cbd oil for panic attacks reviews

CBD Oil – Review

My first exposure to CBD oil was from my good friend Ari Whitten. You know “Ari” if you have been following me for a few years because Ari and I go way back… it started at the gym years ago when we became great friends and then we started training together. Our training sessions turned into therapy for me as I would end up asking him a million questions about every ache or pain I had and he ALWAYS had the solution.

I found him BRILLIANT in all things health related!

We ended up co writing a few ebooks together, and over time he earned the title as “my guru” for all things new and cutting edge in health and fitness. I would learn something and then go to Ari for validation that it was good haha (he basically has Ghandi like power with me on this stuff!) It became a running theme anytime I shared something new I learned with my husband Brooks, I would say it is “Ari approved!”

Ari knows me well and knew that I am someone who has dealt with ADHD and anxiety my whole life. He is the first one who taught me about Red light therapy, blue light blocker glasses and much more.

Ari recommended I try CBD oil and I hesitated. Why did I hesitate? Because I am a worrier (ummm hello anxiety!) and I knew it was derived from marijuana (illegal in CA at the time) and although I knew CBD did not contain THC (the part of marijuana that makes people high) I was afraid to try it. And again, remember I said “anxiety?” Well, I worry about lots of stuff, especially stuff like this.

Well, after my husband Brooks spoke with Ari, he was open to looking into it further. After all, if anybody knows my struggles with ADHD and ANXIETY it is him…heck, he is the one living with me! He went on a hunt to learn more and get a quality product for me.

The FIRST bottle he bought me was $900!

YEP $900!! Crazy I know. AND it tasted like dirt. Seriously like dirt. I haven’t really eaten much dirt, or any for that matter, but it is how I would imagine it would taste. lol

I learned to embrace ‘the dirt’ as it WORKED!! It tasted like dirt, and was pushing $1000 a bottle…but it WORKED FOR ME!! So I sucked it up and took my ‘expensive dirt CBD’ on a daily basis.

I mixed it into smoothies, held my nose as I dropped it down my throat, etc… But so gross. When I DID get past my aversion to the taste and actually take it, it worked like some sort of magic miracle oil.

My mind would calm. Stress would melt away and I could focus.

However, the taste was SO GROSS and the price point was stratospheric…I had to find a better solution!

Sadly…it took YEARS for me to find a viable solution that WORKED like the original CBD oil, yet was palatable.

The next step came last year when I was talking with my friend Angie Lee and learned that she had her own CBD line. I tried it, and I really liked it as it was a massive improvement over the $900 “dirt” I had been using.

Now, I am someone who has dealt with ADHD and Anxiety my whole life!

In addition, with my recently ruptured disc two years ago which added “chronic pain” to my symptoms. I really needed my CBD oil!

As you are probably aware, my nutrition is pretty dialed in for the most part. Yes, I have my moments, but all in all, I keep it pretty clean, and anti-inflammatory. Besides, as a best selling author of TWO nutrition books , I can’t use “ignorance” as an excuse.

I don’t do dairy or grains, but even with the cleanest of anti-inflammatory diets chronic pain still happens (not as severe as if I ate a traditional American diet BUT it still happens).

Traditional medicine has prescribed me all sorts of “prescriptions” over the years and the list of side effect with those thing are very scary to me (ie produced anxiety). Although I HAVE dabbled with prescription medication at times, I have always searched for natural remedies first…that WORK!

There are many supplements I include daily (like turmeric and fish oil) and will continue to but the WONDER supplement I am obsessed with is CBD oil.

At one point, I even went on a mission to create my own! That was one of my ADHD ‘ideas the month’ a year or so ago. I even spoke with a company that could source it, manufacture it etc… but in the end, that process was adding even more stress to my plate.

Fast forward to 2019 THEN, things got even better for me!

Towards the end of 2019, a company I have been a part of for almost 7 years, and used their products for almost 15 years launched their own CBD oil product!

So now, I am telling you… GO TRY THIS STUFF! It is legit…the best tasting, best smelling CBD product line I have encountered!

You can get the tasty peppermind blend HERE .

NOTE: Due to the high demand and the high standards Isagenix has for their products, there CAN be times when it is temporarily ‘sold out’. Just keep checking back if that is the issue. Especially with a a NEW, hot product, this can happen!

What can you use CBD oil for?

What can’t you use it for? Haha. Seriously though! You can use it for pretty much anything and everything . It is the miracle supplement. Legit. Miracle supplement. It basically has a better PR firm than KALE and TURMERIC too haha.

CBD oil for Pain Management

CBD oil is know to reduce or even alleviate the symptoms of SO MANY ailments. CBD is different than prescribed pharmaceuticals! Where prescriptions come with a whole long scary list of side effects and sometimes even a risk of addiction, cbd oil typically has NO side effects!

CBD Oil for Anxiety

Over 40 million Americans are diagnosed with “anxiety” This is a serious condition that can cause insomnia, excessive worry, panic attacks, high blood pressure, gastrointenstial problems and more. Prescription pharmaceuticals can alleviate some symptoms BUT with those prescriptions comes a whole host of side effects. CBD is a very mild and effective way to take the edge off of anxiety without the list of side effects you see with prescription drugs.

CBD for STRESS (physical and emotional)

CBD has a very favorable impact on those suffering from anxiety. This includes PTSD, Social Anxiety, OCD, and even isolated panic attacks. Those that suffer anxiety and use CBD oil regularly have even found their symptoms to disappear completely over time.

CBD Oil for Sleep?

This is your new best friend. For real. Replace your over the counter things that make you drowsy and cranky the next day with this. This will offer you relief with your overall sleep quality.

The legality of CBD oil?

I know that first time users are always concerned about this! I was! Legal CBD oil is made typically from HEMP which is part of the same plant family as Marijuana but that is the only similarity! The major difference? No THC (that is the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana). CBD is not psychoactive and is legal in most states.

Ready to try it?

The CBD I exclusively use is Isagenix CBD

Click on the image below and it will re-direct you to the full site with more info!