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Rotator Cuff Therapy: 5 Exercises for Pain Relief

Unless you’re an athlete, you may not realize how often you use your shoulders. Overuse, misuse and accidents or injuries can cause damage the rotator cuff, and a rotator cuff injury can strike anyone, from parents who clean up after energetic kiddos to folks who love working in their yards.

When your rotator cuff aches, it’s wise to visit one of the knowledgeable doctors at our office, where you can use your 1099 health insurance or any other health plan that you have. We can help you identify the root of your symptoms and make sure you get the care you need.

In the meantime, these five exercises may alleviate your pain if this does not work try with the best CBD oil for pain and you will see how its gone, get it from cannacured.co.

1) Lawnmower Pull

Pretending to mow your lawn is more enjoyable than mowing the real thing, especially if it’s cold and rainy outside. This exercise requires a resistance band, but you can also use a belt.

Start by standing with both feet shoulder-width apart. Wrap the resistance band below the foot on the opposite side of your sore shoulder. Grab the other end of the resistance band with your injured arm so the band is diagonal with your body.

Place your other hand on your hip. Bend carefully at the waist without locking your knees. Your injured arm should be parallel with the knee on the opposite side of your body.

Pretend you are starting a lawn mower, but do it slowly. Straighten your body, then pull your elbow all the way across your upper torso until you reach your outer ribs. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and then repeat twice. Do 10 sets of this exercise.

2) External Rotator Strengthening Exercise

Sometimes rotator pain occurs when the area is weak to relief the pain you can use heating pads. This exercise will help you strengthen your shoulders, but you need an exercise band.

You can sit or stand for this exercise. Tie your exercise band to a door knob, or hold one end of the elastic tubing in each hand. Relax your shoulder, and then bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your upper arm is flat against your side.

Place your forearm across your stomach, and then slowly move your forearm away from your upper body. Keep your other arm flat against your side until your shoulder feels tight. Move your forearm back to its original position, then repeat approximately 10 times.

3) Reverse Fly

Be careful when doing the reverse fly. If it hurts to move your shoulder or you notice significant swelling, hold off until you meet with our healthcare team.

Begin with both feet placed shoulder-width apart, then bend your knees slightly. Hold your back upright, and then move forward, bending at the waist.

Hold a light training weight (or a household item, like a can of soup) in each hand. Hold out your arms, and then raise them in the air. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and do not lock your elbows. Make sure your arms remain at or below shoulder height.

Perform three sets of 10.

4) Scapular Retraction

The scapula, also known as your shoulder blade, keeps your shoulder stable. If your scapula gets too tight, it can cause pain or swelling. This exercise helps protect and enhance the range of motion for your scapula. It requires an elastic exercise band, but a belt may also work.

Start by wrapping your band around something sturdy, such as a heavy dresser, at waist level. Place one end of the band in each hand.

Bend your elbows 90 degrees at your sides. Move the exercise band back, pulling both shoulder blades together. Release, and then go back to your beginning position.

Perform this exercise approximately 10 times.

5) Wall Push-Ups for Scapular Protraction

An out-of-whack scapula can place excess pressure on your rotator cuff, which can cause some major pain. Wall push-ups help strengthen your shoulder blade so you can prevent and alleviate rotator cuff pain.

Start by standing approximately 12 inches away from a sturdy wall. Set your hands on the wall, making sure they match the height of your shoulders.

Bend your elbows and pull your face toward the wall. Keep your hips and back straight as you do this, and hold this position in place for a few seconds.

Return to your original position, and repeat this exercise approximately 10 times.

You can also try this exercise on a couch, counter or the floor. However, wait until you’ve mastered the wall push-up first, as this is easiest on your upper body.

What Else Can You Do for Rotator Cuff Pain?

When your rotator cuff gets injured, you may notice tingling, burning or shooting pain. Some patients describe the pain as excruciating, severe or constant. Left untreated, this pain may worsen or spread.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can treat shoulder pain with help from Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, including:

Every patient receives a customized treatment plan from our experienced staff. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may notice immediate relief after just one appointment. However, we may recommend that you continue appointments until symptoms are fully resolved.

We also treat neck pain, back pain, leg pain, foot pain and just about any other type of pain you’re experiencing. We’ll discuss all of your symptoms during your first appointment and work with you and your existing healthcare team to develop the right course of action. You’re in good hands when you tackle your aches with help from Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine.

Give Your Shoulders Some TLC

A sore shoulder can make your favorite activities unbearable. At Northeast Spine and Sports Medicine, we have great results treating shoulder injuries. Contact our skilled team today so we can help, whether you’ve got a frozen shoulder or a torn rotator cuff.

We participate in a variety of insurance plans, and cash patients are welcome as well. Our offices are open five days a week, and we see patients in multiple locations throughout Ocean County and Monmouth County. Our friendly team looks forward to helping you alleviate pain and feel your best!

Taking CBD Oil With Chiropractic Care Delivers Natural Pain Relief

The idea of using CBD oil while undergoing chiropractic care may sound strange at first glance. The fact is, treatment by a chiropractor and CBD go hand-in-hand. Both treatments are natural, non-addictive, and effective. We at Lowery Chiropractic in Tallahassee can help you get relief from pain and educate you on the use of CBD oil for pain relief.

Understanding CBD or Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is an active ingredient that is derived from the hemp plant instead of the marijuana plant. Hemp has little to no psychoactive properties which means the consumption of hemp will not result in getting high.

How CBD Oil Works

The main effect of CBD is that of an anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that CBD oil lowers the amount of inflammatory cytokines, restricts the production of T cells and lowers the movement and adherence of immune cells throughout the body. When the body has lower levels of inflammatory agents in circulation, there is less pain and faster recovery from a condition.

What is CBD Oil Used For?

CBD oil is used to treat childhood epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, and is shown to be an effective topical for pain reduction. It is also showing promise as a treatment for chronic pain conditions.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD oil, by and large, is a safe product even though it is not regulated by the FDA. It is considered a supplement as opposed to a medical treatment despite being studied extensively by the medical community. However, CBD oil manufacturers are seeking to elevate their product and are working towards growing plants for a consistent yield. They are also engaging in the use of laboratory testing to ensure consistency in each batch that is sold.

The side effects of CBD oil are irritability and fatigue. It is also known to act on the bloodstream in the same way grapefruit juice does in that it can increase the level of certain medications. However, CBD oil is not addictive and has no psychoactive effect on the brain.

CBD Oil and Chiropractic Care

CBD and chiropractic care go hand in hand. People seek out a chiropractor for relief from chronic pain. Oftentimes, the cause of the pain is difficult to treat through traditional medicine. Chiropractic treatment takes a different approach to pain by addressing the source of pain along with the surrounding structures. CBD oil has the potential to improve the outcome of chiropractic care by reducing inflammation and thereby reducing pain.

Call Us Today for an Evaluation Appointment

Give us a call at our clinic in Tallahassee for an evaluation with our chiropractor. Lowery Chiropractic is dedicated to helping our patients get the best treatment possible to become pain-free in the most natural way possible.

CBD Oil Chicago

Are you suffering from a chronic pain that has been affecting the way you live your life? At the American Back Center, we treat a lot of people with chronic pain and we normally use solutions that do not involve any opioids – as we believe opioids are dangerous.

We are big fans of a new non-addictive treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or any type of chronic pain called as the CBD Pain Cream.

What’s CBD Pain Cream? Does it have anything to do with cannabis? Is it legal? What are its benefits? Read on, we are going to answer every question you may have about this highly effective solution for chronic pain.

What is CBD pain cream?

CBD pain cream is a cream that has an extract of CBD or cannabidiol mixed in it. Just because it has CBD should not give you any cause to worry. You won’t be ingesting this cream after all; it’s just like any other cream or lotion that you buy in the market.

How is CBD pain cream different from CBD oil?

CBD cream should only be applied to the skin, which makes it different from CBD oil, which has to be administered under the tongue. You should apply the cream on the skin.

Does CBD pain cream give you a high? Is it legal?

No, the CBD cream does not give you a high because it does not contain THC, which is an addictive substance contained in marijuana that is responsible for most of its psychedelic powers.

Is CBD cream legal? Yes, the FDA considers all derivatives of hemp oil such as CBD to be a dietary supplement as they are made from the industrial hemp plant.

So, if you’re in Chicago, Illinois, all CBD products, including CBD cream are legal. You don’t need a prescription to buy CBD products.

What are the Benefits of CBD Pain Cream?

CBD cream offers instant pain relief. Just apply to any part of the body where you are experiencing pain and you will experience some pain relief.

The CBD cream does its magic on the sore muscle and heals the pain in quick time. It’s all the more effective when a trained massage therapist uses CBD pain cream when performing a massage on a patient, targeting the specific spot where the pain is coming from.

CBD Cream can help treat chronic pain, acute pain, sore joints, sore muscles, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, burns and skin infections. It is an incredibly effective product that treats all sorts of chronic pain and many other disorders.

What About the Side Effects Of CBD Pain Cream?

There are no side effects of CBD cream, but if you have a sensitive skin or are allergic to some of the ingredients such as beeswax, olive oil or vitamin E oil, then you should probably avoid that. As long as you don’t eat, smoke or ingest the CBD cream in any way you should be fine. It’s only for applying to the skin and no other purpose.

At the Chicago-based American Back Center, we use a combination of chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture to provide instant relief to any chronic pain. Call (855) 962-3621 or click here to book an appointment with us.