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Buy CBD Baton Rouge, LA

Buy CBD Baton Rouge, LA
Where to buy quality CBD Oil in Baton Rouge

The Baton Rouge CBD Buying Process

Baton Rouge CBD stores are not created equal. People in Baton Rouge, LA can buy CBD online from N8 Essentials and have their CBD delivered in just a few days.

Learn About CBD

Learn about CBD in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We’ll help explain the CBD laws and also the best way to buy CBD in Baton Rouge.

N8 Essentials Offers CBD in Baton Rouge

We’re one of the leading distributors of CBD oils and topical products in Baton Rouge, LA. Learn more about what we have to offer.

$22 billion

Industry (projected by 2020)

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Buy CBD in Baton Rouge, LA
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Experience the Baton Rouge CBD Revolution

CBD has exploded in popularity in Baton Rouge, Louisiana over the past few years, thanks to its medical benefits and lack of psychoactive effects. CBD shows great potential for treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, sleeping disorders and neurological conditions. According to a 2017 study by the Hemp Business Journal, CBD sales in Baton Rouge from products derived from hemp and marijuana more than tripled from 2014 to 2017. People in Baton Rouge frequently are searching online for things like “CBD near me” or “where to buy CBD in Baton Rouge, LA.”

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids produced by the marijuana plant, but unlike the majority of them – which are not known to possess major health benefits on their own – it is known to display nearly all of the medicinal and therapeutic properties of whole-plant cannabis.

With laws being altered throughout America to allow for medical marijuana use, however, the traditional stigma is rapidly dissipating, and we have to put much of that change down to CBD and its incredible array of benefits.

At N8 Essentials, we provide the Baton Rouge community with fairly priced hemp oil extracts. We aim at providing and educating everyone about the benefits of Baton Rouge CBD oil. Buy pure CBD oil in Baton Rouge, LA; we are driven by the principles that extend far beyond the bottom line. It is our goal to provide the CBD oil in Baton Rouge with the highest possible quality while contributing to the sustainability of the communities that we have the privilege of serving.

There are many places to buy CBD oil in Baton Rouge, with or without a doctor’s prescription. Since CBD contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, it’s legal in all 50 states. There are stores, gas stations and everyone in between selling CBD oil in Baton Rouge, but they are not all the same…

Is CBD Legal in Baton Rouge, LA?

Yes! CBD oil is legal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and everywhere across the USA. The organically grown hemp plants that produce the cannabinoid (CBD) contain far below the legal limit of THC. THC is the part of marijuana that produces a psychoactive effect. Our CBD oil is made to give you full spectrum CBD benefits for the best overall health, without getting high. This is a popular way for Baton Rouge, LA residents to treat many conditions like pain, anxiety and insomnia, legally. The federal government classifies CBD oil in Baton Rouge as a dietary supplement as long as the THC content is below .03%. Recent legislation legalized a CBD oil called Epidiolex to treat Epilepsy. This is the first marijuana-derived medication approved by the FDA.

Baton Rouge, LA CBD Production Infographic

Our Zero-THC phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract (Baton Rouge CBD) products have all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp except Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This non-psychoactive product allows for the distribution of our hemp oil in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The extraction and purification process uses a proprietary and patented technology that preserves all the phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and plant lipids while eliminating unwanted THC and chlorophyll. Customers can customize our hemp-infused products to their desired potency and specifications.

What type of Baton Rouge CBD should I purchase?

Most people in Baton Rouge pick their CBD oil based on their preferred method of consumption. However, sublingual tinctures are the most effective because its effects are felt almost immediately. Also, in today’s Medical Cannabis Industry, Vaporizer Cartridges are the most popular and hottest selling product on the market, specially young adults who prefer vaporizing their CBD Oil.

Buy CBD Oil in Baton Rouge, LA from N8 Essentials


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CBD oil in Baton Rouge can be taken in different forms to suit the preference and needs of its users. People seeking CBD oil benefits have a wide selection of options that are available in Baton Rouge, LA.

History of CBD in Baton Rouge

CBD first received national recognition in 2013, when CNN featured a documentary about Charlotte Figi, a little girl with a severe case of Dravet syndrome. When Charlotte was five years old, she was experiencing nearly 300 seizures a week and no treatments seemed to help control her seizures. Absolutely devastated, her family desperately searched for an alternative to conventional treatments. The entire world took notice of this incident, and research began for the potential medical CBD benefits. Many studies have generated positive results, which has made the demand for the supplement skyrocket.

Although CBD was discovered in the 1940s, research in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been slow due to the legal status of cannabis over the last century. This past decade however, CBD has eliminated its negative stigma of being associated with marijuana, and many medical professionals have recommended it to help cope with various health conditions.

When you’re looking to buy hemp oil in Baton Rouge, it can be incredibly tough trying to distinguish one brand or company from the next. If you know your stuff, you’ll know that the best brands in Baton Rouge source their raw material from legal industrial hemp, extract the active CBD with low-temperature CO2 equipment, offer third-party laboratory testing, and produce organic, solvent-free oils, capsules, and tinctures.

Baton Rouge CBD Oil Guide

Why is CBD so popular in Baton Rouge, Louisiana?

It’s hard to say the precise moment when CBD in Baton Rouge went from being a fidget spinner alternative for stoners to a mainstream panacea. So the question now becomes: Is this the dawning of a new miracle elixir, or does all the hype mean we have already reached Peak CBD?

Is CBD Legal in Baton Rouge, LA?

The cannabis plant comes in many different varieties. For decades though, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) treated them all the same, classifying cannabis as a Schedule I substance. Schedule I drugs are considered to have “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse” and are thus illegal to produce or possess.

However, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill) changed all that. The Farm Bill legalized “hemp,” which the legislation defined as cannabis that contains no more than 0.3% THC, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and surrounding areas like Bayou Cane and Alexandria.

CBD is available in a variety of forms. Some of the most common CBD delivery methods are listed below, but how it’s ultimately used depends on personal needs and preferences. The delivery method of CBD affects how quickly it works and what kinds of effects it has on the body.

    are broad range of products to eat or drink, like gummies or chocolates. Edibles can take anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours to take effect. are processed and concentrated forms of CBD that are often placed under the tongue using a dropper and absorbed into the bloodstream. are ingested orally and look similar to the vitamins and/or drugs you’d find in a drugstore. They typically contain CBD oil or CBD isolate. are CBD-infused oils, creams and lotions that are intended to be used directly on skin, hair or nails. They’re a popular way to treat localized pain, but are also used as skincare, haircare and massage oil as well.
  • Vaping, like e-cigarettes, involves inhaling a vaporized liquid that contains CBD oil. Nicotine is not usually present if CBD is, though it is possible to mix them.

As you can see, there are plenty of CBD available in Baton Rouge, LA, as well as CBD stores that sell products online.

According to Forbes, CBD sales in Louisiana are projected to increase by 700% this year. Consumers are catching on to this super compound found in the marijuana and hemp plant. It?s healing properties are plentiful and research continues to discover even more. As more people look to put good into their bodies as a means of truly healing and extending their life expectancy, the popularity of CBD will continue to increase. If you?re suffering from any of the ailments listed above, talk with your doctor about potentially using alternative measures like CBD to treat it. It may just be the natural alternative you were looking for.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Louisiana in 2021

CBD oil is gaining a lot of traction in the United States. As it continues to become more popular, more people are wondering how to get their hands on it.

The problem is, CBD can be derived from both flowering marijuana and industrial hemp plants. This is important because the source of your CBD oil changes how it’s viewed under Louisiana law.

By the end of this article, you’ll become an informed CBD oil customer. You’ll feel confident in your purchase knowing you’re operating within the law— despite their confusing nature in the cannabis space. However, as a general rule, it’s easiest to purchase your CBD oils online.

Table of Contents

Buy CBD Oil in Louisiana:

    — Best CBD Oil Overall— Best CBD Gummies— Best CBD Isolate Oil— Best CBD Flower— Best CBD Oil For Dogs
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Is CBD Oil Legal In Louisiana in 2022?

You can legally purchase hemp-sourced CBD oils in Louisiana.

Before the Agricultural Act of 2018, hemp was viewed as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Schedule I drugs are those that the government deems to be highly addictive, have no medicinal value, and cannot be used safely even under medical supervision.

Other drugs in that category include heroin, meth, and LSD.

When industrial hemp was removed from this list, it became legal to buy and sell products derived from hemp products in Louisiana and across America.

As additional reliability of CBD’s legality: Gov. John Bel Edwards signed House Bill 491 into law in June 2019. The law authorizes the sale of hemp-derived CBD products with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD

Without a doctor’s recommendation, marijuana-derived CBD oils are illegal to possess in Louisiana. This is mainly due to the THC content of marijuana-derived oils.

The government sees these products as the same as marijuana.

Industrial hemp, on the other hand, doesn’t contain enough THC to get the user high. CBD oils derived from industrial hemp typically contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal in all 50 states.

With this knowledge, you are just about ready to make your first CBD oil purchase. There are a few tips you should know to ensure that you get the best CBD oil for a great price.

How to Buy CBD Oil in Louisiana

The CBD oil industry has grown exponentially over the past few years; this has caused a bunch of sketchy companies to pop up and try to take advantage of uninformed customers.

There are a few precautions you can take to protect yourself from these low-quality CBD oils.

  1. Make sure your oil has been tested by a third-party lab. This is the easiest way to be sure that your CBD oil is free from unwanted contaminants and contains the same amount of CBD oil as advertised. Don’t get conned into buying snake oil!
  2. If their products are labeled as full-spectrum or from the whole plant, it’s a good sign. Using only parts of the hemp plant is cheaper, but you will be missing out on valuable compounds including terpenes and flavonoids.
  3. Purchase from companies who use CO2 extraction to make their CBD oil. This method keeps the CBD cleaner compared to other extraction methods. CO2 doesn’t need any additional solvents or heat, and won’t compromise the quality of your oils.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to avoid the majority of companies selling “miracle CBD oils” that don’t contain any CBD.

Now for the exciting part.

Where can I purchase CBD oil in Louisiana?

1. Online Shops

The most convenient method to find quality CBD oil is by ordering your CBD oils through online sources.

Purchasing online offers several benefits when compared to shopping in-store.

Why Buy CBD Oil Online?
  1. Comparing products online is much easier than driving around the city from store to store. The next product is only a click away instead of a 15-minute drive.
  2. Shopping online offers a greater variety of products to suit your CBD needs. You can find CBD oil in all sorts of shapes and sizes online. You might see tinctures, creams, lotions, waxes, and capsules; some places are even selling products for your pets.
  3. It is almost always less expensive to buy CBD oil online. You will likely be able to find better deals on CBD oil online than that in-store. Online retailers allow you to take advantage of bulk sales and discount offers.

I know that some people prefer making their purchases locally. If you are one of those people, check the next section for places to start your search for local CBD oil.

2. Local Stores in Louisiana

Local stores are a great way to get first-hand information about your favorite CBD oil products. Some places you might be able to find CBD locally include vape and head shops, and natural health retailers.

Is Marijuana Legal in Louisiana in 2022?

Currently, marijuana is illegal for recreational use. However, under a few circumstances, you may be able to get medical marijuana.

Possession of 14 grams or less of marijuana is punishable by a fine of no more than $100 and no possibility of incarceration.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Louisiana

Despite Louisiana’s harsh laws, it was one of the first states to attempt a medical marijuana program.

In 1978, Governor Edwin Edwards introduced Act 725, which opened the door to medical marijuana for glaucoma and cancer patients. Under the law, Louisiana’s Department of Health was supposed to appoint members to the Marijuana Prescription Review Board, but they never did. So nothing ever came of Act 725.

Thirteen years later, Louisiana added “spastic quadriplegia” to the list of eligible conditions for medical marijuana. Once again, the Department of Health did nothing to advance the program.

The primary issue was that the law created no framework for cultivating and prescribing medical marijuana.

These problems would persist through the 90s and well into the millennium.

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In 2014, Louisiana introduced Senate Bill 541, which would have provided the framework for producing and dispensing medical marijuana for those in need. The bill was shut down by the Senate health committee in a vote of 6-2.

Act 261 was passed in 2015, which allowed Louisiana physicians to prescribe marijuana.

Act 261 then authorized doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for a limited number of medical conditions. The Act was amended, and following the latest rules from 2019, only 88 doctors who are licensed by the state can issue a physician recommendation form to patients suffering from a debilitating medical condition. Prescribing medical marijuana is not allowed anymore.

Eligible Medical Marijuana Conditions Under Act 261:
  1. Cancer
  2. HIV / AIDS
  3. Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Crohn’s Disease
  6. Muscular Dystrophy
  7. Multiple Sclerosis

In 2018, Louisiana introduced Acts 708 and 496 which added the following conditions to the list:

  1. Glaucoma
  2. Parkinson’s Disease
  3. Severe muscle spasms
  4. Severe pain
  5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Specific criteria for symptoms associated with Autism are also listed.

Autistic criteria suitable for medical marijuana include:

  1. Repetitive or self-stimulatory behavior that is severe enough to put the person in danger.
  2. Avoidance of others to the point that the health of the individual is compromised.
  3. Self-injury
  4. The person’s behavior is physically aggressive or self-destructive.

As of August 1, 2019, medical marijuana is present on the pharmacy shelves. After four years of waiting, the state-licensed nine pharmacies to dispense medical marijuana. Eighty-eight doctors are authorized to recommend medical marijuana to their patients. The law doesn’t allow smokable marijuana.

The first round of medical marijuana is coming from Louisiana State University’s sub-contractor GB Sciences of Louisiana.

In 2019, a bill (HB 358) was signed by Rep. Ted James that may allow some patients to inhale medical marijuana through special devices. It would function like an asthma inhaler and deliver a measurable dose of medical marijuana. Although this isn’t perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

How do I get Medical Marijuana in Louisiana?

To receive medical marijuana products, you will need to have one of the qualifying medical conditions listed above.

Patients in Louisiana don’t need to get onto a medical marijuana registry. Instead, they must visit one of Louisiana’s medical marijuana-certified doctors and receive a recommendation.

Once you have a state-approved doctor’s recommendation, you can simply head down to one of Louisiana’s nine approved dispensaries.

Note: marijuana is illegal on a federal level, and as a result, it’s not covered by any Louisiana health insurance plans. Bring enough cash to pay for your medicine!

Even with a doctor’s recommendation, you cannot grow your marijuana at home. If you are caught in possession of plants, you will probably be arrested. Don’t do that.

If you don’t have one of the eligible conditions or otherwise cannot get a medical marijuana recommendation, there is still hope!

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Louisiana in 2022?

Louisiana has banned delta 8 THC.

Maybe someday the state will relax its laws on cannabis in general, but until then, you’ll have to stick with CBD.

Many people started using delta 8 as an alternative to marijuana since it’s so similar to delta 9 THC, the cannabinoid that causes the high. It’s less potent, making it ideal for when you have things to do, and it doesn’t cause the anxiety and paranoia that marijuana sometimes does.

Unfortunately, many states have banned delta 8, making this natural resource unattainable.

Buying Delta 8

Until Louisiana’s laws change, you can’t buy delta 8 in the state. If you travel, you can buy it at vape or head shops and pretty much anywhere that sells CBD.

However, the risks remain the same, and you need to check out any place you’re considering buying from. Third-party tests are crucial, and it doesn’t hurt to read customer reviews. This information is easier to find with online stores, so we recommend sticking with them. Plus, you’ll save money and can order from home.

Check out the following companies for the highest-quality delta 8 around:

Recommended CBD Retailers in Louisiana

New Orleans

  1. Crescent City Vape on the Avenue
  2. Calhoun Vapor
  3. Up in Smoke HQ
  4. CBD Power
  5. Louisiana Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  6. Simply CBD: Hemp Wellness Dispensary

Baton Rouge

  1. Go Vapor
  2. Smokecignals Electronic Cigarettes
  3. LA Vape & Beyond
  4. Hashtags Smoke Shop
  5. Mountain Pure
  6. Aurora CBD & Hemp


  1. Troposphere Vapors
  2. VaporViper Vapes
  3. Swamp Vapor
  4. Cajun Smoke
  5. Burnt
  6. Lit Smoke Shop

All of these stores should have helpful and knowledgeable employees who can point you in the direction of a reliable CBD supplier in Louisiana.

If you don’t see your city on this list, make sure you check online. There are many trustworthy suppliers for all of your CBD needs!

Final Notes on Buying CBD Oil in Louisiana

Louisiana residents finally have access to legal medical marijuana. With the nine state-licensed dispensaries, you can easily find the product that you need if you have a recommendation from your physician.

In the meantime, don’t get caught with marijuana products. You really don’t want to serve any time in the Orleans Parish Prison.

If you’re unable to get a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana, you can try one of your local vape or head shops. Your best bet for finding quality CBD oils in Louisiana is by ordering through an online supplier.