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What is Hemp Oil & What are its Benefits?

Hemp Oil is changing the face of skin care as we know it, with a huge range of benefits and uses, but what is it? Discover how hemp oil is used and why its benefits are taking the world by storm!

Going green? Hemp oil, also known as hempseed oil, is an oil product made from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Although it’s been reasonably popular in the UK for several years, hemp oil has been a major beneficiary of the so-called “green rush” of cannabis-inspired products that are now flooding the beauty and wellness market following the legalisation of industrial hemp production in the USA.

Hemp oil is often compared with cannabidiol (CBD) oil, but they’re actually very different ingredients. Put simply, CBD oil is produced using the hemp plant’s leaves, flowers, and stalks, which contain a much higher concentration of CBD, whereas hemp oil is harvested by cold pressing the hemp seeds. While hemp seeds don’t contain the same level of compounds as the plant itself, they still offer a rich profile of fatty acids and nutrients, making them a very popular ingredient for use in skincare products.

Find out more about hemp oil, as well as hemp oil’s benefits for skin, with our simple guide.

What is hemp used for?

Hemp products are incredibly versatile, and there are a broad range of industries where it can be of help. For a start, hemp is very nutritious and can be used in many different food products (for example, salad dressing and granola), while it’s also a popular source of plant-based protein. Historically, hemp was used as an alternative to cotton for making clothing, and while this practice has fallen off in recent years, the use of hemp in textiles is steadily on the uptick.

Hemp has also been cultivated for use in such diverse fields as paper, insulation, rope, and bioplastics. Primarily, however, hemp oil is used in health and beauty products. Available in a wide range of products, from facial oils and moisturisers to soaps and serums, you won’t have to search too hard at your local pharmacy to find a product containing hemp oil. Why? Let’s find out!

Hemp oil benefits for skin

Dark green with a mild, nutty aroma, hemp oil might be the ideal addition to your skincare routine. There are a broad range of hemp oil benefits to consider, including…

  • Anti-aging properties – Hemp products contain oleic acids and linoleic acid that our bodies aren’t capable of producing. T hese acids have been shown to deliver anti-aging properties. As such, products enriched with hemp oil can target wrinkles and fine lines, preventing some of those tell-tale signs of aging from developing.
  • Keeps your pores moisturised (without clogging) – One of the key hemp oil benefits for skin is its ability to nourish and moisturise without clogging up your pores, helping to keep you hydrated.
  • Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, well known for its hydrating and restorative properties.

Products with Hemp from Garnier

Garnier offers a couple of products with hemp that leave your skin looking smooth and hydrated. Take our Hemp Multi-Restore Gel Cream , for example. Enriched with Vitamin E and Organic Hemp Seed Oil, this product targets the signs of stressed skin by hydrating and smoothing fine lines. How about our new Hemp Multi-Restore Facial Sleeping Oil ? Nourish your skin through the night with this luxurious sleeping oil and wake up feeling bright and beautiful.

Want to experience all these hemp oil products for yourself? Browse Garnier’s hemp products here .

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

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Hemp seed oil for skin

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil, as the name suggests, is derived from the hemp plant seeds. It does not contain THC or any psychoactive properties and is completely safe to use. It’s also different from CBD oil, which is extracted from hemp plant’s flowers and leaves.

Is hemp seed oil good for skin?

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin

Hemp skincare has numerous benefits for every skin type:

Hemp Seed Oil for Dry Skin
Hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids that deeply nourish dry skin and protect it from drying out. If you’ve got an itchy beard, hemp seed oil is a great ingredient for you, as it’s known to reduce dryness and irritation of the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil for Oily Skin
Hemp seed oil works wonders on oily skin , as it hydrates the skin without clogging the pores. Hemp seed oil balances skin’s sebum production to reduce the shine, which can prevent breakouts and acne.

Hemp Seed Oil for Mature Skin
Hemp seed oil for skin contains vitamin F and fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acids, which play an important role in preventing the signs of ageing on the skin and treat fine lines and wrinkles.