cbd oil is good for diabetes

Is CBD Oil Good For My Diabetes?

Among the many wondrous benefits associated with cannabidiol i.e. CBD, one that has intrigued diabetic patients, in particular, is its ability to reduce the level of insulin resistance in the human body.

A crucial concept when it comes to understanding diabetes, insulin resistance refers to the inability of body cells to respond to insulin hormone properly. In the absence of insulin, glucose cannot enter your cells. To make up for the deficiency, your pancreas release, more and more insulin to facilitate glucose metabolism. This incremental increase in blood sugar levels ultimately leads to many disorders and diseases that are linked with diabetes such as eye, kidney and heart disease.

Cannabis Research Gives Diabetics a Fair Bit of Hope

A study published in the American Diabetes Association that evaluated the efficacy and safety of CBD in type 2 diabetes patients is worth mentioning in this regard. The aforementioned study concluded that CBD showed promising results when it came down to reducing insulin resistance. Further, cannabidiol also proved to be quite effective in moderating blood sugar levels for diabetic patients that were not taking insulin in any form.

Things are Far Away from a Definitive Point Though

Many concerns need to be addressed first before any assumptions about CBD and products containing it can be used for ameliorating the diabetes situation. Take CBD oil as an example. Many companies are manufacturing CBD oil at a mass scale given the fact that it is one of the easiest and most effective routes of consuming CBD. For a diabetes patient, concerns about CBD oil can be multi-dimensional. Some key entries in such a column of concerns would be about the type of CBD oil, its quality, safety, and potential risks. However, these concerns are trivial when compared with the biggest challenge that is always linked with CBD medication, topical, and ointments. That challenge is the risk of drug interaction between CBD oil and any medication that a diabetic patient might be using daily. Such an interaction can do more harm than good to the cause of a diabetic patient.

One of the major reasons why we don’t know a lot about CBD’s direct impact on blood glucose levels is the illegal status assigned to cannabis by the FDA. This scheduling of marijuana has proved to be one of the major impediments in assessing the clinical effects of CBD, as well as certain other key endocannabinoids.

Can Relief for Research Purposes lead to Breakthrough Discoveries?

Only time can answer this question with complete confidence for us. However, what researchers do know at this stage is that the endocannabinoid system does play a key role in maximizing or minimizing insulin sensitivity in the human body. Further research with a special emphasis on adipocytes i.e. fat cells can certainly prove to be handy in better understanding of this matter.

Of course, the type of CBD oil used by the diabetic patient is also an important factor that can impact the outcome either positively or negatively. A quick glance at the wide world of the web tells us that customers have asked the question “what is the best CBD oil” more frequently than many other similar questions. According to experts, the best CBD oil is one that has been manufactured by a reputable company that offers a certificate of analysis. This is one of the few quality assessing metrics that have been established to weed out the best products in the diverse but unregulated market of CBD oils and lotions. Customers need to put their trust in CBD oils extracted from only pure cannabis produce available at American White Label CBD. Only then can one hope for an improvement in their diabetic situation.

CBD Oil and Diabetes

Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. Compared to marijuana, this compound does not have a high effect. Medical experts believe that CBD oil is highly beneficial in treating chronic pain, inflammation, stress, and depression. But what about diabetes ? Does it reduce episodes of diabetes attacks? Let us learn how CBD oil impacts the body’s blood sugar levels.

CBD oil is edible and you can add this extract to your food. It would be best to not worry about its side effects as it does not cause euphoria. Rather, it relaxes the muscles and lessens anxiety attacks. While CBD oil may be valuable, you should not use it excessively.

How is CBD oil associated with diabetes?

CBD oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Since diabetes refers to an inflammatory disease, taking CBD oil helps in improving this condition. In recent studies, it shows that CBD oil reduces insulin resistance. If you have diabetes, insulin resistance is a phenomenon that you should avoid. Consuming CBD oil stimulates the body’s need for insulin to balance blood sugar levels.

Besides reducing insulin resistance, CBD oil prevents hyperglycemia . It is a state where blood sugar level rises abnormally. CBD oil lowers cholesterol levels, which prevents obesity. Furthermore, it reduces someone’s chances of developing diabetes for those who haven’t been diagnosed with the condition.

Choosing the best CBD Oil

CBD has gained popularity because of its medical benefits. With this idea, it will be hard to choose which CBD oil supplier to associate with. You must also know that several strains of CBD oil are produced because of advancements in technology and the medical field. Choosing the right one also plays a vital role in improving your condition.

There are different products of CBD oil to choose from. Some suppliers or manufacturers can be misleading, making it hard for individuals to choose. The best way to avoid this is by relying on a reputable cannabis or marijuana online dispensary. As a customer, you need to verify if a third-party lab testing company accredits the dispensary. This will help you to choose the most trustworthy CBD oil seller.

Use CBD with caution

Like other forms of treatment, CBD is no exemption in using it with caution. If you use too much of CBD, you will experience different side effects. These include drowsiness, dryness of the mouth, recurrent diarrhea, and fatigue.

You can also make your CBD-based food at home to ensure a healthy blood sugar balance. One good example could be home-made CBD gummies with fruit pulp.

Lastly, open up with your healthcare professional if you plan to use CBD oil as a part of your daily diet. Do not start on anything you do not fully know unless you receive a green light from your healthcare professional. Manage your diabetes well and live healthily.