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The Best CBD Products Available For Dogs

No, your dog will not get high or stoned from these. Yes, they may help with your dog’s stress and anxiety (we assume that’s why you’re here, right? Because you have a very anxious pup?). Either way, when deciding which CBD product to give to your pet, you must consider where the hemp was sourced and what type of extract you’re looking for.

The three main extracts are:

  • Isolate: All of the components of the hemp plant are stripped to leave just the CBD, AKA zero percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient.
  • Broad Spectrum: a minimally processed version of CBD, containing less than 0.3 percent THC.
  • Full Spectrum: This is the least processed and contains the most original plant particles. It can have up to .3 percent THC in it.

As a general rule of thumb when starting CBD, try 1-2 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of your pet’s weight. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “under current federal and state law, veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe or recommend cannabis or its products for animals.”

TL;DR: We once again recommend you consult your vet before adding anything new to your pets’ intakes.

Verma Farms sources all their CBD from USA-grown farms (see: no pesticides!) and has a 150-mg and 300-mg size option. You can also get a monthly subscription so you never have to worry about running out. Bonus points.

Zesty Paws makes calming bites that help with stress from things like separation anxiety, fireworks, and thunder. These bites come in turkey and peanut butter flavors; plus, there’s a turkey version that includes melatonin to aid with sleep.

Each of these is only 5 mg which is a good dosage for many dogs (again, you should check with your vet before dosing!). The shape of these bites is made so that you can easily break a bite in half, which makes dosing easier for a smaller pup.

Vegan and NON-GMO, the product comes from a group with over 25 years of combined experience in the organic food industry. They partner with hemp farms in Colorado to produce some of the highest grade CBD pet products available on the market.

Formulated by veterinarians, The Anxious Pet makes a line of CBD products that can help with any of your pet’s ailments. Their Hip & Hop chews can be used for dogs over one-year-old and include glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to promote healthy joint function—the CBD is what helps reduce inflammation and promotes a calming effect.

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Dog CBD

CBD is a powerful compound shown to have positive health and wellness benefits in both humans and dogs. Given how many pet parents have started turning to CBD as a natural solution for stress and anxiousness, there’s still significant confusion out there about what the appropriate amount of CBD for dogs actually is.

The hassle of figuring out how much CBD to safely and effectively give your dog may be enough to deter you from using it again, or even trying for the first time.

At Kradle®, we believe in the power of CBD in addressing common pet stress and anxiousness, which is why we use it on our own dogs. But we understand you still have questions around how to safely and effectively give CBD to your dog. In this article, we explain the basics of CBD delivery for your dog and hopefully clear up any confusion.

CBD Dosage for Dogs Guide Contents:

Three Primary Factors Impacting CBD Dosage for Dogs

We always emphasize that every dog is different — and that sentiment is true especially when it comes to dosing. The perfect CBD dosage for one dog may not be right for another. Three primary factors come into play when evaluating the appropriate CBD dosage: the product, the situation, and your dog.

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1. The Product: You can find CBD offered in a variety of forms — oil tinctures, capsules, lotion, infused treats — and you should think about which would work best for you and your dog before making a purchase. Look for products that your dog will find appealing and readily take — forcing them to take something they don’t want will only add to their stress…and yours.

Also look for a product that’s easy for you to use. Consider products that are pre-dosed and easy to carry with you, so they’re ready to go when you need it. Giving your dog CBD should be a stress-free experience for both of you.

Quality matters with CBD products. Check to see if the company producing the product publishes Certificates of Analysis (COAs) proving its purity and potency, so you know what you’ll be giving your dog is safe and effective. Potency will show the things you WANT to have in a trusted product — like CBD — and purity the things you DON’T WANT to have. Trusted brands like Kradle® will always provide full transparency by showing results down to the batch level for every product made.

2. The Situation: Think about your dog’s stress level or the anxious situation you’re trying to address. The amount of CBD will vary depending on how stressful the situation is for your dog…the more stressful the situation, the more CBD that may be needed. For instance, your dog may need a smaller dose before they go to the park, but a larger dose before they visit the vet or groomer because it’s more triggering and upsetting. So consider giving the upper end of the dosage range (see chart below) for situations you know tend to make your dog anxious.

For Kradle® products, you may give choose to give your dog two servings as opposed to one (i.e., two Chews instead of one, or 2/3 of a Bliss Bar instead of 1/3) on days you know will be stressful. You should not exceed more than one Melt per day, though, since they’re already formulated to be fast-acting and dosed at the upper end for sudden stressful situations.

3. Your Dog: If you’ve ever tried using a dog CBD dosage calculator, you’ve probably been asked for your dog’s weight. Weight does in fact play a big role in determining the appropriate CBD dosage. We place dogs into three different weight categories at Kradle®: small (5-25 lbs.), medium (26-50 lbs.), and large (51+ lbs.). Small-and medium-sized dogs typically don’t need as much CBD as large-sized dogs.

Here is our recommended daily CBD dosage range for each size of dog:

DOSAGE TIP: As tempting as it may be, don’t ramp up dosage from the get-go. A good rule of thumb is to start with the lowest recommended dosage and go from there. Some dogs will respond well to an even lower dosage. Do not exceed the recommended dosage under any circumstances, as your dog may experience side-effects such an upset stomach.

Consider the “ABCS”

Even if a product is dosed by weight, additional factors can still influence the right dosage for your dog. Each dog is inherently unique, so you must account for the “ABCS” — Age, Breed, Character, and Size/Sensitivity. You know your dog best, and will know how these factors may influence the dosage you want to start with based on your previous experiences.

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Age: Age can impact your dog in multiple ways: mood, metabolism, digestion, and overall comfort — which can in turn impact how they process and respond to CBD. What works at one age or stage in your dog’s life may change over time. Senior dogs, for instance, often are more anxious than they were in their younger years. They become more sensitive to change and less confident in their own abilities, so you may need to up the dosage as your dog approaches 10+ years. For younger dogs, we do not recommend giving your dog any CBD-containing product until they have transitioned off of puppy food, which can vary based on the breed.

Breed: Some breeds are more sensitive to certain foods, sounds, touch, scents, sights, and even medications than others. CBD is no different, which is another reason why we recommend starting at the lowest recommended CBD dosage.

Character: Many call it “temperament”, but we prefer “character” or “personality.” Every dog has a unique character or personality. Even within breeds, some dogs are bold and outgoing while others are more sensitive and shyer. Take that into account when deciding how much to give and when.

Size/Sensitivity: At Kradle®, we’ve worked hard to eliminate much of the guesswork by establishing dosage recommendations based on size. But, as we’ve noted above, size is only one factor that impacts how CBD and Kradle® products will work for your dog.

Telltale Signs the CBD Dosage Is Enough, or Too Much

If you’re wondering how to know you’ve given your dog the right CBD dosage, you’re not alone. It’s a common question many pet parents have, especially those new to CBD.

Our founding belief and goal of our products is to Lose the Stress. Love your Pet™ by taking the edge off; not turn your dog into a zombie. Your dog should display fewer signs of stress, but still be your same old loving companion. If your dog becomes lethargic and doesn’t want to play, walk, or do the fun things they would normally do, then you should probably dial back the dosage.

It may take several days before you start seeing a noticeable difference in your dog’s behavior, so don’t worry if results aren’t immediately noticeable. Food can also have an impact on the uptake of any ingested substance, including CBD. It typically will slow down the uptake, but a healthy amount of fat may actually increase the total uptake and bioavailability of many nutrients and other substances like CBD.

Stick with the recommended dosage listed on the product label and pay attention to your dog’s behavior with each passing day. The length of the calming effect will once again depend on the dog. When signs of stress start to resurface, that’s your clue the CBD is wearing off.

If you’re not seeing the results you want at a higher dosage, you should consult with your veterinarian or do some additional research on your own. Like we said above, if you exceed the recommend dosage, your dog may experience unpleasant side effects. If they do start experiencing these things, discontinue use and get that under control before trying a smaller dose.

Common CBD Dosage Questions from Pet Parents Like You

We get a lot of questions about safe and effective CBD dosages for dogs from pet parents like you. We’ve listed our answers to the most common ones below, but please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have a question not covered here.

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1. When is the best time to give my dog Kradle® CBD?

In most instances, the best time to give your dog Kradle® CBD is 15-30 minutes before a more stressful encounter. If you’re giving your dog Kradle® on a daily basis, try to give the products at the same time each day or night. Don’t be afraid to experiment with timing!

2. How long do the Kradle® Melts last in my dog’s system? What about other Kradle® products?

There isn’t a lot of data on how long CBD and our BotaniTek™ ingredients last in a dog’s system, but based on observation and personal experience, most dogs seem to show some effects for somewhere between 6-10 hours; some more, some less.

3. How long will it take my dog to feel the calming effect?

You should start to notice reduced stress or anxious behavior in your dog within 30 minutes. Kradle® products are formulated to help calm your dog quickly, but since each dog’s system is a bit different, our products may take longer to work in some than others. As with any supplement consistency is key. You can expect to see a noticeable calming effect within 7-10 days of continued use.

4. Can I use a combination of Kradle® products at the same time?

You can give your dog a combination of Kradle® products, at the same time or different times, as long as you don’t exceed two servings total per day. The serving size for Melts is one per day, so you should never use them in conjunction with Chews, Toppers, Bliss Bars, or Chillers.

5. If my dog is right on the weight line of small and medium, or medium and large, which Kradle® product size should they get?

We generally recommend that you “start small.” However, that’s a decision that only you can make, based the ABCS and your observations.

6. How much Kradle® CBD should I give my dog before fireworks or other high-stress situations?

You should always follow dosage recommendations on the package. Again, if you know the situation will be highly stressful, you may want to up your dog’s dosage — two servings instead of one. Our Melts contain an extra boost of CBD and are formulated to work especially quickly, so they’ll be your best bet for sudden high-stress situations like fireworks.

7. Can my dog overdose on CBD?

Although our products were formulated with a large safety buffer, you can certainly give a dog too much. We wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as an “overdose” since the toxicity level would have to be extremely high. Human doses of CBD have been documented to be generally safe at 1500 mg per day, which would be the equivalent of approximately 390mg of CBD in a 40-pound dog, or 39 (10 mg) medium Chews. If you follow the recommended dosage guidelines, you’ll stay very, very far away from reaching that point.

8. Will CBD make my dog “high?”

Your dog will absolutely not get high from Kradle® CBD. CBD and THC are not the same thing — unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. Our products contain broad-spectrum CBD derived from the highest-quality American-grown hemp and do not contain any detectable amounts of THC.

9. Will CBD make my dog sleepy?

We love our dogs and intentionally formulated Kradle® to help calm your dog in response to stress and anxious situations without knocking them out. Your dog may just seem more sleepy than usual because they can calm down enough to relax and take a nap. If your dog does become lethargic, dial back the dose or discontinue use.