cbd oil for sugar cravings

This Is How CBD Oil Can Help Fight Sugar Addiction

It’s hard not to be tempted by the massive assortment of sugary sweets readily available to us all day long. Fending off sweet cravings is possible, and you’ll soon discover what significant role CBD can play. Discover how CBD oil can provide direct and indirect benefits in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.



1. Diet and Health in the USA

Sugar cravings are one part of a larger health problem in the United States. In general, Americans have diets and activity levels that are far too insufficient to be considered healthy. Obesity in the US is hitting epidemic levels, becoming one of the biggest health care burdens since WW2 ended. [1]

Many Americans appear stuck in “survival mode,” where our bodies figure we may as well eat as much as we can. As far as our bodies are concerned, they don’t know if the food supply is going to dry up any day, so load up while you can. The ever-consistent access to junk food and fast food makes it hard not to get stuck in this survival mindset. [1]

But here’s the kicker:

Improving one’s diet is not easy, but there are simple improvements that can have a drastic effect. Reducing sweet cravings and sugar consumption is one factor. Other important habits include getting more activity, sleeping better, and eating more nutritious foods. [1]

1.1 The Consequences of Sugar Addiction

Sugar has been shown to have highly addictive properties in animal studies. It’s not all that hard to see how this would be the case. For example, sugar cravings can be intense and lead to binge eating. Moreover, people develop a tolerance to sugar that leads to increased consumption. Finally, going without sugar can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Evidence supports the notion that sugar addiction is a real-world experience. [2]

Artificial sweeteners, unfortunately, cause problems of their own. For example, they have been found to disrupt the diversity and balance of your gut microbiota. This includes all the microorganisms that normally live in our gut. These little creatures react to what we eat, and artificial sweeteners can throw that whole environment into disarray. [3]

These changes to our gut microbiota lead to more intense future cravings. Instead of helping us consume less sugar, this increases our sweet cravings. Likewise, when we consume excessive sugar, it can shift the balance of our gut microbes. Increased craving for sugar is often the end result, compounding the bad habit.

2. The Direct Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Sugar Cravings

There is very little direct research to help us understand the effects of CBD on sugar cravings. There are, however, studies that have explored topics like diabetes, blood sugar levels, and the use of CBD.

Studies on mice with type 1 diabetes have found that CBD can have therapeutic benefits. The inflammation-reducing effect of CBD on critical organs like our pancreas appears to be the mechanism behind this benefit. [4]

Moreover, CBD appears to shift the balance of immune systems in mice. Reduction in the immune response appears to explain the benefits of CBD on mice that have both arthritis and diabetes. [5]


With reductions in inflammation, the human pancreas can function more optimally. This organ plays a critical role in blood sugar management and the development of sugar cravings. Future research will add more support for the benefits of CBD oil for dietary habits. At this point in time, we know that consuming CBD is safe and has plenty of therapeutic promise.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is known to play a role in the regulation of hunger in humans.

This is why CBD is thought to provide numerous benefits for the wide range of disorders associated with metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome involves dysfunction in insulin production, lipid levels, high blood pressure, and more. [6] (Click to tweet)

2.1 Can CBD Help You Turn off Survival Mode?

The numerous benefits of CBD may just help your body get out of survival mode. Once survival is assured, humans can switch to their “maintenance mode.” This state is better suited for digestion, repair, and overall maintenance of our mental and physical health. It also leads to better activity levels, mood, and sleep habits. CBD may just provide the boost your body needs to get out of survival mode.

2.2 How Can CBD Help You Live a Healthier Life?

CBD can play a role in the overall development of a healthy lifestyle—one with fewer sugar craving episodes. Instead, you will find yourself eating better, more regularly, and with a purpose. Improving other domains of life can synergistically support the pursuit of good health outcomes.

There are myriad practical benefits of adding CBD to your daily routine. Many of these will have an indirect role in reducing your sugar cravings and improving your diet. (Click to tweet)

Discover how CBD can indirectly help you below.

3. The Indirect Benefits of CBD Oil for Sweet Cravings

There are many reasons to eat. Some of us tend to eat, particularly junk food, when we are anxious. Other people eat junk food when they are sad or depressed. There are, however, more preferable reasons to eat.

For example, it is good to eat when our energy levels are low and our brain is pumping out appetite-enhancing hormones. It is less productive overall to connect the act of eating and attempts to reduce the discomfort of being sad, anxious, or bored. Other unproductive habits include frequent snacking and eating when you should be sleeping.

The simple satisfaction of eating tasty food is certainly an understandable moment of respite from these uncomfortable feelings. That said, it can also increase our overall caloric consumption and decrease the quality of the foods we consume. Both of these can cause other downstream negative outcomes.

And so, if we can reduce the association between food and attempts to counter negatively perceived feelings, we may break the habit. CBD has demonstrated some fascinating properties that may increase its utility in this regard. For example, CBD is known to: [6] [7]

Learn more about how each of these benefits can enhance the journey toward a better diet and lifestyle. Combined, they may just help you stop sugar cravings for good.

3.1 Attenuating Anxiety

A group of researchers decided to test whether CBD would be beneficial for anxiety. They decided to put participants through one of the most social anxiety-inducing activities out there: public speaking. The researchers gave participants doses of CBD prior to having to speak publicly and assessed anxiety levels compared to a control group.

This is crazy:

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety around events like public speaking. The pre-administration of CBD oil appears to enhance resiliency against the pressures of anxiety. The benefits of reducing anxiety can have widespread health benefits. [8] (Click to tweet)

10 days using SOL CBD

“In 10 days, I have been sleeping better and some aches and pains are waning. Also, I feel calmer. as one who suffers from anxiety, that is a great plus!”

3.2 Improving Mood

When we are in a better mood, it is easier to pick healthier food. It is easier to avoid snacking and binge-eating. When our heads are in the right place, we can decide to go to the store and cook a healthy meal—instead of ordering delivery yet again this week or grabbing poor choices from the shelves.

What’s the bottom line?

Living with a better mood can help us fend off bad habits. CBD has shown plenty of potential to help us fight off addictions, including alcohol and nicotine addiction. As far as sugar addiction goes, improving your mood can help make good habits stick. (Click to tweet)

Calm & happy!

“Since starting CBD, I have noticed I’m not moody at all. That is very unusual for me! Ha! I wake up happy and have a peaceful calm sense of well being throughout the day. It’s been very nice! Don’t know what other benefits I have reaped from it internally but I imagine a lot and trust that the product is working!! Will definitely be re ordering soon. Thank you, and have a beautiful day!!”

3.3 Enhancing Sleep Quality

Attaining better sleep can produce a cascade of benefits for your health. From a literal standpoint, the more time you spend asleep, the less time you’re awake eating. But the benefits go so much further. When we are rested, we have the energy to shop and cook food. We can also increase our activity levels and burn more calories each day.

Countless consumers have discovered how CBD oil can help them get better sleep. In times like these, anything that can help us sleep is a good thing. When you are rested, you have the energy to exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle. (Click to tweet)

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“So far I have experienced a calm and peaceful feeling and I’ve noticed better sleep. Therefore I know it is setting the stage for healing.”

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3.4 Reducing Discomfort

When it comes to fighting off cravings, the goal is to support healthy choices. Making such choices is far easier when we are content. On the other hand, discomfort can cause stress and make it harder to stick with healthy habits. The study mentioned earlier that looked at CBD and public speaking found another interesting result. Participants reported less discomfort. [8]

Want to know the best part?

If CBD can help reduce those little daily discomforts that cause so much strain, the benefits can be dramatic. With less discomfort and discontent, we can avoid negative eating habits, including snacking and sugary junk food. (Click to tweet)

Pleasant Feeling

“I’ve been on the product about 2 weeks so far and am enjoying it very much. Benefits noticed so far: helps focus & concentration, feel very “pleasant” after using (the word that keeps popping into my mind), & find myself singing around the house before I’m even aware of doing so. Perhaps some slight improvement in digestive issues (discomfort after elimination; colonoscopy showed mild inflammation & white blood cells), but a little too early to say for sure. Hope to order again if I can afford to.”

4. Final Thoughts on CBD to Stop Sugar Cravings

Poor dietary habits and sugar addiction in America are ongoing crises. In the battle to stop sugar cravings, anything that can support healthier choices is a good thing. Today, we discovered how CBD can have widespread beneficial effects that make a difference.

Here’s the deal:

Fending off sugar cravings goes a long way when it comes to creating healthier dietary habits. When it comes to resisting the temptations of sugary foods, we demonstrated how CBD has plenty to offer. Direct benefits of CBD include the potential to improve blood sugar levels. Using CBD oil can also help turn off survival mode and encourage rest and recovery.

The indirect benefits of CBD oil combine to support your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle by alleviating anxiety and discomfort while enhancing positive mood and better sleep. Combined, these benefits turn the tides in your favor.

Can CBD Help With Sugar Cravings

Most people who eat too much sugar know how it can negatively affect their health. But when cravings or withdrawal symptoms kick in, they find it difficult to keep their hands off food or beverages with too much sugar. Are you someone who also craves sugar all the time? Well, this article is just for you! In this article, we will discuss how you can use CBD to get rid of your sugar cravings and lead a healthy lifestyle. But before that, let us understand what giving in to your cravings for sugar can lead up to.

Eating too much sugar and its withdrawal

First things first, it is important to note that sugar goes by many different names, making it easier for companies to hide the actual sugar content in their products. Some of the names you will frequently come across include corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, molasses, sorghum syrup, and sucrose. Due to this, it is easy to get a sugar addiction, without even knowing about it until it’s too late. Eating too much sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar levels and drain your energy. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, anxiety, and depression.

When you consume sugary substances, they have a great impact on the reward system in the brain known as the mesolimbic dopamine system. Dopamine is released by neurons in this system, causing you to be happy. Due to this, you feel like eating more sugar for the brain to release dopamine. A similar process is carried out in the brain when you consume drugs or nicotine. However, the more you consume such products, the less dopamine is released. So, you end up consuming more sugar than you naturally would.

Since, the influence of sugar is very impactful on your behavior, quitting sugar instantly can be extremely difficult. You may also feel some kind of withdrawal symptoms like depressed moods, changes in sleep patterns, anxiety, concentration issues, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. How every individual responds to these withdrawal symptoms depends on several factors. Some people might be able to quickly adjust without sugar, while others may have severe cravings and find it more difficult to stay away from sugar.

How does CBD help with sugar cravings?

CBD is an extract of hemp or cannabis plants well known for its medical benefits. However, unlike cannabis, CBD cannot cause any psychoactive effects as it contains little to no THC, the compound responsible for the feeling of “high” in cannabis. But that is not the only difference between CBD and traditional cannabis. While cannabis may make you feel hungry and crave more food, CBD on the contrary is said to promote a healthy appetite and reset addictive behaviors like craving unhealthy food or binge eating. In fact, CBD is extremely beneficial when it comes to curb the cravings for sugary foods. How? Let’s find out!

The human body consists of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for various functions throughout the body. The ECS contains many endocannabinoid receptors that interact with the cannabinoids to influence functions like mood, pain, stress, and appetite. The two main receptors in the ECS include EC1 and EC2. Since the extracts of hemp or cannabis are also cannabinoids, researchers found that they can have similar effects on the ECS. CBD in particular can bind with the receptors perfectly to achieve an overall homeostatic balance in your body. Many studies have found that CBD can help lower your appetite and keep you away from unnecessary eating. Moreover, CBD also releases the neurons to produce dopamine in the brain and help you get rid of sugar cravings.

Some Popular CBD Products

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Cibadol Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures

The full-spectrum CBD tincture by Cibadol comes in the form of oil which can be taken directly by placing a few drops under your tongue. You can also add it to your favorite drink or just water to consume it comfortably. It contains 60mg of CBD per serving and is priced at $30 for a one time purchase. However, you can also get a monthly subscription at just $25.50

Cibadol ZERO CBD Gummies

If you prefer edibles over other methods of consumption, this product might just be the best pick for you. Since it is in the form of gummies, you also get a sweet taste while receiving all the health benefits of CBD. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the doses with gummies as each gummy contains a specific amount of CBD. It comes in two different flavors – Mixed Berry and Citrus. It is priced at $40 for a one-time purchase.

Cibadol ZERO CBD Fizzy Tablets

Another convenient product from the edibles range, this product contains CBD isolate in the form of tablets that can be taken directly or with water. It comes in a lemonade flavour to make it tastier for the consumer. It is priced at $30 for a one-time purchase and $25.50 if you opt for a monthly subscription.


Experts believe that CBD could be a perfect replacement for people looking for ways to get rid of sugar addiction. Some added benefits of CBD include reducing stress and anxiety, dealing with joint and muscle pain, dealing with sleep disorders like insomnia, and much more. All in all, CBD can help maintain an overall balance in the body, while keeping you away from your sugar cravings.

How to Quit Sugar with CBD

This blog is about a deadly drug that’s 100% legal and unregulated. It’s being marketed and sold to every sector of our population, especially our kids. Let’s face it: most of us are addicted to sugar. But like any addictive substance, quitting sugar is easier said than done. Fortunately, recent studies suggest that CBD may be an effective treatment for getting off the sweet stuff and taking back control of our health.

Is Sugar Addictive?

Yes, sugar is an addictive drug. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is “characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences.” One important component of addiction is that it leads to physical changes in the brain that make self-control incredibly difficult.

Sugar triggers a a euphoric dopamine response in our brains. When you consume a lot of sugar over time, the you actually receive less and less pleasure from it. As a result, you need to increase your dose to get the same effects. Inside your brain, there’s a problem with dopamine neurotransmission. In other words, your brain’s reward centers have become imbalanced, which leads to a higher and higher tolerance.

Sugar and Your Health

Let’s look at some of the biggest ways that sugar is damaging our health.

Heart Disease — the risk of dying from heart disease rises proportionally to the amount of sugar in a person’s diet, according to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Excess sugar leads to an overproduction of insulin, which causes high blood pressure, and then heart disease.

Dementia and Alzheimers — consuming sugar leads to insulin resistance, a condition where your body’s cells stop effectively responding to insulin. This can, in turn, weaken brain function and impair your ability to clear neurological plaques.

Cancer — all of our cells use glucose to grow, not just cancer cells, but there is a strong correlation between high sugar intake and cancer. According to the Mayo Clinic, sugar causes Americans to become overweight and obese, which in turn, “not only increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease but is also a risk factor for 13 different cancers.”