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CBD Failed the presentation test

I even doubled my dose but the anxiety still came through strong. Whole body was tingling and heart was pounding it was like I could feel my eyes trying to widen so much to swallow me up. I think it steadied my voice a little and stopped a full brain block but I still became dissociated and conscious of my own voice as time slowed to a crawl which was weird. I prepared for it reasonably well too.

I used to have a huge irrational fear for presentations similar to yourself. I found the only way through them was to learn every line of the presentation, repeat it in front of a mirror like 100 times and let it become habitual. It seemed to work for me. Best of luck for the future.

CBD Reduces Anxiety During Public Speaking, Study Shows

I haven't had any presentations this year, since discovering cbd. Last year I'd do the old take a few shots before hand to cut the tension, cbd will definitely be replacing that technique when I do my next presentation.

I will say that it's been great for my social anxiety. I get invited to parties every once in a while but don't really have anyone to go with so I'm forced to show up to parties by myself which stresses me out more than taking an exam. I've found cbd helps my social anxiety more than alcohol, which is great because that means I can drive on cbd rather than alcohol.