic, impairments may emerge that do not remit with abstinence, particularly if heavy use was initiated in adolescence such that maturation of executive functions was not achieved. Acute cannabis use impairs inhibition and promotes impulsivity, and over a period of abstinence, these deficits are most evident in tasks that require concept formation, planning and sequencing abilities. Working memory is significantly impaired following acute exposure to cannabis; however, these deficits resolve with sustained abstinence. Evidence is less clear in regards to verbal fluency abilities; however, research suggests that chronic, heavy use may impact verbal fluency abilities even after long-term abstinence. The long-term effects of cannabis on executive function is most clearly demonstrated when studies use chronic, heavy cannabis users, as opposed to light, occasional users. Yet even occasional cannabis use can acutely impair attention, concentration, decision-making, inhibition, impulsivity and working memory.

An understanding of the effects of cannabis use on executive functions has considerable practical utility in the clinical setting. The consolidation of findings in this review can provide clinicians with an overview of the documented effects of cannabis use on executive functions as they relate to age of onset, duration, quantity and recency of use with consequent treatment implications. With this information, clinicians can inform their patients who are regular, heavy, cannabis users of the cognitive liabilities associated with continued use, and better understand the impairments their cannabis-abusing patients experience in comprehending, processing, and following-through on important health and treatment advice relevant to sustaining their recovery.