cbd oil for small dogs dosage chart

Dosage Charts

CBD oil can be useful for dogs with a wide variety of health conditions. Some of these include pain (chronic or acute), allergic skin diseases, blood sugar problems, anxiety and depression, bacterial and fungal infections, seizures and more.

But how much CBD oil do you need to give your dog? This guide will help you figure out the correct dosages for your pet.

How Much CBD To Give?

The precise amount of CBD which you need to give your dog depends on a variety of different factors.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question!

Here are some of the main factors which influence how much CBD oil a dog should receive:

  • The dog’ s size and weight.
  • The brand of CBD oil product you are using.
  • The form of the product (capsule, tincture, etc.).
  • The concentration of the product.
  • The condition which you are treating.

A small dog which is being given CBD oil for general health maintenance should not be given the same amount as a large dog that needs CBD oil to treat a chronic condition. Right?

So the first thing you need to do is decide on a brand of products to use. You will then need to choose what form of CBD oil you want to try.

Once you have done that, you can look up the recommendations specifically for that product. This will ensure that you are giving your dog the proper amount of CBD oil.

Example Dosages of CBD Oil for Dogs

Dosage Guide from Canna-Pet

Presumably, however, you are looking to read something a little bit more specific than what I have just discussed above.

So let’s go over some example dosages. Specifically, I will talk about the dosages you should be using for your dog if you are choosing the Canna-Pet brand. Canna-Pet is one of my top recommendations for CBD oil for pets.

Dogs Under 20 Pounds

If your dog weighs less than 20 pounds, Canna-Pet recommends any of three products:

  • Advanced Small
  • Max
  • Max Liquid

The Advanced Small and Max products are both CBD capsules. Let’s go over the dosing for each of these products.

Canna-Pet Advanced Small

A bottle of the Advanced Small formula contains 60 capsules, each made out of 100% organic hemp and containing 170 mg.

You can give your dog up to two of these capsules each day. You need to space them out at least 12 hours apart.

You can decide based on your pet’s response to the CBD capsules whether one or two servings a day is most helpful.

Canna-Pet Advanced Max

This is a more highly concentrated CBD capsule. Each contains 510 mg and is made from 100% hemp. There are 30 capsules in a bottle.

You can give your dog a single capsule of this formula each day. You will want to divide it across two meals.

Advanced Max Liquid

If you prefer to go with a liquid CBD product rather than a capsule, you can try this formula from Canna-Pet.

Your dog should be given this product 3-4 times a day. Each time, the serving size should be around 2-3 drops (about 0.1 ml).

Dogs Over 20 Pounds

Now that you are familiar with Canna-Pet’s product line for dogs and you know the serving sizes and frequencies for dogs which are under 20 pounds, let’s talk about the serving sizes for larger dogs.

Canna-Pet Advanced Large

This is the equivalent of the Canna-Pet Advanced Small product discussed previously, only it is formulated for dogs which are over 20 pounds.

Each bottle contains 60 single serving capsules which contain 100% organic hemp and provide your dog with a 170 mg dose.

The exact amount that you should give your dog depends on which weight bracket it falls into.

  • 20-95 pounds: 1-2 capsules a day
  • 95 pounds and up: 2-3 capsules a day

Capsules are to be given every 8-12 hours.

Canna-Pet Advanced Max

Now let’s talk about the dosages for the same Canna-Pet Advanced Max we discussed before.

As a reminder, each of these capsules provides 510 mg.

If your dog weighs more than 20 pounds, you should administer two capsules a day. These should be served separately and should be taken with food.

Advanced Max Liquid

Finally, here is the same liquid CBD product which we talked about for in the section above for dogs under 20 pounds.

For dogs over 20 pounds, 3-4 doses a day are appropriate, just as for dogs under that weight.

But with larger dogs, you can give 3-4 drops with each serving instead of just 2-3.

Organic Advanced Formula Canna-Biscuits – Hemp CBD Dog Biscuits

Canna-Pet also makes treats for dogs. The company states that these biscuits are appropriate “for any size dog anytime.”

Again, these are just examples for one specific brand of CBD products for dogs. Every brand and every product has its own directions for dosages based on the concentrations contained in that product.

Let’s Review

Now that you’ve seen some examples, let’s go over the key points again for giving your dog the proper dosage of CBD:

  • First, you need to know how much your dog weighs.
  • Secondly, you need to decide on what form of CBD to give your dog (treat, tincture, capsule, etc.).
  • Thirdly, you need to select a brand and product.
  • Fourthly, you need to read the directions with care and follow them to choose the appropriate dosages.

You probably noticed that in the examples, there was some leeway with how much you can give your dog. For example, take the recommendation to give a dog over 20 pounds 3-4 drops per serving of Canna-Pet Advanced Max Liquid.

How do you know whether to go with 3 drops or 4?

I would recommend that you simply start with the smaller amount, and see how your pet reacts.

If your dog is tolerating the CBD well (which is generally expected), you can either stick with that dose, or you can try increasing it.

You may need to increase the dose if you are trying to deliver a “therapeutic dose” rather than a maintenance dose.

Again, a dog with severe anxiety or painful arthritis or another stubborn condition is probably going to need more CBD than one which is in relatively good health.

Conclusion: Figure Out Individual Dosing for Your Pet

You should now have a good general idea of what you can expect as far as dosing is concerned for CBD for pets. You will need to consider your dog’s specific build and needs, and then look up the appropriate directions for the product you are giving a try. This will ensure that you are giving your dog a dose of CBD which is safe and effective.

How To Give Your Pet CBD Oil: How To Administer CBD Oil To Pets and Find The Right Dose

So you’ve discovered how CBD oil is good for pets and you’ve chosen a source to buy CBD oil from. Now you’re ready to give your pet CBD oil! Whether your pet is a dog or a cat or a horse or a goat, the method is pretty much the same: get your pet to eat the CBD oil. Of course— sometimes that’s easier said than done. CBD tincture can have a bitter taste when put on top of dry food, and some pets resist attempts at squirting it in their mouth. There’s also the question of how much and how often to give your pet CBD oil.

Not All CBD Oil is Created Equal

We are going to assume you are using FlowerChild Pet Tincture here. If you have a different brand of CBD Oil, please take note of the differences in milligrams and extraction method. FlowerChild Pet CBD is made using food-grade ethanol extraction, which ensures it is one of the most potent products on the market— therefore, you need less FlowerChild Pet Tincture than you would with a product made from a CO2 extraction or CBD isolate. FlowerChild Pet CBD is whole-plant, full-spectrum goodness.

Will CBD Oil Get my Pet High?

It is a common concern of pet owners that CBD oil might make their pet high. We all love our pets (especially if we’re buying CBD for them) and we don’t want them to be uncomfortable. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, so it will not make your pet high. However, all whole-plant, full-spectrum products contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC, and THC is the molecule responsible for the “high” feeling. FlowerChild Pet CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. It will not make your pet high as long as you do not give your pet too much at once. We always recommend starting with a low dosage and then gradually working your way up to your preferred dose over the course of a couple weeks. This allows your pet to develop a tolerance to the CBD oil and will prevent your pet from getting high.

How Do I Know The Right Dose of CBD Oil For My Pet?

The correct dose of CBD for your pet depends on your pet’s size. A basic guideline is to give your pet 1-5mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. Before reaching that dose, we recommend starting out with a lower dosage so that your pet can get accustomed to the CBD. Please take note that we are not medical professionals and therefore cannot give you official medical instructions; all of the advice on dosing is based on customer feedback, personal experience, and personal research.

Dosing CBD for Cats:

For cats, your best option is to use our Pet CBD 350: start with a single drop and then work up from there over the course of several days. You don’t have to worry about being exact, as the only side effect of giving your pet too much CBD is drowsiness. Our Pet CBD 350 contains 12mg CBD per dropperful, and there are about 20 drops in a dropperful. Therefore each drop of our Pet CBD 350 contains about 0.6mg CBD. After giving your cat 1 drop of CBD oil for a few days, you can increase the dose to 2 drops. After a few more days, increase to 3 drops. 4-5 drops (about ¼ dropperful) should be a good dosage to stick with unless you feel that your cat needs more CBD for their condition.

Dosing CBD for Small Dogs:

For very small dogs, such as chihuahuas, follow the same dosing instructions as you would for a cat (see the paragraph above). If your dog is slightly larger than a chihuahua, you can double the dosage; start with a couple drops of our Pet CBD 350, then after a few days increase the dose to four drops. 6-10 drops ( ¼ – ½ dropperful) should be a good dosage to stick with unless you feel that your dog needs more for their condition.

Dosing CBD for Medium Dogs:

For medium dogs, you can use either the Pet CBD 350 or the Pet CBD 700. Each drop of the CBD 350 contains about 0.6mg CBD and each drop of the CBD 700 contains about 1.2mg CBD per drop. The Pet 700 is twice as strong as the Pet 350, so 6 drops of the Pet CBD 350 is equivalent to 3 drops of the Pet CBD 700.

If you are using the Pet CBD 700 for medium dogs, start with 2 or 3 drops for a couple days and then work up to 5 or 6 drops. You can keep the dose to about 6 drops (¼ dropperful) or increase to about 10 drops (½ dropperful) depending on your dog’s responsiveness and what you’re using it for.

In general, it is good to stick to a lower dosage for conditions such as mild pain or inflammation, anxiety, minor chronic itching, or mood. For more severe conditions, such as extreme itchiness, tumors, or chronic pain and inflammation, larger doses are better. You know your pet best!

Dosing CBD for Large Dogs or Other Large Animals:

The same advice continues when dosing CBD for large dogs: start with a low dose and work your way up. You can start with 5 or 6 drops of our Pet CBD 700 and work up to about 10 drops, or even to a full dropperful (about 20 drops) if you feel that your pet needs it. Some people even buy our CBD 1400 in natural flavor and give their pet an even higher dosage.

Can I give My Pet CBG?

FlowerChild Pet Tinctures contain the exact same ingredients as our human tinctures (as long as you choose the natural flavor option rather than peppermint): just grape seed oil and hemp extract. Although grapes themselves are not good for animals, grape seed oil itself is perfectly safe. Since our pet tinctures and human tinctures are the same, you can give your pet any of our human tinctures, whether it’s the CBD or the CBG 700 or the CBD/CBG Blend containing both. CBG is just as good for pets as CBD is, and many pet owners have given their companions our CBG and Blend tinctures and reported great results. To learn more about CBG, read the product pages or the posts on our blog about it.

How to Give CBD Oil to your Pet:

The simplest way to give your pet CBD oil is to squirt it into their mouth — aim to get it under the tongue/in the gum area close to under the tongue. Follow up with a treat right afterward so that your pet is sure to swallow everything and enjoy their CBD experience. Use a paper towel to wipe off the dropper afterward before replacing it in the bottle.

If you have difficulties squirting the tincture into your pet’s mouth, you can add it to their food. You can either mix it into some wet food or just squirt it on top of their dry food. If your pet doesn’t like the taste, you can add something else, such as peanut butter or a treat, to encourage them.

If neither of these methods is working for you, try adding the tincture to a small amount of chopped up meat. Ground beef, chicken, or steak usually always does the trick.

How Many Times a Day?

Some pet owners give their pet only one dose of CBD oil per day, and others give it to their pet 2-3x a day. The frequency with which you give your pet CBD oil depends on the condition you are using it for and the severity of that condition. If you are giving your pet CBD oil daily, we recommend skipping one day a week so that your pet’s tolerance to the CBD can go down a bit and the CBD can remain optimally effective. For example, give your pet CBD oil for 6 days in a row and then give them none on the 7 th day. You can also give your pet CBD oil every other day, or every few days, depending on what feels right to you.

CBD Dosage for Medium Dogs

So, are you excited to try CBD on your dog for the first time? Pet CBD is all the rage these days, and for good reason. CBD supports your dog’s optimal health and may help a variety of health issues like allergies and stress. You’re joining the ranks of almost 50% of American pet owners who give their pet CBD. So, you may be wondering what’s the right dose of CBD for my medium dog? The basic rule of thumb for giving dogs CBD is 1-2mg per 10lbs of body weight. For a dog that weighs forty pounds, her dose of CBD is 4-8 mg of CBD a day. For example, the recommended dose for dogs weighing 25-50 pounds of Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 300 contains 5mg of CBD.

It’s a good idea to talk to your vet before giving your dog CBD, or any kind of new supplement. Many vets are pro-CBD, and yours is likely to be supportive of you giving your pet CBD. Your vet might even have a special brand of CBD available, like Pet Releaf’s veterinarian-formulated Sentesa Tri-Active capsules. For your dog to feel the benefits of CBD, you need to choose a high-quality CBD that contains all the active compounds of hemp, and zero contaminants.

In this article, we’ll look at the different dosages of CBD for medium dogs for all the Pet Releaf products, how to calculate a CBD dose for your dog, and all the factors that could influence that decision.

What is the Dosing Amount of CBD Oil for Medium Dogs?

Here is a complete list of the proper dosing for medium-sized dogs for all of Pet Releaf’s products, starting with the hemp oils. The number by the hemp oils indicates how many milligrams of CBD the bottle contains. As you can see, you’ll be giving your medium-sized dog more of the lower concentration products, and less of the ones with higher concentrations.

1. Medium dogs (25-75lbs)

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 100 : for 26-50lbs, give 2.5 droppers a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 200 : for 26-50lbs, give 1.5 droppers per day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 200 : for 51-75lbs, give 2 droppers a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 500: for 26-50lbs, give 0.5 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil 500 : for 51-75lbs, give 1 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 100 : for 26-50lbs, give 0.75 dropper per day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 100 : for 51-75lbs, give 1 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 300 : for 26-50lbs give 0.25 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Liposome Hemp Oil 300 : for 51-75lbs, give 0.5 dropper a day.

Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil Capsules: for 40-75lbs, give 1 capsule a day.

Pet Releaf’s Edibites : for 30-60lbs, give 2, up to 3, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Edibites : for 61-75lbs, give 4, up to 5, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Edibites for large dogs : for 25-50lbs, give 1, up to 2, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Edibites for large dogs : for 51-75lbs, give 2, up to 3, or as needed.

Pet Releaf’s Sentesa for medium and large dogs: for 33lbs+, give 1-2 capsules a day.

How to Compute CBD Dosage for Medium Dogs

Since medium-sized dogs are so common, most CBD products will have the appropriate dosing guidelines for your dog’s weight. Following the package’s instructions is the easiest way to go when it comes to figuring out the CBD dosage for medium dogs.

If you need to calculate how much CBD oil to give your dog, look on the bottle, packaging, or company website for how much CBD one full dropper contains. If you can’t find that information, look for how many servings your bottle contains. If one serving is one full dropper, divide the concentration of CBD by how many servings the bottle contains. Usually, a bottle of hemp oil has 30 servings or a month’s worth. So, if you can’t find the number of servings on your bottle, use 30 as your guideline. Let’s say you have a one-ounce bottle of hemp oil with 125 mg of CBD, and you’re trying to determine the right dose for a 40lb dog. Your dog needs between 4-8 mg of CBD, based on the general rule of thumb. (Note: the dose of CBD your dog actually needs might be different than the rule of thumb. Every dog is different and has different needs. We’ll go into this more in another section.) Divide 125 (the CBD concentration) by 30 (the number of servings) and you have about 4 mg of CBD per full dropper of hemp oil. So, your dog’s dose is 1-2 full droppers of the bottle with 125 mg of CBD.

Here is a CBD dosage chart for medium dogs for all of Pet Releaf’s CBD products. Here you’ll find different kinds of hemp oils, hemp oil capsules, and CBD chews.

Dog weight 26-50lbs 2.5 droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 26-50lbs 1.5 droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp oil 200
Dog weight 51-75lbs 2 droppers a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 200
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 500
Dog weight 51-75lbs 1 dropper a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 500
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 750
Dog weight 51-75lbs 0.75 dropper a day Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 750
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.75 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 51-75lbs 1 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 100
Dog weight 26-50lbs 0.25 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 300
Dog weight 51-75lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 300
Dog weight 51-75lbs 0.5 dropper a day Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 600
Dog weight 40-75lbs 1 capsule a day Pet Releaf CBD Capsules
Dog weight 33lbs + 1-2 capsules a day Sentesa Tri-Active CBD Capsules for medium and large dogs
Dog weight 31-60lbs give 2, up to 3, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites
Dog weight 61-90lbs give 4, up to 5, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites
Dog weight 25-50lbs give 1, up to 2, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites for large dogs
Dog weight 51-75lbs give 2, up to 3, or as needed Pet Releaf Edibites for large dogs

Factors that Affect CBD Dosage for Medium Dogs

Now that you know about the dosing rule of thumb and how to calculate how much CBD your dog needs, let’s talk about your dog’s real CBD dose. Many factors might adjust your dog’s dose of CBD up or down. Let’s talk about pet-related factors.

1. Health and lifestyle

Every pet is a unique physical being and will process CBD a little bit differently than other dogs. Even dogs who are the same weight might need a different dose of CBD. Generally speaking, the healthier the dog, the lower the dose. And the sicker a dog gets, the more CBD she will need. Pet Releaf suggests starting at their recommended dosing and then increasing until you start to see results with your pet. You can do this increase about an hour after you give your dog the CBD, or wait until their next dose.

2. The size of your dog

As you now know, the size of your dog is the main way to determine the appropriate CBD dose. To make calculating your dog’s dose a little easier, round their weight up or down.

There are also CBD-related factors that will influence how much CBD you give your dog.

3. Brand of CBD oil

Choosing a high-quality CBD ensures results and safety. Poorly made pet CBD products might be made with harsh chemicals or toxic solvents, which can leave behind traces in the final CBD product. Or, they could be made with heat, which destroys the delicate plant compounds in hemp. And, finally, they could be made with low-quality hemp, which has little to offer in the way of cannabinoids and terpenes and might contain pesticides or herbicides from the growing process.

4. Type of CBD

CBD comes in a variety of forms, including hemp oil, hemp capsules, chews or “treats”, and topical skin creams. Hemp oil is generally considered the most effective form of CBD to give your pet, but it can be a bit messy. That’s where capsules come in. Capsules are easy to give your dog, but you can’t adjust the amount of CBD that you’re giving your dog as easily as hemp oil. Next, you have chews or “treats”, which are the easiest way to give your dog CBD, but might not be as effective as hemp oil.

Pet Releaf CBD for Medium Dogs

With over 20 awards to their name, Pet Releaf is the most trusted brand of pet CBD on the market today. And with good reason. They hold certifications from two of their industry’s most prestigious organizations, USDA Organic and the National Animal Supplements Council. Made with high-quality hemp grown here in the US with sustainable and regenerative farming practices, Pet Releaf CBD products are made with full-spectrum hemp. Full-spectrum hemp is made from the whole hemp plant and contains everything hemp has to offer in addition to CBD. This includes plant chemicals like terpenes and other cannabinoids. There is a synergy in full-spectrum hemp CBD that is lacking in products made with isolated CBD. Scientists call this the entourage effect. That’s why Pet Releaf never uses heat or harsh chemicals when they make their CBD. They are determined to give your pet the full benefits of hemp in every product. Pet Releaf has a pet CBD product that’s right for your dog. For help deciding, check out this product finder and take a little quiz about your pet to find the perfect CBD match for your pup!