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Hi all , I know that CBD oil is not recognised as a treatment for bowel cancer but I am also aware that lots of cancer sufferers use it , understandably , as we will try anything we think will help .All I am interested in knowing is are health products sold legally but containing only trace elements of THC of any real value as I am sure I have read somewhere that it is th d THF that is thought to help slowing the growth of cancer .I know this site does not support its use but hopefully someone can just point me in the right direction. Many thanks

Fort Benton man uses diet and drugs to battle lung cancer

FORT BENTON — A Fort Benton man has defied the odds when it comes to cancer. Instead of going through the usual rounds of chemotherapy, he decided on an alternative treatment. While it may not be the reason for his amazing recovery, it was enough to make him a believer.

About four months ago, Joseph Curl went to the doctor for what he thought was an ear infection, it turned out to be much worse. “Small cell lung cancer, aggressive type,” said Joseph when describing the diagnosis.

It was the same type of cancer that killed his mother. Joe was determined not to suffer the same fate. “I said, ‘I’m sorry, but you do not give me an expiration date, that is above your pay grade,’” said Joseph. “’You do not tell me when I’m going to leave this planet.’”

It made him an immediate chemotherapy and radiation candidate. “No one goes directly into chemotherapy when they’re diagnosed with cancer,” said Amberly Carter-Curl, Joseph’s daughter. “What the doctor explained to me was he would have been dead within hours.”

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“Only two percent of people who are diagnosed with small cell lung cancer survive it,” said Amberly.

“The tumor was about the size of my hand and it was wrapped around my throat,” said Joseph.

Amberly dropped everything, leaving her job in Washington headed for Montana, unprepared for what she was about to see. “His face was almost completely black,” said Amberly. “It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen, my dad looked like he was dead already.”

Joseph underwent the first of several rounds of experimental and grueling chemo. “It was absolutely horrible. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t lay down, I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t do nothing,“ said Joseph. “I said if this is the quality of life you can offer me, doing chemotherapy and radiation, I don’t want it. I would rather get on the boat and go.”

The former Marine kicked his nearly one pack a day cigarette habit and did some research. He eliminated meat and sugar from his diet and decided to take Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. Named after a Canadian wellness advocate, its main ingredient is pure tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. “It’s the thing that gets you stoned when you smoke greenbud,” said Joseph. “But I didn’t want RSO to get stoned, I wanted to kill the cancer.”

Over three months, he took a graduated regimen of 60 grams of RSO and says his last checkup was nothing short of a miracle. “Cancer’s not there, not in remission, not in my body,” said Joseph. “The doctor’s still trying to figure out how that’s possible.”

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Joseph, who has a medical marijuana card, says one drawback in Montana is the cost of RSO, at 40 dollars a gram. He was able to obtain the drug out of state at a fraction of that price. “I am on Social Security, disability,” said Joseph. “I have a very limited income. And there’s people out there like me that are dying because they can’t afford this medication.”

Joseph and his doctors can’t say for sure what made the cancer disappear. Joseph says it could have been the RSO, the new diet, a strong faith, or even his military mentality.

“Marines are known to be tenacious,” said Joseph. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of the Corps for 50 years. They’re like bulldogs. We get our teeth sunk into something and we don’t let go of it.”

“There wasn’t a single moment that he outwardly thought he was going to die or would say anything like that,” said Amberly. “I’d ask him, ‘Are you scared?’ and he’d say, ‘Scared of what?’”

The longtime carpenter who has lived in Fort Benton for five years is back at his maintenance job at the Fort Motel.

Joeseph says he continues to use the RSO oil, but never drives or operates heavy machinery while under the influence.

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star says CBD helped cure wife’s stage 4 cancer

CBD has grown exponentially as a method of pain relief, reducing anxiety and alleviating cancer symptoms.

Alicia Allain, wife of John Schneider, known for his role as "Bo Duke" on "The Dukes of Hazzard," that aired on CBS from 1979 to 1985, claims CBD helped cure her of stage four HER2 negative hormone receptor-positive cancer. Allain told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Friday that the cancer was found on her legs, arms, rib cage and spine.

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Allain said after doing research, she found certain minerals, hemp and CBD were linked to alleviating cancer symptoms. She began taking CBD orally twice a day and now credits it to ready her body to cure the cancer.

“It was conditioning my body to fight it,” she said. “I don't have a genetic marker for cancer at all. So if my DNA had a break in the system, how do we get my DNA back to… normal?”

Schneider said he launched “Yee Haa” CBD oil brand “CBoD”," an allusion to his character, to help battle the sickness. Schneider believes CBD made his wife "more receptive" to medication and dietary changes and aided in making her body "more aggressive in fighting it."

While CBD isn’t the cure for cancer, Schneider believes it can be used as a method of getting your body “ready for battle. Within five months, Allain was cancer-free.

Schneider’s CBD oil comes in flavors including apple moonshine, in the spirit of "The Dukes of Hazzard." He continues to motivate those who have been diagnosed with cancer to not accept defeat at first diagnosis.

“Fight it,” he said. “It’s not a battle you lost when you hear [you have cancer]. You can fight it. You must be active. You must be your own biggest fan.”